Sujin and David

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I was so happy that my Korean girlfriend, Sujin, had agreed to move in with me. Tonight we were going to a roof top hot tub party at our next door neighbor’s. Sujin had already changed into her black bikini and white havanias flip flops. She was looking fantastic.

She had worn sneakers and heavy clothes all through the cold weather, and today showing so much light colored Asian skin, contrasted with her high cheekbones and her thick beautiful black hair, she looked gorgeous.

She was a stunning sight and I was shocked by my reaction as I became dizzy and my cock started to feel lighter than air, and my hips were trying to make involuntary thrusting motions. I had to control myself, but I couldn’t take my eyes off her feet.

“Do you like my new flip flops?” she said teasingly. I stuttered and fell on the floor with my face just centimeters from her foot.

She laughed. “Kiss, kiss,” as she pointed a finger at the floor.

I was overcome and knelt before her to place a kiss on her feet. I heard her giggle almost contemptuously. Just then there was a knock at the door.

“Hello,” came the call and the handle to our unlocked door turned. As I was still on my knees, kissing Sujin’s perfect Asian foot with her sexy low arches, our neighbor, David walked through the door.

He had already changed into just his tight swimming trunks and his well muscled body was on full display. Sujin drew in a breath and for a moment just stared up and down at David. I don’t believe she very often had the chance to see such an attractive American man.

Finally she said, “Well look at you,” as she stepped over to me and flip-flopped across the room. She bounced right up to David and went to kiss him on the cheek, but he turned just a bit and their lips actually touched for a brief moment, and her hand brushed the bulge in his trunks. He put his arms around her and languidly embraced her nearly naked body to his.

“Where’s Theresa?” Sujin asked.

“Her work called,” said David. “And she had to take a quick trip out of town. She should be back tomorrow.”

“Well, that’s too bad, we can go anyway, can’t we?” she giggled, her hand still suspiciously resting close to the front of his trunks.

“Sure, come on, let’s go,” David said, grabbing her hand and leading her out the door. Sujin giggled. She didn’t even look back at me, still kneeling on the floor like a fool.

“Come along!” I heard her call from the hall as the sound of her flip flops pattered down to David’s apartment.

I finally made it down to David’s apartment. This was all a little strange that Theresa was not there.

David suggested that we go in naked, much to Sujin’s delight, as he spun around, dropped his drawers and slid into the tub backwards so that we could only see his ass. Sujin’s eyes were wide and her face was a little shocked. she was staring directly at David’s well-muscled backside as he slid into the water. I said what the hell and slipped off my trunks and went in naked.

Sujin said she was too shy and wanted to keep her bikini on even though she was flushed and excited about getting in a hot tub with two naked men. The bostancı escort bayan night air was cool and invigorating and sitting in the tub was very relaxing. We drank daiquiris, listened to music and smoked some amazing weed that sent my head spinning.

Sujin sat in the hot tub and made all kinds of small talk with David. She loved to talk with him because he always complimented her about everything. He always teased her and he was very chatty for a guy and she really loved this.

I was feeling pretty far gone, my skin was all shriveled up from being in the water so long, and I was more than a little jealous of all the attention that Sujin was paying to David. I excused myself saying I had to go to the loo and take a break. I got out of the hot tub and Sujin was so busy talking with David she didn’t even acknowledge me or even look over at my shriveled johnson as I got out of the tub, covered up with a towel and walked back to the apartment.

What the fuck? My tipsy and high girlfriend was in there talking nonstop to a smooth talking naked guy in a hottub.

I actually puked in the toilet and laid my head against the cool porcelain fixture for 10, 15, 20 minutes. I wasn’t sure.

I decided to go tell Su that we needed to go, so I slowly made my way back up to the hot tub deck. Before I could hear Su laughing and water splashing. I peeked my head around the corner and Sujin was standing up with her bra tangled and her tits swinging freely as she was splashing water all over David. Argh! My blood was starting to pump and I was gritting my teeth when suddenly David’s cell phone rang. I paused.

David stood up with his back to Sujin so that she could only see the taught muscles of his naked ass. He leaned over the edge of the tub, stretching his upper body across the deck to reach for his phone. He answered it and of course it was his girlfriend Theresa. I saw Sujin reach over and gently place her open palm on David’s butt, squeezing it and rubbing up and down.

David stayed bent over the edge of the hot tub with his bare ass sticking up in the air. He was telling Theresa that everything was OK and she didn’t need to worry. He said the party was over and everybody was getting ready to go home.

Upon hearing this, Sujin picked up a foam tube near the tub, and with her tits bouncing began to swat David’s naked ass. Harder and harder and faster and faster, making loud popping sounds. Sujin kept spanking his bare ass over and over with the tube when suddenly she smacked him square across the back of his ball sack. David jumped and winced and made a pained little noise, but he tried to stay calm while talking to his girlfriend.

Sujin said “oh my god” and knelt down into the water so that only her head was showing and she was staring directly at David’s bare and now very red ball sack. Slowly she reached up and cupped his shaved ball sack with one hand and placed another on David’s leg to steady herself.

She lightly stroked the ball sack and then reached up and kissed it to make it better. She kept kneading his balls and lightly stroking his ass while he still talked on the ümraniye escort phone with Theresa. Sujin even shook the sack from side to side and lifted it up and let it fall back down as if she was weighing it. She was mesmerized. I could hardly believe what I was seeing.

Suddenly David said “OK I’ll see you tomorrow,” and hung up the phone. He spun around quickly, looking angry, with his enormous dick hanging directly in front of Sujin’s face. She looked up. For a moment she looked like a scared and intimidated little animal. But, she quickly shot her mouth out and pecked her lips onto the tip of David’s cock as if to say I’m sorry. She tarried a moment and then just as quickly, she reach her whole head up and popped the cockhead into her mouth. She held his penis in her mouth as she stared up at him.

David look down at the sexy Korean girl holding his dick in her mouth. Slowly he reached down and lifted her under her two arms until she was standing up. He took both hands and whisked her bikini bottoms down to her feet and bra off her chest. She was fully naked and flushed. David spun her around and bent her over the side of the hot tub.

Reaching down, he spread her cheeks and quick as a flash, his big dick was inside her with no resistance.

The rhythm started. Sujin was silent for a moment and then began to make an “mmm” sound, followed by an “nnnn”.

My dick was unusually and unbelievably hard. I never felt it like this before. I was hot but frozen. I thought for a moment I should stop them. You know, because she is my girlfriend.

But this seemed to be exactly what Sujin wanted. She had teased him and now here his dick was rhythmically pumping her vagina. She wasn’t exactly running away.

In a way it seemed so natural and right. After all, Sujin was a hot Korean girl, a true beauty. And David was doubtless a stud, with a thick, hard and very capable dick. He obviously wanted to be in Sujin’s pussy. And she was loving it. Right in front of me. As if she was daring me to stop them and knew I wasn’t capable of it. What could I do but surrender and give them both what they wanted.

I looked on as Sujin reached her hand back around to pull David’s ass further towards her and bring his dick farther and farther inside her. Finally David pulled her ass close and tensed up as he came onside her. Still inside, he leaned down and gave her a long tongue kiss on the mouth. I couldn’t take any more and slipped back to our apartment and into bed. I was sick with emotions and feelings of inadequacy.

A bit later I heard steps in the hall and David walked slowly into the room carrying Sujin cradled in his arms. He was still naked. I pretended to be asleep.

He stopped at the side of the bed. All I could see was his impressive schlong just hanging and swaying. He kissed Sujin again on the lips and laid her gently on the bed.

He quietly departed and Sujin curled up in a ball and was quickly fast asleep.


The next morning Sujin slept late. I said nothing when she woke up. She flip-flopped her way into the kitchen and I fixed her some coffee. She smiled and pulled my head across escort kartal the table to kiss her lips.

“I want you to eat me,” she whispered.

Did she know I had seen her last night? Was this some kind of signal that I was now her pussy bitch? Just hours ago she was fucking David in his hot tub. Now, her asking me to eat her was so…wicked and bold. She was being demanding and my dick was hard. How could I say no without giving away that I knew.

Without thinking, I slipped to my knees and started my ritual of worshiping her lovely pussy. It didn’t taste different, but the kink was now so different and so intense.

Reaching down with her feet, she cradled my dick between the soles of her flip flops and applied a little rhythmic pressure. I came almost at once, and she seemed to be satisfied that she could make me come, as she wiped the spew on the sole of her flip flop onto my thigh. She relaxed back into several gentle orgasms. She was turning into a goddess.


I never mentioned the night with David, even though I was worried, and after a while, things seemed to return to normal.

Later that same week I was cleaning up the computer when I noticed a large video file in the Skype directory. I knew that Sujin often used Skype to talk with her friends and family back in Korea. I opened the file and it was a standard call with one of her friends. I was just about to delete it when near the beginning of the file, I saw the call end. The video stayed on for a few more moments.

I could see Sujin’s lovely face. Just then, behind the image of her face, David knocked on the door and opened it. He had his own key, that asshole! He walked in the room and he was naked except for a pair of sunglasses. Cheeky, bastard! He stood in the middle of the room silently and placed his hands behind his head.

I couldn’t believe it I saw Sujin get down on her hands and knees and crawl across the floor. When she go to David she reached up and put his cock into her mouth. After a minute or two he was obviously hard and rocked back and forth into her mouth. As it got more intense, he went further and further and you could see where he was bottoming out in her throat and her head was bouncing back when his cock touched the back of her throat.

Suddenly he tightened up and Sujin grabbed his ass cheeks as he leaned in and felt the sperm coarse through his cock and empty into her mouth. She swallowed it all.

As David slowly pulled his cock out, Sujin was licking her tongue all over it and underneath. She looked sullen and pouty as the cock left her mouth and he rubbed the still stiff cock across her face as she cooed and purred. Finally he wiped it off in her hair and she kissed it again gently.

Suddenly David stepped quickly back as Sujin tried to lean forward with her tongue out trying to lick the cockhead again.

But just like that, as quickly as he came, he was out the door again and Sujin collapsed forward and had to reach down to stop herself from falling on the ground.

She made a “humph” sound and reached for her cell phone on the table. She dialed a number I guess it was David’s. And it rang for a minute or two. Finally she gave up and sent an SMS.

About 10 seconds later she read the return message and made a sound like a loud pissed off shriek and threw the phone down at the computer keyboard and then the video went blank.

To be continued

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