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For exactly one second she felt foolish. Then the moment
washed over her and she let herself go…knowing how good
she looked to him right now. Having insisted she wear the
blindfold, it was he who had led her to this position. Naked,
on her hands and knees on the king-sized hotel bed, she arched
her back a little and could see him, in her mind’s eye,
lusting for the smooth skin of her ass, for the wet folds
of her pussy…

She had entered the suite and been overwhelmed by his kisses.
As he slipped her clothes off, his lips never left her body.
He moved around her, taking off her blouse and dropping
her skirt to her feet…as he moved around her, still kissing,
she could take in the candles and flowers, an explosion
of flowers, in the dim light of the room. Only after he pulled
her thong down and dropped it to the floor did he hand her
the velvet blindfold.

“Tonight, ” he whispered in her ear, between
kisses and sliding the blindfold over her eyes. “Tonight
the fantasy we have been talking about.”

Which fantasy? She had almost asked but bit her tongue.
They had been indulging in a non-stop fantasy parade and
honestly she could not think which one might be on his mind.
Had he gotten another couple for a foursome? Was he going
to tie her up and take her hard all night? Was he going to webcam
their sex for the world to see? Was he going to slide that
thick, silky-skinned cock deep into her ass?

She stopped caring. She knew, she knew it was going to be
so wonderful. On her hands and knees she held herself still
as canlı bahis şirketleri his hands traced her body…skimming over her lips,
her nipples, her belly….up one thigh and down the other,
two hands on her ass and then one light finger drifting over
her asshole, and finally, a hand around and then over her
pussy, feeling her, testing her, and finding her sodden
wet and so ready for whatever he had planned.

“Are you ready?” He asked, planting kisses
on her back and neck while his hand fluttered over her pussy
lips. “I know how long you have wanted this. Thank
you for letting me give you this.” His voice was husky,
almost out of control…She was picking up on his excitement,
“Oh yes, please yes, ” she moaned ready for
whatever they would be doing tonight.

Then she groaned as he hopped off the bed…”Don’t
move, not a muscle…you look so amazing…” She
heard him step into the next room and then listened to several
long seconds of indistinct shuffling around…recognizing
the sound of her man’s pants hitting the floor, keys

And then he was back, a hand softly on her ass as he climbed
onto the bed behind her….Oh yesss…here he comes, she
thought. He grabbed her hips with one hand and then rubbed
over her pussy lips with the hot smooth head of his cock…the
blindfold forced her to concentrate on each feeling, each
individual sensation so when he slid his head inside her,
it was like she was feeling him for the first time. Oh god,

“You are so beautiful, ” he said, right next
to tipobet güvenilir mi her ear and then he kissed her mouth, full-on from the
front and suddenly it all became clear. She felt HIS body
as he knelt on the bed in front of her. She smelled him as he
led her mouth onto his thick cock…all the time feeling
the smooth, steady strokes of her other, invisible lover
behind her.

The mix of panic and passion was unbelievable. He had done
it. He had brought her another lover. She was being taken
by two men who were both rock hard for her sexy, burning body.
She trembled, at first with nerves and then her body got
the full message and she felt the wash of passion flow down
from her face, from her lips wrapped around his cock. She
could feel the flush hit her breasts and her hard nipples
jumped almost painfully and then her pussy spasmed and
she came, came sweetly and completely unexpectedly on
the brand new impossibly sexy cock inside her.

And then, the man behind her began to really work into her
pussy. Deep, steady strokes, opening her with his wide
hard cock. “Oh my god, she is amazing, ” said
her New Man, voice deep, thick with lust. He corrected himself
and started talking to her as she moaned under his deep,
hard so hard cock. “YOU are amazing. Just look at you
pushing on me with his cock in your mouth…”

And suddenly holding her main man’s cock in her mouth
became impossible as the man behind her started fucking
her HARD. She held onto her lover, hands lewdly grabbing
his ass cheeks, perabet fingers digging in while her new lover thrust
and moaned and pumped in her. Meanwhile in front of her,
her friend’s rock hard penis lay beside her gasping
face–Her friend put his hand on her cheek and teased her–“Oh,
you are going to make him come soon, baby, he has already
told me how hot he thought you were but now, NOW, you are driving
him wild. He is going to take you and come inside your glorious
sexy body…”

His dirty words filled her ears until she couldn’t
hear anything else but that and her other lover’s moans
until she lost it, coming hard, screaming her passion,
writhing, pumping her ass back onto the big pole her lover
had brought for her and then the dick inside her started
cumming, and cumming and cumming and before she could come
down, another orgasm started inside her…

She must have lost it for a minute, passed out or just fallen
asleep as soon as she had cum…she woke up, on the bed, on
her side, her pussy still throbbing pleasantly. Her lover,
the wonderful man who had arranged this, pulled the blindfold
off and she leaned in and kissed him passionately, and kept
kissing him, while he rolled her onto her back and slid his
cock slowly into her sweetly sore pussy…as he filled
her, she felt the bed move and her new lover, handsome, friendly
and looking very happy, got on the bed next to her and kissed
her gently on the the lips. “Thank you, ” he
said, kindly, genuinely. Her new lover pulled back and
started to stroke her face and run his fingers over her neck
and chest.

Her old lover had pulled his dick out until just the tip rested
on her pussy lips, he looked down at her and asked, “Are
you ready?” She wrapped an arm around the new man at
her side, smiled at them both and answered…


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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