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(This is an official entry into the 2008 Halloween story contest. I hope you enjoy this little tale. Don’t forget to vote, and please, read all the other contest entries.)


Stacy eased herself onto the bus stop bench, nervously glancing up and down the darkened street. This Halloween night was cool, wet, sticky; rains had recently fallen, making the street shine and glisten. The cars that passed by ripped through the thin film of water upon the asphalt, leaving misty spray in their wake which coasted along on a gentle breeze. The glowing neon within the windows of small dive bars advertised various domestic brews even as the dull, muted music from within advertised desperation, depression, and a dulled hope for something better. Stacy could sympathize.

She held her cell phone like a devoted believer clutched a cross, staring at the tiny dark window. After a few moments, the window came alive with light and a chime filtered through the humid air. Quickly, she called up the new text message.

“Looking forward to tonight. See you soon.”

Stacy closed the phone with a heavy sigh and pushed it into the front pocket of her loose jeans. She rubbed her hands together, keeping a wary eye on the street. On the corner, a pudgy Hispanic girl in clothes two sizes too small gave her a challenging look as she pushed out her barely-constrained breasts. Stacy looked away. Across the street, a lean young black man paused as he walked with overconfidence, smoking a blunt and giving her a speculative look. Stacy tore her eyes from him as well.

She lit a cigarette, exhaled harsh smoke from her lungs. She really didn’t like smoking; she hated the way it clung to her hair and soaked into her clothes. Reverting to her former habit was both a defense mechanism and a way to pass the time. At least she was doing something.

“Hey, got another one?”

Stacy glanced up from her innocuous study of the cracked sidewalk. The querying voice belonged to a slender young blonde, late teens, clad in the tiniest denim cutoffs imaginable and a tight sweater top. Her skin was pale, almost alabaster, earned from too much time spent indoors during the day and only venturing outside at night, yet still, she was pretty. Almost innocently pretty, in fact. Her face was smooth, drawn, with a narrow mouth and pink lips, dark eyes magnified by adroitly-applied mascara.

“Sure,” Stacy said, taking out her pack. The blonde leaned over, providing a choice view of her barely-covered derrière to the passing motorists as she tucked the cigarette between soft lips and allowed Stacy to light her. Straightening, the blonde breathed out slowly, expelling a cloud which drifted through her as much as around her.

“New around here?”

Stacy nodded. “Yeah.”

The blonde smiled cynically and sat upon the bench. “What’cha gonna do, right?” she asked philosophically. “Life beats the fuck outta ya, and you got about three seconds to figure out what to do. Ain’t too hard to decide, really. Live in a shelter and get raped by the ‘Good Samaritans,’ or make a little money sucking dick and tell yourself you’re doing all right.”

Stacy stared at the girl in profile, nodding slowly. “Is that how it is for you?”

The blonde turned her head, seeming so much older than her features should allow. “I been to the shelters,” she said grimly.

Stacy averted her gaze. “I’m sorry.”

The blonde laughed. “Don’t fucking feel sorry for me, chick. I don’t know you, and you don’t know me.” She pulled on her cigarette and exhaled again. “‘Sides, ain’t like it don’t happen all over the place. I ain’t never known a chick that’s never been raped. That’s life, you know? Guess that’s how we’re supposed to be strong or something.”

Stacy frowned empathetically. “Maybe.”

The two women fell into silence, casting greyish smoke into the air which quickly disappeared. On the other side of the street, a maroon sedan slowed, the driver’s face barely visible through a rolled-down window. His gaze panned across the pair seated at the bus stop bench, and he seemed to make a decision. The sedan continued along the street for a moment or two before it made a U-turn and rolled up along the curb before the bus stop.

The blonde cast a weary look to Stacy. “You want him?”

Stacy fidgeted. “Um . . . .”

The other girl smiled disarmingly. “You really are new at this, huh?” she asked rhetorically, then continued. “Don’t sweat it. I’ll take him.” She stood, approaching the edge of the street as the car came to a stop. Stacy watched as the lithe blonde leaned upon the passenger-side door, speaking briefly with the man inside. After only a few seconds, she opened the door and slipped inside. Briefly, the blonde cast a look back to Stacy, an enigmatic smile decorating her face.

Then the car was gone, peeling away on sticky wet streets. Stacy watched after until the faint glow of the tail lights vanished around a corner.


“So, uh, what’s your name?” asked the pudgy man behind ataşehir escort bayan the wheel of the maroon sedan.

“Kylie,” the blonde girl answered.

He smiled, giving her an appraising look. Kylie smiled back and casually unzipped her sweater top. Her breasts were small but firm, almost perfectly spherical and capped with light-toned pink nipples. Flicking her fingers across them, Kylie grinned as the rubbery protrusions swelled and hardened. The man behind the wheel licked his lips in arousal, dropping a hand to his crotch and rubbing.

“Need help with that?” Kylie asked demurely.

The man laughed nervously. “Uh, sure.”

Kylie massaged her breasts more wantonly, giving the man a sultry look. “Tell me what you want, baby.”

The man returned his attention to the road before him as he navigated dark neighborhood streets. “Well, um . . . I really just want a b-bl . . .” He sighed in frustration. “A b–“

“Blowjob?” asked Kylie.

The man’s face flushed. “Yeah.”

Kylie slid closer, leaning across the console between the seats. She brought her face close to the man’s ear, flickering her tongue out to tickle it. “Want me to suck your cock, baby?”

He shuddered. “Yeah.”

Kylie smiled.


Bobbing her head rhythmically in his lap, Kylie massaged the stiff tube of flesh with talented lips and tongue, tasting the seepage of pungent, tell-tale fluid upon her tongue. The pudgy man writhed in the seat, legs parted as wide as the confines of the car would allow, his hands spread across the back of Kylie’s neck and her shoulders.

“Oh, fuck, you’re good at that,” he muttered, opening his eyes and looking down upon ethereal blonde hair which glowed beneath the stark lights of the grocery store parking lot. The wet sucking and slurping sounds made by her eager, tugging mouth only enhanced his pleasure, giving him the impression that the girl sucking his cock truly enjoyed what she was doing.

Kylie’s only response was a muffled and apparently agreeable moan. Her hand deftly manipulated his balls, rolling the fleshy sacks in her slender fingers.

“Oh, shit! Oh, shit!” In short order, he began pumping his hips up and down, careless of the streetwalker’s comfort, wanting only to get off. His cock tingled electrically in the hooker’s mouth, swelling to the limit of stiffness before erupting. He gasped and spasmed, moaning loudly and shaking as the talented prostitute sucked every last drop of essence from his straining dick, laving the head of his cock with massaging swirls of her tongue.

She finally lifted up, lips pursed closed and decorated with a slimy film of semen. She smiled upon her client, who returned the look with dreamy satisfaction. He laughed euphorically. Kylie merely straightened, languidly removing her hand from the man’s wilted cock. She licked her lips, swallowed, breathed out, then licked her sticky lips again.

“Got a cigarette?” she asked.


Stacy was still seated upon the bus stop bench when Kylie returned, holding a cigarette which trailed a wispy line of smoke behind her. She gave the brunette an amused look as she sat once more. “No takers?”

Stacy blushed and smiled in embarrassment. “A couple offers,” she admitted.

Kylie shifted, facing the newcomer directly. “I know what you’re thinking,” she said. “‘How the fuck can I do this? How fucking pathetic do I have to be to sell myself?’ But it ain’t like that.”

Stacy met the other girl’s gaze. “It’s not?”

Kylie shook her head vehemently. “Think about it. You’ve fucked before, right? Sucked dick before. The only difference now is that you’re giving it up to some guy you don’t know. But that really ain’t that important, when you think about it.”

Stacy frowned. “Isn’t it?”

Kylie scoffed. “Look, the way guys think, all chicks are whores. Buy you dinner, bring you flowers, all that shit, and all they’re thinking is that you’re gonna be so fucking gracious that you’ll at least suck ’em off.”

Stacy was quiet, thinking back to her senior year in high school, then her undergraduate days. Thinking about all the men and boys she had dated, and all the sticky fumblings in the back seats of cars, in movie theater seats, in the bedroom of her first apartment. And then she thought about Bruce, patient, kind, and mature Bruce.

“Not all guys are like that,” Stacy said at last.

Kylie shrugged, looking out at the wet road and smoking her cigarette. “No, probably not,” she agreed. “But it’s like, when you pick a card from the deck, how often are you gonna get the king?”

Stacy managed a laugh. “Not too often,” she said.

Kylie turned back to the brunette with a comradely smile. “You want a little advice?”


“Okay, this is how it is,” the blonde said. “Don’t think about it, except when you’re doing it. These guys don’t give a shit about you, and you don’t care about them.”

Stacy nodded. “Okay.”

“Use every trick you got, and get ’em off escort kadıköy fast. But be nice about it, ’cause you don’t know when some asshole’s gonna pull a knife or gun or some shit.”

Stacy swallowed nervously. “Got it.”

“And, seriously, don’t fuck without a glove. You can’t trust nobody. I mean, nobody. And . . .” she paused, eyes cast down. Her lips worked silently, face clouding with painful memory.


Kylie lifted her gaze, boring into Stacy’s soul. “I’m just saying, it’s gonna happen. Some guy’s gonna get rough, or you’re gonna get cornered by some pimp or something . . .” she drifted off momentarily, then forced a smile. “It’s like any job, you know. There’s gonna be parts about it you don’t like. But you’re gonna do it, ’cause that’s the job.”

“Is that how it happened for you?” Stacy asked bravely.

Kylie cast a wan look to the fresh-faced brunette. “Honey, that’s how it happens for every bitch who walks the streets. Just a matter of time.”


It was a big white truck that pulled up before the bus stop bench the second time, the kind with a crew cab. Kylie stood and approached the rolled-down passenger window and spoke with the man inside. After just a few words, she looked back to Stacy with a catty smile. “He wants us both,” she said.

Stacy felt a sharp, hot stab of anxiety course through her. “Both?”

Kylie chuckled and held out her hand. “Sink or swim, honey,” she said. “Come on, it’s cool. I’ll be with you.”

Reluctantly, Stacy stood and stepped to the truck as Kylie opened the door. The blonde slid in, sidling close to the driver, and Stacy followed, settling upon the bench seat and closing the door. The driver of the truck was a skinny, gangly man who looked to be in his thirties. The cab of the vehicle smelled of spilled beer and cheap cologne.

“Damn, you babes are pretty hot,” he remarked, looking over both Kylie and Stacy appreciatively. “Guess it’s my lucky night.”

“Lucky for the right price,” Kylie said meaningfully.

The driver laughed dryly. “Don’t worry ’bout that shit,” he said. “I got the cash.”


His name was Darren, and he stared at Stacy as she unsnapped the simple peasant blouse she wore. Kylie snuggled against him in the back seat of the truck as it sat along the edge of a city park, running her hand up and down his narrow body.

“Yeah, baby, lemme see those tits,” Darren growled, eyes glowing in the dim light.

Stacy managed a smile, pulling the garment away and allowing her naked breasts to meet the cool night air. Her nipples puckered and stiffened instantly, though she was unsure if that was only because of the cold. Part of her, she realized, found the entire scene arousing.

“God damn,” muttered Darren, his gaze falling lustily upon Stacy’s partial nudity. “Damn things gotta be D-cups.”

The brunette’s eyes met Kylie’s, seeking encouragement. The blonde smiled back while her hands wandered to the top of Darren’s jeans, pulling gently at the fabric. She motioned for Stacy to join her, and the busty girl did, pressing herself to Darren’s right side. Tentatively, she ran her hand up the skinny man’s thigh, awkwardly cupping his genitals through the denim. The outline of the man’s bulge was prominent.

“Yeah, that’s it. Take it out, ladies. I wanna see you fight over it.”

The girls exchanged a wan look, rolling their eyes, but together, they moved down the man’s body toward his crotch. Kylie pulled on the zipper as Stacy separated the fabric, revealing the distinctive, musky smell of a man’s groin. Stacy wrinkled her nose at first, figuring Darren had been wearing his jeans all day. But it wasn’t her place to comment on his hygiene.

Two pairs of hands extracted a relatively long, stiff cock from the fly of Darren’s jeans. The tip of the pink head was already glistening with moisture. Darren sighed in pleasure at the fluttering contact of two different sets of feminine fingers. Stacy felt a jolt of naughty excitement, glancing around briefly. Never had she thought she would ever take money in exchange for sex, and in the back of a truck beside a city park, no less. The scene was deliciously depraved, further enhanced by Kylie’s presence.

“I want first taste,” the blonde declared, settling her hand upon Darren’s hairy balls. Stacy said nothing as she wrapped her own hand around the hard, warm shaft of the man’s cock, watching with interest as Kylie slipped out her tongue, sliding it wetly around the sensitive head. Darren groaned, his hands wandering over the backs of the two girls.

“Suck it, baby,” he commanded, pushing slightly on the back of Kylie’s head. “Take it as deep as you can.”

Kylie tilted her head, looking up at Darren while continuing to lave his cock with attention. Giving the john a predatory look, she spread her lips around the head, steadily pushing down, engulfing him whole. Stacy watched in amazement as her fellow prostitute’s lips easily snuggled the base of the man’s penis. bostancı escort She massaged Darren’s legs as the man trembled, enjoying the bliss of having his cock massaged by rippling throat muscles.

“Fuck yeah, baby,” he moaned. “Swallow that fucking dick.”

Taken out of context, Stacy thought, the man’s words would have been laughable, even comical. But at the moment, they were true praise, albeit in a less than genteel way.

Kylie bobbed up and down, making Darren’s penis shine in the dim light, taking him into her throat now and then and making the lucky man shiver each time she did so. His hands continued to roam, finding one of Stacy’s heavy breasts and seeking the blonde’s own cleavage beneath her sweater top. Stacy fought against the automatic urge to recoil from the man’s calloused touch, reminding herself that she was supposed to allow his advances. She was getting paid, after all.

After a minute, Kylie slipped her mouth from Darren’s cock, stroking it slowly with her hand. “Your turn,” she said to Stacy with a wink, sitting up and unzipping her top. Stacy took a breath, staring at the wet eye of the penis before her. She had never gone down on a stranger before. Sex before had always been something that occurred after a few dates. But that life was gone.

Settling her mind into the pure mechanical mode of what she was doing, she took the cock into her mouth, feeling it throb against her lips and tongue. Kylie had sucked away most of the musky flavor, leaving only the bland, familiar essence of flesh. The hand caressing her right breast suddenly squeezed, pinching the nipple. Stacy flinched slightly, hearing Darren’s ragged breathing and figuring she was doing all right.

His manhandling of her breast, however, was becoming rough and painful. She shifted, moving from the seat to the floor between Darren’s legs, looking up upon him and Kylie. He grinned, reaching for her hair. “Yeah, that’s it. I wanna watch you suck me.”

Beside him, Kylie had a small smile on her face. Her breasts were exposed, small round mounds with pink nipples which stuck out aggressively. Stacy noticed that Darren’s other hand had curled beneath the blonde, pressing fingers up against the denim covering her pussy.

“Why don’t you take off the shorts, baby, while she blows me,” Darren suggested to Kylie. Without a word, Kylie nodded and lifted up in the seat, shimmying the ragged denim down her lean thighs. Stacy resumed her ministrations on the man’s cock, bobbing up and down rhythmically. She found herself watching Kylie, admiring her taut body. As the blonde dropped her shorts to the floor and sat back, unabashedly spreading her legs, Stacy could not help but eye the girl’s lightly-stubbled sex. For the first time in her life, she found another woman sexually attractive.

“Whoa, baby, don’t get me off just yet,” Darren warned, settling his hand upon Stacy’s head, stopping her.

She looked back to him curiously, then understood and slid his cock out of her mouth. “Sorry.”

Darren chuckled. “Hey, I don’t mind the enthusiasm,” he said, then scooted up. Stacy had a condom in her hand, tearing open the wrapper as Stacy’s stroking hand kept Darren ready. With a sultry look, Kylie lifted up and extended one leg over Darren’s lap, straddling him and facing Stacy. Deftly, she rolled the condom down Darren’s cock, then rubbed the head against her moist slit. Stacy watched from her advantageous viewpoint as stiff penis met slick pussy and was slowly engulfed.

“Oh, fuck, that’s tight, baby,” the man moaned, pushing up with his hips.

Kylie responded with only a soft moan, though it sounded practiced. She kept her eyes on Stacy’s as she bottomed out, working her hips and squeezing Darren inside her with her inner muscles. Mutely, she guided Stacy’s head with her hands toward their conjoined sexes.

Stacy’s heart fluttered with excitement, inhaling the rich aroma of the blonde’s pussy. Her tongue slipped out first to tickle Darren’s balls, but quickly moved up toward Kylie’s protruding clitoris, peeking from beneath it’s pink hood. Kylie sighed, easing back, lifting her legs to plant her feet on either side of Darren. Slowly, she began riding up and down the stiff column of flesh. Darren’s hands crept up around her, cupping her barely-bouncing breasts.

Stacy watched from between the lovers’ thighs, keeping her tongue outstretched to taste Kylie’s essence trickling down Darren’s cock. Each time Kylie descended, Stacy suckled her clit like a baby lamb, savoring the flavor of another woman. If nothing else about the situation turned her on, the act of licking another woman’s pussy for the first time in her life had her own juices running.

Darren began groaning and gasping after only a handful of minutes, signaling the onset of his orgasm. Almost rudely, however, he grabbed Kylie by the waist and lifted her off him, making his near-to-bursting cock slide free of the blonde’s swollen tunnel. “Not yet,” he gasped, giving Stacy a speculative look.

Kylie wiped her brow, looking momentarily annoyed, but she understood and accepted the man’s intent. She nodded to Stacy, who once more looked nervous.

Don’t think about it, Stace, the brunette told herself. Just do it. Get it over with.

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