Succumbing To Their Lust

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Both characters in this story are over eighteen.


Alex walked up the hill towards his older sister’s house. He and Heather had always been close, even though they didn’t see each other that often, but it had recently gotten awkward for him. He’d started to remember when he was younger, and he would peep on her. It definitely wasn’t curiosity; he felt a sexual attraction toward her. He now realized these feelings had never really died, but it was more than that. Heather had basically become his image of female perfection. Everything he found sexy in women, even the little things, all went back to her.

Fortunately, any time they’d gotten together since then, he’d had no problem acting normal. He walked up to her front door and rang the bell. It took about a minute or so for her to get there. Heather was, to put it simply, a BBW. She was a little larger than when she was younger, but still very attractive. Her attire on this day suggested she was still getting dressed for their lunch out.

“Alex, you’re early. Well, come in.” He came in, closing the door behind him, and followed his sister to her room. Heather didn’t mind changing in front of her brother. Even though he used to peep on her, she figured that was just a phase, and he had no real desire to see her like that, and would just look away. After all, she was his sister. It was the same way for her; she’d always had a thing for big guys, and Alex was definitely big, a clear foot taller than her. But she’d never connected the two, because he was her brother, and you just don’t have those kinds of thoughts about your brother. Right?

Heather took off her t-shirt, and Alex’s heart immediately began racing. Ordinarily, he would look away, but now, he felt compelled to stare, as his sister went to her closet to pick out a fresh shirt. Some inner force was trying to push him forwards. He knew if he did what he was starting to think of, güvenilir bahis it couldn’t end well.

Heather was about to pull out a blouse, when she felt her brother’s hand on her shoulder, and her heart started pounding. “Alex, what are you-” She stopped, as her brother started rubbing her shoulder, then she felt his other hand on her arm. What really made her gasp, though, was when she felt his lips on her shoulders and neck. This caused her nipples to harden, and her pussy to moisten. “Ohh…Alex…” She involuntarily pushed her huge, soft ass into him, and felt his big, hard cock push back. Heather didn’t know what had gotten into her brother, but she knew it was all kinds of wrong, and she knew she didn’t want him to stop.

Alex moved his hands down, down to her black cotton bra, and started to slowly squeeze his sister’s natural, F-cup breasts. “Oh, God, Alex.” Heather loved to have her tits squeezed, and her brother did it just right. “Just like that, baby.” She moved her hand behind her, and started massaging her brother’s cock through his pants. Alex actually seemed to get harder as she stroked him slowly.

Finally, she turned around, and they looked into each other’s eyes. Both felt the same thing; that what they were doing was wrong, but they wanted each other so badly, it ached. After a silent moment, Alex leaned in, and kissed Heather hungrily on the lips. Heather started rubbing her hands all over her brother’s chest and shoulders, as they inserted their tongues in each other’s mouths. Alex then started kissing down his sister’s neck. “Oh, God, Alex. Touch me.” He then started kissing down her chest, and groping her large breasts, and she moaned her approval. Heather lowered her straps, unhooked her bra, and slid it off.

Alex had forgotten how beautiful his sister’s naked breasts were, with their big, dark brown nipples and areolas. “Ohhh…” Heather moaned, and her knees shook slightly, türkçe bahis as her brother started licking and sucking on her tits. “Mmm, baby, wait…” Alex stood back, and she walked towards her unmade bed, dropping her pants and panties on the way. She then lay down on her side, smiling at him.

Alex immediately started taking everything off. He wasn’t exactly fond of his body, but his sister seemed to approve. He got down on the bed with her, and they again kissed fervently. Alex kissed down Heather’s neck and chest, and once again squeezed and sucked on her big tits. “Uhmmm, just like that, baby.” As Alex started to kiss down her soft, round belly, a realization hit her. “Holy shit,” she thought, “this is my brother.” Thinking about this, she got a hot feeling in her stomach, which turned her on even more.

Alex continued to slowly kiss his way down his sister’s soft belly. This was another fetish he’d picked up from peeping on her. He paused at her navel, and licked around the rim. He then moved down, and her hairy bush tickled his face. His sister twitched slightly, as his thick beard was tickling her, too. He got down to her pussy, and held it open. He could see his sister’s pussy was practically dripping wet, and when he breathed in, the smell intoxicated him. Heather’s brow furrowed, as Alex started slowly licking the inside of her cunt. He was mostly just licking up her juices at first, but then he buried his tongue inside her snatch.

“Oh, God, yesss…” Heather got up on her elbows, to watch her brother eat her pussy. She smiled, ran her fingers through his hair, and said, “You like the way my pussy tastes, Alex?” Her brother answered by sliding his tongue deeper inside her.

Alex wanted to taste his sister’s orgasm, so he started rubbing her throbbing clit with his thumb. “Oh, God, Alex! Just like that, baby…” She started slowly grinding her hips, as she felt the orgasm slowly approaching. güvenilir bahis siteleri “Oh, God,” she whispered, “make your sister cum! Make your sister cum!” Finally, the orgasm hit her, and she clutched her tits hard, as it moved all throughout her body.

“Mmm, switch places with me.” Alex got down where his sister had just laid. It was hot that day, and the sheets were already soaked with her sweat, the smell of which filled flooded his nostrils. Heather sat at his feet. “You enjoying yourself, baby?”


“That’s good.” She kissed down his chest and stomach, and then wrapped her lips around his cock. Heather again got the hot feeling inside her, so hot her nipples burned, as she felt her brother’s cock grow inside her mouth. She slid her mouth up and down it, until the head was so swollen, it barely fit inside her mouth. She licked and sucked on it, while stroking his shaft.

Heather then scooted up a little, and wrapped her huge tits around Alex’s rigid cock. It felt really good having her brother’s cock between her tits, and she knew it felt even better for him. She alternated sucking him off and titty-fucking him, until she sensed he was close to cumming. “Alex?”


“Switch with me.” They again switched places.

She lay back and rubbed between her legs. Alex propped himself up over her, and slowly slid his cock into her. Heather’s tight, hot pussy gripped her brother, and he began to slowly thrust his hips. “Ohh, God…” She wrapped her arms around him, and squeezed him tight, as he fucked her. The otherwise silent room was filled with their gasps and moans, as brother and sister made love to each other. “God, I love you, brother! I really love you!”

“I love you, too, sis.” They thrust into each other for several minutes, until finally they both climaxed at the same time. Heather shuddered as she felt her brother’s cock explode inside her, filling her pussy with his hot seed.

He rolled off of her, and she cozied up to him, smiled, and caressed his chest with her hand. “That was so wrong, but I can’t wait to do it again.” They kissed passionately, like two satisfied lovers.

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