Resetting Life Ch. 04

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Adding another chapter to Eric and Katie’s tale. I appreciate comments, suggestions and any other information from readers. I am hoping that you all enjoy. This has been a story of my life with my actual half-sister. I changed the names around to protect the ones I love. More chapters to come.

* * *

I looked up as the cab slowed to the front of the house. I paid the man and got out. Taking a deep breath and smiling, I was home. I can see my parents had gone to bed since there was not a single light that was on from the second floor. I looked at my watch and realized that it was 2 in the morning. Quietly, I made my way into the house. I set my carry-on bag down in the living room and tip-toed to Katie’s room. I peered in and found her bed completely made and emptied. Puzzled, I walked to my room and found that she was sleeping in my bed.

Katie was lying quietly as she had her arms wrapped around one of my pillows. I stripped down to my boxers and shirt then climbed into bed quietly. She started to stir from the movement and when her eyes opened, she smiled immediately. “You’re home.”

“I’m home.”

She let go of her hold on my pillow and fluffed it up for me to lie on. I settled down next to her and kissed her softly on the lips. Katie held the kiss and wrapped her arms around me. “I missed you.”

“I was going to ask if you did.”

“I definitely did.” She said sleepily.

“Katie, it has only been four days.”

She smiled and cuddled into me. She kissed my neck and giggled, “Four days is a long time for someone who is drunk on love. The home we share seems gigantic when you aren’t around.”

I kissed her on the tip of her nose, “I miss you too.”

“How was your trip?”

“Eventful.” I answered her. “I got a decent pay day from all the crap I needed to do. But, it was worth it.”


I reached and took hold of her. I pulled her body up against mine and enjoyed how tiny she felt in my arms. I ran my hand up and down her back and reveled how small her waist is. I grabbed her ass through the little shorts that she always wore around me. I can feel that she wasn’t wearing any panties. She moaned with delight.

“I miss those perverted old man hands of yours.”

“I bet you do.” I said as I kissed her deeply.

She broke my kiss and pressed a hand onto my chest and looked at me seriously. “I have to tell you something, Eric.”

Oh no, I thought. My mind begins to race with what she needed to tell me that she had to stop me and give me the ‘we have to have a talk’ face. “Ok, hit me.”

“I overheard dad talking to mom about arranging a date for you. Some daughter of a friend that they know that needs a husband. I heard them say that it wasn’t right that you are down here without a wife. So, they are going to take action.”


She shrugged, “That’s what I heard.”

“Fuck. I’m almost forty years old. I can make my own damned decisions. Can they ever not mettle in other people’s affairs?”

She pouted, “What are you going to do?”

“Tell them to forget about it.”

“Eric, they were serious about it.” Katie said as she was playing with her fingers against my chest. “What if this girl is awesome?”

“I doubt that if she needs to be fixed up with someone.”

“What if she is prettier than me?”

I pulled her chin up and looked her in the eyes, “How can that be possible? You are the prettiest girl I have ever been with.”

That was enough reassurance for Katie. She buried her head into me and we got comfortable. Our bodies were crisscrossed into one another. Her warmth was welcoming. Her scent was intoxicating. Her breath against my neck aroused me. I needed her. She was right, four days felt like forever. Katie felt my arousal and pressed into it more with her body.

“I need you, Eric.” She whispered into my ear. “I need to feel you.”

I needed her too. The four days away felt like I was on a deserted island. I felt lost without her. I pulled off the flannel shirt she had on exposing her remarkable breasts. They weren’t the largest that I have ever encountered, but they were perfect. They stood firm and soft as I touched them. I leaned down and kissed a nipple softly. She moaned as I kissed around each nipple and pressed her flat on her back. I kissed down to her amazingly flat stomach and pulled off her shorts. As usually, she was perfectly shaved and smooth. The amazing qualities of this girl astound me every single minute. I parted her legs and leaned down. I looked at her perfect little pussy. It was just a shade darker than her skin, with small lips that were glistening from desire. I leaned in and kissed her clitoris.

“Oh, Eric.”

She tasted amazing. I touched my tongue to her clit and worked it in tiny circles like the way she likes it. I can feel her move her hips to aide in her pleasure. She reached down and grabbed at my shaved head to control the tempo. My mind was swimming with desire and lust when I can taste and feel her get wetter and wetter.

“You taste so good!”

“You bursa escort feel amazing!” she exclaimed.

Her legs quivered as she was getting close to orgasm. She reached down and pushed away my head, “No. I want us to cum together.”

I nodded and pulled my boxers off. Katie sat up slightly and reached down tugging at my erection. She licked her lips in anxious impatience as I pulled my shirt off.

“Hurry.” She demanded.

I positioned myself between her legs and rubbed the head of my erection along her pussy. I slid it up and down her clit making her body shake. She giggled with delight as I did this for a moment teasing her. She grunted as she sat up, grabbed my hips and pulled me into her. For a brief moment, we stayed quiet. Connected. We looked into each others eyes. It was as if the entire world was quiet. It was as if the world had stopped spinning for that moment. We were together. One. Katie broke the silence as she gasped in pleasure. She was tight around my cock already. I can feel her body accommodate me as I pushed in deeper and deeper.

“Baby, you are so damned tight.”

“You’re so damned thick.” She responded as she winced when I started to pick up the pace.

We fucked. We fucked like it was our last night on the planet. We fucked like it was the last time we would ever see each other. Our bodies poured with sweat as I pumped into her. She did her best to control her moans, but ecstasy got the better of her as she climaxed loudly. I leaned into her, “I’m not done yet.”

I flipped Katie onto all fours and roughly slammed into her with my cock. She buried her face into my sheets as I ravaged her. She gripped everything she could get a hold of as I gripped her hips and pumped. Her pussy was pouring from our sex. Our bodies slapped loudly against one of another as I didn’t care anymore to be quiet.

“I’m going to cum again!” She exclaimed in an uncontrolled gasp.

As she did, the walls of her pussy clamped down like a vice on me. This drove me to my limit as I came when she did. Our bodies shook, trembled and pulsated together. I can feel my dick pump its last drops into her. I took a deep breath and relinquished my grip on her hips and flopped down exhausted onto my bed.

She lies down next to me and punched me playfully, “You asshole, that was too fucking loud.”

I shrugged, “I’m sorry. But, I couldn’t control myself.”

Katie rubbed her hips, “Yeah, you animal. I felt that.”

I kissed her softly on the lips. “I’m sorry, cutie.”

She nestled against me and smiled. “You know, a few of my college classmates had encounters with some older men and they say some of them can barely keep up with their needs.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah, one of them said this guy she slept with needed pills to get going and the sex was mediocre at best.”

“Well, how am I doing?”

Katie giggled, “Not that I have a lot to compare to personally, but you are wearing me out. As much as I was thankful of the four day break from your little sexual assaults, I missed having you wear me out.”

With a boost in my ego, I reached around her and held her close. Katie was running her hand on my chest and sliding her hand down my stomach. She reached down and touched my flaccid cock and slowly ran her finger tips around the sensitive head. I can feel her playing with some of the cum that was left on it and then brought it up to her lips and tasted it.

“I have to tell you, I have never been like this.” I admitted. “You brought something out of me that I never thought I had.”

“You’ve never been with a girl like you have been with me?” She asked with wonder in her eyes.

“None of them have ever turned me on like you.” I said. “Katie, I’m sure you can remember that first day I moved back here. When you stepped out of the house, I was so stunned at how beautiful you looked. My hard-on at that time could have dented the moving van’s doors. You made me this way. I just can’t seem to have enough of you. Maybe because we both know this is a little wrong? But, it has woken up some sort of beast in me.”

“Well, I liked how you looked at me, Eric. It felt like I was the only person you ever wanted to look at.” Katie admitted. She took a deep breath. “Maybe, if there was a guy that looked at me like the way you do this might not even have happened. But, it doesn’t matter now. You are the man I want looking at me and that is what matters.”

“That’s true.”

Katie kissed my cheek, “I love you so much.”

“I love you too.”

Katie scooted up to my ear and whispered while her hand found my cock once again and started stroking it. “I bet it also helps that you have a little eighteen year old fawning over you.”

I laughed and playfully bit her neck. “I was a little worried about earlier.”

Katie stopped stroking my cock and looked at me. “What?”

“When you said we needed to talk? I thought you were going to tell me you were late or something like that.”

“But, I’m on the pill silly!”

“Not a hundred percent, bursa escort bayan my love.”

Katie took a deep breath. “I know. If anything were to happen, I wouldn’t know what to do.”

I nodded, “I’m here. We make that choice together when if anything like that were to ever happen.”

“I trust you, Eric.” Katie said as she continued to play with my cock again. “I don’t have school tomorrow. Do you want to do something together?”

I nodded, “Absolutely.”

* * *

I woke up after we both passed out. I looked around my room and the sun was up and shining into my room. I turned in my bed to see that Katie was gone. She must have left my room before my parents had gotten up. I pulled my old ass out of bed and dressed in my usual shorts and t-shirt. As I left my room and made my way towards the kitchen, I was greeted by my father sitting in then living room while Katie was in the kitchen quietly baking something.

“Good morning, dad.”

“Good afternoon, son.” He corrected.

I sat down across from him and rubbed the bits of sleep out of my eyes, “Sorry dad. I got in pretty late last night.”

“I just came in to tell you that you are to meet someone that we want you to meet in a couple of days. She is a nice girl and would like to meet you. Dress nicely and make sure you have some money in your pocket. If you need some, I can give you a bit.” He said sternly. He unfolded his hands and struggled to stand. I quickly got up and helped him to his feet and handed him his cane.

“Dad, I don’t know…”

“You needn’t worry, Eric. She comes from a good family.” He said nodding, “And, she is a pretty girl with a good head on her shoulders.”

“Dad, can we talk about this? I am a grown man.” I protested without stepping out of line in respect to him.

He patted me on the cheek and offered me a wrinkled smile. “Son, you’re a man. You need a woman in your life. Like I said; if you need money for this meeting, I can help.”

“Dad, I do work.”

“We’re Chinese.”

I smiled, “I know this.”

“You know our culture doesn’t recognize what you do is work.”

“I make money, dad.”

He started out of our floor. “I will believe that you make money for now. This isn’t something you can get out of. Be a man and do this for your parents. We aren’t getting any younger. We don’t have much time left on this planet. I want to die knowing that you have as good woman in your life and maybe see a grand child.”

I watched him walk out of the house. When the front door closed, I turned to look at Katie. She had stopped baking and merely stood there as dumbfounded as I was. She tried to offer me a brave smile.

“No. Fuck it. This isn’t happening the way they want it to.” I said.

Katie pulled off her apron and walked over to me. “Eric, you can’t fight them.”

“What? Are you siding with them?”

“I am not siding with them, Eric. But, you know how dad can be. We are both happy here. You don’t want to do anything stupid and have him kick you out or something!” She pleaded. “Please don’t do anything crazy. I don’t want to lose you.”

“Ughh.” I groaned and sat down on the couch. Katie walked over to me and held me close. She was kissing my head and calming me down. But, deep down inside, I know she was just as torn and confused as I was.

“Eric, honey, listen to me.” Katie said calmly and with more maturity than ever before. “I know how you don’t like not being in control of things. I know this. But, at the situation at hand, there isn’t really anything you can do.”

“I can not go.”

Katie smiled, “I’m not full blooded Chinese and I know that would be the dumbest thing you can do.”

She had a point.

“Our father is old-school. Just do as he says for now.”

I looked up at her and can see some tears beginning to well up in her eyes. She took a deep breath and smiled some more. “I won’t love anyone else.”

“I hope not.” She whispered.

“I won’t.”

Katie stepped away from me and started towards her room. “Let’s go out. Fresh air may help you calm down.”

I sighed and sat there quietly for a moment. “Fuck.”

* * *

The mind of my half-sister was always more calculated and calm. Compared to her, my mind was always in a storm of thoughts and desire. I was always rash with my decisions and always put consequences on the back burner whenever I needed to make a choice. Katie was right, our time driving around Brooklyn helped me settle down from the undeclared ultimatum my father had given me. During the ride, Katie talked about school. She talked about her friends noticing a change in her. Katie even mentioned to them that she was with an older man that treated her right in many ways. Curiosity got the best of her friends and they tried getting information about this mysterious man that has entered her life. But, Katie remained tight-lipped. I sit in the living room looking through my tablet for more job tickets that were sent to me. There were several that needed me to travel and work for a few days. I escort bursa checked my calendar and decided to accept a couple of them.

Katie hurried out from the shadows of her room and smiled as she passed me. “Hey, a couple of my friends have to come by to pick up some work I have been doing for class.”

“Sure. Would I be in the way?” I asked.

“Nope, you are fine where you are.” Katie said as she stopped at the door leading to the landing we shared with my parents on the second floor. She spun in place with her index finger shaking at me, “No leering at my friends, mister!”

“Who, me? I don’t leer at girls!” I said smiling.

Katie rolled her eyes and went off to let her friends in. There was a clamor of giggles and laughs when they came in. Katie led them into out floor and introduced me in a dramatic wave of her hand. “This is Eric, my brother.”

I looked up from my tablet. Standing next to Katie were two remarkably beautiful girls. One was a stunning blonde that stood tall with a slender figure. Her ash grey eyes were exotic as they twinkled when her gaze landed on me. The other was a curvy brunette with shockingly blue eyes. She offered a little wave as all three of them stood timidly, seemingly waiting for my approval after my visual inspection.

“Hello ladies.” I greeted and glanced over at Katie who made a little scrunched up face with a little hint of jealousy behind it.

“Amanda.” The blonde spoke with a raspy voice.

“Jenna.” The brunette said cutely. “Katie said her brother was a decent looking. But, Eric, you are looking pretty good.”

“Oh my god, Jenna!” Katie exclaimed and dragged the two of her friends into her room.

I shook my head as I watched the three of them disappear. I got up, walked into the kitchen and fixed myself a drink. For what had happened earlier today, something brown, strong and with an ice cube made things a little less important. I sat back down and continued looking through my tablet for work. From inside of Katie’s room, I can hear the girls screeching and laughing about something. It was comforting to me knowing that Katie was still a normal girl after what we have done. There was still an underlying factor of guilt in what we were doing, but that guilt was starting to fade. It was almost normal for us.

I took a sip of my drink and closed my eyes enjoying the flavor. I hear the girls finish up their business and came out of Katie’s room. Amanda came out first and lingered near the door waiting for Katie and Jenna. I can hear the two of them whispering.


I looked up at Amanda, “Excuse me?”

“Are you drinking whiskey?”

I nodded, “Only cure for the bullshit in life.”

“Weed is nice too.”

I nodded in agreement. “Flat out of the chronic.”

Amanda offered a delicate laugh that shook her amazing looking breasts that she kept hidden under her coat from when she had come in. Her coat was now open and displayed a very nice body that was slender but shapely. She sheepishly offered a smiled and peered towards Katie’s room. “I wonder what is taking them so long.”

“Girls will be girls.”

“Especially, those two.” Amanda said rolling her eyes. There was a slight uncomfortable pause before she broke the silence with, “What do you do?”

“Graphic artist, product photographer and layout artist.” I answered.

She nodded. I can see her breathe a sigh of relief when Katie and Jenna came out of her room. Both of their faces were flushed red. Jenna turned and looked at me as if I was some sort of grilled piece of meat that had been just taken off the barbecue. Jenna offered me a devious grin.

“Well, we are taking off.” Jenna said. She took hold of Amanda by her hand and hurried out.

“It was nice to meet you!” Amanda cried out as she was drug away by her friend.

Katie went to lock up and came back into the living room. She sat down next to me.

“What the hell was that all about?” I asked.

Katie shrugged. “Nothing.”



I looked over to her. “Are you shitting me? What happened? Are you ok?”

Katie nodded and began to blush. Her face was even redder than when she had come out of her room with Jenna. “Jenna was asking about you.”


Katie nodded. “She asked if you were that older man in my life.”

I set my tablet down and turned to look at her. “What did you say?”

Katie covered her face, “Oh, Eric, I told her. I said yes. I told her some of the stuff. I didn’t know what to say. She can read me like a book. Jesus, Eric. I am so stupid!”

“What? Why did you tell her?”

“She said she sensed something between us!”


Katie buried her face into my shoulder in embarrassment. “I don’t know, Eric. I wanted to brag. I wanted to tell someone who was making me so happy. Jenna didn’t judge. She was more shocked than anything else. Before I even told her, she asked if you were attached to someone because she was interested in you!”

“Oh jeez, Katie.” I groaned. I held her tight and kissed her on the head. “It’s ok. This is what I was talking about earlier. People are going to judge. People will be shocked. Some will even tell us that we are out of our minds and should stop right away.”

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