She Goes Both Ways Ch. 08

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The sale of Selby Bluff went through remarkably quickly and trouble free. It was near completion in the fall of eighteen fifty eight by which time Strand had managed to increase the sale price of Selby Bluff by over one hundred thousand dollars. Amanda, of course, had to pay the appropriate price for that by having both anal and normal sex with him approximately every other week as the negotiations were completed.

As soon as the funds were in their bank accounts Adam left for Boston. “I doubt I will ever be back here” he said as Amanda bade him goodbye at Montgomery, Alabama railroad station in late October.

As the lawyers completed all the documents, they had spent a few days in what was to become the capital of the Confederacy. After some further negotiations, a little redrafting and last minute panics, they signed them and confirmation was received that the funds had been transferred from Prussia to several different bank accounts in both Europe and America for Amanda and just the one in Boston for Adam.

The meetings had to be outside Georgia as the deal was effectively breaking Georgian laws. It was tiresome for them to have to use a number of different railroad companies to travel north to Augusta then west to Atlanta north again to Birmingham and then south to their destination for this added some hundred plus miles to the four hundred as the crow flies distance and caused them to stay in rail-side guest houses for two nights. The advantage, though, was that Strand could not join them as he had no jurisdiction in Alabama and in any case he could not be seen to be a party to the sale as it was breaking the very State laws that he had established.

“Well have a good journey brother” Amanda said her heart beating a little faster as Adam held her arm and looked from her breasts to her eyes and back again.

“It would be better if you were coming with me.”

“You know I can’t.”

“You could if you wanted to.”

“It’s best this way,” she whispered as her lips brushed his cheek.

“I will see you in Washington in a few weeks,” he said boarding the train to travel north.

Amanda was staying a further night for she had more meetings to agree some investments, ironically enough in Prussia. The advice she had received about the likelihood of a deepening of the recession was to put more of her assets in Europe. ‘It’s also a hedge against any er, um troubles here’ the stuffy, but very astute Prussian lawyer who was attached to the embassy in Washington advised her.

“Do you think the troubles will escalate?” She asked.

“Unfortunately madam that’s not for me to comment upon or my area of expertise, but I do have a colleague who is a specialist in such affairs, would you like to talk with him, he’s in the building,” the typically overly cautious attorney advised.

“Yes that would be very helpful,” Amanda replied.

“Missus Williams, it is a delight and pleasure to meet you” the stunningly good looking young man who Herr Kaupning had introduced as Mister William Ableforce said. He held her hand, bowed fromthe waist and kissing the back of her hand, he lingered his lips there slightly longer than etiquette required. Amanda was of course as acutely aware of that as she was used to it, just as she knew that he was holding her hand tighter and longer than was necessary. Without lifting his head or straightening his body he looked up and caught her gaze. She felt a little flutter as his dark, broody eyes bored into hers. “I have heard a great deal about you,” he muttered.

Fanning her face as a precaution against him seeing her blush as she may well have been doing she said, rather huskily. “Indeed sir and pray from whom was that?”

Straightening and seemingly reluctantly letting go of her hand he replied with a small grin on his, near beautiful Amanda thought, face. “Many sources madam; the lawyers, businessmen in Savannah and the Deputy Lieutenant Governor.”

“Mister Strand?”

“Yes I work for him.”

“Indeed sir, doing what may I ask?”

“I am Cultural Attache to the State of Georgia legislation.”

“That is most impressive sir, but exactly what does that mean?”

“I have studied and qualified Phi Beta Kappa in the South’s history.”

“From where was that sir?”

“The University of Georgia in Athens” he told her naming the oldest and most prestigious college in the State. “My job is to ensure that our history is known amongst the business, political and overseas diplomats who visit our great State.”

“Herr Kaupning said you could advise on the potential troubles.”

“Indeed I can ma’am for that has been the focus of my extra-curricular studying for the past few years” he went on sending frissons through the older woman with the way he held her gaze. It felt to Amanda felt as though he was mentally undressing her, which indeed he was.

“May I ask you to explain more to me sir?”

The plan that he had discussed with Strand seemed to be working.

“Of course madam it would ataşehir escort be my delight, but it is not a twenty minute discussion.”

“No of course I appreciate that, it was frivolous of me to think otherwise.”

“Not at all I could cover most aspects in a few hours, when do you leave Montgomery?”


“Then ’tis a pity for that leaves so little time for such a large subject. May I enquire as to your destination?”

“I am going to the Capital for I am moving there and I have properties to view.”

“A coincidence ma’am for I am leaving for Charlotte tomorrow. Are you taking the White Rose at two in the afternoon?”

“Yes sir indeed I am.”

“Then perhaps, if it pleased you Missus Williams we could spend some time together on the train as I explain the situation.”

“It would indeed sir.”

Ableforce quickly rearranged his travel itinerary so that he was on the White Rose and joined Amanda on it the next morning. They had a nightmare journey. The four hundred or so miles were scheduled to be covered in two days with two overnight stops. In the end, it took four days with three overnight stops. The train had a mechanical fault between Birmingham and Gadsden, there was no coal or wood at a refuelling stop just past Chatanooga and there had been a mudslide just before Greenville. Although this was tiresome to all the passengers it was mitigated for Amanda as she had booked a private car. This provided a sleeping facility for there was a narrow bed, but the railroads that they used on the trip still stopped overnight and the travellers disembarked and spent the nights in guesthouses. Amanda’s private car, however, was a godsend in the terminable number of hours the train spent stationery in the fall heat waiting for problems to be overcome. The car enabled her to retire, undress and snooze or rest in privacy.

It all started well as the White Rose, named in honour of Yorkshire where the engine had been built, pulled out of Montgomery. Amanda and her young man sat in a public car as he talked to her about the ‘difficulties.’ They sat across a table as William explained a variety of complicated points about the history of the South. He had a large pad and a charcoal and occasionally drew pictures or scribbled points on the thick paper. Twice as he did that his hand ‘accidentally’ brushed against Amanda, once on her bare forearm and the other on her wrist. They both looked up when that happened for both felt a frisson of excitement run through them. Amanda pushed that from her mind, although like many women of her age she often fantasised about having sex with a young man.

William explained that it wasn’t really slavery that was the core issue, but the reluctance of the South to change its way of life in any way including slavery. He went into great detail enthralling Amanda with his eloquence and knowledge about not only history, but also industry, economics, international trade and politics.

They were together all that first afternoon and evening together. They spent a great deal of the next day sitting impatiently for the train to move discussing the core issue; Amanda was enthralled by William’s knowledge and intelligence. During the afternoon in the heat of the day Amanda retired to her private car, undressed and slept. Waking at around six she was surprised to find that she was cupping her breast through the cotton chemise and that she was hugely aroused. It was only moments later that she removed the chemise and one of her hands plunged between her legs as she imagined the young man, naked, lying on top of her nude body his, what she imagined to be, thick, long cock buried deep inside her.

Returning to the public car to find out what was happening she was slightly embarrassed to see William sitting at the same table where they had sat earlier. She had never been in the company of a man she had masturbated over so soon after giving herself a climax about him. As he stood up to greet her Amanda felt herself flush as her mind went back to him lying on top of her his cock buried in her, her legs wrapped round her waist. As he explained the situation and told her that the railroad company was sending coaches to take the passengers to Berea where they had reserved rooms at a number of coaching inns and guest houses she used her fan to shield her eyes and cover the blush on her cheeks and upper chest.

William decided to ‘try his hand’ with the bountiful older woman who his boss had told him to get close to, he recalled from a meeting with the Lieutenant Governor. In a meeting just before he had left Savannah for Montgomery he asked Strand.

“How close pray?”

“As close as you can.”

“You mean have sex.”

“Of course I mean have sex, what the fuck do you think I mean and what the fuck do you think I employ you for?” Oliver Strand had snarled at him when they had arranged for Ableforce to be in Montgomery for the signing of the sale of Selby Bluff.

“I need to know just how close kadıköy escort bayan she is to the spymaster.”

“And sir, who might that be?”

“That my young man is that cunt General Fairfax Lennon.”

Moving closer to Amanda who, due to the restrictions of the railroad coaches had, along with most of the other women, dispensed with her hoop and huge skirt and instead she was wearing a simple shift dress, he asked.

“Perhaps ma’am, if it pleases you we could dine together and continue our discussions.”

“Yes sir that would be most pleasant, thank you,” Amanda replied still unable to get the ‘vision’ of the young man making love to her out of her mind.

Sitting across the small table in the dining room of the coaching inn where they both had rooms William explained in greater detail the international aspects of the problems between the north and south. Whilst Amanda was aware of much of this from her discussions with Fairfax, William added many details and did not explain the situation with the Northern bias that her lover applied. He explained that it is more a matter of timing than anything.

“The North wants everything now, we in the South have a more relaxed attitude and wish to proceed and modernise at a more measured pace, but we will get there.”

They both felt relaxed and had probably drank a little too much of the red wine for their conversation strayed away from the main point and Amanda found herself telling the young man about her times in London a city he had explained earlier that he most desperately wished to visit.

Suddenly they realised at the same time that they were the last people in the dining room.

“Perhaps we should go to bed” Amanda said, being rather careless with her language. Realising her mistake she looked up aghast as their gazes met.

Smiling he said.

“Alas ma’am I am sharing a room and my absence would be noted and your reputation sullied.”

“Young sir” Amanda flustered. “I meant not what you assume.”

“That is a great pity” he smiled adding. “My apologies madam I realise it was just a slip of the tongue, I should not have joshed with you.”

Using her fan to hide it, Amanda also could not resist smiling.

Their dinner together ended after they had strolled round the coach house in the chill of the November evening. Returning to the resident’s entrance to the side of the building they stopped facing each other.

“Thank you Amanda,” Ableforce said taking her hand in his.

“Pray sir, for what?” Amanda asked her heart pounding as she felt his thumbs rubbing the back of her hands.

Glancing from her eyes, down to the goodly expanse of bare flesh on her breasts and chest and back again he said softly. “For a most wonderful evening ma’am.”

Their hands linked, their gazes locked and his knee pressed lightly against hers through the thin skirt, single petticoat and short chemise, their faces slowly moved closing the space between them. ‘He’s going to kiss me’ Amanda said to herself her pulse racing.

‘She wants me’ Ableforce thought as his erection grew. He forgot that he was working, for like many young, red-blooded males he lusted for older, experienced women like Missus Amanda Williams.

Slowly he bent forward, his eyes boring into hers.

‘I want him to kiss me, I want him to touch me I want him’ Amanda groaned to herself as his lips brushed hers. William slid his arm round her waist that was pulled into a miniscule twenty four inches by her whalebone corset, as their lips met. He pushed his body forward so that his manhood pressed against her. Amanda shuddered at the combination of his lips on hers and the shaft of hardened male flesh pushing into her soft stomach. That made something click inside her. She realised it was wrong and that younger men can talk and boast of their conquests; she had to stop him she somewhat reluctantly concluded. Turning her face and easing her body away from his she said.

“I must bid you good night sir and thank you your attention this evening.”

“It has been my great pleasure Amanda and I thank you…………………for everything” William replied feeling disappointed, but understanding Amanda’s predicament.

Amanda undressed with William’s words and the feel of his erection in her mind.

She again masturbated imagining William’s fit, lithe and very virile body pressed firmly against hers and his lovely cock inside her.

As she did that William had that very cock in his hand as he too masturbated taking the utmost care to be quiet so as not to wake the other two occupants of the small bedroom.

With the mud eventually cleared from the line just outside Greenville the ‘Rose’ prepared for the hundred miles or so to Charlotte where Ableforce and Amanda would part. Because of the inclement weather they were restricted to a very slow speed and were warned that the journey to Charlotte could well take most of the day.

Due to a train behind them being derailed a number escort maltepe of passengers joined the ‘Rose’ for the remainder of the journey. This made the public cars very crowded and it was impossible for them to discuss the politically sensitive material they had left over from the previous evening.

“I am sorry ma’am,” Ableforce said as they sat side by side in the crowded first class public car.

“Pray sir there is no need, we were both parties to what happened” Amanda replied assuming he was talking about kissing her.

Ableforce realised what she was thinking. “No Amanda” he whispered making sure nobody else could hear. “I meant for the crowded conditions” he went on as the train moved slowly through Greenville. “It would be unwise to discuss here what we need to discuss.”

Amanda mulled for a moment or two.

“William” she said equally quietly. “My private car is number four. Would you like to join me there in say, ten minutes?”

A slight smile on his handsome face the young man replied. “Of course ma’am it will be my pleasure.


William Ableforce senior was Oliver Strand’s cousin. He was from the poorer side of the family with which Strand’s side did not mix very much. That was hardly surprising for Strand had cheated them out of a huge amount of money by purchasing some land they owned for a peppercorn amount. He had the full knowledge that a railroad company needed that land for the track into the station that was to be built in the centre of the city. Strand made a fortune and Ableforce lost almost everything; a fairly common occurrence with people who did business with Strand.

Strand was as devious as he was ruthless and he obscured that he was the purchaser from the family, even Missus Strand who couldn’t really have cared less for in her world there was no place for poor people!

With the modest rent from the land on which Ableforce and his family had lived now gone, life became difficult for them. In an act of apparent generosity Strand offered to fund the education of the two sons William junior and John who was two years William’s elder.

William was as brilliant at the recently opened Massie School in Savannah and at The University of Georgia in Athens as John was average. It became very clear by the time William was thirteen that he was as gifted with intellect as he was with handsome looks.

The two brothers split their school and university holidays between staying with Mister and Missus Strand and their parents who had now moved from Macon to Columbus, an even longer journey from Savannah. Strand could envisage a future for a gifted young man like William working for him. So as was Strand’s wont he slowly manipulated his cousin’s younger son, he persuaded him to stay longer in Savannah each vacation and introduced him to the social whirl of the vibrant city.

William studied the culture and history of the South and graduated Phi Beta Kappa at the young age of twenty one. Strand employed him in one of his companies and then found him a post as a Cultural Attache working for the State Government. Essentially that post required him to compose and distribute favourable propaganda on the South. As it was a secret appointment he was effectively a spy

“We have to combat the machine of the north with our own information” Strand told him adding. “We have to tell the world our side of the story, particularly with the diplomatic staff in the Consulates in New Orleans and the Embassies in Washington. You will need to do more post graduate studies at Harvard and Columbia so that you learn about the latest thinking by the fucking Yankees.”

“That will take ages and mean attending lectures and other loathsomely boring events.”

“Oh no my good fellow, we will arrange for the professors to be available to brief you personally, you must be completely up to date at all times with your knowledge.”

“What do you mean?” Ableforce asked assuming that he was to follow purely intellectual matters.

“We have to find out what is going on and mixing with the intelligentsia of the North is a good start.”

“What spy you mean?”

Strand laughed and put his arm round the young man. “Let’s call it information gathering shall we? But don’t worry young sir you will be admirably well rewarded and you need only go up North for a few days each month. We’ll develop some subterfuge about you studying agriculture or some other nonsense.”

Strand additionally assigned the young Ableforce also to work with his ‘great friend’ James de Bow in New Orleans. He gladly provided the intellectually gifted young man a position on the de Bow Review.

Strand knew very well just how much use a stunningly good looking, well mannered, very intelligent young man could be to him. And that wasn’t just with disseminating information and issuing propaganda. Although that was important, the manipulative Strand knew full well that many ladies from the Consulates and Embassies and occasionally the wives of business or political colleagues had penchants for young men like him.

With Strand hinting that he would rescue William’s family financially and that the young man would receive untold wealth if he complied with Strand’s wishes, Ableforce went along with Strand’s plans for him.

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