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It started out as role playing online that led to a little bit more. My girlfriend and I are what you would call sexually adventurous. We’re always trying new things and that is how we came to the current fetish that we both share.

Megan was dressed in a short skirt, short enough that most people would consider it obscene. She never wore it out of the house, it was for wearing around the house when we were alone. It was a great pleated skirt that we got at a local thrift store. It was more like something that you were more likely to find at an adult novelty boutique. It ended just below her ass cheeks and under this tonight she was wearing a lace and velvet red thong. I’d taken pictures of her in this outfit already tonight, with what she was only wearing now and with the red top. The top was a faux wrap top. It was actually a pullover shirt, but gave the appearance of being wrapped around her body. One of the really great things about this shirt, as far as from my perspective anyway, was that it allowed her 34dd breasts to be scooped out easily and held them nicely while they hung out of her shirt.

I’m not sure how I got so lucky in the girlfriend department, but I did. She was someone I met one night through a friend and we hit it off and started dating soon after. At first she was a little bashful about sexual issues, but she came around and was soon willing to experiment in that area of out life together.

Tonight was something that we’d done before, but usually with another woman, tonight we were doing it with a guy. She would sit in my lap and wiggle around on my hard cock while I played with her body. And occasionally if someone had a camera and microphone we would turn ours on as well. Tonight we were in a room and we’re approached by a couple and we began to chat. Soon the microphones were turned on and the women began to talk to each other. After about twenty minutes the woman on the other end asked Megan if she had any toys. Being the type of couple that has quite a few adult toys in the house she hopped off my lap and grabbed a small duffel bag from our bedroom. When she came back the other woman asked her to tell her what she had to play with, but Megan did her one better and offered to turn on our camera. The other couple readily accepted, and counter offered with the viewing of theirs.

The other couple was about our age, nothing to spectacular, but they were attractive. They both looked on with gleaming eyes as Megan went through the bag showing them the toys we possessed. The other couple were already looked as if they were already fucking on camera. The guy was moaning a little bit, and the girl was gyrating her hips and moving up and down a little as her partner was groping her breasts. Megan finished with her her sex toy tour with her favorite one. I’d bought her for her and she was quite surprised by it, but she loved using it. It was a realistic, flesh toned dildo. It was about eight inches long and two or so thick, with a set of balls hanging from it. Not sure what it was made out of, but she said that it was the most realistic she’d ever felt right down to the way the balls swung as she used the small grip on the bottom to thrust it in and out of herself.

When she held it up by her face in front of the camera she puckered her lips and kissed the shaft. Not something that was so out of character for her. The kiss then became a little lick, and then a longer one. Soon Megan’s tongue was moving slowly up and down the shaft. She was performing to for the couple online as she sat on my lap. My dick was very hard pressing against her ass through my boxers. I could see in our camera view window that her eyes were closed. She put the fake cock to her lips as the other couple encouraged her, telling her how hot she looked and asking how much she liked having the toy inside her.

“Mmmmmmmmm I love having this toy in me it feels so good, and fills me so much.” She swirled her tongue around the head of her toy. “It stretches me out and reaches so deeps in me.” She slurped the head of the toy and released it with a loud pop. “It feels like nothing I’ve ever had in me.”

This last part took me by surprise a little bit, but my dick did jump under her. And she wiggled on it as it did moaning as she put the head of the rubber phallus into her mouth and pushed it slowly in past her her bright red lips. I’d seen her suck on it before, but this time she was pushing it till it reached the back of her throat and I felt her jump a little on my lap as she gagged herself with it. She pulled it back out till just the head was in her mouth and began to repeat this for the couple on the screen. Her lips were stretched tightly around her rubber lover. She was moaning around it and slurping on it, as she worked the toy, holding it by the handle. Soon she was pushing all of it into her mouth letting the big heavy balls sit on her chin. The other couple loved this.

“Oh damn it looks like you’ve done that a few times before. You have a very lucky guy there if you enjoy deep throating that much and can take it deep like casino şirketleri that.” The woman said.

Megan pulled the dildo slowly back out of her mouth while hollowing her cheeks so the pop as it broke free from her mouth was quite loud. A string of spit stretched from her lips to the very wet head of the dildo as she lowered it to her chest and began rubbing the head over what was exposed of her breasts.

“Oh he is lucky, but I don’t have to deep throat him to get all of him in my mouth. This thing goes so much further into my throat then he could ever dream of getting.” She was grinding on my dick now and pushing the dildo between her tits while squeezing with the other hand.

The woman on the other side of the chat window snickered and turned her head to her man and whispered into his ear.

“That big cock in your hand looks really nice to me reminds me of someone I know.” she said to my Megan. “Would you like to see one that big for real?”

“I would so love to see a real cock this big, give me someone to fantasize about while I’m fucking myself with this big thing.” She said putting it back to her lips kissing the head with her puckered red lips. “I would love to feel a cock this big punishing my pussy…..and other holes.” Megan said with a wink.

The girl on the other end stood up and moaned as she did so. “I’ll be happy to show it to you, just let me get it out of my pussy first.”

When she was up her pussy was right in front of the camera and it’s lips were gaping open, a deep red color, and glistening with what obviously her juices. Then she stepped out of view and her boyfriend stood up. There jutting up from his crotch was what could possibly be the twin of the dildo in Megan’s hand.

“Oh my god that thing is so huge.” Megan said gasping as she pushed the dildo between her breasts. “I wish I could have a cock that big inside my body.” She was tit fucking herself now watching the screen intently, ignoring me, as the woman’s slender hand wrapped around the cock on her side and and began to stroke slowly.

“That thing would split me open so much. I’ve never had anything even close to that size.” She was wiggling on my lap grinding onto my hard dick. I could feel the heat from her pussy on the top of my thighs as she was starting to get into the game she was playing.

“It does feel so good and he can last forever. I lose count of how many times I cum before he fills me with his cum.” the other woman was saying from off camera. Her hand was still stroking his dick, her red nails sliding up and down it. “I beg him for it just about everyday and he pounds me with this cock every time making me scream.”

“I can see why you beg for it, I would love to scream with that cock in me.” Megan was telling her, nearly drooling on the keyboard. “I would beg for that all day if I had it available to me. He is so much bigger than what my guy has.”

I was beginning to get a little angry, but my cock was hard and my girl was enjoying herself so I rolled with it, wondering what she was going to do next.

The other girl was laughing now, and not trying to hide it. “Why don’t you put the head of your toy to your lips and beg my guy to let you suck on it. Pretend it’s his. Ask for his permission to suck his cock in front of your boyfriend.”

“Mmmmmmmmm I love that idea.” Megan said lifting the dildo back to her face and putting the it right to her lips, but not letting it touch her.

“You like having that big cock in your face?” The other guy said to my girl as she turned her head sideways to show a profile of her about to suck the dildo.

“Mmmmmm I do love it.” Megan said while rubbing the dildo over her face. “It’s such a big cock.”

“Have your boyfriend hold it for you so we can see you play with those tits.” The woman said.

Megan giggled and lifted my hand putting the handle of her rubber lover into it and lowered her hands to her chest. Reaching into her shirt she lifted her breasts out letting them hang free. Her nipples are absolutely wonderful. When not erect her areolaes spread about two inches across her tits, when erect though her nipples are almost an inch long and are wonderful for nipple play and she had always enjoyed me playing with them in a variety of ways from soft and gentle to rough and hard twisting pulling on them.

She began rubbing them softly at first then a little harder. That moved quickly to her squeezing them. I was rubbing the dildo over her face passing the head over her lips where she would flick out her tongue putting some saliva on it that I would then smear over her face.

“Please let me suck your cock. I’ve never sucked one that big before. I want to feel it pushing into my throat. Gag me with your cock please.” Megan was really getting into it and I was too. I was moving the head over her face then put it to her mouth and let her kiss it before pulling it away. “Oh please don’t do that. Don’t be a tease. I need a real cock please. Don’t make me beg anymore. Show me what having a real cock is like please I’ve never casino firmaları had anything like this before. I’m tire of having a little dick inside me I need your great big cock.”

“Suck my cock you little slut.” The man said. Megan jerked her head opening her mouth and taking the cock deep in one push, gagging herself on it. I moved the dildo back to where it was to the side of her and she began sliding her head up and down the shaft at a moderate pace as I held it still.

Her head bobbing was interrupted only when she took the cock out of her mouth to kiss it or lick the side of it. But otherwise it remained in her mouth for the next several minutes. Her slurps were quite loud and she wasn’t swallowing any saliva as it began to leak out of the corners of her mouth hanging in long strands as she moved up and down the shaft. her lipstick almost completely gone before the first rope of spit reached her breasts, where she just rubbed it into her tits.

The other couple would encourage her during this, but mainly just watched her. They would tell her how hot she looked with the big cock stretching her mouth, call her names. The names she would really respond to. Every time they called her a dirty slut, or a whore, or a filthy tramp her moans would get louder and her head would move faster. She wasn’t even looking at the screen now, her eyes were closed and I’m pretty sure that in her mind she could still see the cock that was still being stroked on screen.

Megan pulled her mouth of the cock, and several strands of her spit were stretched between her puffy lips and the head of the toy.

“Oh god I’ve never tasted a cock so good.” she said and lowered her head and started to lick the balls. “Your balls are so heavy. I bet there just full of hot cum for me.”

She was really getting into it now. My free hand slid up her leg and between her thighs. Her panties were soaked and I could feel the heat emanating off her pussy. I began to rub the crotch of her panties using my finger to push the wet material between her pussy lips sliding my finger back and forth through her hot slit.

Megan looked at the screen smiling at the image of the other woman’s petite hand on the huge cock.

“I want that so bad. He’s rubbing my pussy right now and I’m sitting in his lap with his dick against my ass, but all I want it your big thick cock inside me.” She was pressing her crotch into my hand now really getting into her role, as her arousal grew.

“I’ve never had a cock that big. His hand is the most pleasure he’s ever given me, and I’m thinking about you while he’s doing it.” She put her lips back to the toy I was still holding for her, taking a quick plunge to the base of it before pulling her mouth back off.

“He’s so small. He barely has a dick. I call him needle dick to my friends and we all laugh. I want a real man to fuck me. I want a real man with a real cock to take me and claim me. Oh please if you give it to me I’ll never let him fuck me again. I’ll make him watch as you take my mouth pussy and ass.” She was panting now stroking the toy with her hands and rubbing the head over her face.

“I’ve never wanted anything more in my life. I’ll give you my ass, he’s never been in there, I want a real man to have and I’ll give it to you, just please use your big cock to fuck me please. I’m begging you show me what a real cock feels like.” She was grinding hard on me now my dick was very hard and I wanted to fuck her now, but she was still playing and I wanted her to finish her play.

“He’s hard under my ass right now, I’m grinding my ass and hot pussy on him, and it feels like I’m sitting on a golf pencil. He doesn’t have a real dick, I need something in me that doesn’t feel like a pinky finger.” She was twisting her nipples and pulling them hard lifting her breasts and squeezing her fingers into her tit flesh. Her nails were leaving marks in the pale skin.

I would have never expected my own response to her words. If someone had told me that my cock would be getting harder every time she said something like that about me I would have told them they were full of shit, but the proof was there. As she uttered the derogatory remarks about me my dick was jumping. I would feel the precum leaking out of the head as I watched her begging another guy to take her body.

She wrapped her lips around the dildo again, her lipstick was smeared around her mouth now and her lips had very little color on them anymore. Somehow she looked even hotter with her lipstick like that as she showed this other couple her inner slut. She was moaning and slurping on the large phallus in her mouth.

“You like having a real man in your mouth for a change girl?” The woman said.

“Mmmmhmmmmm!” Megan moaned her head still moving up and down the dildo.

“If you ask nicely maybe he’ll let you have it in your pussy too. Would you like that?”

Her head popped off the dildo very quickly. “Oh god yes I would love that. Please tell me what I have to do. I’ll do anything to get fucked by a real cock, something güvenilir casino that I can actually feel inside my wet pussy. And right now it is so wet. He thinks it’s cause of his hands, but it’s really all because I’m thinking about your wonderfully, thick cock.”

The strands of spit were there again, and this was something else that I loved to see. Her acting like a slut was wonderfully exciting, and for some reason the fact that she was doing it for someone else was adding to my excitement. Right now I was loving her begging like this. She wanted this other man’s cock, and was using her dildo to pretend to have, and was making me hold it for her.

“Lets see that filthy, wet pussy of yours.” The other woman told my girlfriend. “Bend over put your head on your boyfriend’s shoulder and show us how wet a real cock makes you.”

We were sitting on the couch with Megan on my lap. She popped the cock out of her mouth and stood up. Turning to face away from the computer she bent over putting her head on my shoulder just like she was told. Her skirt was short enough that she didn’t need to pull it up. Her ass and crotch were already on full display. Only the red material was between the couple on line and her bald pussy.

“Pull my panties down needle dick, show my pussy to a real man. Show him how wet his cock makes me.” She said to loudly enough for them to hear. I could hear them laughing on the other end as I reached up and put my thumbs into the strings on her hips. Pulling them down slowly I got them to her knees and from there they fell to her ankles and she stepped out of them. On screen the other couple could see her wet pussy glistening between her legs.

“Spread your legs so we can get a better look at that wet cunt.” He said to my woman.

She immediately spreaded her legs giving them a perfect view of her very wet pussy. “See how wet you made me.” Megan told them. “I really need your cock in me. His is so small I can’t fucking stand it. He’s useless in bed, that’s why I have all these toys. I need something to satisfy me. He can’t, and never has been able to.” She was digging her nails into my shoulders now.

“Please rub the head of your cock over my pussy at least let me feel that please.” She gyrating her hips now for the camera showing how anxious she was. And before anyone said anything else I lifted the dildo up and began to run the head of it through her lips from one end to the other. “Oh god yes. At last a real man with a real cock is between my legs.”

“Is your pussy nice and tight for me?”

“Oh yes it’s very tight. Please stretch it out for me.”

“Why is your pussy so tight slut?”

“Cause he’s so small. I can barely feel him when he’s in me. I have to fake everything when he’s fucking me. But luckily I don’t have to do it very long cause it’s usually over very quick.”

“Do you want it inside you slut? Tell your boyfriend what you think of his dick, and how much you want mine inside your tight little pussy.”

“Yes I want you inside of me so badly. I want you to fill me up.” She said pushing back just a bit against the dildo trying to get it inside herself. Then she lifted her head up and looked at me.

“Your dick is so small. It feels like your fingering me with your pinky, but I think your pinky is bigger. Me and my girlfriends laugh at you when you’re not around. They all now how small you are. You’re dick is worthless to me. I need a real man with a real cock. Your’s isn’t a cock, it’s not even a dick. A dick I would be able to feel. I want him in me so badly. I want to feel him filling me up. He’s going to stretch me out so much.”

“Push yourself onto my cock whore.” the man said and that is just what Megan did. Not slowly and not stopping. With me holding it still she slammed herself hard onto the cock till the balls were resting against her pussy lips.

“Oh god finally. I’ve been waiting for this for so long. Your cock feels so good. He’s never reached this deep. He couldn’t reach this deep. Not even if his dick was twice it’s size.” She was grinding herself down against the dildo, her slit pressing against the balls. “Please fuck me in front of him, show him how a man satisfies a woman.”

I began to pump the dildo in and out her hard. Her pussy was making squishing sounds, her lips gripping tight on the shaft trying to hold onto it as I pulled it out. She was screaming now, no real words just sounds as she slammed back into the dildo I was holding.

“Oh baby you like having your pussy stretched like that, you like being fucked by a real man?

“Oh god yes. I’ve never been filled like this. I love you fucking me like a whore, I wanna be your whore. After having you inside me I never wanna fuck him again.” She was drooling as she spoke, her saliva was hanging down onto my shoulder.

She raised her head and looked into my eyes. “I’m never gonna fuck you again. He’s wrecking my pussy for you, even if I did fuck you now I would never be able to feel you. Your dick is so fucking small. You’re such a little pussy in bed. My pussy has a real man inside it, and you’re never going to be in it again.” She was moaning as she said it, then laughed. “You’re pathetic, a worthless pathetic little boy, not a man.” Then she spit in my face before turning back to the camera.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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