Peyton and Mark Pt. 04: Jen and Rick

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This part is a little longer than the others but took some building to get where it needed to go. I hope you enjoy!!!!


Mark and Rick sat in the stands watching their girls softball game. They had done this more times than either could count, both were single parents, Rick’s wife was away so much he had basically raised Jen on his own.

“Are we still on for drinks after the game?” Mark asked Rick as the 6th inning came to a close.

“Yeah, I’ve been thinking about your question and it definitely feels like something is up.”

Rick had a far off look in his eyes.

He knew that Jen had watched him in the shower and thought he had heard her in his room one night, but he wasn’t sure. Rick knew he could talk to Mark but this was different.

“Peyton kind of hinted at what might be going on but I don’t want to talk about it here.”

Rick and Mark had shared may drinks and Rick had confided in Mark about a few affairs. Mark knew he could talk to Rick, but how do you tell the father of your daughter’s best friend that his own daughter had tried to seduce him?

“Looks like they are gonna win this one hands down.” Mark changed the subject but could tell Rick was deep in thought.

“Yeah, looks like.” Rick muttered as he stared off into space.

The girls won the game and came racing up to their fathers.

“Daddy can I go out for pizza with a few of the other girls to celebrate?” Peyton asked and knew he would be fine with it.

“Sure kiddo. It’s Friday so home by midnight.”

“Dad is it ok that I go too?” Jen was for skipping school but knew he had plans with Mark later that night.

“Of course you can. I meant to tell you this morning your punishment was over. Midnight for you too.”

The girls each kissed their fathers on the cheek and headed for the showers. Mark and Rick made way to their vehicles and headed to the bar.

On the way to the bar Mark had decided the best way to approach the delicate subject was to get a few, or more than a few, drinks in his buddy then see what information he could get.

The men arrived about the same time and headed in. Mark ordered them both a beer and a shot of Crown. Rick grabbed them a table and was still in deep thought when Mark sat down.

“It’s been a while since we’ve been out like this. How is Beth?”

“It has been a while. Man, I don’t know what’s going on with the women in my house.”

About that time the waitress sat their drinks on the table, Rick downed his shot and ordered another. Mark thought this maybe easier than he thought.

“So what’s up with Beth? I know it’s been a while since she’s been home.”

Rick took a long pull off his beer and shook his head.

“I think she’s fucking her boss. I don’t have proof, or the right to be pissed all things considered, but still.” Rick picked up his beer as his second shot arrived.

“Damn man, I’m sorry to hear that What makes you think that’s what’s going on?”

“Steve, her boss, has been going to a lot of the same jobs she is being sent out on and she is calling home less and less. She hardly ever asks about Jen and is really short when she talks to me. I don’t know, it’s just a gut feeling.”

Mark was nursing his beer so he could keep a clear head. He hated to hear about him and Beth but it didn’t really surprise him. The waitress came by to check on them and Rick ordered a third shot, Mark said he was good for the moment.

“I thought we were drinking? You’ve had one shot and still on the same beer. Trying to get me drunk and take advantage of me? Sorry, my door don’t swing that way man.”

Mark could tell the alcohol was loosening Rick up. Maybe Rick would give him an opening if they kept talking.

“Naw man, I mean your decent looking and all but not my type.’ Mark chuckled. ‘ It seems like you need the drinks more than I do and somebody has to drive us home.”

“That’s what Uber is for. Besides were not here for me to cry in my beer. We’re here to talk about the girls.” Rick took shot number three and looked at Mark.

“Fair enough man. I just wished you had told me sooner what was going on with you and Beth. That must be tough on Jen too. Think she has any idea what’s going on between you two?”

“I’m still figuring that part out and as far as Jen, I think she knows somethings up but I’ve tried to keep it to myself.”

“What makes you think she knows?” Mark was hoping this was the opening he needed.

“She has done more around the house and has paid more attention to me than normal.” Rick looked into his beer and creased his brow as if in deep thought.

“They have always been Daddy’s girls so I’m sure she has sensed something going on with you.”

Mark’s phone chimed, it was Peyton.

**Hey Daddy how are things going?”**

The text was followed up with a picture of her panties under her skirt.

“I’m gonna hit the head.” Rick looked at Mark like he wanted to ask something, but shook his head and went to the bathroom.

Mark texted Peyton back letting her know he was taking things bahis firmaları slowly and that he loved the picture. Rick sat back down and his eyes had started to look a bit glassy. Yep he was good and buzzed.

“So what’s up with Peyton. You said she had acted off too.”

“She was being really standoffish and staying in her room more than usual. I figured it was about a boy, or maybe getting ready for college. I got a little information out of her but not much.”

“Can I ask you an odd question?” Rick had a serious look on his face when he asked.

“Sure what’s up?”

“Has Peyton started dressing different or well…man never mind. I think this shit with Beth has my head all fucked up.”

“What do you mean dressing different? I haven’t noticed anything.”

“I don’t know. I know this will sound crazy but here lately Jen is wearing these skimpy clothes and it’s almost like she is doing it to get my attention. Fuck man I know how it sounds but I’m sure I caught her looking thru the door while I was in the shower.”

Here we go. Mark took a drink of his beer. He recognized the look in Rick’s eyes. He had seen it in his own reflection not to long ago.

“Are you sure it’s not just normal curiosity? I’ve caught Peyton checking me out while I work on the yard, or when I’m lounging in my sleep shorts.”

Rick hesitated, he didn’t know how to word what he wanted to say. He had had thoughts he shouldn’t about his daughter. Rick didn’t know if it was because of what was going on with him and Beth or because she had been basically exposing herself to him.

“Just tell me what’s on your mind. Judgment free zone. We have confided in each other for years, why is this time different. Do you have a new side piece?”

“Hell no! That’s why this shit with Beth has me all screwed up. Maybe it’s my karma for fucking around on her.”

“Man, I don’t think karma has anything to do with what’s going on.”

“Ok, then tell me what is going on. I don’t know what has gotten into Jen so if you have inside information tell me.” Rick was on beer number three and shot number 4.

“First, you have to keep an open mind. It’s not as bad as you think. It’s kind of cute actually.” Mark was trying to ease into the conversation.

“Stop trying to sugar coat it, what’s up with the girls?” Rick had always been a straight forward, get to the point kind of guy.

“Well it seems our girls have a bit of a crush on their old men. Peyton let it slip when I asked what was going on. I asked if it was about a boy. She said kind of, so I pushed and she told me.” Mark sat quietly while the words sank in for Rick.

“Wait what?” Rick looked dumbfounded.

“Maybe it’s best if we have this conversation back at my place. Peyton texted and the girls are gonna hit the mall after pizza.”

“Dude, either I’ve had to much to drink or you’re fucking with me. Peyton said that?!”

“Like I said let’s take this conversation somewhere else. There is a lot to cover.”

Rick looked at Mark. His head was spinning. Things were starting to make more sense after what he had said but he had to be kidding. Jen was his baby and he was an old man, for God’s sake. Shaking his head Rick stood and wobbled a bit. Maybe Mark should drive them home.

“Fine but your driving. I don’t know if it’s the shots or this bomb you just dropped but my head is spinning.”

“I know the feeling.”

Mark texted Peyton that he and Rick were heading to their house to talk more. He told her he would let her know more later.

The two men pulled up in Mark’s driveway, it had been a very quiet drive. As Rick opened his door he looked at Mark.

“Are you for real? Did Peyton really tell you they felt that way?”

“Come on in the house. We have a lot to talk about.”


The Samual’s House:

Two hours later Rick sat in his office stone cold sober. Mark had brewed a pot of coffee and blew his mind. There was no way, just no way.

Rick sat and thought about all the things that had happened the last few months.

He knew he was a decent looking man. He made sure to go to the gym daily. He was tall at 6’2″ and was thin but well build and muscular. He kept his head and face shaved. Rick had the same brow eyes and tan skin as his daughter. Good genes and softball kept them both that way. At 43 he was confident in his looks and health. It still didn’t help him understand why Jen felt like she did.

Jen had begun wearing short shorts with no panties and flashing him glimpses of her shaved little pussy or wearing tight shirts with no bra so her hard pebble shaped nipples were clearly visible to anyone that wanted to look. Rick thought about it more. He had definitely been looking.

“What the fuck is wrong with me? That’s my baby girl I’m thinking about this way.” Rick put his head in his hands. There had to be an explanation.

Thirty minutes later he heard the front door open. Jen was home and he was going to get to the bottom of this.

“Daddy are you home?” Jen called out knowing full well he was.

“I’m kaçak iddaa in the study Jennifer.”

“Oh shit he only calls me Jennifer when I’m in trouble.” Jen walked to his office door and took a deep breath.

“Hi daddy. I’m home. Did you and Mark have a good time?” Jen held her breath waiting for her father to speak.

“Jennifer I want you to come in here and sit down. It would seem we have some talking to do.”

“What do you mean daddy?” Jen sat on the couch and tucked her legs under her.

Rick considered moving to the chair beside her but depending on how this conversation went he might need the concealment his desk gave him.

“Jennifer Marie don’t play coy with me. You know good and well Mark and I talked tonight and I’m sure you know exactly what about. So spill it.”

Jen sat motionless and wasn’t sure what to say. Mark was much more open about things than her Daddy was. How did she tell him what she wanted?

“Well don’t just sit there. Tell me what’s going on.”

“Daddy you have to promise you won’t be mad at me.”

Seeing the look on his little girls face made Rick soften his voice. He had been tough on her with her mother being gone all the time. He hadn’t wanted her to turn into a wild, reckless child. Maybe this was his fault for not showing her as much affection as he should have.

“Listen sweetie, tell me what’s going on with you. I know I come across as hard-nosed but I didn’t want you running wild. You can talk to me.”

Jen sat quietly for a moment. She knew it was now or never. Yes her father was strict but he wasn’t heartless, maybe he would understand. Here goes nothing.

“Ok Daddy. I’m not sure where to start really.”

“Let me help you out. Mark told me you and Peyton were having certain, let’s say feelings and that you have tried to get my attention. Is this because your mom is gone so much?”

“It doesn’t have anything to do with mom. It has always been you and me for the most part so don’t blame her or yourself.”

“Jen, have you purposely been exposing yourself to me? Let’s start there.”

Jen looked at her hands. Normally she was very blunt just like Rick, this was a little different now that they were actually talking about it.

“Yes Daddy I have been. I know it’s weird and that it might be wrong but I wanted you to see me as a woman and not just a little girl.”

“Jen I think you’re a beautiful young woman, but I don’t understand where this is coming from.”

Rick had thoughts in the back of his mind but hell he was a man. If he saw a sexy young girl he couldn’t help but look. Look, being the operative word. Sure he wondered what her body looked like, that is, before she stared showing off bits and pieces to him. He had, but not to the point of acting on it, thought about his daughter that way. However, he couldn’t say that now. Rick sat there for an hour and a half thinking about nothing else.

“It just kind of happened Daddy. I didn’t mean for it to but…”

“What kind of just happened? I know this is an embarrassing situation but we need to figure it out.”

“Well, it started when I accidentally saw you getting out of the shower. I had come to ask you a question and saw you in the mirror. I had never seen a man, or a boy for that matter, naked. It made me feel funny. Good funny. After that I couldn’t stop thinking about it.”

Rick thought he had seen her that day and now he had confirmation. For reasons he couldn’t fathom, the thought of her seeing him naked and it making her feel good was making him hard. What was wrong with him?

“Jen it’s natural for girls to be curious. Hell it’s natural for guys too. I tried to sneak peaks here and there when I was your age, but sweetie your my little girl.”

“Daddy it’s more than just curiosity. I know you think that but it is. If it was just being curious I could go online and see all the naked men I wanted, but your what I want.”

Rick felt his cock jerk during her revelation. He knew it was wrong on so many levels. He wasn’t a religious man but society and morality said it was wrong. Hell it was against the law.

“Baby, I know you think that. All girls love their daddy’s, but what you are just..well it’s not right.”

“Right or wrong Daddy it’s how I feel. I love you and I know you love me, but this is different. I want you to love me like a man loves a woman. I know there will never be another man who will ever love me like you do.’ Jen paused and decided to go all in. ‘Daddy I think about you all the time. I have never been with a boy but I have had feelings for a few so I know the difference. I’m not stupid or naïve. I know this could be bad and if you don’t see me that way I’ll understand. I’ll be heartbroken but I’ll understand.” Tears welled up in her eyes as she looked at the man who had loved her all her life.

Rick came around his desk and sat beside his little girl. Taking her in his arms he rocked her.

“Don’t cry baby. I know you think I’m the only man who will love you like this but baby you’re young. There are plenty of men out there better for you than me. kaçak bahis I’m flattered you feel this way baby girl but we just can’t.”

Rick could feel her breast pressing against him as he held her in his arms. He had watched her grow into a beautiful young woman and now she was professing her love for him. Rick ran his hands up and down his sweet girls back as she cried on his shoulder. What was he gonna do? He would never do anything to hurt her but what she was asking was just crazy.

“Daddy will you answer me honestly if I ask you something?” Jen hick-upped as she asked.

“Of course I will sweetie.”

“What did you think when you saw me flashing you?”

FUCK!!! He had walked right into that. He couldn’t and wouldn’t lie to her but damn.

“Baby that is a complicated answer.”

“No it’s not. Did you like what you saw? Did it turn you on Daddy? Did you like seeing your little girls pussy, and watching her nipples get hard?” Fuck it Jen thought, as she took a different approach.

“Did you want to touch me Daddy? Did you touch yourself and think about how good I would feel under you?” Jen pressed her tits into her father’s chest as she spoke.

Rick couldn’t believe the words coming out of her mouth. He had come close to jacking off thinking about her but wouldn’t let himself go there. He knew if he crossed that line he would cross others.

“Baby, I think your beautiful. I think all of you is beautiful, but we just can’t cross that line.” If she was anyone else he would be jumping at the chance to see her 18 yr old body and the things he would love to do to it.

Jen felt her Daddy getting hard beside her. She knew it was just a matter of time. She pulled back from his arms and looked between his legs.

Jen looked into her father’s eyes and made a bold move. She ran her hand up his thigh and her finger tips brushed the bulge in his pants.

“Daddy you say one thing but it looks like your body is saying something else.” Jen got up off the couch and stood in front of her Daddy. Time for another bold move.

Rick froze when he felt the tips of her fingers on his cock. Even though the material kept her from actually stroking him it felt amazing. All of his senses, except common sense it appeared, were alert and buzzing. Rick knew he couldn’t or rather shouldn’t let this happen, but God she was making it hard to say no.

“Jen that’s not the point here. What are you doing?”

Jen grabbed the bottom of her shirt and slowly pulled it up. Exposing her firm flat tummy and then the bottom of her bra came into view. Purple lace against tan skin. Shortly the full swell of her young breasts were on display as the shirt hit the floor.

Rick was again frozen in place. His brain was screaming at him to stop her but he couldn’t. Jen moved her hands slowly down her body to the top of her jeans. She unbuttoned them and pulled the zipper down, hooking her thumbs into her pants she began to pull them down and step out of them.

Jen was standing before her father in her bra and panties. She had fantasized about this more than once. It was a heady feeling. Her nipples were rock hard and her pussy was throbbing.

Rick was at a loss for what to do here. He loved his daughter with every fiber of his being. He and Beth had thought about having more children but with her career and his it hadn’t panned out. Now looking at his jelly bean, Rick had called her that when she was tiny, he realized she was no longer a little girl.

Rick took a moment to actually look at the young woman in front of him. Not as her father but as a man. Jen stood about 5’10” tall. She had shoulder length chestnut hair that hung in ringlets, golden brown eyes that always made him think of fall days and lips that pouted even when she wasn’t trying.

Her body dear God her body. She had an athletic build. Taunt stomach firm thighs and calves. Looking at her half-dressed he could clearly see that her breasts were magnificent. If he had to guess he would say about a 34C to D cup. They sat perfectly atop her chest and he would bet his life there was no sag when she took her bra off. Rick knew from the flashing that her nipples were a warm Carmel color against her naturally tan skin and that she kept her pussy shaved. She was beautiful in every way.

She was stubborn like he was and had Beth’s work ethic. She was responsible and intelligent. She was a loyal and supportive friend and she had a very loving heart. She was everything he would want in a partner…except she was his child. His only child.

“Well Daddy, aren’t you going to say something?”

Jen’s words tore him from his wishful thinking and back to her half naked in his office. What the fuck was he going to do?

“Baby let me try and explain…” Jen cut him off.

“No Daddy!! I’m not stupid. I know how the world looks at this. I know they would say it’s wrong and that it’s abuse. But how can it be wrong if it is what both people want? I’m not 5 and have no idea what I’m asking, I’m 18 fixing to be 19. I have near perfect ACT and SAT scores, I know right from wrong and I know I love you. I know it sounds crazy, I’ve spent months thinking about it. If you need time to process it fine but don’t just brush it aside because someone somewhere thinks it’s wrong!!!” Jen was in tears when she finished.

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