Stacy Ch. 04

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I was having the most wonderful dream about my eighteen year old little sister, Stacy. Waves of pleasure washed over me as I dreamt of all the things we had done and would be able to do. My imagination pictured how flexible the little gymnast was and put her into some truly amazing positions. It was delightful how she could hold herself in a handstand while I held onto those small hips and ploughed my hard cock into her tight wet crevice.

The pleasure got more intense and I heard her say, “Is that good?”

“Mmm hummh,” I sighed.

“Well, you’ll have to tell me better than that or I’m gonna stop.”

My dream did not seem quite right. Although I was holding her hips and shoving my shaft into her pussy while she stayed in a handstand, I could feel her fingers wrapped around the base of my cock. Neither did it feel quite like I remembered when I slid into her little cunt.

“C’mon, Jack, tell me!” she complained.

“Hunh?” I mumbled, drifting up from my slumber. I felt my stiff cock aching as it was surrounded by a warm, wetness that contained something that wriggled against the underside of my shaft and rasped across it.

Realisation dawned and I opened my eyes in shock. I was lying in my bed, legs spread apart and Stacy was lying between them. She had her arms across the tops of my thighs and was licking at my cockhead like it was an ice cream cone. The Tee-shirt she had worn to bed was so large on her that it hung to her knees and on the front of it was a Disney cartoon of Sleeping Beauty. Some strange detached part of my brain wondered why she wasn’t still wearing the nightshirt from last night’s encounter in the bathroom, but it made no impact on my lust filled consciousness.

Her eyes sparkled and she flashed me a naughty grin as her tongue fluttered over the little slit on the end of my glans. “I said, tell me. You know I like it. Do it for me Jack, please.”

I glanced at my alarm clock and saw that it was not due to go off for an hour and a half yet. The little brat must have woken up horny and wanted some satisfaction. I closed my eyes and let my head fall back to the pillow in ecstasy when she sank my length back into her mouth. Her little head bobbed up and down on me as she slurped noisily on my cock while I just lay there and let the sensations chase electric thrills through my groin.

Suddenly, the sucking heaven was snatched away from me and I felt a sharp slap across my thigh. I looked down my body to see her pushing herself upright with a sulky pout on her face, “If you won’t play, then I won’t either!”

She began to clamber off my bed when I shot out a hand and clasped it onto her small shoulders. “Wait Stace!” I knew what she wanted from me; it was the dirty talk. I felt a little silly doing it, but she loved it and it really got her hot, so I was not about to complain or refuse. I took hold of the base of my aching cock and wobbled the hard shaft at her, feeling her saliva run down it as I did so.

“C’mon, little sister, suck your big brother’s hard cock. Put your little mouth back onto your brother’s shaft and give him a cock sucking to remember.”

A devilish grin spread across her face and she immediately climbed back between my legs. I watched her tiny frame settle itself as she lay on her belly, with her feet waggling in the air. Holding my rampant shaft in her small fingers, she poked out her tongue and fluttered it against the underside of my glans. Oohhh, that felt good.

“That’s it Stacy. Lick it like a lollipop. Do it for me, Sis. Oohhh, yeah. Suck your brother’s dick until I pump my incestuous brother-cum into your sweet mouth!”

The words had their usual effect upon the brat; she moaned lustily and dropped her whole mouth over the tip of my shaft. Oh, it felt so good around my hot length even though she could not quite take all of me inside.

The sight was extremely erotic. Powerfully so. My little sister was lapping and slurping at my stiff cock as if it were the most natural thing in the world. She no longer cared if anybody else thought what we were doing was wrong. At that moment, neither did I. How could something that felt so good be wrong?

“Suck your brother’s cock, little sister. Lick it. That’s it.” She obeyed and winked at me as her tongue slid up and down the length of my shaft, gliding wetly over the hot flesh.

“That’s a good sister. Lick your brother’s cock. Put it in that tiny mouth and show me what you can do with it.”

Again she sunk as much of me inside as she could. Even though I only have an average cock, it wasn’t a lot; but this was the first time she had tried oral sex, so I wasn’t going to complain. There would be time to teach her how to do it another day. Besides, it felt like heaven in there. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the fluttering of her tongue on the underside of my glans.

“Do you like that, big brother?”


“Do you feel naughty letting your little sister suck your dick?”


“Would you feel even naughtier if I let you fuck me?” My cock jerked wildly in her hand and against bahis firmaları her lapping tongue.

“Hell yes!” I did want to cum in her mouth, but the temptation of fucking her was just too great.

Quickly, I sat up and she giggled as she knelt before me and dragged her Tee-shirt over her head. Her two tiny little peach sized breasts bobbed enticingly on her child-like chest. Even as she was flinging her nightshirt off I grasped her around the waist and pulled her toward my mouth.

“Mmmm!” she sighed as my lips closed around the stiff bud of a nipple and suckled.

“Oh, I like that, Jack.”

While my mouth worked on her tiny breast, my hands slid up and down her back, tracing the contours and committing them to memory. Instinctively, one hand slid lower to cup the small firm globe of a buttock and squeezed it.

“Oh, Jack.”

After a few moments of little gasps and moans as I played with her nubile body, she stroked her hand over the soft hairs on the nape of my neck and the dirty talk returned. “Do you like sucking on your baby sister’s tit? How does it feel to have a handful of your little sister’s arse?”

My mouth left a wet trail across her shallow chest as I sought her other nipple.

“That’s it brother, suck my tit. Lick your sister’s nipple. Suck on it. Bite it a little, Jack, please.”

Ever so gently, I nipped the rubbery flesh with my teeth and pulled at it.

“Ohhhhh, that’s it. You are the best brother a girl could wish for, Jack.”

The hand that was cupping her little buttock smoothed its way downward and dipped between her cheeks, a hot moistness greeting my fingers.

“Are you wet for your brother, Stacy?” I goaded, needlessly.

“Always,” she sighed with longing.

“Ooooo,” she moaned, rolling her hips as I wiggled my slender middle finger up into her tight cunthole.

She was slick and tight in there, and I eagerly stroked every inch of her teenaged pussyflesh.

“Ahuh, ahuh, ohhhh,” she whimpered in encouragement as my digit ploughed her wet folds restlessly.

Fluttering my tongue rapidly at the nipple, I then gave it a quick kiss before turning my eyes up to hers. She was gazing down at me with lust filling her baby-blues.

“Are you ready to get the fucking of your life from your brother?”

A broad smile swept into place on her beautiful features and she shuffled her knees to either side of my legs and lifted her hips over my rigid shaft. “The question is,” she purred, “Are YOU ready to get the fucking of your life from your baby sister?”

Reaching between our chests, she lightly grasped my swollen cockhead and planted it into her slippery passage. With a long sigh, she sank all the way down on it. I winced a little at the almost painful tightness until she was fully seated in my lap, then I grasped onto her narrow hips and held her still.

“This is nice,” I whispered, my mouth level with hers because of the difference in our height. She grinned, leaned her head forward and rubbed our noses together in an Eskimo kiss, “Isn’t it just!”

We kissed. It was gentle and unhurried. Our lips played together for a long while before lust sent my tongue questing into her mouth to seek its mate. Like two serpents, they entwined and danced in fluttering licks.

My hands slid all over her small back, feeling her ribs and shoulder blades underneath them at the same time as her silky mane of long blonde hair tickled their backs. Finally, she gave a little groan into my mouth and began to raise and lower her hips.

An incredibly tight velvet sheath slithered over my hot throbbing shaft. Her inner walls juiced and slid around me in a wanton display of her incestuous lust. Soon, she was slotting me deep in quick jerks, grunting on each downward bounce.

“Oh, it feels so good having my brother hard inside me,” she whispered, more to herself than to me. “It feels so dirty and yet so right. My brother’s cock is in my pussy and that is where I want it to stay.”

Her bounces were now making us both rock on the bed and it was beginning to be a strain for me to sit upright without any back support.

“Stacy, get off a moment, will you?” I hissed, reluctant to deprive myself of her tight cunt.

She stopped bouncing and sank me to the hilt before stirring her hips around in big circles, working my cockhead over every intimate inch of her depths. “Awww, must I?” she pouted in a hurt little girl voice.

“Just for a minute, yeah,” I said, shutting my eyes because of the delicious thrills her pussy was giving me.

“Oh, phooey!” she complained, lifting a thigh and sliding off to my side.

The feeling of my bulbous cockhead popping from the tight ring of her opening made me gasp. I looked at my almost painful hard on and saw it was completely coated in her glistening nectar. A few thin strings of clear juice stretched from my dick to her cunt but were quickly snapped as she pulled away.

“Lie on your belly for me,” I said, moving out of her way.

Compliant, she slipped into the centre of my bed, sighing at the warm groove kaçak iddaa in the sheets and lay still. She folded her hands under her head and lay her cheek on their backs. “Like this?”

“Yeah, like that,” I said, moving over her short legs. With the back of my hand I tapped at her inner thigh, “Open wide.”

She did as she was told, her legs spreading to give me plenty of room between them. “You know,” she giggled, “I’m never going to be able to go to the dentist again and hear that without getting all wet at the memory of this!”

“Yeah?” I said, looming over her back and supporting my body on one elbow. My other hand grasped my cock and fed it into her aroused folds.

“Oh, mmmmmm,” she sighed as I took my fingers away and pushed in. “That’s it. Fuck that hard brother meat back into me.”

I slid it as deep as I could and smiled at the feeling of her small buttocks nestling firmly into my groin. I held still, fully embedded until she wriggled in desire.

“Quit teasin’ Jack and fuck me!” she whined.

“Fuck what?” I murmured, nuzzling at the nape of her neck.

“Fuck your baby sister’s tight wet cunt!” she moaned, her hips beginning to rock and fuck me.

“Well, seeing as how you begged,” I chuckled, starting my own thrusting.

It was sheer heaven. Stacy was so warm and moist; so tight and thrilling. Her cunt felt better than any I had ever known. Not for the first time in these last few days I thanked my lucky stars that I got the wrong nymph that night.

Lustfully, I rammed my cock into the brat over and over. She sighed and gasped, her little slot making squelching noises as I plundered it.

“Fucking Hell, you’re tight!” I grunted, rooting my cock as deep up her wet crevice as I could.

She gave a little grunt of her own and humped her butt up and down beneath me. “Is it good?” she gasped.

“Oh yeah,” I assured her, “It’s good alright!” I gritted my teeth and fucked myself into her repeatedly. Her tiny body was completely overshadowed by my bulk, the top of her head being level with my throat and the softness of her blonde hair only just grazing my chin.

“So you like it in your little sister’s cunt then?” she whimpered.

“I LOVE it in my little sister’s tiny cunt! It is just where her big brother’s cock should be!”

Because she had her face turned to the side, I could see the grin of pleasure break out on her face at the dirty words. I liked to see her enjoying it so much, so I continued, “This tight slot is going to have its brother’s cock spitting cum in it whenever he wants to, isn’t it?”

“Oh yes!” she agreed, increasing her own thrusts to match mine.

“My little sister is going to let me fuck her whenever I want to, isn’t she?”

“Oh yes!”

“You like having your big brother fuck your wet pussy don’t you?”

“Un huh!” she moaned flexing her buttocks as her sopping cunt sucked at my thrusting meat.

“Tell me then, Stacy. Tell me what you are.”

“I’m yours,” she gasped as I bowed my head and reamed her grasping sheath faster. “I’m a fuck toy for my big brother! I’m a tiny cunthole for him to take and use whenever he wishes!”

“Oh God!” I gasped, wincing and resting my cheek on the top of her bouncing head.

“My big brother can fuck his little sister any way he chooses! I want my brother to fuck me. I want my brother to pump his thick, incestuous brother cum into me!” As she uttered those words, she screwed her eyes shut, squealed and began to shiver and shake like mad.

“Oh, oh, oh, I’m cumminnnnngggg, Jack!”

And she did. Her tight inner walls suddenly snatched at my hot length as I shafted it back and forth, gripping, pulling, writhing and milking. Her firm little buttocks rippled and shook against my hips and her legs snapped tightly to either side of mine.

“Oh, Stacy!” I grunted, riding her twitching body like a surf board. “Oh sis!”

I frantically fucked her spasming sheath. My cock was being squeezed in a heavenly vice and I was crazed with desire.

“Oh Stace,” I moaned. “Stacy, Stacy, Stacy.” I rambled, lost in the pure delight of my sister’s clutching depths. I rammed my iron hard cock in and out of her small body, desperately savouring every ecstatic ripple and twitch.

Now my thrusts were shoving into her so hard that I was driving her deep into the mattress with each stroke. Her eyes flicked open, her mouth trembled in a silent ‘Oh’ for a few seconds before her breath gusted out in juddering gasps. “Oh Jack! Cum in me Jack! Cum in me, now!”

Her plea tipped me over the edge and I grunted, threw my head up, arched my back and plunged to the hilt in her tight little snatch.

“Fuck yeah!” I yelled as my cock swelled and spat wave after wave of thick, creamy spunk into my little sister. Blast after hot blast filled her tight cunt and I collapsed on top of her. My full weight was far too much for her to support and I mashed her against the bed, but at that stage neither of us cared.

Bright colours danced in my vision as I lay in a sweat soaked stupor, struggling for each ragged breath. kaçak bahis After what seemed to me like forever, my cock and her cunt both stopped writhing and we just lay there.

I felt as weak as a kitten as I slowly came to my senses. Trapped beneath me, Stacy had finally realised I was too heavy and began to struggle a little.

“Jaaaacck!” she complained, half-heartedly.

Giving my cock one last grinding stir into her, I pushed myself off her tiny body and felt a thrill when her pussy squelched as I slithered out. Sitting back on my haunches between her spread legs, I looked down at her small butt and swollen pussy. Her lips were gaping open, flushed a deep red with arousal, and shining with juice. A slender trail of my thick white cum oozed out of her and ran like warm molasses down her slit toward her tender clit where it dribbled onto my bed sheet.

Playfully, I swatted her butt. “Damn, Stacy! You are the best fuck I have ever had!”

Brushing a sweat soaked lock of hair from her eyes, she glanced back over her shoulder at me and giggled, “What are sisters for?”


After she had left, I quickly fell asleep, but all too soon my mother’s voice penetrated my dreams. “C’mon, Jack, wakey wakey! You have to get up and come with your father and me to the train station so that you can drive our car back. Jack! Jack, get up.”

“Yeah, in a bit,” I mumbled, feeling more tired by the moment. The soothing warmth of post-orgasm was making me so drowsy.

“Jack, will you get up this instant!”

“Yeah, yeah,” I slurred, rolling over and snuggling down.

Through my approaching slumber, I heard the brat’s voice from the hallway, “What’s up, Mommy?”

“Your brother won’t wake up. I need him to drive the car back from the train station when we go on our weekend trip today.”

“Wait there, Mommy, I know just how to wake him up.” I could hear the words but was doing my best to ignore them and drift off back to sleep. My earlier exertions had worn me out. I was sure that I heard some noises from the bathroom before the brat spoke again, her voice getting nearer as she did so.

“This’ll do it.”

“Er… Stacy, honey, I don’t think that is such a good idea…”

SLAP! A soaking wet flannel smacked into my face causing me to yell and bolt upright. Snatching it away I turned angrily toward the grinning imp who, when she saw the look of murder upon my face, shrieked and fled in giggles.

Roaring, I scrambled from my bed and leapt after her, “Come here you little brat!”


“Come on, Pumpkin!” Dad called from the bottom of the stairs when it was time for us to leave. I slipped my tongue from her mouth long enough for her to yell, “Just a minute, Daddy!”

“Jack, see if you can hurry her up, alright?”

“Sure Dad!” I shouted back, pressing her small body firmly against the inside of her bedroom door as I dipped in for another hot kiss. We could hear Dad mumble something about ‘kids’ before stalking off to start the car.

“We better go,” she murmured, hooking her hands tighter around the back of my neck as she stood up on tiptoe to get me to bend down for another kiss.

“Ah-huh,” I agreed into her mouth. After a moment, I reluctantly pulled away and grinned down at her, “Come on, then. Let’s go and get rid of the old folks for the weekend.”

Her giggle was lovely to hear, “Oh, Jack. If Mummy heard you call her ‘old folks’ she would stab you to death with a spoon!”


As was usual, Mom rode shotgun beside Dad. I was first to wander out to the car, to keep up appearances, and then a minute later Stacy trotted out.

“I swear that girl dawdles on purpose,” Mom sighed. “You shouldn’t have let her take the day off college,” she admonished Dad.

“No harm done,” he replied, slipping to the brat’s defence as he always did. Stacy was his angel and could do no wrong, even when caught red-handed. Our eyes tracked the imp as she swayed toward the car, a youthful bounce to her step. When she slid into the back seat beside me, Dad turned around to glance at us, “Everybody ready?”


“Yes Pumpkin?”

“I’m going to miss you terribly. It will be Hell having to put up with Jack on my own for the weekend.” She leant forward and hooked her arms around his seat and chest to give him a big hug. I rolled my eyes in contempt at the familiar sight of the brat in action.

“Right,” said Dad, happily. “Let’s get this show on the road and see if we can make our train, shall we?”

Forty minutes later, we were all stood in a bunch on the railway platform saying our goodbyes.

While Mom gave the brat a long tight hug, Dad and I exchanged manly nods. “You will look after her, won’t you, Jack?”

“Sure, Dad.”

“I mean it, son. Lay off the booze and don’t abandon her to go out with your friends.”

“Right,” I sighed. The lecture would be shorter if I just agreed with everything. “You and Mom have a good time.”

“We will. I’m going to make sure of it.”

We both stood waiting whilst Mom kissed Stacy goodbye. I watched as she released my little sister and homed in on me. There was a special glint in her emerald eyes as she slid her arms around me, pressed her body close and looked up into my face, “You’ll be okay, Honey?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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