Shelly Part 2

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Shelly Part 2
Shelly Part 2

I woke up before and quickly dressed and drove to the Scout Came to visit it as it was in the middle of the week and off season. I had made arrangements in advance and the drive was under an hour. I joined up with the Camp Ranger and parked my vehicle and I had unfettered access to the camp. Walking around the acreage and remembering my past there as a youth was a trip down memory lane. I took a lot of pictures for later and when done the Ranger and I sat in the shade and we talked of all the changes I had been done since I had been a Staff member so many years ago.

I made it back to Portland in the afternoon and went to see the three houses I lived in while growing up. So much had changed and yet so familiar to me as the memories came flooding over me. I was standing across the street from my first home I had lived until I was ten years old and did not notice the man who had come out and was walking towards me.

“May I help you with anything?” he asked as I snapped to attention.

“Sorry I was not aware I was staring so long. I grew up here forty years ago and just a trip down memory lane. I was remembering all the times we had growing up as a family.” I told him. “I am sorry if I have bothered anybody and I will be on my way.”

“Forty years ago that would make you one of the Allen c***dren?” He seemed to questioned.

“Yes it would my room was the one on the left down the well waxed pine wood floors. The hall heater would warm the hall and we had to keep the bedroom doors open in the Winter time to keep the bedrooms warm. I also remember where my sisters rooms closet meet mine I could sneak into theirs and listen in what they were doing and talking about with their friends. I told him of our life growing up and he invited me inside to show me the house. Lots of things like the kitchen and bathroom had been updated, but the layout of the home had stayed the same. I thanked him for the tour and when I left I looked back on last time and drove away.

I made it back to the hotel going online real fast I made a dinner reservation and then changed into my running gear and went for my run in the heat of the day. I had a water bottle and when I was finished I took another shower to wash off the sweat from my body. The run was nice and the cool shower felt good. I shaved my face and groin and it was time for dinner. I ate and as I checked my watch it was close to nine now and Shelly would be getting off work within the hour so I went back to the hotel and slipped into a pair of clean running shorts and a mesh shirt with nothing under them. I messaged Shelly and was amazed she replied and said see you soon lover. Tonight was the night we were going to actually make love as last night was just foreplay for tonight. I wanted to make sure I lasted a long time and I masterbated thinking of her sucking my cock last night and exploded into a hand towel. I washed the hand towel and laid in the bed when my phone rang.

“Meet me downstairs in a few minutes.” she said quickly out of breath.

I just took my room key with me and walked to her truck waiting at the door. Once inside she pulled away and I took off my shirt leaving me in just my thin shorts. I then slipped them off leaving me nude as she drove to the same dirt road we parked the previous night. kaçak iddaa

She turned to me and handed me the same size joint as last night and lit her little one. I smoked it quickly as she did hers, but her eyes never seemed to leave my groin as my cock become erect. I smoked the joint fast and held each lung full of smoke in and was quickly really getting stoned as Shelly finished hers and she motioned for me to pull on my shorts and shirt. Back in the hotel we made it to the room and she told me to stand still as she undressed. My cock was throbbing under the thin material of the shorts as I watched her quickly strip. Once nude she walked to me and kissed me as she pulled my shirt over my head leaving me in just my thin running shorts. I was so horny I was leaking and there was now a large wet stain on the front where my erection throbbed. I pulled her to me and felt her hard nipples against my chest as our tongues played in each others mouth. She was breathing hard as she ground her bare mound against my cock. She reached down and slipped her hand into the waistband of my shorts and grasped my erection as she kissed me. Her breathing was heavy as she broke our kiss and put her mouth against the right side of my neck.

“God I have wanted to fuck you since we were k**s, but was afraid to fuck up our friendship. All the guys would fuck me and then move to another girl. You were always there for me.” she said as she used her hands to push my shorts down and I stepped out of them. I hugged her and our naked bodies rubbed against each other as we stood. I felt her erect nipples against my chest as I moved to kiss the neck and just below her ear as my hands ran up and down her bare back from her neck to the bottom of her plush ass.

Turning us to where the back of her legs were against the bed I pushed her to the bed and lifted her legs over my shoulders and holding her ankles I spread them as wide as possible as I humped the length of my cock up and down with the underside of it rubbing her opening from her clit to her sphincter as she was so wet I was lubed in nothing flat. Each time the head of my cock touched her clit she jumped and groaned. I wanted to just shove myself into her quickly, but as I waited. Her neck and chest were flushed red in excitement and her breasts bounced with each long slid across her labia. Shelly had her eyes closed and was mouthing “Please!” with each slide up her opening. I was so slippery I let go of her right foot and gripped my cock and placed the head at the opening to her vagina.

She humped me in a thrust before I could move and half of me was buried in her as she let loose a groan that caused my brain to make me harder than before if it was even possible. I pulled back until the tip was in her and she shook her head and looked me in the eyes and mouthed “Please!”

I pressed forward till I felt my bare pubic mound meet hers and Shelly wrapped her ankles around my ass. She humped me as I held myself in place till she reached an orgasm. The look on her face with her eyes looking into mine as I felt the muscles of her vaginal tract almost moving in waves as she came was so amazing. I held myself as still as possible as she slowed her orgasm and she looked at me she said “I love this and never dreamed you were this good kaçak bahis a lover. Now hammer me and fuck me hard you fucking bastard.” she almost screamed.

I reached back and gripped her ankles and spread her legs wide as possible outward and fucked her as hard and as fast as I could moe. Her tits were bouncing all around her with her face and chest was flushed as her eyes were shut so tight and all she was doing was grunting as each thrust. She rocked her hips with each thrust and soon all she did was lift her upper body using the back of her head. Her hands gripped the bed so hard I saw her knuckles were white. She had gone into a frenzy as her torso muscles were starting to quiver and with all her strength she reached up and pulled me down to herself. Her legs broke my grasp as again she wrapped them around me and her orgasm racked her body. No sound came from her at first as her body was all tensed up.

“Cum in me I have to feel you cum again!” was all she softly said as I slowed down in long deep strokes as she seemed to relax her body. I exploded faster than I had wanted, but the look of pure unbridled satisfaction on her face told me it was the right timing. We rolled over onto my back with her on top of me as I softened and slipped out of her and she rolled onto her back next to me and we just laid on the bed.

We both regained our strength after a bit and Shelly has to go to the bathroom and I did after her. A nice warm shower with each other where we washed each others bodies brought us both back to arousal. I was hungry and had a bad case of the munchies from the weed. I blew off the reservation and called in Pizza to the room. Shelly and I relaxed until a knock on the door so I wrapped the large towel from the bathroom around my hips and Shelly ducked into the bathroom while I paid and tipped the Pizza delivery driver. I closed the door to the room and we chowed down on the pizza while nude sitting on the loveseat in the room. It did not take us long and soon we were back in each others arms.

I asked if she had to leave or could stay the rest of the night as she used her hands to stroke my growing erection.

“I have tomorrow off as I planned on staying all night fucking your brains out!” Shelly said before kneeling between my legs and started to go down on my erection. She took her time and kept her eyes on mine the whole time she sucked on my erection. Even after having orgasmed not long before she had me on the edge of another orgasm. She stood up and pushed me back so I was laying on the bed with my erection pointing towards my chin and we moved to the middle of the bed and once there she mounted me in forward facing cowgirl. Her breasts swayed as she squatted down onto me driving me deeply into herself. “Can you stay an extra day?” she said as she filled herself with my erection and moaned as she was fully down onto me.

Grasping her breast and pinching her nipples I said “Yes I can make it two more days if needed.” as she rolled her hips. I could feel her vaginal muscles working on my erection as she moved up and down on my cock. Her chest and neck were becoming flushed again as she was close to orgasm. I reached up with both hands and with my fingertips I pinched her erect nipples. She groaned as I pinched her nipples and the harder güvenilir bahis I pinched the faster she started to fuck me.

I quickly lifted her off my cock and quickly put her on her hands and knees. I shoved my cock into her pussy doggy style and with my left hand I pulled her head back by a huge handful of her hair. “Harder you fucker!” she grunted as I then reached up with my right hand and now had both hands full of her hair and thrust into her cunt as my balls bounced off her clit and I hammered in and out of her. She thrust back as I shoved in and we were lost in passion. I would spank her with either hand and her cheeks were becoming bruised , but yet she never said to stop. I was still a long way from my orgasm, but she was cumming non stop as we fucked like a****ls. I was abusing her ass with my hands as I spanked her flesh and I suddenly pulled out of her pussy and in a single thrust buried half my shaft in her ass. She shoved her face into the pillow and I heard her almost screamed into the pillow to muffle the sound as her body jerked as I gripped her hips and just pressed myself as deep into her tight asshole as possible. Pulling back a little I thrust as hard as possible back into her ass. God she was tight and as I shoved in the shoved back against me. I do not think two wild b**sts could have behaved any different till I shoved one last time and exploded. I pumped me rectum full with my cum. My knees were weak and I held onto her hips just to stay on my knees. I fell back on the bed and she lay flat on the bed. Neither of us moved for some time as we tried to regain our breathing and let our pulse get back to normal.

“Where the hell did that come from?” she said as she got up and went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet. I followed her and turned on the shower as I heard her evacuate her body. Shelly had her arms across her knees as she continued to use the toilet. I stepped into the shower as she cleaned herself and she slowly got up and joined me in the shower. She sat on the seat in the shower as I washed myself and when done I helped her stand up on weak legs. “I have never in all my life been fucked like you just did to me. I really hope you have this out of your system as I know my ass is bruised.”

I kissed her and said “I would say I was sorry, but that would be a lie. Let’s get cleaned up and go back to bed and just cuddle and see what the morning brings us.”

We took our time and once we hit the bed I was amazed how quickly she fell asleep as we spooned with each other. I awoke to Shelly laying across my body sleeping and I had forgotten to hang the do not disturb card on the door. People were in the halls making noise. I kissed Shelly good morning as she opened her eyes. We both went to the restroom as there was a knock at the door. It was housekeeping so I open the door a crack and asked for thirty minutes. The housekeeper nodded her head without saying a word and closed the door. I saw Shelly stepping into the shower and her backside was badly bruised from the spanking I had delivered last night. We did not rush, but finished quickly. Once dressed we took my car to a restaurant and sat on either side of a booth. We talked about what had happened in our lives after we had separated. To anyone walking past we were just friends catching up.

After eating we went back to the hotel and she told me she had some things to get done and for me to relax today as tonight was her turn to use me as her toy. With just a quick kiss at her car she left me for the day.

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