Stephani Comes Home for Christmas

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I gazed out the window watching the snow flakes tumble from the sky. How I wished it wasn’t storming. Stephi was coming home for the Christmas Holiday and I found myself anxious to see my daughter again. A smile came to my lips remembering our time spent together during the summer. We had developed a special kind of relationship. We had spent the remainder of the summer exploring each other completely, mind, body and soul. Just thinking of her delicious pink cunt made my own ache with need. Shaking my head I moved away from the window and moved into the kitchen thinking keeping busy would help pass the time until she arrived.

As I stuffed the turkey with stuffing I could not help but imagine stuffing Stephani’s sweet cavity with my own tiny fist. I had thought so much of how we would spend our time together and my body almost ached with need and anticipation. Imagine my surprise when I had gotten a call from her this morning asking if it was ok to bring her roommate home for the holidays. At first I felt a great disappointment because I wanted her all to myself. Would all my holiday plans be ruined? Then I remembered that Tara had introduced Stephi to her desires for other women the possibilities of an exciting weekend increased. Again I was looking forward to this visit very much. Since Summer I had purchased a few new toys and had kept them tucked safely away in my dresser drawer just for this occasion.

From an online catalog I had found a vaginal spectrum like they use in a doctors office when doing a female exam. I had spent many nights masturbating to the thought of those cold clamps stretching my daughter’s walls wide. Among my other purchases was a ball gag that would look lovely in her hot slutty mouth. I had also ordered a leather crop as well as adjustable nipple clamps that had heart shaped weights to attach for added pleasure. Covering the now stuffed Turkey I remembered, my latest purchase was made as an afterthought once finding out Tara would be joining us.

I heard the car pull into the driveway. Washing my hands quickly I found myself almost running to the door. Flinging it open there she was, so beautiful in her youthful perfection. My arms reached for her, drawing her to me, my lips boldly finding hers. There was nothing motherly about the way our lips met and crushed together. My daughter knew without a doubt it was her Mistress now who drank from her mouth. For a moment it was as if no one else was there as we embraced and ground our bodies together. Then as if in unison we pulled apart and I turned to look at Tara, “Hello, I am, Deb, I’m so glad to finally meet you.”

Tara seemed almost cold in her greeting to me. I was puzzled for a moment but then once I realized that she felt threatened by me, another dominant woman I had to smile. I would be sure and take care of that right off the bat. This was my home and there was only one Mistress. Me.

The two girls, with bags in hand, entered the house. I noticed the subtle differences between them, my daughter petite and blonde with long flowing strands that tumbled down over her heart shaped ass. Tara was a beauty in her own way. She was dark skinned, Perhaps Asian.? I could not be sure. She was short yet her build was stocky. Not overweight. Her breasts were small and barely a handful for my own small hands I was sure. The swell of her hips a beacon that she screamed she would look lovely splayed wide open. Her lips were thin and her chocolate eyes seemed to speak of unknown depths. The contrast between the girls was sharp yet complimented each other bahis firmaları as well.

I had been lounging all day and had chosen to wear just an oversized shirt of one of my male friends and white anklets with nothing underneath. I had allowed the girls time to settle into their rooms and was puttering in the kitchen when they Stephi entered. She had changed into a short/tank pajama set and I could see by the way her nipples peaked and strained against the filmy material my baby girl was thinking like her mother. She lifted a piece of celery and began to chomp and we laughed and talked about things in general, just mother and daughter enjoying each other’s company. I laid on the counter top a variety of vegetables to be prepared for dinner tomorrow. There were cucumbers, carrots, celery, small cherry tomatoes, pickles and olives. My daughter moved around and hopped up on the counter so she sat beside me while I worked. Her slender thighs were slightly parted and I could not help but sneak a peak at her pink pussy. I looked up and caught her staring at me. I smiled. My eyes holding hers as I reached out to let the soft pads of my fingertips slide along her inner thigh to her crotch. Anxiously I pushed one of my slender fingers into her tight canal. She moaned softly and softly whispered. “mom” I moaned too as my finger began to fish around in her juicy twat. It was so tight and I couldn’t help withdraw my finger and press it into my own mouth. MMMM she was sweet. I longed to bury my face in her sweet cunt and feast eagerly.

I had moved now to stand between Steph’s open thighs. My fingers finding her cunt once more, this time inching two fingers inside. I finger fucked my baby girl slowly, her moans so sweet and pliant. My own cunt was juicing down my inner thighs. With my free hand I gently guided my baby back so she now lay atop the counter. Trembling fingers pulled down her shorts and she obligingly opened her legs wide. I caught the scent of her snatch and I thought I might cum right there. My fingertips found her cunt lips and gently spread them. Lowering my head until my tongue strokes along her juicy slit. She was whimpering softly now while my tongue explored, drawing painfully slow circles around her clit until I felt her hips lift, her delicate body stiffened and soon I was milking her cum into my hungry mouth. Moaning I shoved my face into her snatch tighter until she collapsed back atop the counter panting.

Pulling back I glanced at her and smiled. So beautiful she was, Her cunt wet with cum, covered in soaked blonde curls, I tasted her on my lips and felt her cum as it dried tightening on my chin and nose. Stephi was kneading her tits and writhing on the counter. My baby girl was hot. I smiled and dipped the tip of my finger into her snatch. Swirling it around and around in the opening of her hole so wet. My gaze landed atop the vegetables to the side. Leaning over Stephi I plucked at one nipple and told her to keep playing with her titties. Mom would be right back.

Lifting a paring knife I quickly peeled away the bitter skin of a couple of cucumbers. Lifting the end of one to my sticky lips i bit off the end and chewed slowly. Moving back between my daughter’s legs I lifted a handful of the small cherry tomatoes. Guiding one to her cunt then slowly, so slowly pushing it into her tight hole. She moaned as my fingers continued to push the tomatoes into her cunt leaving the last one just in the opening. My voice husky as I spoke.” How does that feel baby cunt?”

Steph was writhing and moaning. That was kaçak iddaa all the answer I needed. Placing my lips to her cunt I commanded her to push gently until each of the tomatoes were out of her cunt. I felt her body tense and pushed my lips to her cunt. Capturing the first cum coated tomato and chewing slowly, her juices trickling down my chin. “MMMMm that is good baby. Again.” Once more Steph pushed down and popped the two remaining tomatoes into her mommy’s mouth. Chewing, savoring the sensations, I pulled my mouth from her cunt then guiding her lips to mine. Sliding the final tomato into her mouth. Our tongues tangling then I pulled away so she too might savor the deliciousness of her cunt.

Her small hands thrust out to grasp my hard nipples beneath the shirt. It felt so good and again my own pussy contracted I pushed Steph back again this time my tapered fingers coiled around the peeled cucumber. I slid it along her slit. Her cunt lips glistened, making the strokes easy as the tip of the vegetable inched into her cunt. She cried out and shoved her hips towards the juicy cucumber. Growling I shoved it deep and she began to shudder. “OH god yes mommy, oh fuckkkk, yes it is goooooooood!” she wailed. I laughed and continued to stroke the little bitch’s snatch deeper and faster until again my daughter came. I watched the juices squirt from her filled cunt and lowered my lips to lick along the stretched skin of her cunt as it held the vegetable. Steph was panting as I pulled out the cucumber.

As I looked up I saw Tara standing in the doorway. She was only in a robe and even though her flesh was tinted with a blush I could see her pert nipples straining against the silk of the robe. My eyes deep pools of raging desire I held out the cucumber to the dark girl and she moved in quickly and took a bite. The way she chewed it showed clearly she enjoyed my daughter’s cunt juices as much as I. Both Tara and Steph moaned and then I heard Steph gasp realizing Tara had joined us. I laughed.

Stephani sat up and she glowed in shame. Silly girl I thought. No secrets between us. I moved to Tara and gently guided her lips to mine and kissed her passionately. I felt her struggle but then with a cry she yielded and tangled her tongue with mine eagerly. My hand slid to those small perky tits. It was almost like stroking the tits of a man yet there was only the small swell of a mound to cup in my palm. Her nipples felt huge and I was anxious as I parted the robe. Breaking the kiss my eyes fell to those almost brown nipples. They were thick and long. God I had never seen nipples so long. I wondered if she could fuck my cunt with them. My head dipped and as I held the small girls gaze my mouth devoured first one tit then the other. I felt Tara move and realized her and Steph were kissing now. MMmm I was a lucky Mom with two such hot cunts.

Pulling away I unfastened the buttons of my shirt and let it fall to the floor. Watching the two young girls kiss I slid one hand down between my thighs and strokes my hard clit. The heated slickness in my snatch would of allowed a hard cock easy access to my tight fuck canal. The girls pulled away and I smiled to them both. “Undress you sluts.” They both did not tarry in removing the confinements of clothing. The three of us stood there completely naked. Our bodies flushed and were tinged with a thin sheen of sweat. The room reeked of sex and cunt and it only enhanced our desires.

I knew I wanted to bury my tongue in Tara’s dark cunt badly and with that I guided her to the kitchen table and helped her kaçak bahis up. She lay on her back and her thighs parted showing me she wanted it as much as I did. I bent over and began to lower my head to her cunt when I felt Steph move in behind me. Her tiny hands parted my tight ass checks. I moaned and then almost pissed come when I felt her hot breath engulf my snatch. She was a greedy bitch just like her mom and she wasted no time in shoving her face into my pussy. Just like when she was a babe she nursed now from her mommy’s twat. She was good. Oh fuck yes she was good. my cunt tightening I pushed my own face into Tara’s cunt. The dark curls hiding her wet cunt. Pushing through them with my nose an tongue I found her clit easily and planted my teeth around it. I tugged on it, her little squeals driving me wild as I slide one finger into her snatch. Fuck yes she was tight, even tighter than Steph. Driving my finger in and out while I licked her cunt as Steph fed off mine. The three of us were moaning and it was hard to tell whose was whose.

Unable to hold back I rocked back into Steph’s face. Shuddering almost violently my cum flowed into her slutty mouth. She lapped eagerly and I was sure she would lick me dry. At the next moment sweet Tara lifted her hips and her cunt spasming she came for me. My tongue lapped gently to get every droplet from her depths. Smelling only cunt I collapsed against Tara’s thigh to catch my breath.

Finally finding the strength to lift my body from the table I stood. Tara sat up and behind me I felt Steph. She was stroking the crack of my ass with something. Her youthful moans enough to make me yield to what ever she had planned. With a start I realized that it was one of the cucumbers I had peeled. Moaning as it was inserted deeply into my soaked cunt. Oh what a nasty little bitch my daughter was. Following my daughters lead my hand reached out to lift another of the vegetables. Tara was leaning forward as her lips were finding Steph’s and she moaned hotly when I pushed the hard shaft into her. Growling deeply I heard Steph cry out and noticed that Tara’s fingers were frantically fucking her friend’s cunt. Our bodies rocked together in lust and pleasure as we rode the makeshift cocks and fingers. Panting hotly I screamed as I found my release.. Pushing the vegetable into Taras’ sweet cunt I felt Steph’s hand take control allowing me to move slightly away from the two of them. I took the soaked cucumber from my own twat and moved behind my daughter. Jabbing the end into her cunt then pulling out, her legs buckled as if she might fall but I held her. I slid the tip over the pucker of her nasty ass then working it inside. She screamed and began to shove harder into Tara’s snatch. I was unmerciful now as I rammed the cock in and out of her asshole. The suction threatened to break the vegetable in two pieces. Sinking my teeth into my bitch daughter’s shoulder and shoving the cuke deep I felt her trembling and begin to cum. At the same time Tara also found her release and both hot sluts pissed sweet cum .

I had tucked both girls into their bed and reluctantly left them to sleep. I knew we had a full week to explore each other and use my new toys. For tonight I would let them sleep. I had returned to the kitchen idly chewed on a cucumber. Tasting of cunt. Unsure of whose I slurped and sucked the juices from it, letting them run down my chin and slender throat. Finishing up cleaning the kitchen I grabbed the shirt I had discarded earlier and shut off the light. Climbing the steps to my bedroom I could not help but wonder what the girls would think of Mark tomorrow at dinner. A heated smile splayed over my lips. I had told him everything and I knew He was anxious to meet my daughter. Tara would just be an added bonus.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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