Savannah and Her Grandpa

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In Savannah Williams’ life there were only two things that were constant. Her father always went golfing on Saturdays, and every single summer for 1 month she went to her Grandpa Will’s farm. And Savannah looked forward to this month more than anything in the world.

This summer was different, however. Savannah had just graduated high school, and she was planning on going to a college close to her Grandpa’s farm so that she would have some family to be close to. But that wasn’t why this summer was different.

This summer was different because this summer, Savvy was coming to her Grandpa’s farm with an agenda. This summer, she was going to seduce her Grandfather.

Savvy’s Grandma had passed away a few years ago. Obviously no one could expect her Grandpa to ever be the same but last summer when she went visit him she noticed him looking at some of the farm hands’ wives or girlfriends. And she realized that he was missing something very specific. She decided that next summer she would give it to him.

And why not? She thought to herself. I’m a virgin, so he’ll be my first. And wouldn’t it be better for him to be with someone he knew and trusted than some random women he found on the street? And with that, any concern she had, that it was incest, that he might not want to, that it was wrong, went out the window. She was going to fuck her Grandpa.

Savannah was, indeed, a virgin. She had kissed a few boys but she hadn’t even had any over the clothes petting. In fact, the only sexual experience she did have was exploring her own body and learning what things she liked.

So, once she knew what she wanted to do she planned for everything. She wanted to give her Grandpa her body in every way. Using her money she earned from lifeguarding she bought a month’s worth of Plan B pills. She trained extra hard with the swim team to tone her body and give her an exquisite, lean look. She researched and practiced (sans penetration) everything sex in every way that she could so that when she got to her Grandpa he wouldn’t want for anything.

And finally the day was here. She stepped out of the car and grabbed her suitcase from the trunk. She began rolling it into the garage when the door leading inside the house opened. She saw her Grandpa and looked at him as a man for the first time.

He was 6’0″, 140 lbs of muscle. Enough wrinklage to know he was past his prime but he looked fit enough that you could tell he still had plenty of life yet to live.

Oh and he’s gonna live it up thought Savannah to herself comparing how she would look underneath him. At 5’3″ 110 lbs, 28Cs, she looked forward to being almost completely engulfed by him.

She walked up to him, and gave him a hug, standing up on her tippy-toes, arms wrapped around his neck, and she gave him a kiss, that lingered slightly too long and slightly close to his lips to be appropriate. As she let go of him she slid her hand down his front and quickly, covertly cupped his sack through his jeans.

He jumped in response, a look of confusion on his face. Savannah returned the look with one she hoped was seductive, lightly biting her lower lip and walked past him.

“I’m going to take a quick shower, Grandpa.” she called behind her.

Savannah put her suitcase in the same room she always had. Upstairs, second door on the left. She always slept there. Her Grandpa had already set out some towels for her. She grabbed one and her shower bag and went to the bathroom at the end of the hall. Once there she stripped and turned the shower on. While she waited for the water to warm up she placed her thong, which was almost soaked through, at the door to the bathroom, leaving it just a little cracked, in hopes of her Grandpa finding it.

She then hopped into the shower and went about shaving her entire body below her neck. She went over everything twice then again to make sure she didn’t miss anything. She wanted to look perfect.

During the shower some movement caught her eye. She saw through the shower door the reflection of her Grandpa in the mirror. He was smelling her red thong. She watched him closely, as he went from smelling to licking to full on sucking her juices from it. She quickly became sure that the wetness between her legs was not due to the water running down her lean, toned body.

She saw him take the panties with him as he headed to his room. Savannah felt encouraged by this. She now knew that the actual seduction wouldn’t be hard. Her Grandpa wanted her. And boy did she intend to deliver.

She finished her shower and dried off. She had her make-up stuff in her shower bag, intending on leaving it in the bathroom. She put her make-up on and checked herself out in the mirror. She looked like a strawberry-blonde version of Melissa Benoist. A priest wouldn’t have been able to resist her. She wrapped her towel around her chest and walked to her bedroom to find her Grandpa standing by her suitcase, red thong still in-hand, smelling it like it was his first bahis firmaları breath.

Savannah smiled to herself.

“Well there’s plenty more where that came from, Grandpa,” she said to him. Will jumped and looked at her standing in the doorway.

“Uh… umm… Savannah, I’m sorry… I was just…”

“Oh no, don’t be sorry, Grandpa. I don’t mind. In fact,” Savannah teased, as she undid the knot on her towel and let it fall to the floor, “Let me do something for you.” Will ogled at the gorgeous, naked, barely legal coed in front of him, unable to believe that this was really happening. Savvy walked up to her Grandpa and dropped to her knees. She unzipped his pants and pulled out his semi-hard cock before he could stop her.

It took Savannah a moment to register how big it already was. This was like the cocks she saw in porn. Savannah knew that pornstar cocks weren’t what one should expect in real life but her Grandpa could put some of the male pornstars to shame and he wasn’t even all the way hard yet.

“My, my, Grandpa, what a big cock you have,” she looked up at him, and with a smile and a wink she had him in her mouth. She sucked on the engorged head licking around it and then tonguing the underside. Then she licked from the base all the way to the head, leaving a trail of saliva. Then she began to use every technique that she saw in the pornos that she watched. She sucked at varying pressures, she used her hands while sucking. She deepthroated. She was on a mission to pleasure her Grandfather and nothing was going to stop her.

“Ohh, ohh my god” Will moaned as his beautiful, nubile, movie-star-looking granddaughter sat on her knees in front of him sucking his dick like she was getting paid for it.

Maybe I should pay her for it, he thought to himself as he breathed in her thong again. But this is wrong. She shouldn’t be doing this. This isn’t right. If anyone finds out we could get in serious trouble!

“Ahhh, Savannah, oh my god, that feels… Savvy, you’ve gotta stop. This isn’t right.” He said to her.

“No, Grandpa, I really don’t,” Savannah said to him, taking his cock out of her mouth and stroking it with her right hand, “I know you’re lonely and you haven’t had the company of a woman in a long time. I wanted to fix that for you because I love you and, also, I want too. I want you, so just relax and enjoy everything that I’m going to do for you, Grandpa.” And with that she went back to slurping on his cock, not even waiting for him to respond. Savannah truly just wanted to please him.

“Holy fuck, oh fuck, Savannah, please keep going,” Will said, convinced, at least for the moment, that this was ok. Savannah was right, though. He hadn’t had the company of a woman in a long time and he was getting close quicker than he would have liked. But he couldn’t help it. She would suck all the way down his shaft, and slowly pull back, tonguing the underside of his head ferociously. Each time she would go down she would go a little farther. Until she was deepthroating him every time. Then she popped his cock out of her mouth and sucked on his balls while stroking him. After a few minutes of this there was no way that Will was going to last any longer.

“Oh, fuck, Savvy, baby, I’m going to cum any second,” he announced just as she began to deepthroat him again. Savvy did not seem the least bit fazed by this news. Instead she began to suck from halfway down all the way to the hilt getting faster and faster.

It took less than ten seconds for Will to cum. Savvy didn’t miss a beat and kept her rhythm, swallowing and sucking as she could. Will came for almost a full minute, pent up from years of not being pleasured. She was surprised because this was part she was unsure about. She had never tasted cum before and wasn’t sure how she was going to like. She had read up on how cum was supposed to taste etc. but this actually tasted good. She could have this flavor at any time and she would not mind at all. She now knew something new about herself. She liked the taste of cum!

Savannah stopped sucking only when her Grandfather’s cock had gone soft and she was sure there was no more cum left for the moment. She popped it out of her mouth and gave it one last kiss as it shrunk to its soft position.

“Oh Savvy,” Will said, “That was wonderful. Thank you so much for that.”

“You don’t have to thank me, Grandpa. It really was my pleasure. I don’t know what you do, but you taste delicious. In fact, I think I want some more,” and Savvy started tonguing and sucking the senior’s soft dick again.

Will’s mind went blank once again, intoxicated from the pleasure of his granddaughter’s mouth. He was hard again in no time, and no sooner was he fully erect did Savvy stop sucking him, his cock slick with her saliva, and push him onto the bed. Will fell onto the bed, his knees hanging off the edge.

“Now, Grandpa, you get your real treat,” Savvy said as she got on top of her grandfather, and lined up his large dick kaçak iddaa with her small pussy, “And I’ll get mine,” she whispered to herself, excited that her fantasy, her plan, that she had worked on for almost a whole year was coming to fruition.

“Savvy, please, this is not something that we should be doing. A blowjob was one thing but full on sex is anothe…” Will was cut off by Savvy’s mouth on his. And before he could say another word she sunk on his cock.

Will had never experienced a pussy like this. In his prime he had definitely landed plenty of sexy women. And a point of pride for him was that they all left pleasured, satisfied, and well fucked. But even in all his years of experience he had never felt a pussy like Savvy’s. It felt like a mix of velvet, satin, and silk, all woven into one cloth that seemed to be tailor made to fit his dick. Each vein, each curve, each ridge of his dick was embraced by his granddaughter’s pussy, leaving no room between them. His dick slid in so easily that Will was sure that Savvy was dripping like a faucet. In fact, any doubt, or regret, or hesitation that he might have had for fucking her evaporated when he felt how wet she was. She wanted this. She had made this happen. While he might feel guilty, at least she was the one who was initiating and she had fully and enthusiastically consented. And then she bottomed out.

Will thought that he had died and gone to heaven. She felt heavenly. Years later when Will looked back on this moment he often thought I have no idea how I didn’t cum right there, but he kept it together through some miracle. She did all this, the least he could do was last longer than ten seconds and actually make her cum! And so Will pulled it together, so he could really, really fuck his granddaughter.

Savvy’s pussy was dripping like a faucet at this point. Her year of planning was coming to fruition and she was finally going to get to fuck her grandfather. He protested a little more than Savvy had anticipated, even though she knew it was just because he didn’t want to “Corrupt his granddaughter,” she knew he was into it. So when he started protesting as she began to straddle him instead of trying to argue she just kissed him, lined him up, and started to slide him in. She was not prepared. She had wanted to please him, her own pleasure had not even crossed her mind. But when the head went in Savvy started orgasming right there. It was a little one but as she slid down farther it grew more and more. She had never known a pleasure like this and she knew immediately that she would never be complete without it. She didn’t know if there was another cock out there that would make her feel the way her Grandpa’s was making her feel, but she wasn’t about to give up his dick, even to try and find it. His cock filled every corner of her pussy. There was nowhere in her hole that was not touched by his cock. It was almost as if his dick was made specifically for her pussy, to pleasure more than anything or anyone else. There was nothing else in the world that mattered other than her Grandfather’s dick inside her pussy. And then she bottomed out.

That’s where her true orgasm hit her. She had never orgasmed like that before. It was like every single muscle in her body clenched and released as pure, utter euphoria flooded through her.

“AHHHH, I’M COMING!!” she screamed as her orgasm quaked through her.

Her orgasm seemed to awaken the dormant dom in Will. He grabbed by the waist, holding her down on his cock, and stood up. She threw her arms around his neck, still shuddering in orgasm, as he walked with her impaled on him. He walked up to the wall of bedroom and he began to fuck her like a possessed man.

The sound of skin slapping skin filled the house, only to be drowned out by the relentless screams of Savvy who was up to the point of blacking out from the pleasure.


Will did everything in his power to comply. He moved her from the wall to the bed, turning her around on his cock, so that she was on all fours on the bed as he stood behind her. He could consistently feel the walls of her pussy tensing and relaxing on his dick as he thrust in and out of her.

“SHIT, GRANDPA,” she exclaimed, saying things she had only dreamt about until this moment, “FUCK ME LIKE YOUR WHORE!! FUCK ME ANYTIME, GRANDPA. LITERALLY ANYTIME, PLEASE NEVER KEEP THIS COCK FROM ME! I’M YOUR SLUT!!”

“Yeah, baby, you’re my slut?!”


“You’re my little cumslut?!”


Will flipped her around so that she was on her back, his fingers interlaced with hers. He leaned over her, putting his full weight into his thrusts and grinding his pelvis into her kaçak bahis clit, as she met his every thrust with her own, as she had been doing. Will kept going another 10 minutes or so but he was ready to burst.

“Savvy, I’m getting close, I’m going to…” He was cut off when Savvy wrapped her legs around him and pulled him into her, raising up on her elbows to kiss him again.

“Cum inside me,” she said, breaking the kiss for just a breath, and then kissing him deeply again.

And that’s exactly what Will did. His cock erupted, releasing what he was sure was gallons of cum into his Granddaughter’s prime, nubile pussy. He was sure she would become pregnant. But he couldn’t stop. He just kept cumming and cumming. Savvy came again, too, her eyes rolling into the back of her head, her head falling back, her mouth in a perfect “O” shape, but no sound came out. They both came down from their orgasms together. Still holding hands, breathing as if they had both just run a marathon in record time.

Savvy collapsed onto her grandfather’s chest, his penis shrinking inside of her. Her face was in the crook of his neck, and she breathed in his musky scent while urgently kissing any bit of his skin she could get her lips on. Savvy wasn’t done, she had one more thing she had to do. She took a moment, gathering her energy so she could give her Grandfather one more final thing.

Finally, without a word she slid off of her Grandfather’s cock and took it into her mouth. Determined to get it hard again, determined to complete her plan. Despite her Grandfather’s insistent questions of what she was doing, or his assurance that she didn’t need to do anything that she didn’t want to, she continued and sure enough felt him start to stiffen and grow in her mouth.

After another minute or so Savannah’s Grandpa was at full mast and she knew it was time for the final part of her plan.

Savvy pulled her mouth from the cock, leaving it slick with spit, and straddled her Grandfather in reverse cowgirl and then did something that her Grandfather could have only ever dreamed about. She put his cock against her anus, moved it around to get the spit on her asshole and put the tip at her anal entrance.

“Savvy, honey, what’re you doing?” Will began to ask her, “You don’t hav…”

“What’s the matter, Grandpa,” Savvy asked, looking back at him, seductively, “Don’t you want my ass?”

And she slowly slid down, the cock opening her ass.

Savannah felt a pop and let out a pleasant yelp. She felt up and down and knew that the head just popped in. This was part of the plan that Savannah was most excited to try. And she was not disappointed. This was different. Pleasant, exciting, intriguing, arousing, but something she could never describe. She felt full, but in a pleasant, unnatural way.

Savannah slid all the way down on her Grandpa’s cock until he was all the way inside her.

“Oh, Grandpa,” she moaned, “Your cock feels so good in my ass.”

“Savvy, dear, it’s like your ass was made for my cock. I can’t believe you did this for me. I’ve only ever gotten to fuck an ass once before, but never one as gorgeous as yours.”

“Thanks, Grandpa,” she laughed, “You’re my first in everything. But I don’t think I ever want another cock in my ass. It’s only for you! Anytime you want to fuck my ass, it’s yours!”

Who can say how it happened. Maybe it was the fact that a beautiful, nubile, tight-bodied woman had his cock all the way up her ass, maybe it was that she had just promised her ass to him any time he desired, maybe it was the fact that this woman was his Granddaughter. Whatever it was, Will got his second with his full cock all the way inside his Granddaughter’s rectum. He grabbed her by the hips, slid her up, and slammed her back down onto his cock.

“AHHH!! FUUHHHHHH!” exclaimed Savvy, as her Grandfather continuously impaled her behind on his large dick.

Will built up a rhythm, fucking his Granddaughter, each thrust perfectly in time with the last one. Savvy had begun to fuck back in perfect time with Will’s rhythm. Once he had the rhythm built Will began adding more force behind each thrust, really wanting to hear her cheeks clap against his pelvis.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,” came from Savvy’s mouth as her Grandpa Will began fuck her with more force.

Will was not going to be silent during this round though.

“Oh yeah, who’s ass is this, slut?” he asked.

“Yours, Grandpa!” she answered, not a second’s hesitation.

“When can I fuck it?”

“Anytime, Grandpa. You can fuck my ass anytime you want to. You can fuck my ass whenever you want to!”

“What about your pussy?” Will said, as he started pounding her faster.

“Of course, Grandpa! You can fuck my pussy anytime you want to! You can fuck my pussy whenever you want to!”

“And your slutty mouth?”

“It, it, it, doesn’t matter, Grandpa,” Savvy said in between thrusts, “The hole doesn’t matter. You can fuck any hole, anytime. Literally, from now on you can just walk up to me and bend me over and just GO AT ME!!!”

Savvy began screaming as Will increased his speed yet again! She could feel his orgasm coming as well as her own building up.

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