“Some People Collect Stamps…”

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“Some People Collect Stamps…”
So, how did I ever get started on the path of being such an avid cocksucker? That’s a valid question, and it deserves a valid answer to it!

It ‘began’ when I went to an adult bookstore in my home town when I was around 19 years old. I’d driven past the place many times, and I’d always been intrigued by it, and I wanted to go inside and see for myself what it was like; but I’d always driven on past each time I’d initially thought I’d go in—except finally, on a very hot and humid summer day in 1981, I pulled into the dusty gravel parking lot and, with my heart pounding in my chest and neck, I walked in through the front door!

The first thing that I noticed about the place was the heavy aroma of cigarette smoke. The place seemed totally saturated in it. There were three of four other men there, all browsing around the shelves of VHS tapes and magazines. No one made eye contact with anyone else. They seemed nervous. I felt nervous as well! I’d never been to an adult bookstore, and I found the whole thing a little bit daunting! The ambience of pure, unadulterated sexual lust was palpable! It was almost overwhelming in it’s unvarnished intensity; and yet, I found it strangely appealing!

I browsed around for five or ten minuets, not sure what else to do at first; and then I noticed that there was a place where you could watch a video in the back room; and so I randomly selected a tape (I don’t remember what it was I chose), walked up to the old woman who was standing behind the cash register near the front door (who was puffing on a cigarette), and placed the tape box on the counter.

“Can I watch this?” I inquired.

“You’ll have to pay to do that,” she replied, the cigarette bobbing up and down in the corner of her mouth as she spoke.

“Okay<" I replied. "How much?" She said, and I paid. "So, where do I go?" I asked. "I've never been here before," I added by way of explanation. She güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri gave me a curious sort of smirk. “See that door way?” She said, pointing behind her. “It’ll be in booth number 3.”

“Oh, okay. Thanks!” I replied, still feeling very nervous, and I entered the darkened entrance. Booth number 3 was half way down a very dimly lit short hallway, with numbered doors. I found number 3 easily enough, and went in and closed the door behind me, and secured it with the flimsy latch mechanism, and sat down on the cheap looking white plastic lawn chair provided.

The video I’d selected to watch was already playing as I found the booth. So, I sat down in the even darker booth and proceeded to watch my selection.

I’d sat there not more than maybe five minuets, when someone walked into the booth next to me. I heard them close the door, and slide the latch, and then silence, for a few moments.

I distinctly heard the sound of whoever it was next to me unzipping their fly. Then I head the sound of the plastic chair being scooted on the tiled floor, and then, suddenly, unexpectedly, I saw a cock being inserted through a round hole in the wall to my left!

“Hey!” I heard a guys voice on the other side of the plywood wall that separated each of the booths say, in a slightly horse sort of whisper, “suck my cock!”

I didn’t say anything for a full moment! I was still getting used to seeing some other guys cock being proffered in such a brazon manner!

“Come on, man!” The other guy said. “Suck my cock! I’m fucking horny, you know? Come on! Do me a favor! Okay?” Then he added: “PLEASE?!”

Peerhaps I should have just got up and left and gone home, but I didn’t! Though I didn’t suck the guys cock, I did set there and jerk him off! As my hand closed around the rather large, and quite fat cock, I felt my excitement suddenly increase; and I stroked that curiously disembodied cock, back and perabet forth, from the guys hairy balls, all the way to the fascinating looking cock head!

“Oh, fuck YESSS!!” I heard the other guy say, and even through the plywood, it was obvious that what I was doing was something he really, really enjoyed a lot; and as I remained there like that, I was unmistakably excited as well!

He kept asking me to suck his cock, but I kept hesitating. Part of me was definitely more than a little intrigued about that particular idea, but I was also hesitant at the same time!

So, all he got from me that day was a hand job. I couldn’t get over how fascinating his cock felt in my grasp; how warm it felt; how stiff, yet satiny smooth it was at the same time! He had a very nicely circumcised cock head, too, and it was blunt, but at the same time sleek. It was incredibly beautiful I thought! As I stroked that guys cock, my own cock was hard as well, but cramped, and a little bit uncomfortable, but I didn’t take mine out!

When he finally came (and I’ll never forget this for as long as I live), I stood there, my hand continuing to stroke his thick, warm cock shaft, as I watched in utter fascination as he erupted an incredibly huge amount of cum! The first shot rocketed a considerable distance, which was rapidly followed by another, and then another, and another, and another…and I was stunned at just HOW MUCH cum this guy had!

“Oh, fuckyesss, fuckyess, fuckyessss!!!” The guy kept saying, over and over again, as he emptied his balls all over the dirty linoleum floor tiles, as well as some of it on my fingers!

When he’d stopped ejaculating, I let go of his cock, and he remained standing there, pushing up against his side of the plywood wall divider for several moments; his balls hanging over the dirty edge of the crudely cut hole, and his cock, though not as erect as a moment before, remained surprisingly erect!

I was fascinated perabet giriş by it’s length, it’s shape, it’s girth. It truly was a beautiful sight!!

A small drop of his cum oozed out the end of his cock head, and hung in the air. Without knowing just why,  reached out and caught it on the tip of one of my fingers, and then, also not knowing just why I did, I licked that other guys cum from my finger tip, as well as the back of my fingers…and I enjoyed the curious taste it had! It wasn’t the least gross, or disgusting; as I’d initially thought it probably would be! In fact, there was a subtle sweetness to it!

“I fucking NEEDED that!” I heard the other guy saying as he withdrew his cock back through the glory hole. “Thanks, dude.” I stayed in the booth for a while (I’d lost interest in the video I’d selected earlier), and I caught a brief glimpse of the guy who had been in the booth next to me, the guy I’d just jerked-off. He was shorter than I; on the stocky side; maybe in his early 60’s, or so I guessed. He looked like he might have been one of those 18-wheel trucker drivers; at least that was the impression I got. I had no idea, of course, what he did for a living.

After I’d waited a few moments, I left the booth. As I walked past the cashier, she gave me a funny look. She smiled, and said: “Hope you come back!”

“Thanks,” I replied. “Maybe I will, someday.”

“Take care, sweetie,” she said, and taking a long draw on her cigarette, I said I’d do that. Then I left.

Walking to my car, I caught sight of the guy I knew had been the one in the booth next to mine; and, sure enough, he was climbing up into the cab of a big-rig, that he’d parked at the end of the gravel parking lot, and more or less out of sight of the main street.

I got in my car before he could see me doing so, and waited again. After he’d driven off, I started the car up and left. And…that’s how I got the itch to suck other guys cocks! Though sucking cocks came a bit later, having jerked that other guy off had left in me a lingering fascination, and an interest in doing more of that! Plus, it’s also where I had my first-ever taste of another guys cum; and I liked it; and I wanted to taste it again!

The End 

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