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As a class field-trip, I went with my class to New York city. I had never been to New York, so it was a new experience for me. Including me, there are thirty-eight of us on the trip. As one of the boys, I couldn’t stay in one of the rooms with a girl, naturally. Because the hotel only allowed four to a room, and were strict on room registrations, I was stuck with Mindy.

Her an I don’t get along well so the teachers just shrugged and put us together. After many protests from Mindy and I, they finally told us it was a good chance for her and I to bond; what a bogus excuse. Like I had envisioned, the room became a confusing hell.

Room 388 was a nice two-bed room. A dresser for each bed which I gladly placed my clothes in. Then, after three days, Mindy and I got settled she started making ridiculous rules. Like “…don’t touch me when I’m asleep…” or “…stay on that side of the room…” I naturally rolled my eyes at this and started touring New York right away.

Out in the city we fight as well. We’re stuck with each other, which means we have to go to the same places together. Even when I suggested to go to a movie, she just gave me “the eye” the whole movie, so that was uncomfortable. As we returned to the hotel, my friends pulled me aside and tore my ear off. As if being stressed out by a girl that could possibly kill you isn’t enough!

“Hey dude, so how many times have you done it?” my friend John asked with a grin.

I frowned at him curiously, “What do you mean by that?” trying to dodge his punch to my arm.

My friend Mike laughed at me, “Don’t worry man, Johnny here is just jealous you got a room with a girl and he didn’t.”

I rolled my eyes as they started to quarrel. My other friend Zack came up next to me. As we watched the two have a battle of illiteracy, Zack turned to me.

“Hey, don’t worry about them. Mindy’s a bitch anyways. You know I once spilled soda on her blouse, and she yelled at me as I was trying to wipe it off.”

I laughed to myself at the memory of Zack, furiously trying to wipe the soda off of Mindy’s blouse as she snapped at him. He ended up with a black eye, no soda, and a detention. Apparently, Mindy can talk her way out of any situation. Although, asides from being a total bitch, that was pretty funny.

I yawned and turned towards the stairs, “Check you later man.” I waved behind myself.

As I entered the room, after a long day in the city, I decided to take a shower. When I entered the bathroom, I was taken by surprise. I hadn’t realized the bathroom light was on. Also, the person inside didn’t have a towel wrapped around her. Maybe it’s just me, but looking up and down her nakedness, brought up my erection. I couldn’t keep my eyes from going back and forth from her bust to her trimmed pussy.

“What the fuck! Get out, you perv!” She screamed at me with disgust.

I couldn’t move. I let my mouth gape open like an idiot, and my erection was trying to break through my zipper. My heart raced, and I could barely breath. I tried to look up into her eyes, but she’s just so beautiful! I don’t care if she’s a bitch, Mindy’s hot!

“What the hell is with escort ataşehir that look!?” Mindy asked in frustration.

She quickly wrapped a towel around herself, and closed up on me. She looked me in the eyes. As I slowly regained my senses, she slapped me across the cheek. The side of my face stinging. I turned around and my eyes were drawn down to her sweet ass!

I knew I had to apologize, so I grabbed her by the hand, and drew her close to me. Not knowing what a barely clothed girl, and a sexually aroused guy should do in a situation like this, I embraced her. Her breasts were pressed up against my chest. I realize that it would be very awkward to explain a scene like this if someone walked in. I was even rethinking what I was doing. My mind began working on its own.

“What are you doing!?” she asked in alarm.

“I don’t know, but please, listen.” I said, trying to calm the air between us.

She didn’t move, and neither did I. I could feel her frustration burning through me.

“Like hell I will!” she protested, trying to push me away. “Let go!”

I continued through her protests, “I don’t know why we dislike each other, I don’t know why we fight, but I know that we wouldn’t really do anything to each other.”

She partially listened to my reasoning, then she slowly broke away. Frowning at me, looking me up and down, and the bulge in my pants, she went wide eyed in a sort of pissed way.

“What’s your point?” she frowned at me, trying to keep her anger down.

I looked up into her eyes and shrugged, I looked around for an idea. As if my words were floating somewhere in the room. I guess it was adrenaline that made me do what I did. So I gave up and decided to leave the place. Without saying a word, I just watched my feet as I walked out of the hotel. My mind completely blank, yet still thinking of what I was trying to do.

The night city was amazing, yet confusing. After about a half hour of aimless walking, I ended up getting lost in a park. The eerie silence was occasionally broken by passing cars and the sound of the nightlife. I could see my breath from the dim light projected by the city lights.

Suddenly a scream came from behind me. Which was quickly muffled as the person screamed again. I quickly turned around, I saw a mugger, with a knife to Mindy’s neck. She started to protest, and scream out through his gloves. As I watched the struggle, she was beginning to show fear in her eyes, I knew I had to do something. Yet what could I do?

As I watched stunned, I could see it was getting out of hand. A trickle of numbing fear flowed through my body as I watched the mugger’s ugly face hold her. In many ways I felt really protective over Mindy. Then the mugger’s knife went up, ready to go through clothing and flesh. As his arm went up I could see, even from this distance, blood start to curl from a small cut on the side of her face. Seeing the blood sparked something.

My next move surprised me, like lightning, I sped over to the mugger. I held my breath and punched the guy in the face. The guy let go of Mindy and stumbled backwards. Still caught by surprise, I punched kadıköy escort bayan him again. I kept throwing punches at him, one after another. He tried a reverse knife stab, but I grabbed his wrist, and snapped it. The mugger now caught in excruciating pain, was vulnerable, I threw an uppercut. He flew backwards from the blow.

As the mugger dropped unconscious, I turned to Mindy. She was sitting on the ground staring at the mugger in fear. Shook’en up by the fight she couldn’t focus. As I moved in front of her, kneeling down, she looked up at me I saw tears in her eyes. I knelt down and held her in my arms, helping her up as she sobbed into my shoulder.

Everything happened so fast. Mindy craned her head up to mine, and kissed me; sending my heart racing. She wrapped her arms around my neck and held onto me. She held me for a few seconds and let go. Again I held her, subconsciously I knew the way back.

As I entered the room I locked the door and turned off the lights. I helped Mindy into the room, still shocked and exhausted. With one hand on her back I led her to her bed and sat her down on the edge. As I let go, Mindy quickly grabbed me and pulled me in for another kiss. When she broke off I could see fear reflected in her eyes. She held me by the collar with both hands.

On one hand I’m unsure of myself, but on the other I let my mind take over. I knew I had to be gentle with a shaken-up Mindy. So I gently removed her coat and helped her into night clothes. I was a little embarrassed, but I kept myself from doing anything rash.

I pulled the covers up, and helped her into bed. As I helped her in, Mindy grabbed my wrist.

“Will you sleep with me?” she pleaded.

I didn’t know whether or not if it was just the fear working her brain right now. Yet, if the real Mindy were this scared, then wouldn’t I be the horrible person? Making what I thought was the best decision, I kicked off my shoes and got into bed with her.

I laid down, and she curled up onto my arm. Her head resting on my shoulder. I couldn’t fall asleep with her on me like that. So I rolled onto my side and wrapped my arm around her. I felt awkward looking into her face.

“Will you make love to me?” she whispered.

I frowned my surprise, “What?’

She shifted closer, “Make love to me.”

My mind went blank, and instead of continuing to ask why she wanted me to, I rolled her onto her back. I took the dominant position over her and kissed her softly. I held her, just keeping my body just barely off of her warm, thin and soft body. I wonder if another person actually feels this good to be close with.

With her in this position I felt like I was over powering her. It felt strange to be holding my nemesis like this, but every time I tried to break away, she pulled me right back down. Kissing her, felt like I was kissing someone I had loved for a long time. It was like I had always liked her in someway, and her lack of protest gave me reassurance.

Mindy reached and undid her bra, as she did, I lifted her shirt off. Her breasts bounced into place, her nipples hard as I caressed them with my tongue. As escort bostancı I moved on to the other breast I moved my hand inside her pants and started rubbing her feminine mound with my middle finger. As I did so she moaned excitedly. Her lips became hot and moist.

I was so busy taking care of her, that I didn’t notice her trying to take off my pants. When I did, I stopped her and lowered my pants, letting my semi-erect penis fall out. I had no trouble removing hers, I pulled both pants and underwear off of her. Gently replacing my hand on her I inserted two fingers into slippery pussy. She stopped kissing me and grasped the bed sheets, moaning.

As I held her sweet naked body, I took off my shirt and joined her. My dick was completely stiff and ready. Balancing myself on my elbow, I placed the head of my dick just in the entrance of her snatch. She wrapped her arms around me and held me tight as I slowly entered further.

A wet, hot, and amazingly soft sensation engulfed the head of my penis, tightly, as I entered. Almost immediately, I was stopped by a resistance. I looked her in the eyes, glowing from the night life out the window. She kissed me as I pushed with a little added force and broke through. She winced in pain gasped for breath.

“Are you okay?” I asked carefully.

“Yeah, it’s okay though.” she reassured me.

I didn’t want to go any farther at the moment. In hopes that I could make her feel just a little better, I kissed and caressed her. Gently caressing her tit and stroking her hair as I kissed her, she began to relax. I continued the rest of the way in until I was completely inside her. At that moment I realized how careful I’d have to be while she’s in this state of pain and ecstasy.

Trying not to hurt her, I moved slowly back and forth, Mindy moaned somewhat breathlessly as I did. As I increased my pace steadily, I cold feel Mindy’s response as her pussy tightened around my cock as I moved back and forth inside of her. She couldn’t control her moans as I moved, so I kissed her, so her moans wouldn’t wake anyone in the adjacent rooms.

Keeping a steady pace I could feel chills of pleasure flowing through her. I groaned at her reaction to my fucking her. I grabbed her breast with my left hand as I kissed her. We started breathing harder and moving faster. As the pain had finally been erased from her, she began to match my pace.

The air smelt sweet, and was warm. I began to forget about my control and so did she. With three more strokes I pumped my load in her, as I did, she reached her own climax, and her pussy convulsed and flexed around my cock. In an amazing turn of events, I found my first time being with someone who fought with me. No matter how much I gave to her, it probably wouldn’t be enough. Yet as I looked at her naked body, I realized how beautiful she can really be.

I pulled my softening cock out of her, and fell on my side, still kissing her. I pulled the covers over us. I held Mindy close to me, as we drifted off asleep, we held each other tightly. I dreamt about tomorrow, what would happen then? Would we go back to normal? I couldn’t shake the feeling that it would, no one would understand us, so we’d have no choice. Then again, I had no real idea what she was going to do, I could guess, but I might be wrong. Because at that moment we weren’t enemies anymore, we were new lovers.

People work in strange ways…

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