Serendipity Ch. 11

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Big Dick

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Serendipity – The new house

Many thanks go to RF-Fast for his editing and suggestions that enhanced the story. Any bad grammar left is wholly on me and my artistic style.

LEGALESE: Don’t read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, if it is offensive to you, or if you cannot distinguish fiction from reality. This is a work of fiction. All characters active are 18 years of age or older.

This one got a bit longer than expected, but enjoy!

Copyright (c) 2014 by Acup


I woke the next morning to almost the same situation with the sunshine filling the room. A woman on each side. I had the familiar feeling of Nicole’s tit and nipple on one side, and a new feeling of another on the other side. But something was wrong… or very right. It took a few seconds for the cobwebs to clear and for me to realize that while I had something in each hand there was also a mouth on my cock. Then I realized it was Jeans cheek in my other hand and she was giving me a morning blow job.

“Good morning Master. I hope this is OK, you looked so delicious I couldn’t help myself.”

“Jean, you never need ask to give a blow job, especially to wake a man with one. Blow jobs and pussy are the best way to start the day.” She resumed with enthusiasm, going from gentle pre-waking blow job to a serious ‘I’m going to get a load in me’. She was working me into the back of her mouth and partially down her throat job.

“Well then, I guess I’m falling behind in my duties aren’t I Master?”, asked Nicole as she knee walked up the bed, grabbed the headboard, and lowered her pussy to just above my face. I inhaled her aroma deeply and then grabbed her ass to pull her pussy to my lips. “OH MASTER!”

Nicole started a nice cum as I began sucking on her inner lips, with Jean on my cock I was right behind filling Jean’s mouth with a nice morning load. It caught her a little by surprise, but she took it all in. I gave all I could, and released Nicole to flop down beside me as Jean laid her head on my thigh. “I could get use to that in the morning…”

“Yeah, first thing in the morning and a couple more times a day to keep me topped up…” she said kinda quietly.

The response was anything but quiet. “WHAT? You mean to tell me you get it more than once a day! I was lucky to get it three or four times a week… AND YOU’RE GETTING IT SEVERAL TIMES A DAY!!”

Nicole grinned a little sheepishly. “Uh… Yeah…”

“DAMN girl… I don’t believe you!” and she flopped back on the bed with a loud disgusted groan… And her stomach let out the loudest growl I had heard in a long time.

“I guess maybe I should feed my two sex kittens.” That got me a ‘meow’ from each. “I’ll order room service, but we’ve got one problem.”

“What’s that?” Jean asked.

I just grinned. “Which one of my sex slaves is going to answer the door and which one is going to give him his tip?”

It was like flipping a switch in Jean. “Mistress, may I be the one to give the tip? I’m pretty sure none of the day bellmen know who I am.”

“Would that be acceptable to you Nicole?”

“Yes Master! We’ll set them up and knock ’em down!”

“DAMN! One of you is bad enough. But both of you together are unstoppable!” They just giggled and made a trip to the bathroom. Is there some reason women all have to go to the bathroom together? It’s like little kids and a club house! I ordered breakfast for three. The girls were still in the bathroom so I made a quick call to the gift shop. I asked for two sweetheart red roses and about a foot and a half of some nice wide white ribbon to be sent up on my breakfast tray to be put under a cover with a little piece of white ribbon tied on it so I would know what tray it was under. This was going to be good!

The girls finally came out of the bathroom, all combed out and glowing. “You two look absolutely gorgeous!”

“Thank you Master.” They said almost in unison.

“But you are not dressed properly Nicole.” Her eyes flashed open and looked down at herself confused. She didn’t have a stitch of clothing on. She looked up as if to start asking a question when I put my finger to my lips to keep her quiet. I walked to the night stand and retrieved her lace choker. I removed the connecting chain and cupped it into my hand and walked back over to the girls. Nicole was still confused until I opened my hand, then she glowed again. She reached for it and I pulled my hand back and took the ends in my hand. She lifted her chin to receive her choker.


“See who is at the door Jean.”, I said as I fastened Nicole’s choker.

Jean went to the door and looked through the peep hole. She gave us a grin and a thumbs up. I stepped back to watch the show in the patio door reflection. Jean calmed herself and then opened the door, shoulders back thrusting her tits out. “Mistress, Masters breakfast is here!” I could have been standing beside her, the bellman’s eyes were glued to Jeans tits.

Nicole kartal escort came up beside her all business and took the cart. As she wheeled it away she told Jean. “I’ll take this to Master, you give the bellman his tip.” The bellman was looking back and forth between both sets of tits, but favoring Jean.

“Yes Mistress!” and dropped to her knees and had the bellman’s pants down before he realized it. Poor kid had no idea what hit him as Jean started in. After seeing two nice pair of tits it only took a few strokes for him to start unloading. Jean licked him clean and then pulled his pants back up. He buckled them almost out of habit. “Thank you, come back again!”, she said in a professional tone as she turned him and pushed him out enough to close the door. She practically ran back over and the girls hugged and danced on the patio.

“Time to eat girls, we have a long day ahead of us.” I began uncovering dishes and setting them on the table. Breakfast on the patio in the sunshine with two naked ladies, priceless. Nicole started to help me and reached for the cover with the ribbon. I stopped her, “Uh uh, that one is for later.” She looked with question. “I think you’ll like it, and I’m pretty sure Jean will also.” They both were looking at me.

“Honey, what did you do this time?”

“Do you trust me?” She looked at Jean and then nodded yes. “Good, then sit down and eat your breakfast.” You have never been to a quieter or faster breakfast. The girls were eating quickly while glancing between each other and the covered dish. I still had a few pieces of bacon left when the girls finished and put their napkins on the plates and looked back at me and then down at the cover.

I munched the last of the bacon. “I believe your Mistress should open the last dish.” BINGO! That got me two bug eyed ladies. Nicole came around the table a little cautiously. She tilted the cover to see and block Jeans view. She saw the roses and the ribbon. She started to touch the ribbon when it hit her realizing what it was for. She glance quickly at Jean and then at me. I said, “It’s her choice, but yours to present if you choose to.”

She nodded, smiled, cupped the ribbon in her hand, and then turned to Jean who had a very worried look on her face. “Kneel in front of me.” She scrambled off her chair to kneel in front of her. “As the Master said, it is your choice.”, and unrolled a piece of white ribbon about an inch wide with the little loops along the edges in front of her.

Jean looked from Nicole, to me, and back to Nicole until she realized Nicole was wearing her wide lace choker. You could see the realization in her eyes. She sat up ramrod straight. “Yes Mistress, I accept.” And tipped her head back and closed her eyes. Nicole looked at me for instructions. I mouthed ‘tie it in a bow’. She reached around her neck and brought it around and tied it in a very beautiful bow, the tails hanging down just right on her tits. She lowered her head and opened her eyes looking like she was going to cry. “Thank you Mistress!” and leaned forward to give Nicole a long kiss on her bare mound giving Nicole a mini-orgasm.

Now it was my turn. “Kneel next to her.” She did so without comment. I went to the cover and took out the two sweetheart roses. I went down the stems to make sure there were no thorns. I took the larger one and slipped it in Nicole’s hair just above her ear, then the second just above Jean’s ear. They looked radiant. I got the camera and took several pictures of my two sex slaves. Knees spread, tits out, and a big smile to go along with the collars and roses. I set the camera down and held my arms open to my girls. They must have been spring loaded. I swear they launched from the kneeling to throw me back on the bed. I was inundated with kisses from both ladies. Jean was even kissing Nicole and Nicole was accepting them.

“Ladies, ladies, we have a long day ahead of us. Now Nicole has what she need to wear. She has the micro bikini tops, and her white halter dress can be used as a short skirt. But what are we going to do for Jean for her to be dressed properly as my sex slave?”

“Master, I think I have a top for her. I brought one bikini top that wasn’t a micro just in case. It’s even white but it is lined. But I have another question.”


“Do I get to wear my nipple jewelry?”

“Nipple jewelry and collar only today, none of the extra chains. I would prefer that you pick a bikini top and nipple jewelry combination that is noticeable through the bikini top though.”

“I know just the combination!”

“Good, go get your rings and the tops for you and Jean.” She jumped up and ran to her brief case. I just love the sight of her in her nipple rings. It is so sexy watching her put them on, my cock started to harden just thinking about it.

She came bouncing back. “I have these,” and held out a pair of florescent orange rings, “And these.” And held out a pair of white bikini tops. One a little larger than the other.

Well let’s maltepe escort bayan see how they look together. Put them on.” She licked her fingers and then wet her nipples to start putting her rings on. She was making a production of putting them on knowing what it does to me. “Oh that is not fair!” as Jean started stroking me. As Nicole was tugging her nipples through the rings it was too much. Jean felt me start to pulse and took me in her mouth barely in time. “You…know…what…that…does to…ME!!”, I bellowed as I unloaded into Jean.

“Who me?” as she pulled the little bikini top on over her rings. It was just thin enough to let the orange show through making her black nipples stand out even more. And only covering her nipples letting most of her tits, small as they are, show quite nicely.

“OK, now it’s Jean’s turn. Let’s see how it fits.” Nicole held the top up in front of Jean after untying everything. Jean held it over her nipples, and there wasn’t much material left to cover her tits. They got it adjusted and then presented her bikini covered tits to me. It made a nice stripe down her tits and only going about half way under her nipple to the bottom of her tits. “That looks delicious, but let’s see how it looks without the liner.” I grabbed my pocket knife and handed it to her. “Take the liner out while Nicole entertains me.” Nicole grinned as Jean peeled her top off and took the knife to remove the liner.

What can I tell you? Leaning back on the bed with Nicole swallowing me all the way down while Jean is standing there naked taking the liner out of her top to show her nipples off, and her tits jiggling with every move. Life just gets better and better.

She slipped the top back on and tweaked her nipples and then presented her chest for me to inspect. “So how do I look master?”

“WOW,” she grinned, “I’m not sure whose top is thinner! Either way you two are going to have eyes glued to your tits all day!” Jean’s eyes were getting a little glazed over and her pussy was getting noticeably wet. “Jean, are you thinking about your nipples being stared at all day?” She nodded a little shakily. “And if they see your nipples, are they going to notice you dripping down your thighs?” She closed her eyes and clenched her fists, then nodded again.

“Do you need for me to make you cum?” Her eyes flared open, looked at me, and nodded very slowly. “Close your eyes and spread your legs like you’re supposed to, good girl. Now I’m going to be staring at your nipples. Don’t open your eyes, just imagine me sitting inches in front of your nipples staring at them through your bikini.” Her nipples were rock hard.

“Now we’re going to do this just like last night, but I’m not going to play with your clit this time,” groan, “I’m just going to be staring at your nipples. Here we go… One… Two…Not yet…Almost…THREE!”

It was almost a replay of Nicole last night. Jean started cumming and then dropped to her knees then started squirting as she dropped on her back still squirting. “Good girl Jean.” And she collapsed completely finishing her orgasm.

“OH SHIT!” I heard beside me and looked over to see Nicole finishing herself off with her fingers.

“This is why I wish this place was wired for video. Two lovely ladies orgasming for me!” They both groaned.

I got up and got Nicole’s halter dress and unbuttoned the halter from the skirt and laid it on the bed next to her. “Now all we have to do is find a short skirt for our new sex slave.”

“Master?” I heard a whisper from the floor. “I think I have something in my car, but it’s in the employee lot. I would have to put my regular shirt and skirt on to get it.”

“Oh, my little sex slave needs to go undercover does she?” She just grinned and nodded, peeking over the edge of the bed as she began to sit up. “OK, is your big floppy hat and sun glasses in there too?”

“Yup!” she said with a BIG smile.

“So here’s what you’re going to do. You will wear your regular top and skirt over your new bikini top, and nothing else. You will drive around front to the regular lot. Take your regular stuff off and slip the skirt on along with your hat and glasses, then I want you to come strutting through the lobby doing your best to show your figure off on the way to the elevator to come back up here so we can all go out together with BOTH of you showing off on my arms.”

“Oh Master you say the nicest things!” as she grabbed her stuff putting them on as she was going out the door to the elevator.

Nicole was starting to come around. “I’ll be right back honey,” I said as I grabbed my shorts and shirt. “I’ve got to see her pull this off.” I gave her a quick kiss and hit the elevator. I figured I had a little leeway with her having to go out to the employee lot and drive around.

I just got settled in the corner of the lobby when Jean came in. Damn she looked HOT. But I could see she was a little nervous. I’ll give her credit, she had put on some low heels to give her tits escort pendik some bounce coming across the lobby, and the air conditioning was making her nipples stand out even more.

She stopped at an advertising rack to tease a couple of college boys, then turned toward the elevators when the same heifer we met at the restaurant came out of the gift shop. Just as they passed Jean I heard the heifer say it again. ‘Well I never!’ Jean took a few steps like she was going to run and hide, and then it was like flipping a switch. She turned around like a woman on a mission.

“Listen you fat ass heifer. You have NO business telling others what they should or should not do. Just because you need a crane just to put a bra on does not give you the right to pass judgment on these!” She cupped her tits and bounced them a little. “Isn’t that right boys?” and turned toward the college boys she had been teasing still cupping and bouncing those beauties. They just started hooting and hollering.

“And God forbid you get on your knees to give a blow job. They’d have to send in the marine rescue squad with the whale harness just to get you up off the floor. So I sure as hell hope you never!” and she turned to walk towards the elevators to a round of applause swinging her ass as best she could. The guys were craning their necks to look as long as they could, including the heifer’s husband. She started to walk away and had to come back to grab him to follow her. I pity him.

I got up to follow Jean into the elevator, she was so keyed up she didn’t see me get in behind her. She rode up as others got off, all the guys checking her tits and the short skirt in the mirrored walls. When the last of them got off the elevator she realized she was on the public elevator and needed a key to access the penthouse. She was about to lose it when I reached around her and keyed the switch. “You were fantastic Jean.” I whispered.

“Oh Master! I was so scared, and then that BITCH just pissed me off!” and she collapsed against me as the doors opened.

Nicole was standing there with my briefcase for my phone in her own skimpy outfit. She handed me my big floppy hat with a concerned look on her face looking at Jean.

“Jean ran into the heifer from last night down in the lobby and told her off good. She even got a round of applause for her efforts!”


Jean looked at Nicole confused, “You’re not mad Mistress?”

Nicole just laughed. “That heifer deserves whatever she gets with her attitude!” That perked Jean back up. “Now let’s go tease some boys!” and turned us back to the elevator and handed me my sunglasses. “I already called down for the courtesy car so we can flash the valet as well!” I got back in the elevator, a babe on each arm. The girls were all grins.

“You two look absolutely delicious, we have two stops to make before we go out to the house. The electronics shop doing the casino simulation wiring, and the lawyer’s office doing the paperwork. OK?”

They looked at each other. “Yes Master!” and started the giggling!

“What kind of monsters have I created?” That only got me more giggling. I too enjoyed their jiggling reflection in the mirrored walls…

We went through the lobby with a lot of stares. We were on the way out the front door when the heifer and her husband were coming back in. The girls looked at me. “My turn girls.” I whispered. A couple more steps and the heifer was starting to open her mouth again. I held up a finger to shush her and turned to her husband.

“Excuse me sir. My girls have had a few interactions with your lady friend, and they don’t seem to have had any effect.” She started to say something again, I turned to her and got right in her face. “EXCUSE ME LADY, THIS GENTLEMAN AND I ARE TRYING TO HAVE AN INTELLIGENT CONVERSATION. I’D APPRECIATE IT IF YOU’D CLOSE YOUR TRAP BEFORE EVERYONE HERE FINDS OUT HOW MUCH OF A BITCH YOU ARE!”

She was totally flabbergasted. I turned back to him and calmly continued, “I’m sorry for the interruption. As I was saying, My girls have had several interactions with her, but to no effect. If I could make a suggestion? Go down and have her jaw wired shut.” Her eyes flashed open. “I know it sounds a little radical, but it would keep her from mouthing off and put her on a diet at the same time. I’m sure if you head down near the stock yards you will find several cattle vets that would be willing to tranquilize her and do the procedure.” About that time the phone in the briefcase went off.

Nicole opened it and answered it. “Sir, the coordinator for the contractors is calling, ( her fancy name for Mary in front of the heifer ) she needs to speak with you.”

There were a lot of open mouths. What is it about a mobile phone? “I’ll take it in a second, we’re done here.” We started to walk out and I turned back. “I’m serious sir, you will be doing a lot of people a favor if you have her fixed.” We hopped in the car with Jean at the wheel and Nicole beside her laughing their heads off.


“Hey Mary, your timing couldn’t have been better, hang on for a second.” I gave Jean directions to Dean’s electronics shop and then got back to her. “Sorry about that Mary, I had to give Jean some directions. Have we made any progress?”

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