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I take a look at the clock on the nightstand again and it’s almost two a.m. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve looked at it since I came to bed. This is our second night at home and I’d hoped I would sleep better here, but so far it hasn’t happened. Becca told me coming home for Christmas would help, and eventually maybe it will, but my emotions are still raw from my ex-boyfriend breaking up with me three days ago. The text that Lauren sent earlier didn’t help. I reach for my phone and pull up the text again. I don’t know why I do this to myself.

Julie, Finn wanted me to let you know he’s moved on. Here’s a pic of him eating my pussy. He has a wicked tongue, but you wouldn’t know about that. He told me you were a lousy lay and he had no desire to go down on you.

I stared at the picture and text. Lauren and Becca were friends for years, until last year when Lauren stole Becca’s boyfriend. She dumped him when we started college a few months ago, about the same time I started dating Finn. She started flirting with Finn not long after we started dating. He didn’t flirt back, but he didn’t discourage her either. He told me I had nothing to worry about, and I tried to believe him. I was so shy and awkward in high school, I couldn’t believe someone as cute as Finn would be interested in me. An upper classman, on the football team no less, dating a shy freshman – Lauren told me more than once he would come to his senses and dump me. To be honest, I really didn’t know how to hold his interest because I didn’t date much in high school. Until my senior year, I attended a private, all-girls school growing up. I talked my dad into letting me go to Westfield high school with Becca my senior year. She set me up on a few dates with some of her boyfriend Brad’s friends, but none of them ever worked out. I was determined to prove Lauren wrong, but I needed to build up some confidence before giving up my virginity to Finn. So I spent the first couple of months sucking his dick to try and distract him from going any further. I had no clue what to do at first, Finn said it was sweet that I was inexperienced, but I always managed to get him off.

When I finally gave my V card to Finn a couple of weeks ago it was one of the worst days of my life. Nothing had ever hurt me that bad. He told me he’d never had a virgin before and it was cool that he’d be my first. But he didn’t take his time or try to make it special for me. He just pushed in, ignored my gasp of pain and rode me. He said he loved that I was so tight, then it was over in about two minutes. He pulled out of me and pulled the bloody condom off his softening dick. He finally noticed my tears and said it would be better for me next time. He wanted to do it again a couple of days later, but I told him I started my period. We finally had sex again earlier this week and it was almost as bad as the first time. I got a text from him the next day saying that things weren’t working out for us and we should see other people. Now this. I shut my phone off and laid it on the nightstand next to the clock.

I couldn’t stop the sobs that wracked my body. It’s not like I was in love with Finn and he definitely wasn’t worth crying over. It just hurt to be treated this way. “Hey Jules, you okay?” I looked up and saw Uncle Jeff standing in the door.

The full moon cast enough light in the room to see his handsome face. His ever-present five o’clock shadow seemed darker at night. I’m not sure if my sobs woke him up or if he was just now going to bed. His dark hair is always tousled, like someone just ran their fingers through it – usually it’s him doing it because he’s frustrated or when he laughs, which is often. Either way, it’s sexy. I’ve told Becca a few times that her dad is sexy. She said that’s just gross, and what would I do if she said my dad was sexy. I’d call her a liar. Our dads might be brothers, but they were polar opposites in many ways. My dad is a buttoned-up businessman, very serious, and very fatherly. Uncle Jeff was in a rock band back in the day. His band, Phoenix Rising was a one hit wonder and only lasted a few years, when Becca and I were babies, but he still looked like a rock star. He wasn’t in a band anymore, but he was still in the business. Wallace Entertainment reality kings porno managed several popular bands, and Uncle Jeff was the most sought-after manager at the company. I interned with him over the summer and met a couple of his clients, and I was hooked. I told Uncle Jeff I planned to work there fulltime once I finish college, and I’ll never forget the smile he gave me. Becca knew since she was a little girl that she wanted to be a nurse, and she’s pursuing her dream. I think my uncle was glad I chose the entertainment industry.

“I’m fine Uncle Jeff, sorry if I woke you up.”

He walked into the room and I got a better look at his sculpted chest, covered in tats. The thin sweatpants rode low on his hips and I couldn’t help staring at the dusting of hair at the waistline. The part of me that’s always had a crush on him would love to lick at that dusting of hair and follow it further down. But reality check, this is my uncle. He perched on the edge of my bed. “I was just going to bed when I heard you. You don’t sound fine. You regretting passing on the Christmas cruise with your dad and Yvonne?”

I had to chuckle at that. “No, I’d much rather spend the holidays here with you, Aunt Claire and Becca.” I got along okay with my stepmom, but I didn’t want to share a cramped stateroom with her and dad. And I’m sure they were both relieved when I said I’d rather stay with Becca. We’re more like sisters than cousins.

“So tell me what’s got you down babe?”

Jeff calls all the women in his life babe. It’s nothing for me to get excited about, but I always do. Just like he always kisses women on the lips, not on the cheek. With Becca he generally kisses the top of her head, but now and then he brushes his lips over hers. He doesn’t mean anything by it, and it’s never bothered Aunt Claire or Becca. But the first time my dad saw him kiss me, he told him family doesn’t kiss like that. I still remember Jeff’s response. “Chill out big brother, at least I didn’t slip her the tongue.” Then he started laughing and winked at me. Lately I’ve been wishing he’d slip me the tongue when we kiss.

“It’s just boy problems Uncle Jeff, nothing you’d be interested in. I’m sure I’ll be fine in a couple of days.”

“I take an interest in anything that makes you cry. What’s wrong?”

Without getting into too much detail I tell him what happened with Finn. When I’m finished he gives me a puzzled look. “What the fuck kind of name is Finn?”

I laughed. After what I just told him, this is his response. “It’s short for Finnmore, I think it’s his mom’s maiden name. His last name is Rosamond.”

“Sounds like a rich kid name.”

“Yeah, I think his dad is some big shot investment broker.”

“You may have dodged a bullet with that one babe. With a name like Finnmore Rosamond, he’s probably hanging out with beautiful girls like you to hide the fact that he’s playing for the other team. He did you a favor by dumping you.”

I laughed again. He always manages to make me feel good. “I don’t think Finn is gay, but who knows, maybe you’re on to something. I’m just worried that he’s right about me. Maybe I waited too long. I should have had sex with one of the guys from high school, then I’d have a little experience. I think college guys have higher expectations.”

“You’re not even nineteen yet Jules. You didn’t wait too long. You just picked the wrong guy. I haven’t even met him, but I know he’s an idiot. You’re beautiful babe and I think your beauty intimidates most guys. The right guy will also notice your inner beauty and discover what’s really important.”

“As an uncle, I think you have to say I’m beautiful.”

“Not true. If you were butt-ugly I’d be the first to tell you.” He made me chuckle again. “Seriously though, your mom was the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. Katrina could have had any man worshiping at her feet, including me. And you look just like her babe. We were all devastated when she died. But we still have you, so part of her lives on.”

I started to tear up again. It wasn’t often that Uncle Jeff was sentimental. “Hey, I didn’t say that to make you cry. Stop with the waterworks already.”

I smiled and brushed the wetness sexmex porno from my cheeks. “These are happy tears.” I loved hearing anything about my mom.

Uncle Jeff leaned closer to me, like he was going to kiss me goodnight, allowing me a better view of his handsome face. When he was within an inch of my mouth he spoke soft and deep giving me chills. “Jules, the right guy will come along soon and it will be so easy for him to restore your confidence in yourself. He will understand what an amazing young woman you are and treat you accordingly. But unfortunately I can’t be the guy to give you that.” He leaned further and brushed his lips over mine. My lips were slightly parted and I could taste the mint from the toothpaste he’d used. He kissed me a few seconds longer than usual and I gently cupped his scruffy cheek, hoping to hold him to me and make it last even longer.

He broke the kiss, but didn’t pull back from me. His mouth hovered just over mine without touching. “That was a good start. Why can’t you be the man to help me out?” I spoke softly. I was completely mesmerized by that kiss. Uncle Jeff’s hooded gaze and uneven breathing told me he wasn’t unaffected by it. I brushed my mouth over his this time. When he didn’t pull back I cautiously licked his bottom lip, and he surprised me by touching his tongue to mine. I opened my eyes to find him looking at me. Our tongues teased and tangled before I finally pushed mine into his mouth. He moaned and suckled at it, pulling me in, welcoming the intrusion. I never dreamed a kiss could be this good and I didn’t want it to end. We took turns exploring each other’s mouths. My entire body was flush with desire and I was creaming my panties. I shifted my legs restlessly, opening them in hopes that he would take the hint. I felt his hand settle on my hip. He broke our kiss as his hand moved to cover my mound. His finger moved up and down the damp lace covering my pussy. “Is this what you want babe? There’s no going back from this if we continue.”

“Please… I want it so much.” My hips bucked and I was ready to beg if necessary. I’d never felt desire like this before and it was almost scary.

I whimpered as Uncle Jeff stood up and started to walk away. After all this he’s just leaving me? He walked to the bedroom door, closed it and locked it. He came back to bed, sat on the edge and kissed me again. I threaded my fingers in his messy hair, holding him to me as he deepened the kiss. His finger traced the edge of my panties before slipping inside. His rough, calloused finger felt so good probing my sensitive folds. “So fucking wet for me.” He whispered against my lips. His finger teased my clit a few seconds before pushing deep into me. I arched in rhythm with his thrusts. “That’s it sweet Jules, ride my finger.”

“I need more, please Uncle Jeff.” I moaned pathetically.

“Fuck, so do I.” He pulled back, hooked his fingers into the waistband of my panties and dragged them down my legs. He pushed my legs open wide and settled between them. “Look at me Jules.” I stared into his eyes as his tongue ran up the length of my slit. “You like this babe? Want me to eat your pretty pussy?”

“Yesss, oh please!” I moaned a little too loudly.

“Shhh, quiet Jules. We don’t want to wake Aunt Claire or Becca.” He licked me again, never breaking eye contact. It’s so erotic, watching my sexy uncle lick my pussy. His tongue thrust into me and I bit back a scream. My eyes nearly rolled back in my head. His rough whiskers scraping my sensitive folds contrasted with his soft tongue fucking me. The pleasure was nearly unbearable. His big hands cupped my butt cheeks, holding me up as he ate me out. “Come in my mouth pretty girl… share your sweetness with Uncle Jeff.” He pushed his tongue deep into me again.

“I’m coming… oh Uncle Jeff, oh!!” My body shook uncontrollably with spasms.

His grip on me tightened as he tried to hold me still. His tongue lapped at me relentlessly as I rode out my orgasm. When Uncle Jeff finally stood up, he reached for my panties and started to put them back on me.

“No, fuck me, please Uncle Jeff.” I tried to take the panties from him.

“Jules, I just wanted you to feel good about yourself again. And sindrive porno I wanted to make your pussy feel good too. Something tells me I did that.” I could see the cocky smirk on his face and grinned back at him. “But I can’t fuck you babe. I don’t have any condoms and…”

“You don’t need a condom.” I interrupted before he could list any other reasons not to fuck me. “I’m on birth-control so no worries there.” I sat up and hugged him, burying my face in his stomach. I could feel his erection through the thin pants. I nuzzled his warm, flat belly and allowed myself to do what I ached to do when he first walked in. My lips explored the dusting of hair at the waist of his pants. I carefully eased his pants down, freeing his cock. He seemed to be much bigger than Finn, and that worried me for a split second. But I knew if he fucked me, he would make it good for me. I took him in my mouth and swirled my tongue around the swollen head, lapping at the pre-cum. His hands cupped my cheeks and he started pumping into my mouth.

“You look so beautiful like this Jules, your sweet mouth wrapped around my dick. You have no idea. Suck me. Show me how much you like sucking my dick.” I sucked harder. I wanted to make him feel good, like he’d done for me. “Fuck, that’s good. Too good, I’m not gonna last.” He abruptly pulled out of my mouth and eased me onto my back. He pulled his pants completely off and settled between my legs again. His forearms were on either side of my head and he kissed me. “Guide me home Jules.” He whispered against my lips.

I reached between us and pushed his thick cockhead down my wet slit to my opening. He pushed slowly into me. He was so big it was almost uncomfortable, but I was wet enough that he had no trouble sliding all the way in. “You okay babe?”

“I’m better than okay. I like having you deep inside me Uncle Jeff. It’s better than I ever imagined. Do you like being inside a tight, eighteen year old pussy uncle?

“Mmmm… fuck! You have no idea baby girl. No idea. This is nirvana.” Uncle Jeff started thrusting in me slowly at first; I looked down to see his thick cock disappear inside me, stretching me over and over again. “You like to watch my dick pushing in to your tight little pussy Jules? It comes out covered in your juices. But nothings better than sliding back into your hot cunt. This is the best cunt I’ve ever had, and I’m gonna ride it hard sweet girl.” My uncle talking nasty to me gives me an unbelievable rush. His thrusts are faster now and I lock my legs around his waist. The bed starts to squeak and I can hear his balls slap against me with each thrust. Our labored breathing is deafening to my own ears. I half expect to hear an angry wife pounding on my door any minute. But at this point I don’t think either of us would have cared. Nothing mattered but my uncle’s big dick pushing into my pussy, giving me pleasure.

“I’m coming Uncle Jeff.”

“So am I babe.” He rode me harder as our orgasms shattered us. When he slowed down and eventually pulled out of me I could feel our cum gush from me as well. There is something so intimate about his cum mixing with mine.

Uncle Jeff stood up and looked down at me. “Jules, there’s nothing I’d like better than to curl up in bed with you right now. We definitely need to talk. But it’s late and I don’t want Claire to come looking for me. I’ll come back tomorrow night, is that good?”

“Will you fuck me again?”

He bent down and kissed me softly. “Well, if you insist.” He grinned, winked at me and left.

10 years later…

It’s the annual 4th of July cookout at Uncle Jeff and Aunt Claire’s house. Everyone in our small, extended family is here, my dad and Yvonne, Becca, her husband Ethan and their daughter Grace. My husband Gary is pushing our daughter Ellie in the swing. My 2 year old son David is in his dad’s lap. Uncle Jeff winks at me as David hugs him tight before scrambling off his lap to go play with his sister and cousin. Jeff and I are the only people who know that David is his son, and it will always be our secret. We’re good at keeping secrets. For the past ten years Jeff and I have had sex together more than we have with our spouses. Since we work together and see each other daily, we pretty much have sex daily. We’re in love, not as a niece and uncle, but as lovers and best friends. We could never openly have the kind of relationship we want, so we do the best we can. In a way it’s almost better than letting everyone else know. This way our relationship is ours alone.

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