Shower Fun

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This story is a work of fiction. Though the general storyline is based on personal experience, the details have been embellished.


As he finished shaving, his wife entered the bathroom. She put her towel within reach of the shower, took her nightgown off and opened the shower door. “Hey! I was just ready to get in there.”

“You snooze you lose pal” she quipped as she stepped in and closed the door.

Oh well, he thought. That’s what’s nice about Saturday mornings. No rush to get anywhere in particular. Since he was already in only his boxers, he decided to just sit down and wait his turn. As the shower water started to run, he noticed something that he’d never really thought about before. While the pebbled texture of the glass enclosure made it impossible to see details, he never the less had an enticing view of her naked curves as she stepped under the spray to wet herself down. Facing slightly away from him, his gaze slid from her strong legs, to her shapely ass to a wonderful side view of a full breast highlighted as she raised her arms to run water through her hair. Maybe going second isn’t so bad after all he mused as he removed his boxers and lightly began caressing his already rousing member.

As she turned to pick up the wash cloth and soap, she was surprised to notice him sitting on the floor. As with his view, the pebbled glass prevented her from seeing detail, but she could tell that his hand was languidly moving in his lap. “What are you doing?”

“Just watching.”

“Watching what?”

“Watching you shower.”

“I wasn’t aware that showering was a spectator sport.”

“Oh I don’t know. I’m thinking it might be pretty popular.”

He had frequently tried to get her to touch herself in front of him, but she had almost always refused, claiming she much preferred his touch. Only once had she masturbated for him, and then as quickly as possible. But this was different, she was just taking a shower she told herself as she lathered the cloth and began washing her arms and back. She turned to keep what she was washing out of the spray. Or was it to keep what she was washing facing her husband’s gaze? The reality of the question struck her as she again faced him to wash her front. Her movements slowed as she ran the cloth over her stomach, now fully aware that he was clearly stroking an erection. Her movements became less about cleaning and more about sensuality as she brought both hands up to her chest. While one hand ran the cloth over and around her heavy breasts, the other trailed behind, caressing the lather into her skin. She took far longer cleaning her breasts than was strictly ataşehir escort bayan necessary, both hands now squeezing the full orbs and pinching the distended nipples. For the first time she realized how hot she could get just from having him watch her.

While he could see the color difference of her large areola, he couldn’t actually see that her nipples were hard though he suspected they were based on the way she was clearly pinching and pulling on them. She turned to wash her ass, making a show of running the cloth down between her cheeks. She washed down the back of both legs, then turned and washed up the fronts. Finally, she spread her feet slightly and ran the clothe in between her thighs. Based on the way her hand was moving in her groin, he suspected she was getting more than just clean out of the action. A suspicion confirmed as her free hand came back up to squeeze her breasts. But all too soon, she rinsed out the cloth and hung it over the top of the stall. She got some shampoo and lathered her long blonde hair, her breasts bouncing and swaying with the motion of her raised arms. She repeated the process with conditioner, then rinsed herself thoroughly and stepped out.

He could now see that her nipples were indeed rock hard. From his vantage point sitting on the floor, he could also see that her inner pussy lips were swollen and distended, clearly visible protruding beyond her outer lips through the wispy pubic hair.

He stood up as she finished drying off. She dropped the towel and stepped towards him.

Gently taking his erection in her hand, she brushed her lips against his. “Is all this just for me?”

“Unless you know some other hot naked lady showering around here, I’d say so.”

“And what would you suggest we do with it?”

“Well for starters, I need to get a shower.”

“Right now? Really?”

“Sure. And since you did such a good job of washing you, why don’t you get back in and wash me?”

“But I just got out.”

“And? Tell you what, maybe I can make it worth your while,” he whispered against her lips as he brought a hand up between her legs and cupped her pussy.

A soft moan escaped her lips. “Mmm, that might be fun,” as she opened the door and stepped back in. He followed her and as he closed the door she turned the water back on and soaped up a new cloth. “First things first, turn around.” He faced away from her and she began to sensuously scrub his arms, then his back and down over his butt. She snaked an arm under his and with her hand on his chest for leverage, pressed her breasts against his back as she slipped her cloth covered hand down escort kadıöy between his cheeks and gently massaged his perineum and asshole. Once his ass was the cleanest it had ever been, she squatted and scrubbed his legs, placing soft kisses all over his cheeks the whole time. She stood back up, “okay time for the front.” He turned to face her and before lathering him up, she leaned in and took one of his nipples between her lips, sucking gently and flicking it with her tongue.

She pulled back and slowly washed his chest, then down across his abdomen and finally circled around his groin, bringing her hand up from beneath and cupped his balls. After gently, but thoroughly lathering his scrotum, she brought her hand up, encircled the base of his throbbing cock and began softly stroking the cloth up and down from base to crown. As she stroked him, she again took a nipple in her mouth and sucked firmly. Sensing he was getting close, she released both his cock and nipple and grabbed the shampoo. She noticed how much quicker and easier it was to wash his short hair and when she was finished, whispered in his ear, “I think you’re clean now. Why don’t you rinse off.”

He kissed her passionately, sliding his tongue between her lips. Then they switched positions so that he was under the spray facing her. With his head under the water and eyes closed, he didn’t see her leaning over and was surprised by her touch as she again cupped his balls, kneading them is she slipped her lips over the head of his cock. He groaned as she circled her tongue around the bulbous head, ran it through the slit at the top and then began gently, but firmly sucking. Somewhat reluctantly, he pulled her mouth off of his cock and brought her lips up to his. She continued to stroke him as he thrust his tongue between her lips and she gave it the same treatment she had given his cock head.

She squealed as he suddenly spun her around, then sighed as he pressed his cock against her ass and brought his hands up to maul her breasts. She loved the feel of his hard cock sliding against her as he kneaded her breasts, but she needed more. Reaching behind her, she levered his shaft down and sensing what she wanted he bent his knees so that she could slip him between her legs. She released him and with a satisfying smack, his cock snapped back up against her pussy. She reached over her shoulder with one hand, cradling his head against her shoulder. The other hand slipped between her legs from the front, firmly pressing the top of his shaft against her pussy and clit. They ground like this for several minutes while he continued to knead her breasts and maltepe escort pull on her nipples.

“I need you inside me,” she moaned as she began to try to press his cock head between her lips, but try as they might, there just wasn’t enough room to get the right angle. Grunting with frustration, she slid her hips forward, releasing his cock and turned around to face him. She placed her lips on his and taking his cock in her hand again breathed, “I need something inside me, fuck me with your fingers.”

Placing a hand on the wall behind her for support, he lowered his head enough to take an erect nipple in his mouth. He flicked the hard nib with his tongue, then began sucking firmly as he brought his other hand up between her slightly parted thighs, again cupping her pussy in the palm of his hand. He briefly massaged her mound, then slipped his fingers between her engorged lips and thrilled at her gasp as he slid two fingers into her needy opening. Even in the shower he could tell how wet her pussy was as he began thrusting his fingers in her.

Finally having the emptiness between her legs filled, she cradled his head against her breast and thrust her pussy onto his fingers. She continued to roll her hips against his hand as she brought his mouth up to hers and hooked her arm around his neck to keep herself from collapsing. Now that he was upright, she again took his hard cock in her hand. She grasped the shaft firmly and used her thumb to draw circles on the sensitive area just below the head. She knew he was getting close when he began to thrust his cock in her hand so she gave up the direct stimulation of the glans and began stroking his cock in time with his fingers in her pussy. The slight swelling and hardening of his cock told her he was there even before he mumbled, “I’m going to cum” against her lips. She felt the first powerful jet splash against the bottoms of her breasts and as she continued stroking thrilled at the feel of spurt after spurt against her heaving belly. Because her skin was wet, the surprising amount of cum slid easily down her belly and into her bush, collecting in his hand. The feeling of his hot cum being ground into her clit and pussy lips added to the fingers thrusting in her hole pushed her over the edge. She clung to him for dear life and whimpered against his lips as with a final roll of the hips, her pussy began violently contracting around the intruding fingers.

As her orgasm faded away, he slipped his fingers from her hole and began to massage her mound. Being far too sensitive for that, she released his deflating shaft and drew his hand from between her legs. Switching places with him, she rinsed the remains of his cum from her breasts, stomach and mound, then turned off the water. They got out and dried off. Before going to get dressed, she embraced him. Planting a tender kiss on his lips she whispered, “maybe I should shower first every weekend.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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