Sandy Showed Me What it Feels Like

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Sandy Showed Me What it Feels Like

I sat naked on the floor of Sandy’s apartment looking down at her blonde pony tail between my thighs. Her bare back and butt were petite and shapely, a ruddy glow from the sun darkening the freckles on her face and shoulders. Her warm tongue explored my vagina with obvious hunger. The waves of pleasure made my eyes heavy. No one had ever licked me down there before.

Minutes before we were talking about boys and she asked me if one had ever “gone down” on me. I didn’t know what she meant. “You what?” She seemed so shocked! “Oh, darlin’ you need to know what that feels like. I’m damn near tempted to do it myself. A woman knows how to do it best, of course.”

A long silence followed her saying this. Something about that idea seemed forbidden and sexy. A lot of k**s in my school had sex pretty young. But, I hadn’t güvenilir bahis siteleri yet. I just turned s*******n so I was legal. “Um, I’m not saying I wouldn’t want you to do that. I don’t know any boys would.”

“Oh, really? Well, if you promise you won’t tell Alex about it, I’ll show you how it’s done.” Her husband Alex was a bit of a dick, but lovable. He would not have been ok with her and me playing around. But, he works all day at the dairy farm and would never know as long as we kept our mouths shut.

“Show me, then.” I said.

“Darlin, I thought you’d never ask,” she said and kissed me full on the mouth. She tasted warm and soft and a little like cigarettes. but I was used to that.

She undressed me really slow and kissed all over my body. I loved how her mouth felt on my nipples, her hands feeling up my tummy perabet güvenilir mi and boobs. I was a little embarrassed by how small they are. But, she told me I they were pretty and it made me feel good.

Next thing I knew, her soft mouth was pulling gently at my pussy lips. It made me tingle. I felt her rub her finger up and down my opening until it was wet and slippery. Then she eased it inside me, licking all over my lips and clit as she did. It slid in easily and she slid it out again, then in and out, in and out. My hips began to sway with her gentle thrusting motion. She curled her finger up inside me and pulled it across the top of my inside, which felt amazing. I fell back on the pillow behind me, low moans coming out of me that I had no control over.

“Oh, that feels so good…” I told her. Her eyes looked perabet giriş up at me as her tongue continued it’s wash back and forth across my aching puss. “Ohh, ohhhhh…ohhhh…” was all I could say as she ate me and ate me. Her tongue probes further down, tickling my butthole, then back up over my clit as her finger pushed back inside. She fingered me, licking my clit faster until I could feel an orgasm filling my body with a pulse of pleasure that wanted to explode all over her. “Yer gonna make me cummmm…ohhh. oh ahh…here it comes…” My back arched over that pillow, driving my head into the carpet as i went off like July 4th on Sandy’s floor. She milked me for all I was worth, her mouth staying with my throbbing vagina as wave after wave eroticness coursed through me. Her hands held my butt in place as she licked and licked, the climax finally subsiding until all I felt was the tickle of her tongue on my drained pussy, lapping my juices off like a kitty.

“You were right, that was wow.”

“See I told ya. You have a sweet little puss. I’d be happy to do that anytime.” And, for the rest of the summer I let her!

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