Saturday Morning

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Oh carbs, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love thee to the It was a Saturday morning, with no reason to get up early. The bedroom door was wide open, the kid was playing in the living room. The curtains closed, but the open door let in quite some light. My wife and I both half awake, I cuddled up against her, my head next to hers, my arm over her belly. It was a warm and humid morning, the fan blowing softly to keep us comfortable.

I moved my hands, stroking her soft body though her soft cotton camisole. A moment later my hand found her breast, I massaged her a bit, tweaked with her rapidly hardening nipple.

“What you doing?” she asked, dozy.

“Just playing a bit.”

“Just playing?”


“What’s that good for?”

“It’s nice. Very nice boobs. Just have to play a bit with them.”

I continued to massage her, moving to the other breast, massaging them both. My other hand was out of the action as lying on my side it was squashed under us. I kissed and nibbled her neck a bit, she started to giggle. While I continued to massage her breasts, we kissed.

A moment later she broke the kiss, “Didn’t you play enough with my boobs?”

“No, never.”

“Maybe you can help me scratch a bit, down there.” She dropped her hand on her crotch.

My hand left her breast, and moved down to her crotch as requested. I started to rub her sex through her panties. Basic soft cotton panties, she is just practical. I touched her there for casino şirketleri a while, rubbing my fingers up and down, while we were just lying against each other, still not fully awake.

“They’re new, did you notice?” she said.

“Now you say so, indeed, no holes.”

“What a pity, isn’t it?”

“Not really. The holes in your old underwear were just irritating. It’s only interesting if the hole is this big,” I replied, tracing my finger around her pussy.

She laughed, “Then it’s useless to wear them.”

“No, that’s fun.”

I slid my hand inside her panties, not surprisingly she was pretty wet. I fingered her a bit before pushing down her panties, they were getting in the way. She grabbed my already hard dick through my boxers, and started to rub me. Soon after my boxers were also removed, and I kicked them out of the bed on the floor.

“You’re nice and wet,” I commented.

“Am I…”


“What you planning to do now?”

“Make you very wet.”

“That all?”

“I love playing with a wet pussy.”

Just at that moment the kid came in the bedroom, checking the time, having no clue on what we were actually doing at that moment. My wife had promised that she would get up at ten, it was quarter to ten, so not yet time to get up.

“Just go play with your Lego or so,” she suggested.

“I still have some bread to eat.”

“Go eat that first then, at ten I’ll get up as well.” A moment later we were casino firmaları alone again.

We smiled at each other, and continued what we were doing. Actually the activity under the sheets never stopped. I freed one of her breasts from her camisole, and started sucking her nipple, still fingering her very wet pussy. She continued to masturbate me slowly, it felt really nice. I was very hard, and started to wake up fully now.

She started to moan a bit louder under my ministrations. I love to suck her breasts, and she loves to have them sucked. She turned on top of me, giving me her other breast to suck, which I happily did. Lying half above me her breast was hanging down a bit, allowing me to take more in my mouth. Lovely soft boobs, really a joy to suck.

My fingers on her pussy rubbed harder, she was getting very wet now, moaning louder. She was obviously holding back her noise not to attract attention of the kid, we knew we did not have too much time to play before the next interruption, which also would likely be the end of our private time.

She changed position again, so I had both hands available, one for her pussy, and one hand and one mouth for her breasts. Giving her optimal stimulation, she never lasts long that way. And indeed it took me maybe another minute of stimulation before I felt her body tense, holding back her moans, rocking in my arms. Her pussy now getting very wet.

A moment later her orgasm subsided, and she started to giggle. güvenilir casino Still very wet, she always get ticklish after enough stimulation. Which of course is no reason for me to stop stimulating her, if only to serve as reminder that I am still eager for some attention.

My dick was rock hard from the stimulation of playing with her. She grabbed it in her hands, and started stroking me. I continued to play with her breasts, kissing her, sucking them in. Heavenly. We had to shift position a little bit for a few times before she finally got herself comfortable, and she continued to stroke. I moaned with a breast still in my mouth, I just can’t ever let go of them. Her nipples are just so nice to suck.

As soon as she got herself a good stroke it didn’t take very long for me either. As I was only just awake it always takes a little longer, which is not a bad thing. She stroked me hard and fast, and then suddenly I came, hard and fast. My body tensed, I felt my balls harden, my dick swell, and the cum shoot out over my belly. I tried to hold up the sheets a bit to not make too much of a mess.

We were just in time. Barely as I finished shooting my load, the kid entered the room again. It was ten by then, so time for at least mummy to get up. We quickly arranged for a towel to clean myself up, after which she put back on her panties and got up as promised, leaving me behind. At that moment I was not in any mood of getting up, I was way too relaxed after that orgasm. Actually I fell asleep for another hour before getting up, to have breakfast, and to write another submission for Literotica.

There are those moments where one is rather limited in possibilities. And you make the best of it. Which often turns out pretty darn good.

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