Steps Taken Ch. 02

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Double Penetration

Waking up I had to pinch myself that what happened last night in the hallway wasn’t just a dream. I realized it wasn’t when I felt the stiffness in my boxers. My new stepmother had masturbated me to a massive orgasm right in front of her own daughter fucking herself with a dildo about eight feet away from us.

Shaking my head I quickly pulled on some pants and a shirt and checked the time. It was fairly late in the morning, and heading downstairs I called out to an empty house. I knew my father had probably already left on the fishing trip and Jackie had to work. The thought of possibly being alone with Erica in an empty house after what happened the night before got me a bit excited. There was a note on the table in the kitchen:

“David — I’m off to work but should be home by about 4. Your Dad left this morning. I took steaks out for dinner tonight so I hope that you don’t mind cooking — Jackie.”

I was secretly relieved that neither of them was home. I knew that with all of the pornographic fantasies I had running around in my head I needed to dial it down a bit otherwise things could get very awkward very quickly. The simple fact that tonight I would be alone in the house with both of them made me both nervous and excited like the first time a kid goes on a date.

Being alone, I decided to explore the house a bit better than I had last night. Besides the large basement with a theater setup and large pool outside, there was a small cabana house that had enough room for guests to sleep in. This house was massive. My father had always done well for himself, but he also mentioned that Jackie was a very successful real estate agent and had done quite well for herself too.

I tried to resist the urge but couldn’t help walking upstairs first into my parents’ new room. Opening the closet I was treated to Jackie’s work outfits, most of which consisted of skirts and light blouses because of the warm climate here. Also in the back of her side of the closet there were several skimpy lingerie samples, one of which I recognized from the night before. Opening a couple of drawers I found one full of bathing suits, most of which were incredibly skimpy and another drawer full of lingerie and stockings. Just seeing and imagining her mature body wearing these got me horny, but I was saving myself for the main feature.

Erica. I now knew that she put on web cam shows with her hot body on display, but also had realized that it was possible she had some of the videos on her computer. Walking into her room placed strategically at the end of the long hallway, I made a beeline for the laptop on her dresser. Opening it up I did a quick search for video files located on the hard drive and got another rush to my genitals when I found several files. I clicked on the first one I found labelled “School Time”.

The video file loaded and I was treated to my stepsister standing in front of her desk adjusting the camera. She was dressed in a provocative schoolgirl outfit complete right down to the kilt, white blouse that was tied to show off her waist and her hair was up in pigtails. She spoke to the camera.

“Good morning Professor. I’m here for my detention. Was my outfit a bit too racy today? I thought you would like it.” As she spoke she started to slide her hands up and down her body, lifting her kilt slightly to show a pair of lacy white panties and pulling her blouse down to show the matching bra underneath her blouse. She posed for a bit in various positions, even turning to bend over and show her ass to the camera. The thong of her panties just barely covered her pussy lips and she wiggled her firm ass provocatively at the camera, still keeping up a dialogue that she was a young schoolgirl in detention.

“I see you looking at me in class, professor…do you like what you see? I wore this just for you so we could be alone together.”

As she talked her movements started to get a bit more provocative and soon she was unbuttoning her blouse and unzipping her kilt to stand there in only her bra and panties, still touching herself. Her skin was smooth and flawless and her breasts stood up firmly pushed together by the bra. Her panties were just transparent enough to see her pussy lips outlined in them.

” I’ve been such a bad girl, professor…would you like to spank me?” She turned and stuck her ass out, giving it a hard slap with her own hand and moaning loudly at the camera.

This was too much for me to bear so I pulled out my already hard cock and started to stroke it. Spying a pair of her panties on the floor beside me I reached down to pick them up and wrap the silky lace around my cock. The material felt great while I pumped myself to the sound of Erica moaning to the camera. After last night it was a familiar sound. She continued to spank herself lightly on the ass until it turned a bright red colour.

Picking an object up off of the desk I saw a familiar dildo in her hand. It was the same one I had güvenilir bahis seen her with last night.

“I think I need some cock, Professor. I think I need your cock to fuck me. Please put it inside me…” she moaned and slid the dildo down her ass cheeks. She pulled her thong to one side and sank the dildo into her wet shaven pussy. Seeing that made my libido go into overdrive thinking about how it would feel to slide inside of her. It was too much for my already aching cock and I felt myself go over the edge. Closing my eyes with pleasure I shot a load of sperm into the panties that were wrapped around my cock. As my cock continued to pulse I wiped the excess off of myself with her panties. The video screen continued to moan as I was treated with an encore of watching Erica fuck herself with the dildo just like she had in front of me last night.

Suddenly I heard a faint noise downstairs. Was someone in the house after all? With my heart shooting up into my throat I quickly shut the computer and ran out of Erica’s room down the hall, dropping the panties I had used on the floor.

It was a false alarm. As much as I wanted to continue watching the video and the others that were there I had found I thought I had better calm down unless I get caught. My mind was racing with the possibility of having this little sex vixen just down the hallway from me tonight.

After cleaning myself up in the shower, I thought the best strategy was to just leave the house, otherwise it would have been too hard to resist the urge to run upstairs and masturbate a couple of times inside Jackie’s lingerie drawer or all over Erica’s dresser watching the videos I had found. This all still felt very incestuous, even though I wasn’t directly related to either of them the thought of wanting to fuck both my stepmother and my new stepsister still made me feel strange.

Leaving the house was a good idea. Between hitting the gym and going out and exploring the neighbourhood I came back to the house still empty and decided to relax by the pool instead of succumbing to temptation inside the house. My libido had calmed down a bit so it was easy to relax. In the early afternoon I had dozed off when I woke up the click of high heels on the pool deck and opened my eyes to see Jackie walking towards me from the back door.

She was dressed in a very neat business suit with a dark thin pencil skirt and a dark blouse covered by a very sharp jacket. Her firm body showed off curves in all the right places tapering down to her long legs which were covered by dark stockings. The buttons were undone just enough for me to see a hint of cleavage. Dressed like that I could imagine being one of her clients and realized why she was so successful at her job. Any guy being asked to sign anything when she looked like that would do it without very much hesitation.

“Hard day at work?” I asked as she walked towards me.

“You have no idea.” She laughed. Sitting down on a chair by the pool she undid her jacket and pulled it off, shaking out her hair. Crossing her legs I saw the tops of her stockings slowly revealed and started to think about all of the sexy lingerie I had found upstairs that was probably just underneath her clothes. Her breasts were prominently on display. She sighed.

“It must be nice to be able to just sit by the pool all day. I wish I could join you. Where’s Erica?” she inquired.

“No idea.” I said. “I haven’t seen her all day.”

“She’s probably still out with her friends shopping. That girl can really rack up a credit card.” She said with a smile. “Sometimes I think her closet is better than mine.”

“I don’t think so. That’s quite a power suit you have on there.”

“You have to wear the power suit if you want to make the power deals.” She said. “Although I’m tempted to put on a suit and join you, it’s so nice out here.” I secretly hoped that she would so that I could see her in one of the bikinis I found earlier. Her cell phone rang and she looked at it with a glare.

“Work never ends.” She said, answering the phone and walking to the back door already in a heated discussion with somebody.

I figured my best strategy regarding the night before was just to ignore it had even happened, which it seemed like she was happy to do as well. Part of me felt guilty for even wanting to fuck my father’s new wife to be but she was incredibly hot and obviously had quite a sexual appetite.

I went back into the house and started to prepare the steaks that were out for dinner with a nice dry rub. Jackie was walking around upstairs constantly on the phone. Not sure what she wanted me to put together to go with the steaks, I walked up to the top of the stairs to ask her the question and stopped in my tracks. Her bedroom door was slightly ajar. She was still on the phone, but had removed both her skirt and blouse and was standing in her room in only a sexy bra and panty set with her dark stockings still on. Engrossed türkçe bahis in her phone conversation she didn’t see me and obviously didn’t even think about me possibly coming upstairs, because as she spoke she unhooked her bra and let it drop to the ground, exposing her tanned breasts to my gaze.

They were large and round and definitely had some work done on them because they were still perky and stood up proudly on her chest. Her nipples were dark as well and were fully hard, sticking out from her chest. Her ass was firm and round as well without the hint of a tan line on it. She had a spectacular body for a woman her age and I felt my cock respond, wondering what she would feel like lying underneath me. She walked into the walk in closet and out of my sight still focused on her conversation. That finally snapped me out of my focus and I quickly turned and went back downstairs.

I heard the conversation stop and she walked into the kitchen, having changed into tight jeans and a simple camisole top with spaghetti straps. Her breasts didn’t need a bra and she obviously wasn’t wearing one because her hard nipples were on display.

“Erica called.” she said. “She won’t be home until later. I guess it’s just you and me for dinner.” Part of me was disappointed but I also stiffened in my pants at the thought of what might happen if Jackie and I were alone together.

“I already got dinner sort of started. Wine?” I offered. She grinned and accepted a glass, quickly draining it and asking for another.

“Wow, what a day.” She said. We easily moved into a conversation about her job, previous work and school and the relationship with my father. She was attractive, really bright and funny and of course very easy to look at. More than once she caught me staring at her chest while she spoke and I had to redirect my gaze.

Very easily we cooked dinner together and sat down outside to eat. Before we both knew it the sky was dark and there were two bottles of wine empty on the table. The conversation was so good that I didn’t even notice the time had passed. She stretched out, again giving me a great view of her spectacular breasts which I was very focused on now, especially after all the wine.

“Well kiddo, I think it’s time to clean up.” She smiled. ” I’ve got another busy day tomorrow.”

“I’ll take care of it.” I said. “You should relax.”

“That’s a good idea. Want to join me for a swim? We can crank up the heat in the pool for a little while. Just don’t tell your dad” she winked at me. Suddenly I got very excited and so did the little soldier inside my pants thinking about the bathing suits she had upstairs.

“Sure. I’ll take care of this stuff so go ahead and get ready.” I said, trying not to sound like an overexcited teenager. She got up from the table and I started to clear up and quickly get the dishes done. After a couple of minutes I heard her coming down the stairs and turned to see her body barely covered in a lime green bikini. Her round breasts were pushed together creating a large mound of cleavage, and the bottoms were cut high on her thighs. Her short torso and thick legs created a very narrow waist. There were no tan lines visible anywhere so either she tanned in the nude or wearing less than what she had on. She looked stunning.

“Come and join me when you’re done.” She said, reaching into the fridge to get another bottle of wine. Both of us had already had a bit too much, but watching her walk out the back door and seeing her gorgeous round ass barely covered by her bikini bottoms I decided that I was going to throw caution to the wind and see where this ended up. If I had the chance to fuck this gorgeous creature I wasn’t about to let it go to waste, even if we were soon going to be related.

When I finished and went out back she was already in the water. I poured myself a glass of wine and sat in one of the pool loungers, just watching her paddle back and forth.

” Aren’t you going to join me?” she asked.

“I don’t really feel like getting wet.” I said. She shook her head and paddled over to the stairs. The sight of her exiting the water with water running down her nearly naked form made me shudder inside. Water dripped down her nearly naked body and her bikini clung to her, making her nipples stand out and just gave a hint of an outline of her pussy.

“The water feels so good.” She said in a seductive tone, walking slowly towards me while running her hands down her body to wipe the water off. Her breasts swayed in her green top and her hips swiveled. She definitely knew how to use her body to its full advantage. She indicated the towel lying near my on the ground. “Would you towel me off?”

“Of course” I said, standing up with the towel and walking towards her. There was a hungry look in her eye as I walked towards her dripping wet body and I’m sure that she saw the same hunger in my eyes. I had completely forgotten that she was my stepmother, I just saw a güvenilir bahis siteleri mostly naked hot woman standing in front of me and all I could think about doing was throwing her to the ground and fucking her hard right there on the pool deck.

Opening the towel wide I wrapped it around her fully and our bodies pressed together for the first time that evening. Her firm breasts with hard nipples pushed against my chest and with my arms wrapped around her I couldn’t help but have her feel my hard member poke into her thigh. It was obvious how turned on I was. She was short enough so that her head could just lean in to rest against my chest as well and she pressed herself against me. Her hair smelled faintly like chlorine and I could feel an incredible amount of tension between us. She pulled her arms free of the towel and wrapped them around my neck, gently holding herself close to me.

“Jackie…” I said just like I had the night before in the hallway but yet again, she turned her head and cut me off with her finger. However, this time she leaned into me and hungrily kissed me. Her mouth covered mine and I felt her tongue press against my lips. I eagerly let it slide into my mouth and we deeply kissed each other, with my arms wrapped around her and her hands around my neck.

Her kiss became more insistent and I felt her leaning into me even harder. Forgetting all about the surroundings I dropped the towel I had wrapped around her, embracing her wet nearly naked body and pressing it hard against my chest and throbbing cock. Our tongues battled fiercely and she started to gently groan into my mouth. I could feel her pushing her hips against my groin and start to grind against me.

She broke the kiss and we stared at each other briefly, knowing that we were way past the point of no return. I wanted to show her that I wanted her badly, so I leaned in to kiss her again hard, and then slid my tongue across her neck and up to her earlobe, sucking and licking gently.

“Ahh….ooh” She moaned. “That feels so good, David…” Her hands worked in my hair and she continued to grind her hips into my cock. My hands moved down to finally grab a hold of her round ass. As I started to massage each cheek in turn she kissed me hungrily again.

“Mmmph…mmm…mmm…” her tongue swirled in my mouth and her hands tightened around me, starting to pull on my hair.

Moving my mouth lower down her neck I started to slide it towards the large mounds encased in her bikini top. Finally she used her hand to slide one cup off of her breast and pushed it towards my waiting mouth.

“Suck on it…suck my tit….ah!” she moaned as I took her hard nipple into my mouth and flicked it with my tongue, and then sucked hard on it. I nursed at her breast for several moments while she moaned and reached down to feel my rock hard cock through my shorts. With the intensity we had started with this encounter wasn’t going to last very long.

“This big young cock is all mine tonight…” she said while stroking me through my shorts. I looked up at her with a mouthful of her hard nipple and just sucked harder to show her that I agreed.

I took my mouth off of her breast and pushed her back towards the lounger I had been sitting on. Gently she lay back and I kissed her again while my hands went to the tie of her bikini top and slowly undid the knot. I quickly discarded it and leaned in to suck on her other breast, alternating back and forth between them.

Her hands were on my head pressing my mouth into her firmly as she moaned and cooed lying beneath me. Her hips were gently rising and falling and I knew exactly what I wanted to do next.

Sliding my tongue lower below her breasts I started to kiss a trail down her flat stomach to the top of her bikini bottoms. Her skin tasted almost sweet and I couldn’t wait to taste her.

“Mmm…” she moaned. “I was hoping you wanted to lick me. I’ve needed something in my pussy all day.”

I rested on my knees between her thighs and gently pulled her bikini bottom to one side. It showed her swollen pussy lips puffy and gleaming with the residue of her desire. Extending my tongue out I took a long, slow lick all the way up the centre of her slit. Her back arched immediately.

“Ah! Ah yeah!” I started to very slowly trail my tongue up and down the line of her pussy, moving with deliberate slowness and applying pressure to first one side, then the other. As I licked her slowly she continued to moan and writhe with her hand gripping my hair.

“Ohh…ooh…yes baby…lick Mommy’s pussy…” it was the first time she had said anything like that and it just turned me on even more. When I found a sensitive spot she would squeal and push her pussy against my mouth. “Yes…Mommy loves it there…don’t stop baby…please make Mommy come…” Soon my mouth and face were coated with her juices, which flowed freely out of her.

Deciding to send her over the edge I spread her lips with my hands and moved my tongue to her clit, starting to gently suck on it and tease it with my tongue as I had earlier to her breasts. She stiffened and started to cry out loudly enough that I was worried somebody might hear it.

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