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I lay there in bed, Saturday morning, looking at the ceiling. Just another summer Saturday, with nothing in particular to do. “I suppose I could get my but out of bed and do something.” I thought to myself. Stumbling sleepily out of my bedroom I was nearly run over by my roommate on his way out.

“Hey! Geez Tom… Slow down! What’s the hurry?” I mumbled grumpily as I managed to navigate myself to the kitchen and the fridge for some juice.

“Good morning to you too moose face!” Tom said as he gathered up his camping gear to load into his car.

“I overslept too… suppose to go camping with the folks this weekend… remember?” he added.

“Oh yeah… you have fun out there in the woods with all the bugs and stuff.” I said grinning after I emptied what was left of the orange juice.

“So what are you going to do all weekend Rodge?” he said as he picked up the last of his stuff and couldn’t quite get a grip on his cooler.

“I don’t know.” I admitted as I picked up his cooler for him and followed him out to his car in front of our apartment building.

“I guess I ought to wash my car though.” I said looking disgustedly at my heap parked next to his. Tom had written “wash me… please!” in the dirt on the door facing his car.

“Good idea.” He said grinning mischievously getting into his car.

“Asshole!” I said smirking and threatening to slam the door on his legs. “Have fun.” I added when he closed the door.

“Thanks… You too.” Tom said as he backed out of the parking space.

I watched him drive out to the end of the complex parking lot in his little red rice burner. I was about to turn and go back in when I saw our “mailman” getting out of her jeep at the entrance to the complex and start sorting her deliveries. She was in shorts today. Her Postal uniform black shoes and black socks didn’t do her justice, but those shorts could hardly make her look bad. I smiled to myself as I turned to go inside. I caught the scribbled plea for washing again out of the corner of my eye, and sighed, “Well… It is something to do.” I admitted to myself as I started a mental checklist of the necessary items I would need to do the job.

Ten minutes later, I was back outside armed with a sponge, a pale of soapy water, and a hose. I was still dressed in my cut off sweats and an old tee shirt, I didn’t see any point in getting any dirtier than I had to. I opened the car door and switched on the radio, and turned up the volume. “What the Hell?” I thought… “It’s after noon, the neighbors can’t bitch about it now.”

I was halfway across the passenger side when Sandy started making her rounds. I tried not to look too obviously distracted by her, but failed miserably. Sandy caught me following her with my eyes several times, and just smiled each time. So I smiled back. She had light brown hair… almost blond from all the sun she got by carrying mail. Sandy had a marvelous tan too, but it was those legs and cute little rear end that had me fascinated. She moved like a cat, so graceful.

By the time Sandy got around the complex to my apartment building, I was just finishing up the roof. I started to hose it down when Sandy popped into view…and the stream of water. I shut it off as abruptly as I could, but she still got a start. She sort of snapped back and let out a little gasp from the shock of the cold water on such a hot day. I very seriously considered just crawling under the car at that moment, but Sandy just smiled and said.

“Thanks… I needed that! Boy! Is it hot today or what?”

“Yeah… it is I guess” I stammered. “I’m sorry about that… I didn’t see you.”

“Uh huh…” She said suspiciously and smiling “Well you’ve been watching me for a while now, how come you didn’t see me just now?” She added coyly. Turning about three shades darker red I struggled for something to say.

“I… uh… I didn’t mean to stare.” I said. “Oh Yeah! Real smooth stupid!” I thought to myself.

“Oh I don’t mind.” she said grinning. “And I wasn’t just referring to today.”

“Huh?” I feigned puzzlement.

“I’ve seen you watching me for the past few weeks. You and your roommate!” She said in a giggly voice, trying to look serious and sorting her deliveries for my building. She took some out and put them back in her bag.

“Well I got to admit that you are a lot better to look at than our last mail man.” I gushed ready to turn the hose on myself and cool off

“I saw your roommate going out as I pulled into the parking lot, he going somewhere?” she said glancing up from the mail long enough to check me out not so discreetly.

“Um… yeah… He’s going camping for the weekend with his folks.”

“And he left you here all by yourself?” she asked raising an eyebrow.

“Uh… yeah… How’d you know that I had a roommate?” I asked her stupidly. She just help up a handful of mail and smiled at me. “Oh yeah…” I said grinning.

“Well got to finish my rounds… Bye.” web tasarım she said and walked on to the next building with an incredibly sexy wiggle that I hadn’t noticed before. I could see a dark line down the middle of her back where the sweat had soaked her shirt. It didn’t appear that she was wearing a bra either. Sighing to myself I turned back to finish washing my heap.

About a half hour later, I was inside cooling off with some juice, and the air conditioning on full. The sweat that I’d built up washing my car was evaporating from my skin leaving goose bumps on my bare arms and legs, my head was still wet too. I’d just turned off CNN, and had turned on my roomy’s stereo, when the doorbell rang.

When I opened the door, there stood Sandy. Her light brown hair was wet on her forehead from sweat, as was her shirt. That thin material of her uniform was about like a wet tee shirt by now… I could tell for certain that she was not wearing a bra now. She had it unbuttoned nearly halfway down, and her smallish but ample breasts looked to be about to spring free from their bonds. Sandy’s face was red from the heat, and maybe from something else to now that I think of it. She smiled and held up some bills.

“I missed these until I was about to leave, and then I got a flat tire! Can you believe that?”

“A flat? You need some help changing it?” I said trying not to look down her shirt, but wavering.

“Nah… I can call the garage and they will send a maintenance guy out to change it… union stuff you know…” She said wiping her brow. “You could offer to let me in out of the heat and give me a drink though.” She added smilingly.

“Please!” I said. “Come on in… juice ok?” I said feeling a little self conscious about my appearance. I stood aside and let her enter the apartment, she brushed up against me as she passed through the door. After closing the door, I showed her to the kitchen. “I got OJ, some Iced tea, and some soda, what’ll you have?” I asked reaching for a glass, and opening the door of the fridge.

“Water would be fine… really.” She said as I felt her eyes giving me a thorough going over.

“Ice?” I said turning in time to catch her eyes snap back up to my face.

“Yes please.” She said smiling coyly. I handed her the glass of water and she began drinking, but never took her eyes off of mine. She handed the glass back to me and said. “More?” with one eyebrow ever so slightly raised.

“Sure” I said and refilled the glass yet again and returned it to her. I nodded to the living room that was just off the kitchen and started to walk in that direction. “Phone’s in here.” I said looking slightly sideways seeing that she was following me both walking and with her eyes. I picked up the receiver and started to hand it to her as she set her glass down on the table. Sandy looked me straight in the eye and took my hand in hers and put the receiver back down.

“I’m all finished for today… I’m in no hurry to get back outside do you mind if I stay here a little while?” She said in a voice that could melt butter, as she slid her hand up my arm from the phone and started unbuttoning her shirt with the other hand.

“I don’t mind at all.” I said not believing this was actually happening. She had the last three or four buttons unfastened and pulled her shirt tails out of her shorts before I could tear my eyes back away from her breasts to look her in the face. I could tell that she was getting turned on by seeing me turned on, and she was smiling. Sandy leaned her head back and to one side a fraction of an inch or two and cocked her eyebrow and said.

“You like these?” and cupped her wonderful breasts one in each hand and lifting them as if for inspection.

“Very much so…” I stammered again looking down. My hands came up of their own accord and eased her shirt backward over her shoulders and it slid free down her arms and back. I then took them in my own hands timidly and felt their weight and fullness fill my hands, they were incredibly hot to the touch, and wet from her sweating. Sandy in the meantime was loosening her belt and kicking off her shoes. As she lowered the zipper of her shorts, they just slid down her legs, revealing that she didn’t have on any undergarments. She stood there in front of me with my hands still holding those marvelous breasts, with nothing on but those black uniform socks and her shorts around her ankles, and some fat rubber bands on her wrists.

“You’re a little over dressed about now aren’t you?” She said stepping out of her shorts and edging up next to me, her hands now on the bottom of my tee shirt. I raised my arms and she pulled my dirty shirt up and over my head, then she took hold of the waistband of my cut off sweat pants and eased them out over my now fully attentive anatomy and then down my legs. She stooped to free my feet from the entanglement of my shorts and looked up at me smiling.

“I’m still thirsty.” She purred running her hands web tasarım ankara up my legs and causing goose bumps to pop up in their trail.

“You want some more water?” I said not believing that she would stop now!

“Not water.” she said smiling and lowering her gaze back to my waistline and taking me in both hands. Sandy stuck out her tongue and teasingly licked the head, flicking it back and forth across the velvety tip. She then ran her tongue down the shaft on the bottom then back up to the tip. She glanced up at me to see if I was enjoying her ministrations. She took one of her breasts in one hand and toyed with it by rubbing it against me, the velvety softness and the heat were incredible! Then she went back to licking me. It was all I could do not to just grab her head by the sides and not let go. Sandy must have sensed that I was about to go crazy because she stopped licking and teasing and slowly, wetly took the head into her mouth. Her tongue was now a whirling dervish on the head inside her mouth, round and round and round it went all the while she was stroking my shaft with one hand and playing with my balls with the other. My eyes went misty, and my body began to buck on its own. Sandy let go her hands from me and put them on my hips as if to slow me down, then in one blinding plunge she took all of me in her hot mouth her lips mashing into my groin and her forehead pushing into my belly. She stayed that way for what seemed like an eternity though I know it was for but a second, then she slowly drew back till just the tip was within her lips, she gently nibbled the flared head as it crossed her teeth. I could feel her exhale though her nose and then she slowly sank back down my length till she was again forced to stop. Back and forth this went on, as she slowly increased the tempo to the point that she was not pausing a beat between darting back and forth. I lasted maybe one or two minutes like this though it seemed like hours. I couldn’t keep my hands off of Sandy’s head by this point. I had one hand lightly resting on the top of her head and the other gripping her shoulder. She had just started backing off when I felt like I exploded. To my astonishment, She only hesitated for the briefest of pauses then continued her bobbing, though she did slow down the withdrawal slightly. If she spilled even a drop of my drink, I’ll never know, but when I stopped spasming, I was still ready for action. Sandy finally took her mouth off of me as she again took hold of me with her hands. She looked up at my face, her face was red from exertion but she had an incredible smile on her face.

“Now I’ll get some water.” she said reaching for her glass, the ice was beginning to melt by now, and after she drained the water she sucked out an ice cube. All the while she was looking into my face and holding onto me with her other hand massaging and stroking keeping my full attention. Sandy set the glass back down on the table and let go of me. She rocked back on her knees and sat on her legs.

“Now we have to make sure you stay that way so I can get mine too.” She said slipping off one of those rubber bands from her wrist. She doubled it once and then slipped it over the head and all the way down my shaft then around my balls so that all of my family jewels were in front of the rubber band, then eased her fingers out from under the band. I just stood there stupidly watching in great interest trying to figure out what she had in mind next. Sandy reached up and took my hand in hers and patted the carpet next to her.

I nearly fell down, I kneeled so quickly. As I was sitting there on the carpet, Sandy pushed me back till I was lying on my back. Then she started at my knees and slowly dragged those magnificent breasts up along my body, her fully erect nipples brushing the hairs of my leg

She paused at my waist and rubbed them back and forth over that vertical obstruction she had created with my body being laid on my back like I was. She then bent over and kissed my stomach just below my belly button. That’s when I felt the ice she had clenched in her teeth… she slid the ice cube up my belly to my chest. She drew circles with it around my nipples and then slowly eased it up along my neck. When she got to my lips the ice was barely a sliver and she let it slide between my lips as she engulfed me with hers.

I was using my hands to my advantage since they were free to roam. I first fondled and played with those wondrous breasts of hers some more but too, I slid them her sides to her hips and around to her tight backside. I could feel the muscles in her rear moving as she rocked back and forth hovering and brushing my body with hers. Eventually I slid one hand around to her crotch and delved into her private area… She was Hot! Sandy looked down at me and smiled as I brushed my fingers back and forth over her treasure caressing and teasing her. I could feel her moistness running out of her insides, as she eased up and straddled my legs with hers. She reared up and sat back on my legs, and began to play with herself with both hands.

Sandy had her eyes closed and she was breathing rapidly, causing her breasts to jiggle up and down with each breath. She had the fingers of one hand probing her insides and the other was whipping over and over her enraged clit. Sandy’s back arched and she started a lewd bucking motion, her breathing had stopped and her face was beet red. The muscles in her neck stood out like cables, as did her leg muscles. Her arms were squeezing in from either side mashing her ample breasts together making them seem that much bigger. Finally she began to relax… her hands slowed and she let out a feeble gasping breath before inhaling a huge lungful of fresh air… her chest expanded and jutted her breasts out at me. She looked down at me and smiled then leaned forward and inched up to where she had herself hovering over my still erect member. She took me in one hand and eased the head into her dripping opening as she lowered herself onto me. God! She was Hot!

When she was completely lowered and sitting on top of me she leaned down and kissed me, and nearly collapsed on top of me… I wrapped my arms around her and held her tightly. Sandy was caressing my neck and head, running her fingers through my hair and drawing circles around my ears. She began rocking her hips gently from side to side. I could feel her gripping me from inside as well. I had one hand up between her shoulders on the back of her neck and the other arm draped over her hips with my hand squeezing her ass cheeks and massaging them. I let the fingers of my hand trace down the crack between her tight cheeks and glance over her backdoor then touching and feeling her swollen lips around where she had spitted herself on me. I could feel her shiver a little as I touched her lips and glanced my fingers through the hair surrounding them then trail back up the crack of her ass to her cheeks again. Sandy was now building up a rhythmic bucking motion with her hips while she was still pressed tightly on top of me.

Our lips never parted, as I rolled us over to where I was now on top and she on her back I had to let go with my hands to support my weight now though. Sandy held on tightly to my back and sides and clung to me even still. Only her feet and her shoulders were touching the carpet. She slid apart from me raking her short nails across my back teasingly as she lowered her backsides to the floor and raised her knees. I began pumping in and out of her heated treasure being careful to not completely withdraw. I sped up faster and faster, in and out in and out, our bodies slapping together wetly. Sandy was raking my chest and stomach with her nails… twirling her fingers in the hair on my chest pulling gently on them and then releasing. My tempo increased still more till I finally slipped and came out

entirely with a wet popping noise I had already started back on the in stroke and ran my length up along Sandy’s clit. She dug her nails into my flesh and squealed in delight until I came to a stop. I was dripping sweat all over her by then and was nearly out of breath. Panting and heaving I just hovered there dangling myself over her for a moment looking on her flushed face.

“Lay back down.” Sandy said in a rasping voice and dug her nails into my sides urging me in the proper direction. I rolled over on my side and then onto my back, careful not to drag my erection across the carpet. Sandy got up on all fours and crawled over me again, again positioning herself over me and connecting us as before. She took hold of my hands in hers intertwining our fingers and locking them together. She then started pushing herself up with her hands and raising up and down on me.

It wasn’t long before Sandy was again arching her back, and swaying to the rhythm of her orgasm. Seeing her climax yet again, pushed me closer to the edge of my own climax… still holding her hands in mine and her atop of me I began bucking up from below. Sandy saw that I was near to climax and smiled down at me closing her eyes and leaning her head back. She clenched my hands in hers all the tighter… and clenched her insides and legs as tightly as she could further speeding me along to the finish.

When I stopped bucking and lay back sated, Sandy collapsed atop of me. Her breasts acting like two warm cushions between us. With hers, she pulled my hands and arms up over my head, and started kissing my neck and face, while I tried to catch my breath. After a few moments Sandy untwined her fingers from mine and rose up on hands and knees separating us with a sticky sucking noise. As she reached for the phone I noticed that I was still hard! “Well I’ll be damned!” I thought to myself as she called the postal vehicle maintenance man. I heard her say.

“Ok… I can wait… hey, it’s all overtime for me anyway! Bye.” Turning to me she said, “Our Road Mechanic is on another call, he might be another hour or two getting here.” she said with a grin, noticing my still willing erection. “Mind if I use your shower?” she asked coyly.

“Only if I can use it at the same time.” I said grinning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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