Shawnee Pt. 02

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So, this is the second “Shawnee” story (follow-up to “Shawnee Pt. 01). To review, she is my ex-wife who eventually turned into a hot wife. Blonde, super-hot blue eyes, killer ass, playboy playmate-looking body and face. This is another totally true story on how she became a “hot wife”.

Well, after our little park romp, Shawnee and I both knew we liked to at least talk dirty to each other, based around the idea of her getting fucked by someone else, last time it stemming from an incident where her own nephew had propositioned her.

The next time we had sex, in fact, we were going at it really good, when I stuck two of my fingers in her mouth. She started sucking them just like the way she sucked my cock, and it started to turn me on, and I could tell it was getting her hot, too. She kept sucking them and sucking on them while starting to moan a bit. Then, I got a bit nasty and whispered in her ear, while licking it, “wouldn’t you like to be getting fucked by me, while you are sucking off your nephew’s big, thick cock?” She went wild. She started humping back on my cock like crazy and practically devoured my fingers, while squealing sharply with each suck. She turned into an animal!

Then she took the fingers out of her mouth and looked at me and said that she forgot to tell me that she had seen her nephew’s cock again. I asked her when and she said it had been earlier that afternoon. I told her I couldn’t believe she had held out on me and to spill the beans… She said that since we practically started having sex right when she walked into my apartment, she had forgotten!

So, since Shawnee is a total California beach blonde (though part native-American, as I mentioned in the last story), she loves to keep up her hot tan. Her beach house (nothing big, actually a rented small cottage a few blocks away from the beach), has a very small, private back patio, and when she doesn’t have enough time to head to the beach, she just throws on her bikini and lays out on a towel on the patio. Well, apparently she had done this earlier this afternoon. When guess who happens to come by? Her nephew.

Now, granted, this was about 2 weeks after we had gone out with him and his friend bar-hopping, but the memory of what she had told me that night, of his proposition a few years earlier, was extremely fresh in both of our minds.

So she said he came through the back alley and walked right into the back patio and was surprised to see her there. He was just coming back from the beach, and though he didn’t live with Shawnee and his mom anymore, he was coming by to do some laundry, since he was in the area.

She had told me last time that she knew he loved her ass and always looked at it. Well, since she was laying on her stomach when he came over, she said that was the first thing his eyes became glued to. The bad thing was, it had been so nice and warm in the sun, and she was feeling so good with no one else was home, she had just started thinking about our previous sex session where she had told me about her fantasy of doing her nephew. So her pussy was already getting warmed up. THEN, in walks her nephew, John, the one she was thinking about.

So, he sat down in a chair right behind Shawnee in his loose-fitting board shorts and got one of the waters out of her little cooler she had out there and just stretched out. She didn’t look at him and they chit-chatted for a few minutes like this. She said she knew he was totally looking at her ass the whole time. She could feel it.

Then, he finally said, “Geez, auntie, you ass looks great in that swimsuit!”

So, feeling naughty, she kind of wiggled it a bit at him and said, “oh hush, John. You can’t be serious – I’m getting old. Your girlfriend probably has a much better butt than I do.”

To which he replied “Oh, no waaaay, auntie. Your ass is perfect. Even SHE says so!”

Shawnee said her eyes popped open at that point. Said she couldn’t believe he had talked to his girlfriend about her ass, and that she had said that!

“Oh my gosh, Johnnie! I can’t believe what you just said. What did she say about it and how did you get started on so twisted of a subject?”

John then told Shawnee about the time his girlfriend finally confronted him about always staring at Shawnee. To which he told his girlfriend that he couldn’t help it because his aunt has such a great ass.

“WHAT?” Shawnee asked.

John replied, “Well, you do, Auntie, believe me…!”

He then said that the next time the family had all gotten together was when they had all gone to the beach for his younger brother’s birthday. Shawnee was there and had worn one of her skimpy bikinis (which she always does, just to show off her ass). His girlfriend was also there, and caught him staring at Shawnee’s butt again and kind of got pissed and confronted him about it.

He told Shawnee that, in his defense, he had told her, “Heck, honey, just look at the damn thing!”

He said his girlfriend then turned and quickly glanced at it, amatör porno then did a double and triple take and then really started looking at it.

After a few minutes, she turned to him with a slight smile and said, “oh my God, Johnny, you’re right… She does kind of have an AMAZING ass!”

He said she kept staring at Shwnee’s ass for a couple more minutes, then whispered to him, “Geez, I could turn into a lesbian looking at that ass all day… Wow! Damn, I’d love to have an ass like that — It would drive all the guys nuts!!”

He said that his girlfriend then conceded that he had permission to keep on looking at his aunt’s ass because it WAS pretty much perfect…

Shawnee said she couldn’t believe what she was hearing, but that it was getting her turned on. To think that her nephew loved her ass so much that he had said so to his girlfriend was hot and warped enough. But then, to hear that his girlfriend actually liked her ass too, and had even mentioned something about turning into a lesbian over it, AND had given him permission to keep ogling it, seemed all kinds of kinky, as well.

John said to forgive his being so honest, but he then admitted that after that day, he would sometimes talk about Shawnee’s ass when he and his girlfriend were in bed together having sex, and that it totally turned the both of them on to talk about it!

Shawnee said she was in shock hearing this, and then had asked what they had talked about. He told her only that they made up stories about how each of them had kind of touched it and grabbed it and “done other stuff” to it, and left it at that. This got Shawnee even hotter.

John also said, that because of that, though, his girlfriend had thoroughly questioned him after Shawnee had caught the two of them having sex in her house (see Pt. 01). She knew how John got when he was super-horny (as he had been that night) and thought that he had gotten so worked up while screwing her and talking about his aunt’s ass, that he might actually have been twisted enough to try and fuck his aunt after she had left.

He said he told her that nothing like that had even come close to happening…

“Or did it, auntie…?” he asked.

Shawnee said she knew that she was turning red at the question, but told him he was crazy. In the meantime, all this talk about her ass, and that leading question, had continued to get to Shawnee’s pussy. She could feel herself getting wet. Really wet now, because she had already started to get wet before John had come over…!

Then she said (to me) that a thought all of a sudden came to her – what if she had a wet spot on her bikini, inbetween her legs?? It was a really old and faded light blue cotton bikini, that she only wore in private, and when it got wet, it turned a real dark blue. So, she was now worried that since it felt like she was really wet down there, John might be noticing that her crotch was getting wet by the change in color of her bikini bottom. And she was pretty sure that since John was behind her, he was looking right up there!

So, she slowly turned her head and looked at him, and sure enough, he was looking right at her ass. Then, an ocean breeze came through, and she then knew for sure that she had a wet spot, as she felt a cooling chill on her crotch when it did…

In apprehension, she looked at John’s face and he just looked right back at her, smiled, and said, “Hmmm, someone’s pretty hot and sticky, seems like…”

Then, she looked down and noticed that the big head of his cock was sticking out of one of the legs of his board shorts, in plain sight. She said that he noticed her looking at his cock and leaned back and readjusted his shorts so they became looser, thereby exposing more of his now hardening cock as it slid out of the end of one of the short legs.

She told me that she could not believe how big it was. Said she remembered it being really big, but that seeing it again for the second time took her breath away. She felt her pussy flooding her bikini bottom, as they both stared at each others private parts for a couple of minutes.

Then, John said, “damn, auntie, I need to take this thing out. Sorry, but you and your hot ass are making my shorts way too uncomfortable. I need to be free!”

So she said he proceeded to slide down his shorts and out flopped his now almost fully erect cock! She said it didn’t fall back on his belly like she thought it would — it just stayed standing straight up into the air.

She told me, “It was so unbelievably HUGE and hard and standing straight up, it was just gorgeous!! My eyes must have totally bugged out, ha ha. But, it instantly got me so hot that I started wondering how it would feel to get up, walk over and ride that friggin’ thing up and down, shoving it all the way up my already very wet pussy.”

She then said, she forgot that she was just openly staring at it until John said, “Ahhhhh, that feels much better, releasing it out into the open air!”

She anal porno said he saw her staring at his cock and said, “Like looking at my big fucking cock, auntie? I can make it even bigger, if you’d like…”

He then started to slowly stroke his enormous cock in front of Shawnee, looking at her lustfully with his eyes. She said she became speechless but met his gaze, looking lustily back at him and making a small show of licking her lips just for the heck of it. She said she was then alternating between looking him back in the eye, and at his big cock, which was growing even bigger by the second. She said it must have been at least a foot long at that point, and was super thick. She said the sun falling on it made it look really shiny, too.

He then got up, still stroking it, and started slowly walking to her and said, “See what you do to me, auntie?”

She said her mouth was so dry that when she tried to say something her tongue got stuck to the roof of her mouth so she couldn’t speak. She said it felt like you could hear a pin drop and she didn’t know what to do, but she was starting to feel really hot and dizzy in the afternoon sun. And seeing John stroke his huge cock right in front of her was extremely erotic to her.

Then, she said John started stroking his cock a little quicker, and with longer strokes up and down the amazing length of it, and came and put his cock right in front of her face and said, “Would you like to do something more than just make me hard and turn me on, auntie?”

“No, Johnnie, I can’t. Y-you’re my nephew…,” she said she finally managed to whisper, with a raspy voice.

She said she could feel her pussy juices flowing as she was mesmerized by the huge cock in front of her, and the way he was rhythmically stroking it, right in her face, his large cockhead just inches away from her suddenly parched lips. She said she had never seen a man masturbate before but the sight of her own nephew stroking his huge dick right in front of her was making her hotter by the minute.

“Awww, who are you trying to fool, auntie?? You know you want to. I can see how wet my big cock is making that sweet pussy of yours through your bathing suit… You should see it — it’s totally soaking with your juice… I can even smell it!! Mmmmm. It smells so good. And your ass is so beautiful, auntie. I bet your pussy is even prettier, isn’t it?” he said.

This made her pussy flood her bathing suit one more time. And, starting to stroke his now fully hard cock even faster, and moving it closer to her face, he said, “C’mon…I know my cock is getting you as hot as you are making me, auntie… C’mon, baby, go ahead…”

He then reached out and grabbed her lightly by the hair, slightly pulling her head towards his cock, and started to lean down and move the tip of his dick towards her open mouth…

She said he then shocked the shit out of her by slapping the end of his big cock across her face, hitting her on the cheek and repeating this a few times. She said she gasped out loud with surprise, but this gave her goose bumps, and made her shiver with pleasure, as it felt so heavy and thick making thudding noises as it hit her face. Plus, it thrilled the heck out of her as she realized how naughty it was that she had just been bitch slapped by her own nephew’s big thick cock…!!

She felt her pussy totally on fire at this point. She was starting to sweat. She said she just licked her lips and parted them slightly and looked up at him with her big blue eyes, suddenly breathing real heavy.

John resumed stroking his big cock and started to lower it back towards her mouth. Shawnee said she couldn’t believe she did this, but she then brazenly stuck out the tip of her tongue while still looking up submissively at him; she was resigned to the horny fact that her nephew was probably now going to slide his fully-engorged, enormous cock into her mouth and down the back of her throat and that she was probably going to just absolutely love it. And it was turning her on immensely!

Her nephew just looked down and said, “Oh yesssss, auntieeeee…”

Needless to say, I am going bonkers, fucking her while listening to this entire narrative. I grabbed that hot ass that I knew her nephew was salivating over and dug my fingers into the meat of it and slapped it. She let out a moan.

Then I asked her, “Soooo? Did you take it into your slutty mouth and suck it this afternoon, right before coming over to see me???”

She let out another moan, then brought her face to mine and said “Yesssssssssssss, baby, I sure did…!”

This statement shocked the shit out of me and almost made me explode…!

She said she started licking the tip of it and John just moaned loudly. Then, when she saw that he liked that, she just kept that up — licking just the tip of it in a circular motion with the tip of her tongue.

He moaned even louder and told her to “Flick your tongue over the pee hole, auntie – just over the pee hole, anal breakers porno nice and fast…”

Shawnee said she smiled to herself that she was making him feel so good, and that it turned her on that her own nephew was now ordering her on how to best suck his big cock. So she started flicking her tongue really fast, over and over his pee hole. He loved it and looked down at her.

She stopped, smiled up at him, and asked him, “Is THIS the way you like it, Johnny?”, then kept on flicking her tongue super fast.

“Oooooooo, yes, auntie. I love it like that! And you’re doing it soooo good!”

Shawnee said she kept looking up at him, with her big blue eyes, and smiling seductively, while she kept up the furious flicking of her tongue on his pee hole. She said that was getting her very hot.

John then told her to “Suck it, slut!”

She said that him calling her that shocked her, but turned her on even more. She then chuckled out loud, smiled up at him again and said, “I AM a slut, aren’t I? I mean, who else but a slut would suck her own nephew’s cock, right? Ha ha ha!”

“Ha ha, you’re right! You’re ARE a big, fucking slut!!” he said.

He then proceeded to call her lots of other names that turned her on, while she started giving him a serious blow job. She couldn’t believe how gigantic his cock was, but she kept wanting to put more and more of it down her throat, though she couldn’t get all of it.

After a while of her slurping and spitting on and deep-throating his dick, he stopped her and told her to get on all fours in front of him. She said she had squealed with delight because she loves to get it from behind and was looking forward to taking his massive member.

“I want to bury all of my cock down your slutty-pussy hole, auntie. Spread your beautiful ass cheeks for me, bitch!” to which she complied immediately, she said.

Then, he did it. She said he put the tip of his cock on her pussy hole, then teased it a bit.

She said she turned and looked at him over her shoulder and said, “Please fuck me, Johnny. Please fuck me with that godawfully BIG DICK!”

She said she then gave him a big come-fuck-me smile, he moaned, then shoved his cock all the way into her with one big thrust!

She said it took her breath away. She said it felt so huge and good inside of her that she started cumming before the thing was more than halfway in. She said it was a huge orgasm. She said she could feel herself shaking on her knees. But, she also said Johnny kept fucking her all the way through her orgasm very roughly — and she loved that, too!

She said that after her orgasm, he then grabbed her hips and started fucking her even harder, pulling her roughly back onto his huge cock, thrust after thrust. She said she could feel her ass cheeks wobbling wildly and could feel them slapping against Johnny’s torso every time he jammed it rapidly down her pussy.

She said he then asked her if she wanted to be one of his “bitches”. She said she asked him what that meant and he told her that if she wanted more of his fucking right now, and in the future, that she would agree to become one of the circle of women that he fucks on a regular basis.

She said she asked him how many that was, and he just said, “Seriously, a lot of women want to fuck this hunk of meat, but I only let a select few do it regularly. Maybe ten or twelve. Do you want to be one of them, you fuck-slut?!?” he snarled at her, while ramming her extra hard for emphasis.

His fucking jarred her into another orgasm, which she couldn’t believe she was having so quickly after the last one, then started getting turned on to think that she could become part of a sort-of “harem” that her sex-god nephew had. It was kinky as hell! But, his big cock was feeling so good inside of her, that she would have agreed to almost anything anyway.

“Y-Yes, Johnny – I’d love to be one of your “bitches,” she told him.

“Good!!” he practically shouted, then slapped her ass really hard with his hand. “I’m gonna fuck you any time I want, you hear me you fuck-slut?”

“Yes, Johnny. Any time you want, I promise!”

“Good! You’re a slut, now. You are MY slut – do you hear me?”

“Yes, baby, I’m your slut. Do anything you want to me, from now on, ok?”

“Anything I want??? You sure about that, cunt?”

“Yes, anything you want. I promise. Just keep fucking me with that hot dick! Unnngh!!”

“You gonna lick my other girls’ cum off my cock, after I fuck them first before coming over to see you, bitch?”

“Yes, I’ll lick it. I promise.”

“You gonna fuck me and my friend, Mark, at the same time? Huh, bitch?”

“Yes, yes. I’ve always thought he was hot. I’ve thought about fucking both of you before.”

“OH, you have, huh? You ARE a slut!! Geez, auntie, you are fucking cunt!!” – And with that he slapped her ass again, hard. “Wow, you are such a hot nasty bitch, Shawnee! Maybe I should turn all of my aunts into my fuck-sluts?”

Shawnee said this made her picture Johnny with her sisters Donna and Camille. She knew they were even bigger sluts than she was, so she knew they would love getting as big a cock as Johnny had up inside of them, too. This thought made her shudder and start to cum again.

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