Sister Has a Few Questions

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I don’t think that I shall forget the day that my relationship with my sister changed.

My sister Gretchen and I attend the same tiny Iowa high school. I have always been outgoing and gregarious, even as a child I would command audiences wherever my mother or father would take me, a real ham, they said. I became addicted to sports early on and played year round until I graduated and moved onto college. Being so outgoing, and not to be cocky, but very handsome as well, I was also probably the most popular guy in High School, eventually sewing up Homecoming and Prom King. At the time of this account, I stood six foot one, weighed about one ninety and was solid, not ripped muscular, but very solid. I wore my light brown hair a little on the long side in the latest style and was very hip to fashion. Enough about me, onto my sister. We are polar opposites, she did not give a shit one about makeup, and her style was all her own.

She was a complete bookworm and wore horn rimmed glasses, and get this, they had the chain on them, Fifties style! I had worn contacts since junior high, screw glasses. She was probably five foot five and a little on the thin side, and ever since that time a few years ago when I heard my mom tell her that she was “now a woman”, which I took to mean that Aunt Flo had begun her monthly visits, she had worn baggy clothes, so I had no idea what her body looked like, even in the summer time she wore oversized clothes and Dad’s t-shirts, not that I cared. Looking back on it, had we been in a big city school that was more diverse and eclectic, she may have been considered fashionable as she reminded me of Andie on Pretty in Pink, kind of her own style and damn you if you don’t like it. Gretchen wore her long reddish blonde hair straight, and her face was generally clear, however, she had a small dusting of acne right at her hair line. Needless to say, she was not in the popular crowd.

My relationship with her was typical brother/sister; cat/dog relationship. I would torture that girl until she would scream for Dad and I would relax, well, a little anyway. I would not acknowledge her when we saw each other at school and would generally ignore her all in all, unless I needed help with homework and she was always glad to help me. I would never thank her.

As a typical stuck up jock asshole, I ran with other typical stuck up jock assholes. I mentioned that we attended a small school, and the entire high school, 9th through 12th would have the same lunch hour and that was mine and my friends’ highlight of the day. We would make comments to the underclass girls, especially the cute freshman, threw food, make fun of people and generally be jerks. It was on this one occasion that this watershed moment occurred.

My buddy Brett was the football teams’ star offensive lineman, resident dumb ass and all around instigator. He was a big corn fed motherfucker that eventually went on to Iowa State with a full ride football scholarship, which is great for him, for I feared that he would never get out of this town as we had talked about so many times. He was so damn big that even the principal of the school, a big (in his own right) former Marine would only ‘suggest’ that Brett do certain things, not command. We had hung out together since Kindergarten, so we were pretty close. When Brett homed in on somebody to torture, he was like Anton Chigurh from ‘No Country For Old Men’, he would not stop until the mission was accomplished, and he happened to be concentrating on one of Gretchen’s friends, an chubby girl named Heather.

From what I understand, Brett had homed in on her about three weeks ago and was pretty relentless, calling her names, teasing her openly, and just generally making her life a living Hell. So much so that Gretchen once told me that she had taken to skipping school to ease the immense pressure. At the time, I would always think that his pestering and bullying was funny, and I would join in on the group laughter on a regular basis. This particular day, Gretchen and Heather were sitting a table on the next row away from us with their backs towards my group. Brett was tossing food scraps at Heather, intending to hit her in the head and all the while lambasting her about her weight. I just stopped and surveyed the situation. I could tell that Heather was upset, why shouldn’t she be, she was the target of public humiliation. The next thing that I know, Heather was bawling hysterically, and my sister Gretchen was standing at our table, one hand on her hip and the other hand wagging a finger in Brett’s face, giving him a piece of her mind. I was literally aghast when I saw what was going on, but I realized that I felt admiration for her at this time. She admonished Brett for his actions and was getting after him pretty good until he grabbed his bottle of water and threw the contents at her, soaking her face and front of her sweater.

It was like time stood still. I saw her reaction in slow motion and I could hear the guys and girls at our round table break into raucous laughter, however, türkçe altyazı porno it was from afar, deep back in my head, not in my ears. Gretchen’s head turned towards me and her glossed over, tear filled eyes met mine. It was at that moment that my heart did a flip flop and my stomach briefly churned. Goddamnit, she was family, my blood.

“STOP, DAMN IT!” I bellowed as I slammed my fist down on the table, causing cups to spill and the lunch trays to clatter against the table. “Don’t fuck with my sister!”

Brett just laughed and something in me snapped. Brett had at minimum two inches on me and well over 150lbs, but I did not care, I had the element of surprise as I leapt at him, shoulder blocking him and knocking him over into the table which caused a huge mess. I snatched his neck in my hand and squeezed for all that I was worth, in the back of my mind praying that he wouldn’t bow up, knowing that I would be a dead man.

“If you or anyone else fucks with my sister or her friends, I am going to kick the shit outta somebody, ya got that?” I threatened.

I must have made quite the impression, because all that I received from my circle of friends were wide eyed, frightened stares and heads nodding in acknowledgement. I released Brett and stalked off, giving Gretchen a cursory glance as I did so.

The big test came that afternoon at football practice while we were getting dressed. My head was down lacing up my cleats when the room darkened. The reason for the eclipse was Brett, standing in the light. Behind him was most of the team, the seniors anyway.

“Man,” He started, “I am sorry. I didn’t know that shit bothered you that much.”

I stood and shook his hand.

“I am sorry too. But you have to realize that bullshit that you pull all of the time is fucking stupid.” I was chewing him out pretty good. “Just fucking leave people alone, Brett. It may have been funny when we were kids, but fuck! We are fully fucking grown men. Just let people be.”

“You’re right, Jack.” Brett stated. “Now, let’s get to practice before coach wears us out!”

Later that evening, I was in my room doing homework when I heard steps on the stairs down into the basement. Gretchen and I lived in a modest one story, three bedroom home with a nice two car garage on the outskirts of Burlington, Iowa with our parents, who had been married for twenty six years. When I turned sixteen, they allowed me to move into the basement, which was incredibly cool as I could come and go as I pleased out of the cellar door and generally did. It was set up like a loft style apartment as the basement had no walls, save for where the shower and bathroom were.

I turned away from my laptop toward the stairs and my sister was walking towards me. She had changed into a pair of white Hello Kitty sweats and a Morrissey T-Shirt.

“Thanks for today, Jack.” Gretchen said barely above a whisper. I just grunted.

“Well,” She said, wringing her hands together. “I’ll leave you alone.”

“Hey, Gretch,” I stopped her as she turned away from me. “I’m going to put in ‘The 40 Year Old Virgin’ if you want to watch with me.”

Gretchen smiled and agreed.

“Heather would thank you as well.” She said, almost as an afterthought.

“Tell her to take a shower and lose some weight, fucking take care of herself and that wouldn’t happen to her.”

She just shrugged and headed over to the TV/Entertainment area of the basement.

“Where’s mom and dad?”

“Did you forget ‘Date Night’, Jack?”

I grunted. Mom and dad reserved Friday nights for their date night, where they would head into town for catfish and drinks, then come home and fuck until the wee hours, then sleep in on Saturdays.

“Well,” I said, looking at her intently, “if you don’t rat me out, I am going to raid the liquor cabinet. Do you want something?”

Gretchen gave me a quizzical look.

“Its Friday, you’re not going out?”

“Nah, I don’t get paid until Wednesday, I don’t have enough money to just cruise around all night.”

“In that case, sure, make me something.”

I returned a few minutes later, handing Gretchen a Crown and Seven.

She sipped. “Wow! That is strong!”

We watched the movie, and I could tell that she wanted to talk to me.

“What’s up, Gretch?”

She reddened.

“Do guys really wake up with boners?” Gretchen asked, referring to the character, Andy, attempting to pee with morning wood.

I laughed heartily.

“Yeah, we do.” I grinned sheepishly.

“What’s it like to have sex?”

“You’ll find out eventually, little sister.”

“Can I tell you a big secret?”


“You have to promise not to tell ANYONE!” She pleaded.

“Damn, Gretchen, I promise!”

“Well, you know how Brett has been giving Heather so much shit, and she has been taking it so hard?”

I just shook my head.


“Well, she is confused, because Brett and Heather are friends away vivid porno from school. Um, friends with benefits.”

I was amazed, disbelieving.

“You are lying, little sister! Liars go to Hell!”

She laughed and leaned over, slapping me on the thigh.

“Seriously, they have been having sex for months. Two or three times a week, sometimes in his car at school even!”

I was flabbergasted.

“She says that he loves to get his dick sucked, AND,” she whispered this part, barely audible, as if someone was listening in, “she drinks his goo!”

“You are kidding me!” I was stunned. “I am going to—”

“Jack! You promised!”

“Damn, I did, didn’t I?”

We talked for a long time, into the wee hours of the morning, discussing a huge variety of topics. My sister was smart about a lot of subjects and I liked to hear her opinions on things.

“Ya know, Gretch,” I said, not looking at her, “it’s nice to talk to you. You are actually pretty cool.”

She just reddened and grinned sheepishly. We watched the ending of New Moon and I switched off the tube,

“What’s that noise?” Gretchen asked quizzically.

I listened for a moment, hearing the weekly moans coming through the register. The basement was an awesome place to live; the only drawback is that it is a lightning rod for nearly every sound in the house, which funnels down into my space.

“That’s mom and dad and their weekly sex fest. That is the only drawback to the basement, all of the noises in the house filter down here. I have to listen to them bang each other silly every Friday night.”

She snuck over to the vent in my ceiling as if they would be able to hear her. She turned back to me, covering her mouth and giggling like a three year old.

“Oh my! Daddy is giving it to her!”

I laughed at her reaction.

“That’s nothing, they are just getting started, Gretchen.”

She ran over and sat next to me on the sectional, straining to hear our parents fuck.

“Did you hear that?” Gretchen giggled.


“Mommy told Daddy to keep licking her! Lick her? What does she mean?”

I was sitting on the left side of the sofa, against the armrest with my left arm along the rest, and my right arm on the back of the couch, my right leg stretched out along the backrest, and Gretchen was sitting between my legs Indian style facing me. She was staring intently into my eyes, with a huge grin on her face, her eyes smiling as much as her mouth, making a great effort to listen. Every time that she heard a noise, she would giggle and lean forward, placing a hand on each of my thighs.

“You can’t be that naïve, Gretch!”

“Jack! Don’t tease! Seriously, what is going on?”

“Dad is eating her out, dumbass!”

She just gave me a queer look.

“Eating at the Y, munching the rug, going down on her, eating her pussy…Cunnilingus?”

Realization and redness crept up on her as her face got a knowing look about it.

“Is that gross?”

“Hell, no!” I snorted. “Chicks love that, as much as a guy loves getting head!”

Just then, a deep, guttural moan floated through my downstairs, ‘Suck my clit!’ rang in our ears.

We just paused and stared at each other, then burst out laughing.

“Have you ‘eaten at the Y’ before, Jack?”


“Is it good?”

“Gretchen!” I said, exasperated.


“It’s great, if you must know.”

“It sounds like it!”

I had never seen her this giddy, and I must admit, it was really cute; however, her next question floored me.

“Will you do that to me?”


Gretchen leaned forward, one hand on each upper thigh, her face dangerously close to mine.

“Listening to this is making me wet, ya know, down there, will you lick my pussy? I want to know what it’s like!”

We just stayed there; I looking into her eyes, looking for some sort of clue, her stare was one of determination.


She giggled and leapt up, clapping giddily while my heart pounded, seemingly trying to burst through my chest wall.

Gretchen wasted no time in shucking off her sweatpants and panties in one swift motion, tossing them to the side, revealing her naked lower half to me. Her legs were skinny, not much definition in her pale calves or thighs. Her legs were dusted with a light spraying of freckles, her pussy barely obscured by a sparse covering of neatly groomed reddish blonde pubic hair.

She sank back on the couch and lifted her knees up to her chest and spread her legs in anticipation as I crawled between them, her hand playing lazily with her clit.

I knelt between her legs and ran my palm over her mound, pressing downwards on it, eliciting a moan from her, and then brought my thumb through her furrow from the bottom of her channel to her clit, which I was in awe of, it was huge, it looked like an erect baby penis poking out of her hood. She was so right, her pussy was dripping wet, and I dipped my thumb woodman casting porno in her juices and rubbed it over her quivering lips and up and over her burgeoning lady cock.

Her eyes were as big as saucers, ripe with fear and longing as she sucked in her lower lip, chewing on it as she placed her hand on my head, pushing me downstairs.

My tongue flattened out and made contact with her labia, licking upwards like she was my own ice cream cone several times slowly, avoiding her clit. I was just savoring her taste, preparing for the onslaught.

“Mmm, oh yeah, it’s so good…” Gretchen moaned.

“Such a pretty pussy.” I whispered into her snatch as I opened her lips, exposing her folds to my questing eyes.

Repositioning myself, I extended my tongue out as far as I could and used it to fuck her little bitty hole as she wrapped her legs about my shoulders, forcing me down into her. She bit her finger as she whimpered and came into my mouth suddenly, and I lapped at her nectar, savoring her tanginess.

With her legs wrapped around me, I grabbed her by the hips and pulled her towards me, her ass now hanging off of the edge of the sofa pad, and curled her lower half upwards, and using both of my hands, pressing downwards on the back of her knees and placing her socked feet on my shoulders, allowing me better access to her cunt. I opened her butt cheeks, exposing her pink little wrinkled starfish to me. I lapped at her sphincter while rubbing her clit, listening to her moan and feeling her grab at my hair, pulling it hard. I glanced up at her, her head was turned, her eyes closed while she rubbed at her tits, pinching her now erect nipples.

“I’m going to cum, Oh, Jesus, Jack!” She whimpered as I penetrated her anal ring with my tongue, feeling the orgasm course through her tiny frame.

I couldn’t help but smile as I had brought her to orgasm twice without even really starting yet, she was going to go crazy when I really got into it.

Kissing her thighs and nuzzling her pubic hair allowed her to cool down a bit, and I reached up and flicked at her clit. She jumped.


I ran my tongue inside of her lips, first one side, and then the other before I leaned back, pinching her long clit between my thumb and forefinger.

“You are so good,” she panted, “keep going, Jack, keep going!”

I obliged, bending down and swirling my tongue around her mini-penis that was a clitoris, then sucking it into my mouth hard. Gretchen arched her back and let out a long, low howl.

“Oooooo! Ohhhhhhhhh!”

I continued to slurp at her extended clit, sucking it like I was giving her a blowjob, while I ran my middle finger through her lips, getting it good and wet, then plunged it to the third knuckle into her honey hole; she jumped and gasped.

Gretchen literally growled and seized a handful of my hair and yanked downward, smashing my face into her crotch, my eyes watered as my nose crashed into her bony pelvis, but I trooped on, not stopping the pressure that I had on her clit.


Deep in the throes of her multiple orgasms, she yanked my head away from her sensitive pussy, our eyes locked as I started fingering her as fast and as hard as I could, my hair still wrapped in her hand, she wrenched my head to the right, her eyes feral and glazed over, looking through me.

An enormous spasm ripped through her body as she shuddered violently, then collapsed back into the couch.

She was breathless and uninhibited as I stayed there between her spread legs, watching her sluggishly running her finger through her reddened lips, moaning softly.

“You’re hard.” She whispered. “Come here.”

On command, I rose, still on my knees, and my sister reached down between my legs and grasped my hard cock through my shorts. Gretchen leaned forward and grabbed at the waistband of my sweats and snatched them down to my knees, my erection bobbed up, swollen and red.

“I’ve never seen one before, I like it.”

She stroked me overhand, absently, then dropped back into the cushions of the sectional, placing the length of my rod onto her hot pussy. She pulled on it until I got the drift and began fucking my manhood through the furrows of her labia, using her lips to masturbate me.

I gripped her hips and picked up the pace, I could see her lips try to hang onto my shaft as I tickled her clit with the underside of my stick, pulling back to where her engorged lips enveloped my glans, subsequently pushing upwards to where my heavy balls bumped against her taint, I don’t remember ever being this hard as her wetness enveloped my cock, causing it to glisten with her juices. Gretchen pulled her shirt up and over her head, revealing her naked breasts to me, bigger than I imagined them to be with bright red areola and long skinny nipples. I bent forward and sucked one into my mouth as she groaned.

“Don’t fuck me.” Gretchen pleaded.

It took great effort to not plunge it into her depths as she reached forward to tickle my balls. Gretchen then licked her fingers and pushed my pole down, smashed between her pussy lips and the palm of her hand.

“Faster, Jack, I am gonna cum again, faster!”

I jack hammered at her, feeling the inevitable rise up from the depths of my being.

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