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The sudden silence snapped me out of my trance. The movie had ended, the credits had rolled, and the Blu-ray disc player was displaying a big blue logo on the screen in complete silence.

Where had I been for the last one hundred and thirty eight minutes? That’s the running time of the movie, including the credits. I didn’t remember watching the movie. I looked down at my right hand. The bottle of beer I had grabbed from my fridge still had the cap on. The right pant leg of my jeans had a wet oval stain, just above my knee. The beer bottle was warm. It had been ice cold, when I took it from my fridge.

Where had I drifted off to? I know I didn’t fall asleep. I didn’t want to think and logically deduce what had happened. I didn’t care. I had a burning fire deep inside me. What had started this raging, lustful inferno that was consuming me? I was aware of who, not what, caused it. Her, she had set me afire. Our kiss from the night before burned and lingered on my lips.

We had worked together for twenty nine days straight. Fourteen hours each day. Most of that time was spent in her office. Some of that time, we had collaborated online, utilizing video conferencing. I was hired by her firm to assist with preparing a new policy and procedure strategy. To ensure the company had proper safe guards in place, to cover their shareholder’s asses, against potentially crippling lawsuits.

Time was of the essence and limited. She had been promoted to head of the compliance department, on the same day the previous person who held the position was fired. One of their representatives had been charged with making questionable trades for his clients, and no one had caught it. The company was fined five million dollars.

The first time I laid eyes on her, I felt a strong sexual attraction. Her eyes could not hide that she felt the same towards me, no matter how masterfully she tried to hide it. There was a strong sexual tension present, each second we were together. We would quickly turn our eyes to the papers in front of us. If one of us was caught staring at the other. Many times she had smiled when she noticed me glaring at her. A few times the lust in her eyes betrayed her professional composure, when I noticed her gazing at me.

She had insisted on addressing me as Mr. Renard, rather than by my first name, from the moment we were introduced. The few times I bostancı escort had insisted that she address me as, Gil, she had reminded me that she wanted to keep our work relationship professional. However, her eyes told another story. She was afraid of addressing me by my first name. She was afraid that if she did, she would have to acknowledge the lust, guilt, anger and frustration that was raging inside her.

The second Sunday of working together, she had stayed home to see her husband, daughter and in-laws, off to Italy. She had cancelled her vacation because of her new position. We worked via video conference till the early morning of the next day. And sometime in the late evening she had asked if we could take a break. She wanted to shower and grab a quick bite. When she returned, she had a white towel wrapped around her hair and a white terry cloth bathrobe, tightly wrapped around her.

As we worked and exchanged ideas on eliminating every possible point of failure, her bathrobe loosened. The top of her large breasts were exposed to me. A jolt of electricity shot through me. My cock strained and twitched as it grew hard and erect. She would not look at her camera as she spoke to me. Her eyes were glued on the papers in front of her. Half an hour passed, she pulled her robe tight around her breasts and looked at her camera. She asked me what I thought about something. There was a trace of a smile upon her face as she spoke.

Twenty seven days in, we had compiled a new policy and procedure model. She asked me if I would stay on an extra two days and attend her presentations on the new strategy and work flow. I had agreed to her request before she finished her sentence.

Our last day working together fell on a Friday. She invited me to have dinner with her at Lorenzo’s restaurant. Since she had cancelled her vacation to Italy, she wanted to enjoy a good Italian meal, she had joked. We had a wonderful evening and ended up closing the place. We hailed a cab and I insisted on dropping her off at her home. She accepted, smiled and thanked me for being a gentleman.

We walked to her front door and I told her that it had been a pleasure to have met her, and a privilege to have worked with someone so brilliant. She blushed and confessed that she was going to miss me. I leaned towards her and kissed her cheek. Neither of us wanted to be the ümraniye escort bayan first to move or break eye contact. I boldly leaned in again and kissed her lips. She threw her arms around me and we kissed passionately for minutes. She broke the kiss, said good night, and quickly disappeared inside her house.

It was she that I had been thinking of for those one hundred and thirty eight minutes. I wanted her, I ached for her. I rose from my recliner. The beer bottle slipped from my hand and rolled away from me on the carpeted floor. My eyes locked on my car keys that lay on the end table across the room. I grabbed them and headed to the car with only one thing on my mind, an aching desire to be deep inside her.

I parked my car on her street, got out and walked towards her house. My heart quickened as I spotted the flickering of her television in her front window. The light flickered different shades of blue, at sporadic intervals, through her closed curtains. A dog growled and barked at the sound of my footsteps. Any other time, instinct would have made me look towards the direction of the barking. I kept my eyes locked on her flickering window and snarled. My snarl served as a primal warning to anything or anyone that might cross my path.

I was like a giant, majestic, rutting stag that had caught the scent of his mate. The scent of her perfume, the taste of her lips and the heat and softness of her body were all that my mind processed. I walked to her door and grabbed the brass, lion head shaped knocker. I banged it hard against her door three times. The door swung back slowly. She looked up at me and held my gaze. She was in her white terry cloth robe. She took a step backward, her silent invitation that announced I was allowed to enter. I entered the house and closed the door behind me.

We stared at each other in silence for a few seconds. Then I grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her against the hallway wall. I covered her mouth with mine, we kissed and bit and sent our tongues probing.

“Say my name,” I growled between lustful gasps and grunts.

She moaned, grabbed my hair with both her hands and clenched them into fists. She pushed my head away from her. Her eyes locked on to mine and she shook her head no.

I bit her neck and the top of her shoulder and growled again, louder this time, “Say my name!”

She kartal escort shook, moaned and stuttered, “N-n-no.”

I ripped open her bathrobe and mauled her breasts. I squeezed them hard as I pressed them tight against her chest. She pushed my mouth down to her exposed breasts. Her fingers gripped my hair tighter as she pulled my mouth into her soft flesh. I sucked, kissed, licked and bit her breasts. Her scent filled my senses. My cock was aching to sink into her. I slid one hand down her panties, cupped my hand between her legs and squeezed hard.

Between bites and sucks, I growled again, “Say my name!”

“Nooooooooooo,” she screamed out loud, as she ground her dripping pussy into my hand.

I slid my other hand down her panties, gripped them firmly, and tore them in half, throwing them behind me. Her knees buckled as she snapped my head away from her heaving breasts. She lifted herself up on to her toes and bit into my lower lip. Her biting kiss broke my skin and drew blood. The metallic taste of my own blood filled my mouth. I grunted and pulled away from her mouth. She moaned and hissed in protest. I undid my jeans and pulled them down. My cock twitched and pulsated to the pounding of my heart. She looked down and gasped at the sight of my cock. She wanted it inside her as much as I wanted to impale her with it.

I slid my hands around her ass and I lifted her. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around my waist. With a savage thrust, I buried my cock deep inside her.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she cried out, as her head flailed back.

“Say my name!” I growled again.

She remained silent, her mouth agape and unable to make a sound. I pulled my cock out of her and drove it hard and fast back inside her.

She moaned and gasped and buried her face into my shoulder. Her legs began to quiver. Again, I pulled out of her, and again, I drove my cock brutally inside her. She screamed and her legs tightened their grip around me.

“Say my name!” I scowled at her.

Her body shook and she tightened her grip around my body. Her pussy clamped down on my cock. I pulled out again, and drove harder inside her. I was ready to explode. I clenched my teeth and threw my head back. My body shook and every muscle in my body felt as if was going to burst through my skin.

“Say my name!” I snarled at her as my cock filled her with cum.

In a quivering voice, she screamed out, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Gil!” as she came.

I stayed inside her long after we both were spent. We collapsed to the floor and I pulled her on top of me.

“Say my name,” I whispered.

“Gil,” she softly purred.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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