Slave Meetings

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I decided to go out by myself Friday night. Missy wasn’t feeling to good and she told me that if I wanted I could borrow the car. I decided to take her up on the offer. I felt like I needed some alone e time anyway. I decided to head over to The Docks. Its a club on the island near one of the club ‘s I used to work at. I thought that if nothing else I could get a story out of it. Most of the Navy and Air Force guys hang out there and I knew that at least a few of them would be there. It was cold out so I wore a pair of black jeans, a black low cut body suit, and my Thor’s hammer. I headed inside, paid my cover charge, and went to the back bar area. I was there maybe ten minutes before I spotted my “story” for the evening. He wasn’t my type generally but I thought he would do. He was about 6’2″, well built but skinny, light skinned black, and a marine (I found this part out later). I approached him and we started talking. About two hours and a few dances later we decided to walk down onto the beach. The breeze was blowing fairly hard off of the Gulf as we headed down to the secluded area to the left of the club. There are some wooden beach chairs that are always set up between the hotel and the club. They are fairly comfortable (especially for what your little slut had in mind) and no light from the hotel pendik escort or the club hits them.

We made it over to the one of the innermost beach chairs and sat down side by side. He was talking about out being called up and I decided to get his mind off of it. I pointed down the beach towards the strip clubs. “Do you see that middle one right down there? The one that is shaped almost triangular?” He gazed off towards the direction for a minute then spotted the club I was talking about. He nodded and smiled. “What about it?”

“That’s were I used to work. I was a dancer for awhile then I doubled as a night shift manager.” He smiled slightly and looked over to me. “And now your what….owner or some shit?” I laughed out loud an d looked at him. “No as a matter of fact….I’m not even in the business anymore.” He smiled and looked up and down my body … mostly at my chest.

“Do you um … remember … any of those dance moves?” I smiled back and told him a few. I asked him if he wanted to see and he laughed a little and said sure. I stood up and walked towards the water. I knew from that point that he was the only one that could actually see me and even then he couldn’t see much at all.

I thought for a minute trying to get some sort of old tune in my head that would bring back an maltepe escort old show. It didn’t take long for it to come to me. I b began to dance to the music that played loudly in my mind. Almost tuning him out completely. I fell back into remembering and feeling those hot lights on me, hearing the loud music, and hearing the crowd. I started to dance and sway and b began to take off my jeans first. I slowly unbuttoned and unzipped them and slid just three of my fingers down into the waist to glide them down my thighs. I kicked them off into the bright white sand next to my shoes. The contrast of the white sand and black jeans and shoes reminded me of the contrast in our skin tones. I smiled to myself knowing how much you and I both are going to enjoy the mission you have set for me when you return home.

Once my jeans were off I slid just two fingernails between my thighs and in one quick motion I unsnapped my body suit. He smiled as my fingers began to play with my already soaking wet clit. I fingered m myself slightly or him still dancing to the music that was playing loudly in my mind. I began moving towards him as if moving down a cat walk at the club. I stopped must in front of him. He was now seated on the very end of the beach chair with his legs spread just enough apart for my kartal escort body to fit between them. I stood there still slightly moving and preparing for the lap dance that I had had in mind for him to begin with. His hands glided up my creamy white legs towards my hips.

I grinded down and let my hands fall to unzip his jeans. He smiled as I reached into his pants and slid his huge black cock out. I began to stroke him as I moved my hips against him. He smiled and groaned against my neck. I moved closer and then straddled him barely letting my clit hit against his cock. He moaned again and pressed up letting the head of his cock slide along my clit and into my pussy. He pressed up a few more ties before finally sliding all the way in. I moaned and began to ride his cock.

“You want me to ride your huge black cock? Hmmm *grinding harder and harder onto him* You want my little pink cunt t to wrap around that huge cock? Cum inside me *riding him faster* cum inside my little white cunt! *ramming down on him* shoot that cum deep into my cunt.” That is all that it took. I felt him swell, heard him suck in a breath, and then felt load after hot load flood into my hot, tight, cunt. He moaned one last time as I stood. The second that his cock head slid out of my cunt t, cum poured out of me and back onto him. He moaned a little more as I dipped a finger down and tasted the mix of cum and smiled. We noticed a few people coming out of the club and decided to go ahead and get dressed. I slid back into my pants, had a coke, and headed back to Missy’s.

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