Sudden Appearance Ch. 02

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Chapter Two: The Strip and The Touch

Kara was nervous. A little bit. Chris was just laying there on his bed, watching. She wanted to please him. But what if he didn’t like her body? What if, after she’d undressed, he’d turn away in disgust, and then send her far away, back to the airport. Back to America. Back to New York.

She didn’t want him to do that. If he did, she couldn’t bear it. Kara had done a lot of thinking on the nearly eight hour flight from New York to London, and then the small plane up north to where he was.

As his eyes met hers, after wandering around on her still form, she inhaled slowly. He was Chris. The boy she was in love with, and had been in love with for the past two years.

Now she lifted up the hem of her tank top, embarrassment gone when she met the steady but gentle look of his dark blue eyes. His voice may have been commanding, but she knew that if she didn’t want him to do this, he would stop and give her a moment to pause this.

His eyes darted away from hers, widening on the expanse of skin that was being shown. She felt a rush of pleasure when his pupils darkened. He was aroused, she knew, she had felt his hardness against her. But this time she could see it in his eyes.

Kara smiled tauntingly and she whipped the shirt over her head. She was now in only her black lace bra, tight darkwash blue jeans, and her usual gray Vans sneakers. The bra was a push up, an early birthday gift from her best friend Vivian. When she had told Vivian about her sudden desire to show up in Scotland, Vi had rose to the challenge, and bought her a new expensive but beautiful bra and matching lace hip bone showing panties. Now she finally knew she wanted Chris to be the only one to see her in them always.

Chris swallowed hard, sitting up, then leaning on his elbows, staring at her cleavage. It was modest, actually, only a average B cup, but to her, from his captivated look trapped on her breasts, you would’ve thought he found them absolutely perfect. Maybe he did.

Now she slowly slid her hands down her stomach, her own muscles tensing underneath. Her fingers danced over her jeans button, and it unclasped with a quiet ‘schick’ sound. The zipper was pulled down next, the noise a whisper in the silence. She wiggled her hips, and the jeans fell down in a pool around her ankles. She stepped out of them, pulling off her shoes at the same time. Clad bostancı escort bayan in a bra, her panties, and black ankle socks, she bit her lip, looking at him.

“Should I take off the rest?”

His head snapped up. “What?”

She held back a giggle. He looked dazed, like she’d hit him in the back of the head with a four by four. “Should I take off the rest of my clothes?”

“Yes,” he said hoarsely.

She reached up and behind her, expertly unsnapping her bra. The straps slowly slipped down her shoulders, to the crease of her arm. She held the bra up for a moment, still hiding her breasts, before letting go. The bra fell in a lacy heap on the floor. At first she didn’t want to show him, she kept her arms crossed against her chest. But then she uncrossed them, and revealed her half naked self to him.


Her breasts were perky, as tanned as the rest of her. The nipples were stiff and hard points, and Chris understood already that it wasn’t because of the temperature in the room. Her breasts were high on her chest, without a hint of sag. This was, of course, good to see. She was only a freshman in college in America. Why should she have any old age to her? Chris was just glad that they weren’t enormous. He hated big breasts, honestly.

She put a hand on her hip, right above the waistband of her black lace panties. They covered all the certain parts innocently, and the lace made it look like she was showing more then she actually was. “You look like you’re enjoying the view.”

He grinned a grin the Chesire Cat would be oh so proud of. “I am indeed, Kara.” He shifted uncomfortably, feeling himself get even harder. He was pulsing underneath his pants and even though he so badly wanted to just take her and pin her to the bed and thrust into her from behind, he didn’t. She needed this, to overcome the shyness that he knew she had.

Despite her obvious way of teasing, Chris also knew she was a virgin. He couldn’t believe no other man had never seen this body, but he trusted her and knew she was telling the truth. Her skin was flushed right now, and it was giving her nipples a rosy tint on the tips.

“Hurry up, Kara. Take off the rest before I combust,” he groans, falling back on the bed.

She, too, was slowly dissolving as well, her sanity closing down, nearing the minimum. Kara quickly slid her panties, ümraniye escort which were wet at the crotch, down her bare, soft clean shaven legs. She toed off her socks and hurried to the bed. “Chris? I’m naked now.” She sat cross legged next to him.

His eyes were closed, his chest rising and falling way too fast for her liking. “Chris?” She repeats, her voice going up an octave in worry.

Then suddenly he tackled her, rolling on top of her, sprawling her onto her back. She shrieked slightly and the shriek turned into a moan as he latched his lips onto her left nipple and sucked. Kara ran her fingers through his hair, and yanked slightly on the brown locks.

He licked the crevice between her breasts and roamed his hand down her waist, towards her hot center. She moaned out his name and he bucked against her, rubbing against her thigh. “Oh, God,” she murmured, arching her back as he moved to the other nipple, expertly swirling his tongue around the very hard nub.

He deattatched himself from her breast, moving his lips down her soft skin, taking tentative licks and nibbles here and there. She tasted of strawberries, just like he’d imagined. He heard her sigh his name again, and on her tongue, it sounded like magic. It was the only name he ever wanted her to say like that again, and he was gonna make sure this was the first and definitely not the last visit she made to him. When she left, she would leave here satisfied.

His lips made a hot trail of pleasure down her torso. All the way down he went, until he reached her hips. He pressed kisses to the two hip bones that stuck out a little. He nibbled them and because of the skin being so thin there, she shivered, feeling the bite as if he’d bit directly on the bone. She jerked her hips as if being pulled up on a chain.

“Please,” she begged, trying to catch her breath.

“Please, what, Kara?” He asked, teasing her by slowly running a fingertip up and down her pussy lips.

She whimpered again. “Touch me. Oh, God, Chris, just touch me!”

And so he did. He pushed his finger past her lips, and felt his nail brush against her clit. She groaned and ground her hips into his hand. Chris found her hole and slowly inched his way into it with his middle finger of his left hand, and with his right thumb, massaged her clit.

Even if she hadnt told him she were a virgin, he would’ve been able to guess escort kartal now. She was remarkably tight, even around his finger. He gently rubbed the walls of her pussy, feeling her contract around him. He glanced up at her, and smiled. Kara’s head was thrown back, the glistening skin of her throat revealed, already slightly sweaty with the excursions. Her chest was heaving, breasts moving up and down, bouncing slightly.

She tilted her head down to look at him and he nearly came in his pants. Her hair was short, and her bangs were nearly plastered to her forehead. Her cheeks were flushed, her lips pink and full. But it was her eyes that killed him. Big and blue, the pupils so dialated with pleasure that he felt his cock pulse again in response to her intense but dazed look. “Fuck me,” she said hoarsely.

“Pardon me?” He said, appalled at her bluntness.

She let out a growl and reached down to fist a hand in his hair. He scrambled up the bed, taking out his finger, leaving her wet pussy behind.

“I said, fuck me.” Kara hooked her fingers into the waist band of his sweatpants and tugged then down. His boxers came off next and he kicked at them as they twisted around his ankles. As he was doing that she was ripping off his tee shirt, and the feel of her hands on his skin made him shiver.

Before he could do anything more, she flung the shirt across the room then flipped him on his back. He gasped but it was swallowed down as her lips came crashing on to his, her tongue darting deep into his mouth. Her hand swept across his ribs, along the taut muscles of his six pack abs. It went further down, and so did her head.

Parting her lips from his, she continued to kiss her way down his chest and sweaty torso. Her head slipped lower and lower and he could feel her hair slide against his skin, light as a feather’s brush. He shuddered again, feeling her hot breath against him. She was so close….


She sent him a familiar wicked grin. “What, Chris?”

No words from him, only him trying to clear his dry throat. She took this as a positive sign this time and bent her head back over his cock, and lifted it up in her hands. It was so large in her small, delicate hands. She stared at it for a moment, unsure. This wasn’t her first time giving a blowjob, but this was different. It was Chris.

With a mental shrug and back pat, she lowered her mouth onto his head. Her tongue flicked out and slipped around the head of his cock. He tensed, fists bunching around the green sheets. He tipped his head back, eyes wide open. “Oh, Kara, yes.”

She smiled to herself, pleased he liked her ministrations. And she’d hardly begun.

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