Stepdad Ch. 05

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“Okay, I love you both. Take care of each other while I’m gone,” Mom said as Derick loaded her luggage in the trunk.

“We will,” I said, thinking “oh yeah, I’ll take care of him alright.”

“I’m just a call away if you need to talk. You have all my info, my flights, where I’m staying, when I’ll be home. It will be fine,” she said, convincing herself.

“Yeah, Mom… we’re good. Don’t worry about us.”

“I know, it’s just I don’t like to leave you and I really don’t like these trips.”

Derick shut the trunk and walked around to the driver’s door.

“You sure you don’t want me to drop you off at the airport?” he asked.

“No, I’ve got to pick others up at the office. We’re all going together.”

“Okay, then have a safe trip,” Derick said.

They kissed, Mom hugged me and she was gone. Gone for a week. I was already wet thinking about it. As she pulled out of the driveway, Derick and I watched her head down the street until she was out of sight. Then we turned to each other and shut the garage.

“Last one undressed has to orally please the other,” I screamed, running into the house toward my room.

I had my shoes and shirt off before I made it inside, to my bed. I was just kicking off my shorts when in he walked, buck naked. I don’t know how he did it, but he beat me.

“Looks like I win,” he said, grinning.

I finished undressing as he walked toward me. His cock was growing as he moved, wobbling back and forth as it bounced steadily upward. It had been two days since he had sex with Mom on Friday. By the time he stood before me he was almost fully hard.

“Bummer, such a chore to have to suck your amazing cock,” I said, giggling.

I sat down on my bed, grabbed his cock and opened my mouth. He was fully hard by the time his head slipped past my lips into my wet mouth. I sucked hard right off the bat, making him moan and almost fall over toward me. I let him pop free, making an audible noise and stroked him a few times as I spoke.

“Can you believe we have an entire week alone?”

“Not really. Kind of weird. And exciting.”

“I know, right? We can do anything,” I said, sucking him back in.

“Yeah, and apparently you have big plans. Or at least that’s what you ‘hinted’ about,” he said.

I had to take him out of my mouth again to reply. “Yep, going to be great.”

“Well, you know I am over twice your age so I don’t know how much I can do.”

I sucked him for a few seconds before replying, “You’ll do just fine… I’m sure. Look at you already. You were hard before I even started sucking,” I said, stroking his big cock and shaking it so the head bounced up and down.

“It’s a gift,” he said, chuckling.

Inhaling him again, I bobbed up and down, stroked the base and rolled his balls, building up a good supply of saliva mixed with his pre-cum, which had begun to ooze only a minute into my sucking. I went to town on him, worshiping his cock with my mouth and hands the best I knew how. I think I was getting better the more I practiced. He seemed to moan more and I know his balls rose tight much sooner than last time. Pinning his cock up against his body, I sucked on his sack and licked around his balls before trailing my tongue up his underside to his shiny head. I forced my tongue into his wide slit before diving back onto him with my mouth.

His cock was a mess. Long stringy saliva clung to his balls and my chin as I worked and worked to please the object of my lust and desire. Every moment I touched it and was near it was the greatest thing in the world to me. I pretty much was obsessed with Derick’s cock and hadn’t stop thinking about it since that first day I saw it. It was what made my life worth living at the moment and to have it all to myself for a week was beyond joyous. I justified everything I was doing because of my lust and addiction to his cock.

Ten minutes later, he must have been close because he suddenly pulled me off his cock and pushed me down onto the bed, dropping to his knees. It was his turn to eat me.

“But I didn’t win,” I said, wiping my mouth.

“Trust me, this is my reward as well,” he said, pushing his mouth on the whole of my sex and forcing his tongue deep.

My head flew back, I called out in ecstasy and it only got better as he pinned my clit between his teeth and flicked it quickly with his tongue, driving me absolutely crazy. Damn, it was intense, so intense I started squirming again, trying to get away before something gushed out. He grabbed my breasts, holding me in place and continued to flick my clitoris. I thought he’d just fuck me after I sucked him but apparently he like to eat pussy and from his skill, he liked it a lot to be so good.

“Derick… fuck… I’m… I’m going to… cummm,” I screamed.

I think I exploded or something. I know I got really wet, not normal wet but like gushing wet and I have no idea where it came from. He didn’t seem to mind. He went right on eating me and I went into spasms on my bed as my body bahis firmaları shook and I climaxed on his face. The sheets under my butt were soaked in a little circle as I continued to convulse and thrash on the sheets. He didn’t even let me finish this time. Suddenly, he had stood up and shoved his long cock into me deep, as I was still cumming. My contractions gripped his cock as it rushed into me and I thought I might pass out again from the tremendous pleasure.

Somehow I remained conscious, but my climax multiplied in length as he started fucking me with abandon. He was driving his cock deep with long thrust that almost found his cock leaving me each time only to rush back in at a speed that boggled my mind. I think he had been waiting for Monday with more anticipation that I had. I was like a rag doll, too weak to control my body as Derick pummeled me hard and fast. I could scarcely focus on breathing let alone anything else, he had taken me so suddenly and by surprise during my orgasm.

I don’t know when one orgasm ended and the next began, I might have been cumming the entire time if that’s possible. The relentless thrusts, the depth and width, his hands on my body, everything combined into multiple orgasms. I lost count. I couldn’t even focus enough to count, I was so overcome with rapture. I was like putty in his hands. He moved me where he wanted me, how he wanted me and I just went with it. From my back, he flipped me to my front, taking me from behind, then my side, then back on my back, pushing my legs over my head and driving his cock deep for yet another orgasm. So much for my plans. He had plans of his own and he was getting them done that first Monday morning. He even picked me up and stood with me in his arms, driving his cock into me as he lifted me up and down with ease.

His height and strength were his advantage and my little petite body seemed to weigh nothing to him. I clung to his shoulders with my arms and wrapped my legs around him as best I could, but he did all the lifting and dropping until he laid me back down on the bed and continued driving his massive cock into me persistently. I’d never cum so many times in a matter of an hour and a half. By the time he was ready himself, I wasn’t able to answer his question of where I wanted it. He ended up pulling out this time and cumming all over my body from my quivering pussy to my heaving breasts. Rope after hot rope of his semen hit my trembling body and I think I actually outdid Mom’s best orgasm from him that I’d seen on the videos. He was pretty much empty by the time his cock eased down and he fell on the bed next to me.


My friends noticed a change in me. It had been happening for a while. It was difficult to hide how blissful I was and they wanted to know why I seemed so happy. I couldn’t tell them the truth obviously, nor could I tell them it was a new guy in my life because they would want to meet him or at least see pictures. Everyone take selfies now so it would be strange if I had none. I tried to brush it off and it mostly worked with all but Jessica, my best friend I’d known since grade school. She had picked me up at my house after the uncounted orgasms that morning. I said goodbye to Derick, kissed him on the cheek and ran out to the car. He needed a break anyway, told me we could try again that evening when I got home.

We met the others at the mall and my giddy self could not stop being so damn cheerful and happy. Every one of my friends noticed something, but it was on the way home that Jessica confronted me about my new found happiness. She didn’t believe my lies like the rest of them did.

“You may be able to fool the others, but I know somethings up with you, Keri. So spill it.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I said, looking out her car window at my house as we pulled up.

Derick was looking out the window and I smiled and made the mistake of turning toward Jessica with the smile on my face. She saw it on my face. She saw Derick in the window and Jessica knew.

“Oh… my… gawd! You’re fucking him! Keri, please tell me I’m wrong!”

“What? Oh please… you’re wrong,” I said as best I could.

“Bullshit, I’m wrong! Oh my… fuck, Keri, I can’t believe this. What are you thinking?”

“Nothing is happening,” I tried again.

“Don’t lie to me. You know you can’t lie to me. Why? What are you thinking?” she asked again, freaking out.

She was right. I couldn’t lie to her, she knew and nothing I could say would change that. Instead of denying it again, I pulled out my phone, opened my picture app and picked the picture of Derick lying on the bed with his cock extending out of his pajamas past his bellybutton. I turned the phone around and handed it to Jessica.

“Holy fucking shit!”

“That’s why and that’s what I’m thinking,” I said.

“But… but he’s your Stepdad,” she said, staring at the image.

I swiped to the next photo and her eyes got huge. “He’s enormous, I didn’t know they got that big.”

“Well, kaçak iddaa they do and it’s all mine. Well, at least for this week while Mom’s out of town.

Jessica couldn’t stop looking at the pictures on my phone. I was hoping that would convince her why I was doing what I was doing.

“What if she finds out, Keri?! I mean, he’s your Stepdad. He’s twice your age.”

“She won’t find out and look at that cock, does it look too old, because, believe me it’s not. It’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever had.”

“This is crazy, Keri… totally nuts. I mean, what have you done with him?”

“Everything. Just this morning he made me cum more times than I could count in an hour and a half.”

“Oh fuck. No wonder you’re so happy. But how can you even walk? Look at that thing.”

“Actually, that took some time, but I got used to him. Now it’s nothing but pure bliss.”

“How did this even happen?!” Jessica asked, looking at the phone again.

“That’s a long story, and he’s waiting for me to come inside so I’ll have to tell you tomorrow. And, Jess, you can’t tell anyone about this. I mean no one, do you understand.”

“No shit, Keri… I’m not stupid.”

“Promise me.”

“I promise, but I want details tomorrow. Holy shit, Keri… I can’t believe this,” she said, handing my phone back to me.

“I’ll tell you everything tomorrow afternoon. Just you and me.”

“Okay, bring your phone. I want to see that again.”

“I know exactly how you feel,” I said, getting out of the car.

Jessica drove away. I was slightly worried, but I was pretty sure I could trust her. What I didn’t expect was that trust coming with a price.


When I walked into my house, I found Derick holding the toy he gave me. Looked like he was taking my ‘hint’ seriously. He had his robe on but I was sure that was all.

“What are you going to do with that? And how’d you find it?” I asked.

“Not many places in your room to hide something like this. It didn’t take me long. And why don’t you go get undressed and I’ll show you what I plan to do with it.”

“So, I take it you’ve recovered from this morning?” I asked, walking to my room with him following me.

“You’ll have to wait and see.”

I was excited. He had never used the toy on me. He just bought it for me and then watched me as I fucked myself with it. It should be a new experience when he was in control. I ignored the nagging worry that came from Jessica finding out and walked into my room, kicking off my shoes and turning around as he walked in. He looked comical dressed in a robe and holding a sex toy over a foot long. I might have giggled at him a bit as I finished undressing.

I walked toward him naked, grabbing the tied robe belt and untied it. His long cock fell through the opened robe, wobbling back and forth. I put my hands on his chest and upward to his face, pulling him down for a kiss.

“Do you think Mom’s plane has landed?” I asked.

“Yes, she texted a little before you came home saying she made it.”

I pulled the robe off his shoulders and he had to hand me the long toy so he could get his arms out of the sleeve. The robe puddled at his feet and he pulled me into him. His cock got pinned downward between my legs and I felt it pulsing as it tried to rise. We kissed again until suddenly he picked me up and carried me to the bed.

Laying me down, he took the toy from me and knelt on the ground below my spread legs. I couldn’t see his cock, but I was sure it was growing if not hard already. I was already growing wet. He probably could have spread me with the toy and penetrated me with ease, but instead he caressed my body, my legs, my breasts, and started eating me before the toy came into play at all. Fine with me. We had all the time in the world and I loved being pampered.

He ate me until I was ready to cum again. That damn fast tongue of his gets me every time. He stopped short though, pulling away just before I lost it. My heart was pounding so close to my orgasm. I looked up in confusion to why he had stopped only to watch him find the toy and suddenly shove it into my well eaten pussy. The ribs bounced into me to the handle and the toy bottomed out into me. His face found my clit once again and seconds later I was cumming on the toy as he flicked my clit and fucked me deep with the rubber toy.

“Oh, fuck, oh fuck me!” I screamed not expecting the two different sensation together.

My hands hurt, I was gripping my sheets so tightly. My chest heaved, lifting my rock hard nipples skyward as the intense ecstasy burst over me. Yet again, he brought the ultimate orgasm out of me when I thought I’d felt it all. I squirmed away from his mouth, leaving him just fucking my convulsing pussy with the toy until my body couldn’t spasm any longer and I fell limp, panting for breath. The toy slipped from my sex and he left me alone for a few minutes until I gathered myself.

“I’ve got to say, Keri… you sure do know how to climax. I don’t think I’ve kaçak bahis ever seen a woman cum as hard as you do.”

“It’s… a… gift,” I said, using his words.

He chuckled and I opened my eyes to see him admiring the thick, creamy secretions that covered the toy. I had really coated it. I closed my eyes and trembled from the aftereffects of my massive orgasm.

He didn’t leave me alone long. I soon felt his hands on my body again and I opened my eyes. My legs had fallen straight and he was pushing them up again and spreading me open. I felt his hands and finger playing with my lips and gliding over them, down toward my tightly closed anus. I soon realized what he was doing as his finger tip began to slip and slide around my sphincter. He was lubing me up with my creamy, secretions. The toy was going in my ass for sure. I found my clit with my own hand as I felt his long finger enter my tight bum. He looked up to make sure I was okay and with no complaints from me he rooted around inside me. A second finger was added soon after and I cooed with pleasure and sped up on my clit.

“Your ass is so fucking hot,” he said.

He worked me over with his fingers, spinning them around and moving them in and out until he felt I was ready for the toy. Taking his fingers out, he replaced them with the tip of the cream covered toy. I pushed out as he pressed in and the toy glided effortlessly into my tight ass. The ribs, one by one, popped through my tight ring, vibrating my bowels as half the toy disappeared into me. That look was on his face. The look he gets when something’s in my ass. He’s addicted to it like I’m addicted to his cock.

He looked like a kid on Christmas morning as he fucked my ass slowly with the toy, watching intently as the ribs moved in and out of my tight hole. I worked over my clit as he fucked me and loved every second. It was so much better with him moving the toy and letting me focus on my clit and the phenomenal sensations running through my body. Over and over he pressed in and pulled out, working the toy deeper and deeper inside me until I had managed to take all the ribs up to the wide handle. I had never put that much into my ass myself, but with him in control he was able to do it. Talk about feeling full, it was an entirely new sensation with that much rubber in my ass.

The look on his face was worth it. He looked amazed and was zoned in to only my ass and the toy going in and out. I don’t think I could have gotten his attention if I screamed his name, the image was that captivating. I let my head down on my bed, closed my eyes and circled my clit quickly as Derick fucked and fucked my ass with the long toy he had bought. I wondered if he had pictured doing this to me when he bought it because he seemed plenty content to do it to me for the rest of the evening.

I was confident his cock was raging hard and he was probably oozing all over my floor as he knelt by my bed and fed the toy in and out for a long ass time, not even caring about his own pleasure or dick. Like I said before. We had all the time in the world and I had no complaints. It felt really good. The constant vibration of the ribs, the intense pleasure of my clit, and the fullness as the toy filled me each time. Why would I want anything different? But I kind of did. I wanted his cock. It didn’t matter where. My hand, my mouth, maybe even in my pussy, but I wanted it. Even if he was just lying next to me with his head down toward my feet so I could suck and play while he fucked me with the toy. Anything to get a look or a hold of his cock.

“Derick, I need your cock,” I said, not realizing what this might translate to.

“Are you sure?” he said, having stopped moving the toy.

“Yes, I’m sure. I need it now,” I said, still clueless to what he thought I was saying.

Suddenly the toy was out of my ass and he was kneeling with his cock in hand and rubbing his head around my slightly opened ass. As he began to push in I screamed.

“No! Not what I meant!”

Luckily he stopped short of entering me.

“What. What did you mean then?” he asked.

I could see the confusion and disappointment on his face. He really thought I had given him permission to put his cock, his giant cock, in my ass. I realized my mistake and felt bad, especially with the look of longing and denial he had on his face.

“I’m sorry… I just wanted to touch it or suck on it. I didn’t mean that. I can’t do that. You’re way too big for me.”

“Oh… okay. Sorry,” he said, pulling his cock away from my now tightly puckered ass.

I had tightened up and if I hadn’t screamed he would have torn me up for sure. That was a close one.

I had kind of killed the mood, so I had to take over because he really looked deprived. I made him lay down on the bed on his side and then I laid down next to him, but the opposite direction. I grabbed his cock and started sucking on it, lifting my leg as he picked up the toy again. He soon pressed it back into my ass and started where he left off. I was surprised how easy it went in, but I guess it made sense since he had been fucking me with it for probably a half hour.

“This is better. This is what I meant,” I said, taking his cock from my mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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