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Rose absentmindedly untied the knot in her headscarf. She’d been in the kitchen all day preparing for this dinner, and what’s the betting she wouldn’t get any thanks for it whatsoever. She never did. David wasn’t a bad husband, not at all. He was hard-working, intelligent, caring and a great provider but she sometimes felt she needed more. She had a career once, albeit just in the typing pool of an accountant’s, but still, she felt part of something then, a cog in a giant wheel. Now it was more like a tiny hamster wheel, turning and turning, day after day, the same view out the side of the cage.

She hastily brushed her hair out and stood up from the dressing table. Her bath had finished running, and would be getting cold. Plus she was on a strict schedule. She unzipped her dress and let it drop to the floor, stepping over it towards the bathroom. She was lucky, she kept telling herself, everyone she grew up with was still using outside toilets and washing clothes by hand. She had the best of everything thanks to David.

Rose slid into the tub, immersed up to her neck. No point getting the hair wet, she thought, the hairdresser had just set it yesterday. She sighed and let herself relax. She always looked forward to her alone time in the bath, especially after a long day – and in preparation for what she knew would be a long night of smiling and nodding and looking pretty, not to mention serving copious amounts of food and drink to David’s bosses and their wives, She didn’t get on with those women, but that didn’t stop them being her best friends and confidantes. Women are such bitches, she laughed in to herself. David’s direct boss, James, was a bastard, and his wife was the snootiest cow ever to walk the earth. Came from nothing, she remembered, but as soon as she’d latched on to James she had become Lady Muck. Peter, on the other hand, was David’s main boss and director of the company. In a world where appearance is everything, it’s nice to have someone who will call it like it is. Handsome, Scottish and mature, that’s how she would describe him, but that didn’t do her feelings justice. Yes, she liked Peter very much.

She suddenly realised that her eyes were closed, and her hand had slid between her thighs. There was a moment of guilt when she realised the image in her mind as she was moving her fingers around her lips was not that of her husband, but of Peter. It didn’t last long. She embraced the thought of him seducing her, she pictured them in a hotel room, somewhere classy, where they were not bostancı escort bayan known. She thought of his lips on hers, undressing her and caressing every inch of her. Her fingers moved inside and became more eager. She let out a little moan as she pictured his head between her legs and wondered what delightful things he could do with that tongue. She wanted him, and easily brought herself to climax as she imagined how he’d gently make love to her, sliding his cock in and out, making sure that she had her pleasure many times before he did. She imagined him to be a wonderful, tender lover. She opened her eyes, and sat up a little. Focus, she thought. Peering over at the clock through in the bedroom, she hastily got out the bath and pulled the plug. One hour and they’ll be here. Wanting their bloody cocktails and canapes.

Rose dried herself off and started to get ready. She’d picked out a gorgeous swing dress, red and black. Really fashionable. Her heels were modest, but still quite sexy, she thought. As she started to put on her bra and panties, David hurried in. That was the first time she’d set eyes on him since yesterday, he’d been up and gone to work so early. She swore he overdid it but nothing she said made much difference.

He looked at her fleetingly, as he started to loosen his tie and get his work suit off. “Everything ready for tonight?” he asked. “It’s a big deal, I need this promotion if we’re going to put an extension on the house. We’ll soon need it to house your bloody clothes!”

“Hello to you too,” Rose said, sarcastically. “My day was fine, thanks for asking.” She pulled up her stockings and attached them to her girdle.

“I’m sorry darling, It’s just important that’s all.” He wandered over and kissed her on the cheek. “I know you’ll have everything perfect. You always do. Is that what you’re wearing?”

He looked quizzically at the dress. “Yes, why?”

“Oh nothing.” His eyes and tone said there was clearly something. “Just thought you might wear one of the ones we sell.”

David worked in the upper echelons of a major department store in the city. It had to be said though, that the brands stocked there left a lot to be desired and were tailored more for the older lady. Hardly somewhere her current icon Diana Dors would shop when she came to town. Rose sighed.

“I can put something else on if you’d like?”

“No, no, we don’t really have the time to waste now. You’ll be another hour choosing an outfit.”

Rose inwardly bristled. She ümraniye escort considered herself pretty low maintenance compared to some women – most women. She pulled her bleach blonde hair up into a pony tail and added the new hairpiece she had bought only last week. She thought it made her look young and hip. It probably didn’t.

“Come on, come on. They’ll be here in a minute!”

David was already downstairs pouring a scotch. She wondered how many that had been today already. She had no time to ponder on it, for the doorbell went just then. She gathered up all the elegance she could and strode downstairs.

It was a long evening. Peter’s wife couldn’t make it, she was pregnant with their fourth baby. He was a real family man, doted on them all, and that lucky bloody wife of his. James and Lady Muck were on fine antagonistic form and it strained Rose’s patience and her adherence to social etiquette to the absolute limit. Think of the promotion. The money. Be nice.

“Another cocktail, Miranda?”

“Oh yes darling, a touch more vermouth this time I think.”

Rose stood up. They had moved to the drawing room a while back, the kitchen and dining room along the hall were in total disarray. Rose let out a deep sigh, knowing it would be up to her to salvage it all after they left. She sat down on the high stools at the breakfast bar and poured a scotch. She was in no hurry to get back to them. She didn’t even know why she was there. A glorified servant is what she had become. The last conversation she felt involved in was one about the main ingredients of her dessert. They were back there, poring over charts about business development and getting Miranda’s wonderful insight into haberdashery. Blah blah blah. She swirled the scotch round in the glass.

“Penny for them,” a voice from the doorway said.

“Peter! You startled me. I just needed a moment to myself. Sorry. I’ll refresh everyone’s drinks.” She made to get up.

“Stay where you are! I think everyone’s ok. They’ve started on the cognac in your cabinet a moment ago,” Rose could hear Miranda’s high pitched laugh and some guffaws. In-jokes again no doubt. “Any more scotch where that came from?”

“Of course, I’ll get you a glass.”

She stood up and turned round towards the cupboard where she kept the glassware. Glass in hand, she made to turn round but couldn’t. Peter had slid right up to her and stood pressing himself behind her. He took the glass out her hand and set it down, leaning in to the side of her neck escort kartal as he did so. She could see their reflections in the window, and could see him kissing her neck. His hands were on her waist, hers on the counter, bracing herself. She couldn’t quite get her head round this.

“I want to fuck you.” he said. “Now. And I know you want me to. I’ve seen the way you look at me.”

He lifted her dress a little at the back, and she gasped. She could feel how hard he had become now. Her mind was in a whirl, she had fantasised about this not 4 hours ago, but now it was happening, and with David next door. “No,” she protested. “David’s…we can’t…” she stopped as she felt his fingers brush over her panties and search for the way in. They found it. They teased and rubbed and then slid inside. He was still kissing her neck. She did want this. So badly.

She heard a zip, and realised his cock was now free of his clothing and pushing against her. She wanted him inside her by this point, and was wet enough to receive him easily. He entered her quickly, roughly almost, and slowly thrust against her. She was still looking at the reflection. He looked primal now, grabbing her waist with both hands and forcing her back on to him. He fucked her hard, he knew exactly what he was doing. She held on to the counter as she came as quietly as she possibly could, Peter put his hand over her mouth to quieten her. That made her twitch and jerk with pleasure even more. She thrust back onto his throbbing cock and her pussy tightened around him again and again as the thrill of being fucked in her own kitchen with her husband in the next room kicked in. He grabbed hold of her hair and pulled her head to the side, and kissed her passionately. His other hand had let go of her waist and was massaging her clit while he pounded her harder and harder. She felt weak and empowered all at once and told him to fuck her harder. He did. His full length was inside her, making her come yet again, she didn’t think she’d ever gotten so wet with David.

It was over too soon for her when he let out a final grunt and she felt him erupt inside her. They both crumpled. Peter stood back and zipped up his trousers. Rose looked one last time at the reflection in the window. She turned round with a horrified gasp. David was in the doorway. How much had he seen?

“David, I – I’m so…” Rose stopped. In his hand, he was gripping his cock. Her mouth dropped open. “James and Miranda left.” he declared. He was masturbating furiously now. Rose was speechless, her mind whirling. What exactly was going on? Peter ran his hands through his hair. “I’ll see you tomorrow David,” he said, placing a hand briefly on his shoulder as he walked past and out the front door. “For your first day in your new role. Congratulations.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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