Seduction of a Big Sister Ch. 03

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My big sister and I had been fucking and sucking each other for about two weeks now. The sex was still very exciting, very new and still very dirty, as incest always is. We joked about how anyone who knew us would simply think we were a close brother and sister living together, but of course in our own rooms. The truth was that daily we had regular sex, anal sex and performed oral sex on each other. We no longer shared separate beds, as she had basically moved into the master bedroom with me, we were naked 100% of the time that we were together. My sister was learning new sex techniques and I was basking in the glow of her beauty.

Our routine was almost the same as the day she moved in. Of course, every morning I awoke to her mouth on my cock and the smell of her pussy on my lips as she would position herself into a sixty-nine and we would get each other off. Afterwards, she would shower, dress in her stockings and bra, fix us breakfast, then put on her business suit and head to the law firm where she worked. I would shower after she was gone, parade around naked and work from my home office as I always did. I took dozens of pictures of her daily, and we videoed most of our sex acts, especially the anal sex acts. She now loved my cock in her ass, as much as her pussy. And, I loved fucking her round bottom as much as I loved her tight pussy and warm mouth.

As I mentioned, we were into our third weekend of wild sex, I had just finished taking her from behind while she was bent over the kitchen table and was busy licking my leaking juices from her cunt when I said, “Amanda, it’s time to fulfill another fantasy of yours, what would you like to do?”

She looked over her shoulder and down at me, me still licking her thighs and pussy and said, “I want to do that.”

“What I said,” raising up and kissing her along the way.

She smiled and said, “I want to taste your cum from a freshly fucked pussy,” groaning as I squeezed her butt cheeks and kissed her shoulders.

I wasn’t shocked, but I was a little surprised, so I tried to find out more of what she really wanted.

“Sis, you can taste it by scooping your hands down there, getting both of our juices, is that what you mean?” I asked.

She shook her head no and said, “No, I want to have a pussy sitting on my mouth, feeding me your cum, just like I do for you!”

She was blushing as I asked several questions, “Do you want to eat pussy, have a girl eat your pussy and then watch me fuck her while you lick both of us?”

“YES!” She exclaimed, “THAT is exactly what I want! Can you do that little bro? Can you find me a pussy to eat?”

I nodded, then replied, “No problem at all, what girl wouldn’t want to eat you? But, didn’t you do girls in college?”

She laughed, and said, “All guys think all girls do each other in college, but no, I did finger another girl once, but we almost got caught and we never tried anything again.”

I kissed her deeply, her hard nipples poking my chest, my hands caressing her back and teasing her butt. “I promise, next weekend, you will get your wish,” I said, adding, “And I mean ALL weekend.”

The next morning, after Amanda left for work, I called two old girlfriends that I knew swung both ways. I didn’t tell them Amanda was my sister, just that I had a beautiful redhead that wanted to have a threesome. Both girls were interested, especially after I sent them both several nude pictures of Amanda. I then had each of them send me nudes of themselves and decided to let Amanda pic.

That afternoon, I met Amanda in the garage as she pulled in from work. Of course, I was nude as I opened her door and led her to the back of the car. I turned her around, forcing her over the trunk of the car, then I pulled up her skirt to find she had on thigh highs and no panties. I spit into my hand and lathered up my cock and rammed it hard into her pussy. She screamed lightly, teasingly as I began long, fast, steady rams of my cock into her now dripping pussy. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back towards me and in a loud whisper said, “I have two girls for you to pick from, you’ll pick the one you like tecavüz porno best and then I’ll set up this weekend.”

She moaned, “Oh! Oh! Yes! Yes baby! I’ll eat her pussy while you fuck her hard like this!…huh! huh!”

I creamed inside her pussy, then spun her around sitting her on the trunk and lifted her legs over my shoulders, looking her in the eyes I said, “Yea baby, you’ll eat my cum from her pussy just like this!” I then lowered my head and began to bite, nibble and suck on her pussy and extended clit. She came, screaming as she did, her entire body vibrating against the pressure of her orgasm.

After she settled down, I had her strip in the garage and we walked into the house naked. There on the dining room table were eight pictures, four of each girl. I looked at Amanda and said, “Okay baby, you pick. Whichever you want, they both want you.”

She looked at me and smiled and said, “Thank you! I can’t wait to taste pussy for my first time!”

She plopped down on a chair and pulled the pictures to her, studying each one closely. The first set she looked at were pictures of Marci. Marci is a short brunette only about five foot four, with shoulder length hair, dark brown eyes, 38C breasts, a little chubby around the middle, but fat or bbw. She has muscular thighs and calves from years of gymnastics. She keeps her pussy shaved completely smooth and has an incredible ass, round and plump, much like Amanda’s.

The next set of pictures she had to review belonged to Jana. Jana is a long legged blonde, easily five foot ten inches tall. She is slender, with a trimmed blonde bush over her pink pussy lips. She has smaller thighs, and a slim waist. Her ass is perfect, and tight. Her legs are strong, as she used to run track and has always been athletic.

As Amanda looked at the pictures, she innocently teased her own clit with her left hand. Soon, she was using two fingers on her pussy. She looked at me, her eyes glazed over and said, “I’m about to cum, I want this so bad, I’m making myself cum!” and with that, she did, shaking violently as her orgasm washed over her. Her thick juices were puddling under her crotch and ass on the wooden dining chair.

After she caught her breath, she looked up and said, “I want the brunette, she looks like she would be more fun, plus I like a little meat on a girl,” giggling, “I can’t wait to suck her big titties!”

After Amanda left for work the next morning, I called Marci and explained that my ‘girlfriend’ really wanted to try a three-way and that she, Marci, would be perfect. I told her about Amanda fingering herself to an orgasm while looking at her pictures. Marci asked for pictures of Amanda, which I sent immediately. After receiving the pictures, one being of my cock in Amanda’s ass, Marci was in.

We all agreed to meet at a local restaurant on Friday evening. I told both girls, separately, to wear only a sundress, with nothing under it. Both eagerly agreed. I explained that if we all hit it off, we would then come back to my house for a night of wild fun that would hopefully turn into a weekend of wild fun.

When Friday finally arrived, Amanda woke me up to an exciting blow job. She had my entire cock in her mouth and was gently working her finger in and of my ass. Her other hand was teasing her own clit. I looked down, her beautiful red hair cascading over my pubic region and said, “Are you eager to eat Marci?”

I received a vivid “Hmmmm hummm,” and head bobbing.

“You want to fuck Marci with your tongue, huh?” Another groan meaning yes.

“You want her to eat you? To fuck you with her tongue?” the answer repeated.

“I told her to bring toys. Toys girls use on each other!” She brushed her hair away from her eyes, looking up at me and smiled and then broke into a massive orgasm, almost sucking my entire body into her mouth. That sent me over the edge and I filled her mouth and throat with shot after shot of my creamy cum.

“Save a little for me!” I exclaimed as she was squeezing and milking my balls.

After I stopped filling her mouth, she moved up and kissed me, sharing about travesti porno half of my load. We twirled the cum back and forth in our mouths, our tongues playing in the thick cum. After several minutes of kissing, we both swallowed and headed off to the shower.

Amanda came home from work an hour early. She showered, shaved her bare pussy smooth and then dressed in a short bright green sundress with small spaghetti straps. She wouldn’t let me touch her, she wanted to be as horny as possible she said.

I dressed in khaki shorts and a golf shirt, nothing under my shorts and headed we headed out. Once we arrived at the restaurant, Marci was already there. She was in a dark red sundress, similar to Amanda’s with spaghetti straps, though her dress was to the knees, where Amanda’s was about three inches above the knee. Marci’s long brunette hair was curled and flowed just past her shoulders. Her dark skin was even darker with her summer tan. Her lips were dark red, almost matching the red dress. Her 38C tits were pressing tightly against her dress and when she saw us, her nipples became visibly erect.

I introduced the girls, they shook hands, smiling big at each other. I noticed that my sister’s nipples were also hard. We had a lot of small talk, the girls giggling and laughing at anything the other said. The whole thing was going perfectly. After a light dinner, we settled into the bar, in a dark booth. Our small talk continued for another half hour or so, when I decided to initiate the plan.

As we were all sitting close together, I slid my hand under my sister’s shirt dress and slipped my forefinger into her pussy. She was soaking wet, and my finger slid in easily. I pulled my finger from her pussy and looked at Marci and said, “Taste this,” holding my finger up to Marci’s mouth.

Marci smiled, leaned over and took my finger into her mouth. Her nipples were instantly hard again and she smiled, saying, “mmmm, very good, very, very good!”

I then slipped my hand under her skirt and found her shaved pussy to be just as wet as my sister, I stuck my finger deep inside her, fingered her for a minute, then pulled my finger from her dripping cunt and offered it to Amanda.

Amanda, turned bright red, but sucked my finger clean and smiled, “Excellent!”

With that, I paid the bill and we headed out. I had the girls ride together so that they could continue getting to know each other.

When we arrived back at my house, both girls were giggling as they climbed out of Marci’s car. They held hands as we walked into the house and into the living room. The giggling stopped as they looked at me for direction. I just smiled and turned on some music, then walked towards them.

I went up to Marci first, kissed her deeply and then stepped behind her. I turned her to face my sister and then I slid the spaghetti straps off of her shoulders and gave the short sun dress a tug. It dropped to the floor and I heard my sister gasp and watched her eyes go wide as Marci’s nude body came into view.

I then walked up to my sister, kissed her as deeply and stepped behind her. I whispered in her ear, “are you ready for this?” She simply nodded, never taking her eyes off of Marci. I slid her straps off her shoulders, giving the same gently tug I had given Marci’s dress and watched her dress drop to the floor.

A big smile came over Marci’s face and she said, “Wow! What a beautiful body you have! I love the freckles, and your cute titties!”

My sister smiled back and said, “I love your BIG titties! And your awesome tan!! Very nice!”

Marci then stepped up to my sister and kissed her lips softly. Amanda responded to the kiss, slipping her tongue into Marci’s mouth. The two then wrapped their arms around each other’s nude bodies and slid up close to each other, their breasts touching then smashing together as they moved deeper into the kiss.

I walked over and sat down on my recliner and watched as they hands began to slide up and down each other’s backs. Marci found my sisters plump ass and began squeezing each cheek and stroking her fingers up and down her crack. tumblr porno

Of course, this caused Amanda to moan and to quickly grab Marci’s plump ass too and follow Marci’s lead, squeezing and stroking the cheeks and letting a finger trail up and down her tight crack.

Marci broke the kiss and bent down, taking one of Amanda’s breasts into her mouth and gently biting and sucking on the hard, pink nipple. Amanda groaned deeply and grabbed Marci’s head, running her fingers through her hair and pulling lightly. Marci continued to sucking and biting on the nipple before switching to the other nipple, again causing Amanda to moan, closing her eyes and throwing her head back.

Marci let the nipple pop from her mouth and smiled at Amanda, “Sit down honey,” she said.

Amanda eased back and sat down on the couch. Marci slid to her knees and scooted up between Amanda’s legs, lifting them and gently tugging her towards the edge of the couch, her ass right at the edge. I could see her pussy glistening and knew that Amanda was ready for what was coming next.

Marci eased her face towards my sister’s beautiful pussy, her tongue extended, a smile across her lips. When her tongue touched Amanda’s clit Amanda let out a loud moan and shook violently, cumming with hardly being touched! I smiled as I pulled my clothes off, watching as Marci covered my sister’s snatch with her entire mouth. I knew she was flicking her tongue rapidly over her clit as Amanda’s orgasm continued to rip through her.

“AAUUUGGG!!” She screamed, pulling Marci’s hair with both hands, her legs wrapped tightly around her neck pulling her closer. “FUUUUCCCKKKK!!!! OH SHIT!!!! I’M CUMMING I’M CUMMING!!! HAAAAAAAAA FUCK!!” She screamed as Marci continued her assault on Amanda’s clit.

“FUCK FUCK FUCK! OH HOLY SHIT!” she added, screaming wildly.

Marci eased off of her pussy and let Amanda catch her breathe. Then she slowly began licking between the folds of her pussy lips, lapping up the wet juices. She continued slowing licking, sucking and eating my sister until she shook violently again, gushing her cum onto Marci’s face. Marci didn’t let up until Amanda’s legs stopped shaking. Then she looked up at my beautiful sister, who’s eyes were closed, her chest heaving as she tried to catch her racing breath.

“You okay baby?” Marci asked.

She nodded, “Oh my gosh! I’m sorry I came so quickly, but you’re so fucking hot! I just couldn’t,…”

Marci leaned forward and kissed Amanda, letting Amanda taste her own pussy juices as their tongues swirled.

“Baby, that was incredible, your pussy tastes like heaven,” Marci said, rubbing Amanda’s cheek and smiling at her.

Amanda looked over at me and smiled as I sat there, naked, stroking my cock. “I see you enjoyed it too!”

“That was awesome sweetheart, but I think it’s Marci’s turn now,” I replied.

She smiled at Marci and pushed her down onto the floor, sliding up to her pussy. She looked over at me, smiled and then lowered her mouth to Marci’s pouting pussy. When her mouth touched Marci’s pussy, I don’t know which one moaned louder, but they both moaned. Amanda was licking the length of her pussy lips and would lightly brush her clit as she went. Each time she brushed the clit, Marci would groan and her legs shook slightly. After about five minutes, Amanda used her fingers to push back the hood and fully exposed Marci’s clit. She then took the clit between her lips and began to suck on it and flick her tongue across it.

Marci began to violently shake, as Amanda had, slowly at first, then more rapidly, and she yelled out, “OH YES! LICK MY CUNT! LICK MY CUNT HONEY!! YES OH GOSH YES!!!”

This seemed to spur Amanda on as she wrapped her arms tightly around Marci’s legs and forced her face down hard against the bare pussy.

After several minutes, Marci finally calmed down and pushed my sister’s head away from her pussy saying, “Oh baby! Oh my! That was your first time? Wholly Shit! You can eat me any fucking time you want!” She was sitting up now, leaning into my sister as they began to kiss again. My cock was raging hard, leaking precum all over my leather recliner.

I stood and walked towards them, my cock bouncing in front of me, “Let’s go to the bedroom now girls,” I reach my hands to each of them and helped them up. Both of their pussies were shiny and wet, and a bright red from their oral abuse.

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