Rainy day fantasy with mom

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Rainy day fantasy with mom
Hello everyone ,i hope u all have read my 1st i****t story “passionate fucking with beautiful sister” , if haven’t yet then just go through it ……..
my sister (earlier i had sex with )& my dad both went to chennai for 1week as my sister was having competitive exams…. so my mom & me both were going to stay together at home for 1 week.

let me described my mom ,she is 35 year old & 5 foot 7inch with beautiful and charming face . she maintained her figure so nice that she looks just of my sister’s age … her bra size is 34 c , her skin tone is pure white, with tight buttocks ,….. she goes for walk daily wearing pushup bra( shrugs on that ) and tight track pant . one can see gap between those pushups bra and pants having nice curvy hips and fresh skin so that any body can’t resist himself to touch her she is a perfect pack for fantasy fucker just like me…

Last night i watched numerous porn movies of mom&son and read i****t story too. I was feeling lusty as i am a virgin and didn’t jerk that night just fantasizing my moms figure . it was raining heavily in morning .so she couldn’t go out for her walk . so she decided to do yoga at home … Then she set a mat in her bed room and started yoga. i was not aware of that ,due to my fucking fantasy i went to mom’s room for her bra &panty so that i could jerk by taking some smell of her orgasm , as i opened the door my mom was in front of me raising her armpits and one leg up on her thighs practising yoga . my lust went up even high than it was before . she was wearing tight shorts( i can see her milky thighs) and black lacy inner wear and not a track suit as daily as she wears ….in that yoga position i can clearly see her panty. she was wearing red panty (my favourite colour) …l was not able to control myself and went into my room and started jerking my cock but didn’t cum as i eagerly want to fuck my mom …
Than after 1hour she call me out for breakfast . i went down she was waiting for me in that shorts and inner . i started having my breakfast suddenly she asked me, “earlier u were their in my room ,aren’t u?”
i said ,”yes .”
she asked me ,”for what purpose.”
i said ,”as it was raining i want to see whether u have gone for walk or not.”
she said ,”than what did u see?”
i was shocked as my mom asked me a insane question… but than she laughed and said i am joking. my face was red and cock was erect (as my leg tough güvenilir bahis my moms thigh which was soft and milky) but said nothing .i then went to the backyard and was sitting on chair enjoying the smell of soil and trees as we have numerous trees behind our house and no one leaves their.. than my mom joined me .
she asked me ,”hey sona can u share that chair with ur mom .” (as that was the only chair kept )..
i said,” u sit here mommy i will bring another one.”
she said ,”why their is no need . u can sit on my lap and we will enjoy the rainy season together….
i was shocked as my mom was calling me to sit on her milky thighs through which my cock erect earlier… but than i sat on her lap feeling her thighs and was thinking is this her intention to fuck her … my cock was again erect by feeling her thighs as she must have seen.
i was in eager mood to fuck my mom , and made planned ,so letting know my erection of cock i stood up and went into rain i was totally wet and my mom could see my big 8inch cock erection through boxers as i was not wearing my underwear that day just in lust to fuck her….
she stood up &join me we both were wet and i can see her boobs nipples erect , her panty through her shorts as we were dancing in rain her boobs was bouncing &was too big size watermelon….. i saw her boobs first time without bra and couldn’t resist myself to touch that ….. so i made planned have some dance moves with her .. she was enjoying it too.. than i held her hand and my other hand was on her curvy milky hips , i pressed it softly than she moaned, “aahhhhhhahhh”, we started starring each other for while …… than suddenly she kiss me her lips was so juicy that i couldn’t resist myself and enjoyed my first ever kiss with my sexy mom….as there was no one to see us we kissed almost 10 mins in rain . then intentionally to fuck her i slowly put my fingers in her panty and started fingering her her pussy was damn tight even after 35yrs of age …… my fingering was good enough so she maoned ,”ahhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhh my sona ooooooooooohhhhhhh ” i then rubbed her clitoris to excite her sex level ……she moaned loudly,”ahmmmmmmmm, ohhhhhhhhhh , god oooooooooo my sona ooooooooooooo…..
I then took her in my arms as (i am strong guy 5foot11inch weight 70 goes gym daily. ) and went into her bedroom
we both were hungry for each others body . so, i took off my t shirt , she saw my abs and started türkçe bahis sucking my upper body , i was enjoying her sucking &was moaning as well…. she than bend down and wasting no time pull my boxers down &and her surprise look tells everything about my 8inch cock to satisy her …she said ,”oh my fucking sonna u cock is so big to satisfy ur mommy ,even ur dad’s cock is not so big as yours….. she then started giving me blowjobs what a perfect blowjob giver she is .as my cock was long i held her head and started pushing it towardy cock all the way in her mouth suddenly i feel i was gonna cum then i told her .she said ,”put it all the way in my mouth she ate all my cum …..
then after she stood up .i started fantasizing about her inner body and wants to see her breasts and pussy ..
i took off her inner and i was shock for a moment Her boobs was damn big like melons &was even tight ,which i always dream to suck …i started sucking her pink nipples , her boobs was fleshy i ate it many times ..she was continuously moaning ,”aaaahhhhhhhhhh sona ohhhhhhhhhhhhh ……as i want to fuck her i asked her ,”mom do u have any protection.”
she said,”sonna i was eagerly wanting to fuck u so i am on pills…. that sentenced made my day not only me but my mom was too lusty &horny to fuck me…..

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I then took her to bed &slowly pulled her red panty down , my god want a scene of her pink shaved pussy …..i started licking it .as i was virgin i not so experience but still manage to keep her in moan during licking her pussy, she moaned,”ahhhhhhhhh my sona ohhhhhhhhhhhh please fuck me, please sona ohhhhhhhhhhh….”
after listening her maoned i got more boost and i spread her legs and put my cock in her pussy lips and wants her to keep desperate even more …. she was too horny and too desperate and moaned,”cummon sonna please fuck me, sonna don,t u want to cum in ur moms pussy ,please fuck me sonna ….ooooooooooo please”
i was feeling lusty to hear that and than the moment came i entered my sexy mom’s pussy which was my dream…. she moaned ,”ahhhhhhhhhhh, ur cock is big sonna ooooooooooo please put it slowly ooooooooooo”.her pussy was damn tight as if she was fucked only few times….as she was tight enough my cock was not going all the way in her pussy so i started giving stroke fast as i can to touch her g spot i can see her face and upper body turned red due to my güvenilir bahis siteleri stroking . i then hold her tight my chest can feel her boobs pressing , she also held my back tightly and then i cummed in her pussy for which i dreamed a lot…..
After that i took my mom to backyard , we were both naked .
she asked me,” still excited about your mommy’s body sonna don’t u?.
i said ,” mom i want to banged u doggystyle here in rain .

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she said,”what r u waiting for i am all yours .i was thinking whether i was dreaming . my mom was listening my every words that day …which boost me to fuck her even more .she took position i put my cock inside her asshole ,”ohhhhhhh” my god ooooooooo my fucking god… was my reaction that time her hole was so tight that she was not banged before even once by my father ….she kept moaning in lust,” ohhhhhhhhhhhh my sona u have all quality of being sexy ……”ooooooooohhhhh , ahhhhhhhhhhhhh , yeahhhhhhh right there fuck me right there sonna so hard ur cock is ………..
after we ended our fantasy fucking in backyard . we sat in balcony she was on her red bra &panty even after fucking her my fantasy about her figure doesn’t ended yet…
i asked mom,” u r so beautiful mommy ,did i satisfy u “…
she said ,” ur cock is much bigger which touch all my pussy orgasm .., i want u more even after ,we will continue to have it whenever u wants.”
ooooooohhhh god i was up above by hearing her words.
i asked, “didn’t dad’s cock satisfy u.”
she said,”nothing like that but ,ur dad and i have not done sex since ur sister’s birth, due to his job.. which arise my hunger even more so, i started to look u in my wet dreams..
i asked her,”ur asshole was so tight didn’t dad bang u their..
she said ,”it was her first doggystyle .”
i was amaze that i was first man to entered my moms asshole ……than whole day we keep sharing our experience ….than my mom making dinner that night just by wearing bra&panty ,as my hunger was not satisfied about her damn sexy body ,i saw her buttocks which was like white pure milky bags ….i just went over&slapped &bite in her butts (leaving a love bite which was too red due to her white milky tone ) she moaned ,”ooooooooooo sonna ,ooooooooooooo” ,ooooooooooooooo”
i took her and put her on dinner table
quickly opening her red panty , spread her legs and put my cock all the way in her pussy, in one stroke. she was moaning loudly even before ,”oooooooooooo, sonna harder oooohhhhhhhhhhh i am cumming yeahhh iam cumming ,sonnna,ooooooooooooooo”.cummon take me i am all yours.,ooooooooooooooo”,sonna
After that day my mom use be naked in front of me whenever my sister&dad went away…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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