Stephanie Opens Her Mind

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“Are you open minded?”

It was a woman’s voice, husky and laced with hot breath.

“Excuse me?” Stephanie asked.

“Are you open minded?” The woman asked again. “I’d like to talk to you.”

“Who are you calling?” Stephanie asked.

“I’ve been calling numbers at random. I’m driving cross-country.”

“This is Belmont Appliance in Gusville, Indiana.”

“That’s okay.” The woman giggled. “I’m so horny right now, I’ll talk to anyone.”

Stephanie recoiled a bit from the phone. “You’re what?”

“Horny,” the voice said. “I’m out here on the road alone and wishing someone could help me out. Can you help me out?”

Stephanie was silent with disbelief. She looked around the empty store, wondering if someone was hiding behind a machine and prank calling her. “Who is this?” Stephanie asked. “Paula? Is that you?”

“No.” The woman laughed. “Who’s Paula? Your lover?”

Stephanie frowned. “No. I’m hanging up now.”

“No, don’t leave. Stay a bit longer. I’m pulling into a rest stop so I can play with my pussy. Talk to me some more.”

“No,” Stephanie said. “You’re sick and you need help.”

The woman moaned. “I need help coming, that’s for sure.”

Stephanie slammed the phone back onto the hook. She shook her shoulders, releasing them from their ascent toward her ears. She had a good mind to call the police. Wasn’t this harassment?

Or was it a bad joke? She’d thought it was Paula, but the voice was huskier. Would Paula’s voice sound like that if she were masturbating? Is that what Paula was doing right now? And if so, why call her? They were pals who met for coffee once a week. Did Paula want it to be something more?

She engaged in some busy work to get her mind off it. She dusted televisions, marked sale signs for the washing machines, and checked on the status of the repair orders. No one came in to interrupt her work. Not even Paula, whom she half-expected.

The phone rang. She answered.

“Belmont Appliance.”

“Are you still there?” The woman asked. “I’m still horny.”

Stephanie groaned. “Listen. You need to get some help.”

“I need to get laid,” the woman said.

“What you need to do is stop calling here.”

“I was thinking of pulling into the next truck stop ataşehir escort and letting a bunch of big-cocked truckers fuck me silly.”

The porn movie language shocked any reply out of Stephanie’s mouth. She could hear the woman moaning. She could envision her writhing in the driver’s seat as her car zoomed down a highway. Was she driving naked? Could other drivers see her? What were they thinking? She might cause a multi-car pile-up if someone spotted her and couldn’t look away until they were almost on top of a bridge abutment.

Stephanie worried now. “Are you naked?”

The woman laughed. “No. Would you like me to be? I can pull over.”

“Maybe you should.”

The woman moaned with an approving sound. “All right, sweetie.”

“No, not so you can…I’m worried about your safety. You shouldn’t…do that while you’re driving.”

“Do what? Listen to the radio? Talk on the phone?”

Stephanie huffed. “Touch yourself while you’re driving.”

“I wasn’t. Much. I was playing with my tits. I can start playing with my pussy though.”

“No, no, no. You don’t have to.”

“But I want to.”

“You shouldn’t.”

“Why not? It feels good.” The woman gasped. “And I’m so wet. You’re making me wet.”

“No, listen, you should stop. Someone might see you.”

“That’s okay. Maybe they’ll enjoy the show.”

“You might cause an accident.”

“I’m off the road. I can lie back and give myself a good fucking.”

“Good,” Stephanie said as she sat down on the stool behind the counter.

“I’m glad you agree.”

“No, no.” Stephanie chuckled. “That’s not what I meant.”

“Are you sure?”

Stephanie heard strange noises on the other end. Was someone banging on the woman’s car? Was she about to be raped?

“Oh God, are you all right?” Stephanie asked.

“I’m fine. What’s wrong, sweetie?”

“I heard banging or something. I thought…Where are you? Do you need help?”

“That was me getting into the glove box. I have a vibrator in there.”

A loud buzz came through the phone line, making Stephanie jump.

“Did you hear that?” The woman asked, and then let out a sharp cry followed by laughter. “Oh fuck, that feels good. It’s right on my clit.”

“Are you somewhere people can kadıköy escort see you?”

“Yes,” the woman said between purrs. “I’m at a gas station. Anyone who walks close enough is going to see me and my sweet pussy.”

“What? Someone could rape you. Someone could — “

“Show me a good time. Or maybe I’d show you a good time.”

“Someone’s going to show you a rough time if you’re not careful.”

“Like you?” The woman moaned again. “Would you pull me out of the car? Twist my nipples? Slap my ass?”

Stephanie’s jaw hung open. “No, I wouldn’t do that.”

“What would you do, then?”

Stephanie imagined the woman lying back with one hand down her open jeans, the vibrator buzzing her clit, and her shirt pulled up over her tits for all to see.

“Listen, please, some guy is going to see you and — “

“Have his way with me?”


“And you want to help? Is that it? You want to help him fuck me?”

“No, that’s not what I’m saying at all.”

“You want him to yourself? You want to fuck him while I watch?”

Stephanie was ready to yell in frustration. “No, I don’t want to fuck anyone.”

The woman giggled. “Just yourself?”

Stephanie laughed now. “What on Earth makes you think that?”

“You haven’t hung up.”

Stephanie gasped. She was right. How long had they been talking? Why did she let this go on? Why was she sweating? Why were her clothes itchy?

Stephanie swallowed. “I’m hanging up now.”

“You don’t want to.”

“I should. Really.”

“No. I mean you don’t want to miss this. I’ve got company.”

Stephanie moved to the edge of the stool. “What?”

She heard someone rapping on glass. She heard movement and then the woman’s voice, away from the phone.

“Hi there,” the woman said to someone else.

“Someone’s there?” Stephanie asked, not knowing if the woman had heard her.

“Oh yeah,” the woman said, back into the phone now. “A good-looking guy with a good-looking cock in his hand.”

Stephanie squeezed tight onto the phone. “He’s right there?”

“Hey, big boy,” the woman said to the man outside her car. “How ’bout I suck those balls?” The woman moaned, and then spoke back into the phone. “Oh, you should see this cock.”

Stephanie bostancı escort bayan heard hot breaths and a wet tongue lashing flesh.

“You taste great, baby,” the woman said to her new male friend. “My friend’s listening to me suck your cock. She wishes she were here.”

Stephanie heard more slurps, sucks, smacks, moans, and full-mouthed laughs.

“Are you listening?” The woman asked her. “Do you wish you were here? Oh, fuck, I wish you could taste this cock. You gonna jack off on my face, baby?”

“Is he?” Stephanie asked. The stool’s back legs held little weight now.

She heard the woman’s open-mouthed, tongue-out moan. The woman called for the man’s hot come on her face. A shudder bolted through Stephanie’s body. She clutched at her crotch, soaked through, and cried out as the stool tipped forward, dropping the balls of her feet to the floor. She leaned her elbow on the counter and cupped her cunt with her free hand as she came. She didn’t hold back her cries, knowing no one else was in the store. She got her zipper open and pinched her clit through her wet panties. She shook and shouted as she leaned back against the counter and soaked her fingers and legs.

The woman laughed. “That’s just what I wanted to hear.”

Stephanie was still catching her breath. “I’m a mess.”

The woman moaned. “That sounds great. I’d lick that pussy clean if you’d let me.”

“Is he still there?”

“He was never here.”

Stephanie stopped rubbing her clit. “What?”

“He was never here, honey. I was sucking my fingers.”

“There was no man? No big cock? No come on your face?”

“No, I was helping you out. I gave you what you wanted, didn’t I?”

Stephanie laughed. “Yes, you did.”

“Can you give me what I want?” The woman asked. “Can you make me come now?”

A man, carrying a shopping list, walked into the store. He made a bee line for the televisions.

“Not now,” Stephanie said. “Someone just walked into the store.”

“I’ll call back later,” the woman said. “Stay open minded.”

Stephanie walked through the front door of her home three hours later. The phone rang before she made it to the living room.

“I’ll get it,” she said as she ran for the phone, but Stan answered it.

“Hello? I’m sorry, what did you say?” He gave Stephanie an odd look. “Am I open minded?”

She grabbed his balls through his pants, surprising him and making him stumble back against the wall.

“Tell her yes,” Stephanie said as she got on her knees.

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