Self-Pleasure on a Cold Night

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What’s a girl to do when she’s all-alone?

I suppose I could have taken advantage of having the remote all to myself. Watch a little mindless TV… waste away for an hour or so. Then it dawned on me. Why waste a perfectly good hour of alone time? Just me in a quiet house on a cold night. You know what they say… when the husband is away the cat will play. And this kitty wanted some serious attention.

Maybe the remote would come in handy after all.

I fished through the small collection of naughty movies that are hidden in the entertainment center. Didn’t take long to make a selection, though.

Everyone harbors a fantasy. A secret part of their sexual selves that aches to emerge from deep within. Every woman has a fantasy of being with another woman. To taste the sweet juice flowing from her pussy, suck on her nipples the way she would want her own nipples to be sucked. To spend a few precious hours making out, tongues intertwined in fetish bliss. I was in the mood for a woman, but since I didn’t have one nearby to ravage, I opted for a movie with an erotic fuck scene between two women. This one had everything. Toys, tongues, multiple orgasms, anal beads, bouncy tits with erect nipples, and more. Just holding the DVD in my hand made me moist.

Having picked out the movie, it was then casino şirketleri time to strip out of those pesky clothes and light some candles. I slipped out of my clothes and put on a deep red, skintight velvet negligee. This was my favorite negligee for a night like this. Purely devilish. Soft to the touch. My body was highly receptive to the smooth velvet hugging my breasts, belly, and ass. After choosing the proper negligee, I went into the living room to light the candles. Candles have a way of making the shadows dance on the wall like two lovers touching each other with gentle caresses. What mysteries lie in the near darkness of a house inhabited by a lonely woman?

I made myself comfortable on the couch. There are some couches that are comfortable and then there are some that just envelop you like a lover’s embrace. The kind you get lost in. The kind that is soft on your skin. That’s my couch! And what completed this scenario was the coffee table in front of the couch. The perfect height for me to place my feet on allowing me to spread my knees apart allowing free access to forbidden areas.

I pressed play on the remote.

The movie started off with the two young girls naked on a couch, making out and fondling each other’s breasts. As their hands and mouths wandered over each other’s nipples, I began casino firmaları to play with my own. Properly stimulated (which usually involves some hard sucking and pinching) play with my nipples will make me cum instantly. But at the moment I was more interested in the girls on the TV.

They had just positioned themselves into a 69 and for the next few minutes, my hornyness intensified as I watched tongues and fingers probe in and out of hairless wet pussies. One finger in… two fingers in…. Oh God, two fingers. That, also, will make me cum on the spot. I inserted my index and middle finger deep inside my own wet hairless pussy and proceeded to finger fuck myself keeping in time with the girls in the movie. After a few moments, I grabbed my silver bullet vibrator with my other hand, turned it on to a moderate speed and pressed it against my clit. Thankfully I have well insulated walls because the second the bullet hit my clit, I began to moan louder and louder.

The girls abandoned their 69 and reached for a two-headed dildo. I didn’t have one of those handy but I did have my own 8 inches of pure rubber bliss. Out came my fingers loaded of course with juice and in went the fake cock. I was so well lubricated that it slipped inside me without any effort. After only two thrusts of the dildo, I knew the girls güvenilir casino in the video were on their own. I was lost in my own world – a world of penetration, probing, and withdrawal only to re-penetrate to hit that spot.

I love that moment of penetration. The feeling that something, or someone, is entering into a warm wet world. Penetration can be such a sinfully pleasurable tease. Entering slowly but not fully infiltrating.

Deeper… I wanted it to go deeper. I pumped that dildo into me harder and faster. Within moments I was in full-blown orgasm that kept going and going. So I kept probing… more and more. I could feel the ache slowly oozing out of me with every drop of cum.

Time didn’t exist at that moment and I surrendered myself to fucking my wet world with a fake cock. With each thrust of the dildo, I suddenly ached for a real cock inside me. My thoughts drifted to someone else, and with each pulsating motion I felt inside me, I felt his cock working in and out. No one has ever felt as good inside me as he did. I smiled at the purely pleasurable thought and I began to moan even louder.

As I slowed my rhythmic movements I felt my body succumb to total relaxation. I removed the dildo and sure enough it was covered with my hard-earned juice. I couldn’t very well let that go to waste, so I licked it all off. Gave it a mock blowjob just to make sure I got every last bit of cum.

After that, I shut off the movie, put away my toys, blew out the candles, and fell asleep naked on the couch and dreamt of…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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