Spinal Meningitis is No Joke Ch. 04

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Author’s Note: I put this chapter into “Anal” rather than “Erotic Couplings” because there is a lot of anal sex in this chapter, and because it is Josh’s first experience with anal sex.


My mind was less than clear at that moment. I had blacked out during the most intense orgasm of my life, and was lying on my exercise mat on the floor of my hospital room. My huge throbbing cock, still basking in the glory of post orgasmic bliss and leaking cum, was just covered in my semen and Heather’s pussy juices. I could hear the shower running, and could picture in my mind the hot water washing over Heather’s voluptuous breasts and tight ass. At the same time, I watched as Charlene bounded over to me, dropped to her knees between my feet, and dove in to slurp on my messy cock.

Charlene made a wonderful, nasty chorus of sounds: guttural moans and growls in her throat as she licked and sucked and swallowed, her mouth slurping and smacking loudly as she cleaned up and savored every juicy drop. At first, she was gripping my thighs hard. Her hands then migrated down to squeeze my ass. Finally, her hands moved to her clothes as she tried to tear them off her body without releasing my cock from her mouth.

I shook my head a bit and finally came out of my post-orgasmic stupor enough to whisper, “Relax, baby. We’ve got all night.”

Presumptuous of me, really, to call her “baby,” but it felt right at the moment. Charlene looked up at me with a slightly surprised look in her eyes, and her mouth finally released me with an audible “pop.” She leaned back and unbuttoned the top of her scrubs, then unhooked her lacy black bra. I moaned softly in appreciation as her magnificent breasts sprang free in front of me. As amazing as Heather’s huge breasts were, Charlene’s were no less impressive. Her nipples were just slightly larger, and her silver-dollar sized aureoles were slightly raised from the surrounding skin with her arousal. Her curly blonde hair swayed around her face as she stood to remove her pants. Charlene looked unbelievably sexy as she leaned forward and peeled those tiny, black lace panties down her shapely legs.

“May I please lick your pussy?” I whispered up to her. She just groaned in response, shaking her right foot to get her panties off of her ankle. She kicked her clothes in the direction of my bed, then came and knelt over my face. Her pungent aroma made her arousal obvious; there wasn’t quite enough light for me to see if she was wet, but my lips and tongue were slurping her copious juices as soon as that juicy pussy was close enough. I felt her exhale sharply into my thigh as soon as my mouth got hold of her, and then her lips and tongue were working their way around the base of my cock, sucking up all the cum that had pooled there. We were both moaning—probably too loudly, considering where we were—as we feasted on each other. I drove my tongue up inside her, licking as deeply into her as I could with rapid circles. She licked and slurped her way up my shaft, then sucked in my cock head and bobbed rapidly on me.

Now, I had read a lot of porn, plus instructional works like The Joy of Sex and The Kama Sutra. However, this was the first time I got to put my study of cunnilingus and the female anatomy to a practical use. I found her clit and lashed it with my tongue. My hands seized Charlene’s tight, muscular ass cheeks as I pulled her hard into my face. I heard her saying moaning “oh, fuck!” as her mouth came off my cock, and then felt her mewling into my thigh and jacking my cock against her cheek as her ass cheeks spasmed in my hands.

“Cumming! Cumming!” she moaned into my thigh. She then kissed and bit the skin there while she rocked and shivered on my face.

About that time, Heather emerged from my bathroom, looking clean and refreshed in her scrubs once again. She looked a little surprised to see us in a 69, but smiled down at Charlene. I was just barely able to see her face above Charlene’s lovely ass cheeks. As she strode out of the room, my eyes dropped to Charlene’s asshole. It was light pink, puckered, and seemed to be winking at me. My mind immediately went back to the way that Charlene had tongue-fucked my asshole without any warning. “Time for a little payback,” I thought.

I brought my arms up between Charlene’s thighs, spreading her wider. I then filled my palms with her ass cheeks and squeezed them while I ran my tongue around her clit and then up the length of her soaking pussy. I drove my tongue back inside her pussy, rocking my head forward to force it deep inside her. She was pushed further down my body from the position of my arms, and I felt her tongue lapping my balls as she found fresh juices to lick up there.

My hands moved her ass cheeks in vigorous circles while I tongue-fucked her pussy. My eyes were just captivated as this motion opened and closed her asshole. I pulled my tongue out of her and made an “mmmm” sound as I spread her ass open and slid my tongue into her open and vulnerable butthole. She gasped right erotik film izle into my balls, then lifted her head and looked back at me. Her eyes were glazed with lust, and her mouth was hanging open. My eyes locked with hers as my tongue pillaged her tangy ass. My hands had a firm grip on her cheeks, pulling her to me and opening her up for my oral invasion. I could actually feel her pussy shoot little spurts of her lady-cum onto my chin as she was rocked by another orgasm. I held on tight to her spasming ass cheeks and circled my tongue inside her clenching hole. We didn’t break eye contact until she finally shook in the last throes of her orgasm and dropped her head back into my lap.

I was planning to continue, but as soon as the tip of my tongue started to reenter her tight butt, she pulled herself away from me. She shook her head “no” and moaned and shook.

Turning weakly, she plopped her perfect ass onto the exercise mat and leaned her arms on my abdomen.

“Too much, Joshua! I’m way too sensitive. Good God, you totally wore me out! In under ten minutes.” She punctuated each sentence with a gasp for breath. Charlene, it seems, could only have a couple of orgasms before being worn out—but hers tended to be the most intense.

When she had caught her breath, she also caught sight of my rejuvenated erection. We spent the next fifteen minutes with her on her stomach between my legs, nursing my hard cock in her hot little mouth. I loved running my fingers through her blonde hair, pulling it gently out of the way so that I could watch her. At one point, she pulled her mouth up off of me and said, “God, I love eating your pre-cum,” before sucking me right back into her mouth and moaning as she ate more of it.

When I was getting close, she felt my cock head beginning to swell in her mouth. Charlene lifted her beautiful face from my dick and panted, “Are you close?”

“Yes,” I gasped back.

“I want you to come all over me,” she said. She scooted her butt up until her pussy mound pressed into my balls, jacking my cock at her face and tits. The way this made her breasts jiggle…well, that was the last straw. She saw the slit at the end of my cock open like a mouth right before the first ropey shot launched out and hit her under the chin. Seven more shots fired out and covered her, a couple across her face, two more under her chin on her neck, and the rest plastering her tits and rolling down to coat her stomach. She kept whispering “yeah” as the hot liquid covered her. Her hands continued squeezing and pumping after those initial hard shots turned into a trickling stream all over the backs of her hands. When I stopped shaking and muttering whatever it was I was saying, she finally let my spent cock drop to my stomach.

Charlene looked unspeakably sexy as she licked my cum off of her left hand, while driving the cum-covered fingers of her right hand into her thirsty pussy. Her eyes rolled up into her head and she whined around her fingers as her body shook with yet another intense orgasm. When she came down from that, she shakily got to her feet, made her way to my bed, and then she hit the buzzer. She was still gathering her clothes from the floor when Heather came back in.

“He just fucking wore me out!” Charlene announced. Heather laughed softly. Charlene went on, “I’m sorry, I know I was supposed to clean him up, but would you mind…?” She swept her left arm outward in an arc in my direction, but this also exposed her naked, cum-covered body completely.

“Sure,” Heather said, but she had a gleam in her eye as she walked right up to Charlene, bent slightly, and sucked Charlene’s cum-coated nipple into her mouth!

“Hey! Stop that!” Charlene said, mock-slapping at Heather to get her away. She made her escape into my bathroom, pulling the door closed behind her. Moments later, I heard the shower start again.

Heather said, “Be right back,” and headed out. I was drenched in sweat. The towel under me was saturated. It was all I could do to keep my eyes open. Heather returned with the familiar sponge bath kit and thoroughly washed my front. I was then moved onto my stomach on the bed, where she stroked my back clean. I was so out of it, I don’t remember anything after that.

I woke the next morning to light streaming in my window. I was in a fresh hospital gown, my heart monitor beeping steadily to my right. My parents were out at the nurses’ station, talking with Heather and Jeannie, and an older couple I hadn’t seen before. Charlene was beside my bed, raising me to an upright position so she could serve my breakfast. My panic this morning was less severe, and once it had passed, Charlene talked to me in a voice just above a whisper.

“Good morning, sexy,” then louder, “How’s my favorite patient today?”

I started to respond, but my mouth felt sticky and dry. I nabbed the juice from the breakfast tray and took a refreshing sip. “Mmm,” I responded, as my eyes raked her from head to toe. It was easy for my mind to strip her film izle clothes away and picture her standing there naked, sexy as hell, and dripping cum. I mean, she wasn’t, of course. She looked fresh and clean. Her hair gleamed from the heavy shampooing and conditioning it had taken to remove last night’s incriminating evidence.

As she maneuvered the little tray table over my lap, arranged my breakfast and straightened my sheet, she continued. “You just looked so irresistible lying here after. We had cleaned you up, of course. Heather and I were just worn out. So we took turns snuggling here in your bed and napping with you. You’re a great cuddler, Josh. I slept so well with you spooned up against me.”

After looking over her shoulder to make sure no one was approaching, she leaned in and whispered hotly in my ear, “That is, until I felt your hard cock trying to slide up inside my ass. Then I was wide awake, soaking wet and fucking back against you. It would have been amazing…if I hadn’t fallen right out of this damned narrow bed.” Charlene stood back, smiled ruefully at the memory, and tousled my hair.

“I have today off,” she went on as she glanced at her watch, “I so wish I could take you home and continue on my queen-sized bed. I even think it would count as ‘physical therapy,’ but as awesome as it would be, it would cost me my job.” She smiled beautifully down at me. The sunlight lit her gorgeous face and made her curly blonde hair shine like a halo. “Wow.” I breathed, “I can only imagine.”

I couldn’t help but stare at her shapely ass as she sashayed back to the group at the nurses’ station. I was snapped guiltily out of it when I saw my dad smiling and waving at me. I waved back and then looked down at my tray. I had almost finished my breakfast, and honestly couldn’t have told you what it was.

My parents came over, bringing their friends with them. I was introduced, and it was a pleasant visit. My attention was drawn to the fact that my mother was wearing one of her conservative outfits—the kind of thing I always remember her wearing—thicker light blue fabric made up her blouse, and I could distinctly see the outline of her thick “mom bra” beneath it. I’m pretty sure she saw me looking, but we never said anything about it. After all, what was I supposed to say? “Gee, mom, I can’t see your big nipples through your thick clothes today.”

Anyway, I had been introduced to—I think this man’s name was Tom; unlike my mom, I am terrible with names. He was telling me about his son. This was one of the other patients in the coma ward. He (the son) had been in a motorcycle accident, and had been in a coma for three weeks. He was showing positive signs of recovery, and they were hopeful that he would soon be in a recovery room of his own. As I listened to this fellow (I’ll just call him Tom) talking about his son, I felt a little guilty. I had taken zero interest in the other patients in the coma ward except when one of them had died. When Tom and his wife left my room to spend time with their son, I buzzed the nursing station.

Jeannie answered this time, and as I talked with her my parents were so proud of me it was embarrassing. I asked how I could help with the other coma patients, asked if they could wheel me over to their bedsides so I could talk and read to them, if there was anything else I could do for them. To be honest, I could have just spent the rest of my hospital stay doing physical therapy and lusting after the nurses. I just felt like there was a real chance here to do something good. Thus, two hours later, I was sitting in a wheelchair in the coma ward reading from a beat-up old copy of Gulliver’s Travels to a thirty-seven-year-old guy named Steve when his wife and son came into the ward.

Julia, Steve’s wife, looked haggard. Steve had been in a coma for three months. He was on a ventilator, and the machines were basically keeping this guy alive. Julia was clearly on the verge of a breakdown. Their son, coincidentally named Josh, was eleven. Visiting his dad was stressful for young Josh. I bookmarked my spot as I closed the book, and asked Josh if he would mind wheeling me out to the nurses’ station while his mom visited with his dad.

I started talking with this kid, and he was one sharp little dude. I actually had a really good time talking with him, and he rolled me all over the place. This was the most I had seen of the hospital, and I hadn’t realized what a sprawling complex it was. We had a mini-adventure exploring the hospital. When we finally came back almost an hour later, we found Julia looking far better than when we had left, talking with my mother at Steve’s bedside. When they left, Julia gave me a big, awkward hug. Behind her back, young Josh pulled a face with his tongue hanging out, kind of a “Pukesville, dude” look. He and I shared a grin and a high-five, and then they were gone.

My mom rolled me back to my room, where she and Jeannie helped me back into my bed. This time, my mom just set the bag of clothes from Wal-Mart seks filmi izle on my bedside table, and closed my curtain from the outside for me to try them on. I nearly howled out loud with laughter when I saw the underwear she had bought for me. These were gigantic men’s boxer briefs with an enormous pouch in the crotch area. Seriously, tears were rolling down my cheeks. I hit the buzzer, and asked Heather if she could bring a tape measure so I could figure out what size clothes I should be wearing.

It took a while, but my waist was now 33″ and my inseam 38″. The underwear and shorts my mom brought were waist size 46″—only one pair of shorts had a drawstring sufficient to keep them from falling right down. Heather jotted down the correct measurements on a post-it for my mom, and she took that with the bag of oversized clothes.

I had lunch, did another round of the coma ward, and then had a round of exercise on a brand-new exercise mat. My dad poked his head in a couple of times to check on me, and we had a chuckle at how I was absolutely swimming in the oversized shorts. Dad had also brought me a pair of 10-pound dumbbells to replace the two-pound ones I had been using. At that time, they seemed really heavy, and I strained to do six curls with them the first time. Mom returned with a bag of clothes that actually fit me. The boxer briefs felt weird, since I had only had “tighty-whiteys” before. The shorts were all rather baggy, but fit at the waist. I gave her a big hug and a kiss, and thanked her. I wore an outfit of these baggy clothes for an evening workout while my parents watched. That night, as I looked at myself in the mirror, I could already see actual muscle tone in my biceps, shoulders, neck and chest.

My parents left long before visiting hours were over. After dinner, I zonked out hard. It had been a really full day. The whole weekend had been, really. It wasn’t over yet.

I was aware that Jeannie was molesting me in my sleep, but I couldn’t come fully awake or force my eyes open in my deep stupor. I could feel her vigorously deep-throating my cock, and then she was stroking the shaft while she sucked my balls into her mouth. I could distinctly hear her groaning how hot my “manly smelling sweaty balls” were getting her. I was painfully hard, but just couldn’t wake myself.

“Gawd, Joshua. This is so hot. If you can hear me, just don’t open your eyes. This is the fantasy that’s been burning me up for months, now.”

I felt her rolling a condom onto my cock, pulling me to the foot of my bed, and spreading my thighs open. I heard the telltale rustling of clothing being removed, and then the tip of my cock was being forced into a tight, hot hole. I finally managed to crack open an eyelid, and then both my eyes shot open.

Jeannie was bent over between my legs, and she was feeding my cock into her ass. The condom was stretched to its limit around my thick shaft, and was gleaming from the lubricant that was smeared over it. Jeannie’s hand held the base of my cock firmly in place. She was rocking her hips back toward me, forcing a little more of my length into her with each stroke. I could feel her other hand feverishly stroking her clit from side to side as she took me in. I saw her turning her head to look at me, and quickly closed my eyes. Jeannie groaned out loud. She pushed harder against me. Once half of my shaft was inside of her tight asshole, she released my shaft and grabbed onto my thighs to support her weight. Her grip was painfully tight. Her fingernails dug into my skin. I was not about to complain.

Jeannie was able to take longer and longer strokes now, and my bloated cock head was fucking its way deeper and deeper into her tight ass with each one. I caught myself pumping my hips forward to meet her backward strokes, and forced myself to stop. The tightness of Jeannie’s ass combined with the tightness of the condom on the head of my cock became really painful once she had most of my shaft inside her. She was pressing back into me harder and faster. Each time, the condom tightened and felt like a flexible wall crashing into my cock head. Then, that poor tortured condom just gave way. I felt the thin sheath of latex part, splitting open and releasing my pulsing cock into the hot wetness of Jeannie’s clutching ass. Jeannie just felt me get even harder inside her, and two more lunges backward had my cock fully sheathed, balls-deep in her ass.

Unable to help myself, I opened my eyes and saw my oily shaft being fucked slowly into that perfect circle of Jeannie’s sphincter. Stretched open as it was, the little ring of muscle was noticeably red even in the dim light coming through the curtain. I debated telling her for four more molten strokes, and finally whispered softly to her.

“Jeannie. The condom broke.” She groaned at that, but then I continued, “My naked cock is buried in your tight little asshole, Jeannie. If you don’t do something about it, I will be filling your ass with come.” She screamed out loud and quickly bit down on her own arm to stifle her cry. Her asshole almost bit my cock in two as a vicious orgasm ripped through her. My balls were drenched in her juices as her pussy exploded. Her fingernails drew blood as she clenched my thighs.

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