Soulmates Ch. 01

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Have you ever made love to someone? I mean REALLY made love. Been SO in love with someone, that the connection ran SO deep that when you came together, nothing else mattered? Everything else just disappeared? Have you ever had a connection SO strong, that that connection makes everything SO much more?

When you find your soul mate, that’s how it is.

When my soul mate looks at me with his gorgeous brown eyes, I just melt. I see so much in those eyes. So much love, passion, desire. Knowing all I see in those eyes is just for me, all about US, that turns me on almost as much as his touch.

Because of our connection, the connection that runs so deep, the connection that is so much more than physical, when he DOES touch me? It’s such a high. He is my high. Eric IS my addiction.

He looks me in the eyes with such fire. He touches my cheek, I lean into his touch. He slides his hand to the back of my head, slightly down on my neck. He slowly pulls me toward him. His lips meet mine in a tender kiss. My lips part, my tongue welcoming his as it enters my mouth. The kiss is so tender. Then, something changes. His breathing becomes shallow, labored. He winds his fingers in my hair and deepens the kiss. He becomes like a drowning man clinging to a life preserver.

Just when I think he can’t get any deeper, he breaks off the kiss. With his hand still tangled in my hair, he pulls my head back exposing my neck to his tender kisses. He kisses my neck down to my collar bone on one side and back up the other. Then he grips pendik escort my hair tight and starts to suck on my neck where the base and collar bone meet. He starts to suck hard and bite hard just the way he knows I like it. After he leaves his mark on me, he trails tender kisses downward.

He gently takes both breasts in his hands, looks at me with smoldering eyes and smiles. He runs his thumbs across the twin hardening peaks. Then ever so softly, he kisses first one, then the other. Always taking turns with them, he starts to suck on them, tonguing each peak and gently biting them, eliciting a moan from me as he does so. As with the kiss, the pressure of his teeth intensifies causing me to moan his name, which causes him to look up at me and smile that wonderfully wicked smile he has. I know what’s next.

Sure enough, he takes one breast in his left hand while his right hand snakes down my stomach to my mound. As he starts to tease the nipple with his tongue, he rubs my mound. As his teeth find their target, he slips a finger inside my moistness and rubs the hardened nub he finds there. He rubs faster as the pressure of his teeth become harder. Just when I think I can take no more of either, he bites just hard enough to draw a little blood which spills me over the edge as I orgasm at the same time. It virtually takes my breath away!

My love knows exactly how to love my body. He knows exactly the amount of pressure it takes for my pain/pleasure threshold even though I have never told him. And because maltepe escort of our metaphysical connection, every feeling, every sensation is amplified.

My lover leads me to the bed, where he has me lie down before him. I lie in the center of the bed and he joins me. He leans over me, looks at me with such desire, it fuels my own. He leans down and kisses me deeply, his tongue furiously entwined with mine.

As before, he breaks the kiss and briefly suckles at my breasts. He then trails kisses down my stomach. He shifts his body so that he is sitting down facing away from me. He stretches one arm across my stomach and sort of leans back to a lying/sitting position. I hear him make a kind of purring sound. I can almost hear him smiling.

With his other hand, he caresses my body. Down my stomach, down the outside of my thigh. Up the inside of my thigh. Across my mound. Down the inside of the other thigh and when his hand reaches behind my knee, he spreads my legs apart. He pushes my leg as far as it will go, bent at the hip and the knee so that my legs form a ‘four’ under him.

He shifts a little bit again. My hips move as much as he lets me. He uses both hands and slowly parts my nether lips, exposing the moist inner skin to the air. I hear him take in a deep breath as he drinks in the scent he says intoxicates him so. He leans in and his warm, wet tongue runs across the nub he rubbed earlier. I let out a moan.

He proceeds to tongue my clitoris as he slides a finger inside me, causing me kartal escort to squirm under him, which he loves. He moves slowly, deliberately causing such sweet torture. Finally, he focuses on just the right spot. My toes start to curl, my butt muscles start to clench. I dig my nails into the bed sheets. I take a deep breath and hold it as I ride the tidal wave of orgasm he has created. He keeps tonguing me and sucking at my climax causing me to have not one, but two orgasms.

After my bowed back hits the bed, my butt muscles unclench and I fairly catch my breath, my lover changes positions. He gets up on his knees, placing them beside my hip. Now he is in my reach so that I may rub his buttocks and stroke his cock as he leans down for round two.

He loves the oral, giving as well as receiving, probably a little more. He is a rare man, my lover. Thinking to pleasure me as he does. He always says that oral is the most intimate part of lovemaking.

Only this time when he spreads my legs and my lips, he dives in like a starving man at a feast! It does not take long for the first orgasm. Then he slows down a bit. As he licks and sucks at my nub, I grab his cock in my hand and stroke his wonderful hardness. I stroke faster the closer I get to orgasm. As I come this time, he sucks my clit into his mouth and gives a good long pull. Meanwhile, I have to let go of his cock lest I squeeze or pull too hard. Instead, I end up digging my nails into his buttocks until the dizziness from my orgasm subsides.

After I am done, he sits up smiling at me, wiping my juices off his handsome face. I shudder, the remnants of the orgasm still racking my body. He chuckles as he lies down beside me. I smile too. Not just at what he has done for me, but because now? It’s my turn!

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