Someday Scores Settled? Ch. 05: The Storm

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The reader is always encouraged to read previous chapters to understand the context and continuity of the story.

Someday Scores Settled?

Chapter 5

The Storm

In deep thought, Ryan lay back with one hand behind his head and with the other he cradled Ricki next to his side. “You know I don’t think our parents mind if we sleep together. They seem to travel out of town more. Your parents went to the mountains and mine have been invited to Doc Larkin’s river cabin this weekend. And yes, it’s nice lying with you without our clothes on.”

Ricki laughed and said, “Mom already knows that we are having sex. She doesn’t seem to mind. You know if one parent knows, all know. Furthermore, we’re both eighteen which makes us adults.”

Ryan responded, “Yeah you’re probably right. That makes us ‘fucking’ adults. Now let’s talk about our plans after we get out of high school. Tell me what you are going to do?”

Ricki smiled, thought for a moment and said, “I’m going to fuck you every chance I get before we graduate.”

“How so,” Ryan asked? “And how do you keep from getting pregnant. You know that pussy is so good; it’s hard to pull out. And I can’t stand to use those condoms anymore.”

Ricki agreed, “I can’t stand them either. Furthermore, I want you to shoot in me. It just feels so right, when I know you are coming. I can hold you and feel every pulse. Then it gets so warm inside. It’s wet; it’s sloppy; it’s messy and feels so good. When you’re coming, I get this special connection. It’s like we’re one person.”

“You are so open and honest; I love the way you talk and my dick is getting hard again.”

“Don’t worry; we’re not going to let it go-to-waste. You know, I’m already on the pill. Mom helped me get the prescription so that my period would regulate…ha, ha. When Mom made me that Doctor’s appointment, she told me that I might have to deal with normal and natural aspects of sex and this way I can take responsible care of myself. Mom has always been kind of cool about sex. She says she loves it and I admire her for it.

She says Dad is worse than she and that he can’t get enough. And she loves for him to be that way. She’d say that if he wasn’t that way, she would think something’s wrong. Then she always says something nice about you. She even teased me about that day you had a hard-on in my room. She says you remind her of Dad. That’s when she said, make it good for him.”

Ryan laughed out loud. “You mean she saw me with a ‘hard-on’ and she’s OK with us having sex. That’s embarrassing. I can’t believe she said that. Your Mom is so great. She’s probably right. But then I heard you mention going to New York after you got out of High school.”

“Yes, that true,” Ricki replied. “I kind of gave up those dreams when Mrs. Atkins screwed me out of that chance for a scholarship. But Mom has an older sister, Aunt Traci. She lives in New York and works for a seamstress company. She sews for the high fashion industry. Since her divorce she wants me to come up and live with her. She said she would help me find a job where she works. I’m planning to use my money and go to one of the fashion-design schools. Mom and Aunt Traci think I have some talent and might have a future in that business. I think that’s why she didn’t mind so much about me missing out on the Richmond school.”

“Go for it. I don’t blame you one bit. Get the hell out of this town. It seems the local people around here want to keep us down in our place forever.”

“What are your plans,” Ricki asked? “I know you’re going into service. But what do you plan to do long-term?”

This is something that Doc has talked to me about a lot. He wants me to go in the Army and says that I should prepare myself to go on into the Special Forces. He has some contacts that he says will help me. In fact, he’s helping me get past some of those reservations they have in taking me with these face scars. I think that’s why he wants me to learn all these survival skills on the weekends.”

“But I thought you were going to college. I know that’s what your parents want you to do. You’ve got excellent grades. If you go in service, they will just ship you off to Viet Nam and I may never get to see you again. That war’s almost over but I think they have some CIA operations still going on in Laos and Cambodia.

“Don’t worry, Doc has told me about a program where the armed services select smart candidates and send them to college for a degree. I’m kind of interested in special investigations and espionage and he says that he knows someone who could help me get into the program.

“But I’m afraid something will happen to you just like happened to your father.”

“Don’t worry, you may not recognize me but I promise you will see me again. Doc says with the right contacts and if I qualify for the Special pendik escort Forces, they may have a program that would change my appearance. Furthermore, I don’t think I’m prepared to go to college right now and have to deal with this hideous looking face.”

Without thinking Ricki turns on her side, propped her head on her elbow and very nonchalantly placed her hand around Ryan’s dick. She begins a slow stroking causing him to take a sudden deep breath. She smiled and said, “Keep talking, I’m listening. I love seeing it grow big and feel it get hard at the same time. That is so neat.”

Ryan tried to keep his mind on the conversation. “That’s feeling so good; slow down a little or I’ll cum all over your hand.” Changing the subject, he said, “You know what, I’m tired of laying back and letting those four privilege jerks dominate everything in class. The next time they want to see some dick those girls might get an eye-full. In P.E. class I’m not letting our pickup team be whipping boys for the varsity anymore. They might whip my ass but not without a fight.”

Ricki smiled and admired Ryan. She started again, “I feel the same way.” She kept her hand moving, at times cupping his balls and then stroking his cock softly, almost casual-like.

Then Ryan continued to tell Ricki some of his plans. “Doc says that I will be presented with opportunities that will utilize my strongest talents and not to worry about it too much because the Army will help me decide. Doc’s coming by one Saturday next month and I’m going to show him the camp I’ve made in the woods. I think he’s got something else he wants to talk with me about.”

Ricki looked down at Ryan’s bare stomach and was suddenly reminded of that little tease she wanted to perform on Ryan. She continued the gentle squeezing with one hand around his shaft while the other slithered over his stomach and traced little circles around his navel. She loved the touch of that silky hair beneath her fingers. She could tell that his excitement was beginning to climb. Slowly she advanced her touch to that little mole and each time one finger passed over it, he would flinch in the pain of pleasure. She let her fingers increase their intensity. His hips became more and more animated. She lowered her face onto his chest and took one of his nipples in her mouth.

Ryan’s concentration was all on the pleasure that Ricki was giving. She noticed that his balls had drawn up tightly into the base of his penis. His now bluish-purple mushroom head had become swollen to its maximum. Deep guttural sounds of primitive male passion escaped his chest.

The strangest feeling was now consuming them. They seemed to feel the ecstasy of the other. She had this weird sensation that she was experiencing everything that he was displaying and reacting to the emotions given off both their bodies.

The time was right. Ricki rolled over onto Ryan’s leg and anchored her crotch against his muscled thigh. She arched her pelvis into his knee and placed her lips over that cute little mole. A little suction coupled with a light flicking of her tongue was too much.

That was it. Ryan lost it.

Ricki sensed his body heave and noted those pre-orgasmic contortions that preceded his ejaculation. She locked her lips tightly to his little pleasure center, aimed his cock against her cheek and squeezed her eyes tightly shut. The sensation could not be described as she erupted in an orgasm of her own. As her body quaked, her face was treated to a series of creamy pulses. In that moment, she could only describe those first-time feelings as sensory overload.

Words could not express the complete satisfaction that they had just experienced together. They lay in a total relaxed state for several minutes. Ryan’s semen had drained from her face onto his lower stomach. Slowly he felt her face and massaged that well-earned elixir into the skin. She helped Ryan do the same thing.

When they were finally able to move, Ryan’s semen had started to get sticky. Their passions had died down and their feelings became normal. “Yuky,” Ryan laughed. “Let’s go take a shower.”


A week later, Doctor Dan Larkin arrived at Stan Gunnels’ home at 6:30 in the morning. Stan was coming out of the house at his normal routine time of leaving for work. Stan and Doc greeted each other and walked beyond the tractor shed, stood and talked for maybe 20 minutes and looked out over the garden. Paula watched them from the kitchen window. Their conversation almost looked very casual. Doc and Stan appeared as though they knew one another as close friends. It was strange that they were so nonchalant. She remembered how close Doug and Stan had been when they all were in high school. She quickly dismissed the thought and went on packing Ryan a lunch. She put in a couple of extra sandwiches for Doc.

Stan left for work and Ryan bounded out the house dressed as he normally maltepe escort does when he’s in the woods; a pair of camouflaged pants, bush hat, olive T-shirt and brogans. Doc reached into the backseat of his van, slipped on his hat, a pair of sunglasses and threw a camping bag over his shoulder.

As Ryan and Doc walked off in the direction of the woods; Paula was surprised to note how similar their walking style looked. It was stunning.

After reaching the woods, they entered a clearing into what Ryan called his backyard. Doc immediately spotted Ryan’s shelter and went on to point out the four landmarks that Ryan had used to mark off his designated territory.

Ryan was surprised, “How did you know that so quick.”

Doc just smiled and shrugged his shoulders. “Let’s sit on this log a few minutes. I’ve got something I want to show you.” Doc opened his backpack and pulled out something that looked like a telescope. He turned to Ryan and said, “Here, hold this.”

Next, he pulled out a metal box. Ryan wasn’t sure what it was. Doc then screwed the telescope on one end of the box and an eyepiece on the other. It became obvious to Ryan that it was some sort of long-range camera. Then he pulled out a wood shaped object that looked like a gunstock.

“Ryan,” he said. “What I have here is a telephoto camera that simulates a high-powered long rifle. The challenge I’m offering you is one where I want you to take photographs in this environment of animal life from very close-up to long range distances. The film you get for this camera must always come from me. I will get it developed and provide you with fresh unexposed film.

In my past life I was a spotter for a long-range sniper. It was my job to spot, photograph and document the target. It’s something I wish to keep a secret and I hope you can afford me the same courtesy. It could put both of us in danger if this information got out. Also, this equipment I’m giving you is spoils of war. It’s not illegal to own it, but it could raise questions that I would not like to answer. Please tell no one.

“Not even Mom,” Ryan asked?

“Not even your Mom,” was the Doc’s answer.

My interest is to know those distances. The film is marked to reveal that information after it’s developed.” Doc could not disclose how important it was to know precise distances. Ryan wasn’t even aware that he would be assisting with the calibration of known distances. Doc showed Ryan how to mount the camera to the stock and attach the trigger mechanism to the shutter release. Now it had the appearance of a rifle. Doc handed the camera to Ryan.

Ryan could hardly wait to test the new camera. Then he showed his shelter to Doc.

Ryan’s efforts had exceeded Doc’s expectations and as a result he praised Ryan accordingly. But as with most seniors, he also administered some caution. “Learn well Ryan, you will be faced with more, higher-risk challenges as you get older, particularly as you go into the service.”

Ryan acknowledged his advice.

Doc became aware of dark clouds gathering back in the west. Occasionally, lighting would flash in the distance.

Ryan noticed that Doc would look at his watch whenever lighting appeared. Thunder rumbled soon after each flash.

“We’d better start heading for the house,” Doc said somewhat hurriedly. “It’s coming this way pretty fast. We might even get wet.”

They left the woods in a slight jog. Ryan felt that he was in pretty good shape. He also found out that Doc was in better shape than he realized. The smell of the threatening storm was strong. The clouds continued to build, and the sky became darker. The wind picked up in the top of the trees and the temperature dropped immediately. They topped the hill and saw the old tractor barn as the nearest shelter. Suddenly a flash of lightning and loud clap of thunder exploded near the fence row. Both took off running at full speed. Their competitive juices kicked in.

Ryan stepped up the pace. Doc smiled, glanced over at Ryan and increased his pace. One would jump ahead and then the other would match. They still weren’t fast enough; the rain came in sheets.

As mother’s often do, Paula looked out the kitchen window in search of the two that were in the woods. Somehow, she knew Ryan would be safe with Doc. She still wanted them home where she could see them. She smiled as she saw them racing to the barn. She grabbed up some dry towels, put on her raincoat, opened her umbrella and got to the barn just as the two machos raced in out of the rain.

They were all laughing as they reached the shelter. She gave them each a towel and said, “Here, dry off with these and pull those soaked clothes off.” She then paused, looked at Doc and with an amused smile said, “I guess for now you’ll have to keep your pants on. I’ll go back into the house and get you an old pair of Stan’s pants. Anyway, pull those wet shirts off.

Without kartal escort thinking, Doc pulled off his soaked T-shirt and started wringing the water out. His soaked pants had dropped down below his navel. That wet matted hair around his navel would reveal a secret of years past.

Paula glanced down and was hit with one of the most surprising sights that she thought she’d never see again. There it was. The rain-soaked patch of hair revealed “the mole”. There was no mistake. It was that thing that she remembered so fondly many years ago. That same thing she sees every time she sees Ryan without his shirt. The shape was the same; as distinctive as ever. Her face paled. Her mood completely changed. Doc noticed and didn’t understand why, then glanced down, turned slightly and understood completely. How was he going to get out of this he wondered?

Paula was astonished. She put her hand over her mouth and walked back into the house without pausing to put her raincoat back on. Could it be? Was she over-reacting? It had to be more than coincidence. She returned with a dry set of clothes, handed them to Ryan, avoided Doc’s stare and went back into the house. Her body betrayed her as she felt a sudden sexual excitement pour through her loins. Who was this man? She had seen the mole. There was no doubt in her mind. Yet the face was not the same. How could that be?

There was no doubt in Paula Gunnels mind. She had spotted that telltale identifying mark below Doc’s rain-soaked navel. It bothered her so much that she couldn’t sleep. All day long she was continually interrupted with images of that damn mole.

After retiring for bed, flashback memories of years past crept into her consciousness. Exciting moments of their passions flashed into her thoughts. Stan snored so loud that they had started sleeping alone. This allowed her more freedom to fantasize. Conflicted sexual feelings involving her, and Doc filtered into her imagination.

Purposely, she lay down without panties. The sheer nightgown served to generate erotic feelings across her nipples. One hand, then both hands surveyed the fullness of her breasts. Her index fingers caressed the top of her nipples. They hardened, ached and immediately stood firm.

Then, Doug’s imaginary face appeared. His heavy breathing told her what he wanted as her knees willingly moved apart.

Her fingers squeezed her nipples more and harder until a burning hunger expressed itself from deep in her midsection. Her pussy moistened. She remembered the first time Doug’s tongue touched her clit. The orgasm that it caused was unforgettable.

One hand left her breast and lightly covered her lower abdomen. She remembered being pregnant with Ryan and how she’d get so horny wanting and wishing somehow, she could get Doug back into her body. The remembrances of those hormone-ravaged times were excruciating. The only relief was the pleasure derived from her self-pleasing indulgences.

And now those feelings were back. It was Doug who had awakened the passion in her body.

“How could she,” She wondered as a slight guilt crept back into her consciousness. Stan was her man; her husband, Ryan’s step-father, the man who was there for her at a time she most needed it. He had become a very good lover and a wonderful father figure for Ryan. She felt guilty about the passion that seemed to boil in her lower abdomen when thoughts of Doug reappeared. She couldn’t let anything break that apart even if Doug had come back into their lives.

Her thoughts wandered further. Could she allow a sexual encounter with Doc or was it, Doug? Would it be threatening to her relationship with Stan? She had to accept that she and Laci had an open relationship at least once a year with the other’s husband. Experience with another partner was not beyond the realm of possibility. Stan would have to agree to join in the quest.

Even so, the pleasures being administered pushed those remaining thoughts aside. Her body began to demand relief. Then she allowed herself to concentrate on Doug’s imagery. Her hand…no…Doug’s imagined hand began a circular trace over her vulva.

She pulled the large soft silicone dildo from the lamp table drawer and slowly applied a generous amount of warming lubricant. Passion had taken over. Closing her eyes and forming an image of Doug, she began a slow insertion. As he lowered himself, she imagined his hard-pulsing cock enter her deeper and deeper.

Fingers found her folds of passion. Her caress or his caresses became more pleasurable. Her vagina began to squeeze, and her hips began to undulate as her imagination welcomed Doug’s thrusting. She sensed her labial lips swell and moisten. The memories of Doug, fueled her passions further. As her instrument of phallic imitation stretched and penetrated her opening, visions and feelings of Doug’s cock were felt deep within her internals. Her fingers found a smooth rhythm around the edges of her clitoris. The beginning of the orgasm flashed throughout her body. Finally, the exploding relief came. Then slowly, an afterglow consumed her entire being. Sleep came soon afterwards.


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