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Thanks to volunteer editor SexyGeek for help with this story.

This not a love story like most of the ones you read on this site. This is a story of lust.

There is no long set up. I’m in a wheel chair. I have been for eight years after I broke my neck. I am a quad, which means I have no feeling from the chest down and limited use of my arms but can still get around in a manual chair.

I’m not the best looking guy but not the ugliest either. I’m pretty much average in every way but one, which is that I have a huge dick.

One morning my cousin Amila, or Em for short, came over to clean around my house. She has been helping me clean for a few years, but on this day something happened that I didn’t expect. I was in the shower when she got over. She had yelled in to let me know she was going to be on the deck tanning. When I was done I rolled in to my room and got dressed for the day and headed out to get her to start cleaning.

I had got a cup and some water out of the fridge as I was headed out the back door. There she was lying on her stomach. I thought to myself that it would be funny to dump the ice cold water on her back. As I got to her I tipped my cup so just a little bit of the water dropped on her back. As soon as it hit her she popped up grabbing the cup from my hands and dumping it in my lap. At that time I noticed her bikini top was still on the deck and two of the best looking breasts were staring at me.

It had been a long while since I had gotten laid or seen a naked girl that wasn’t on a screen. After staring for what seemed like forever, I said, “Come on, you need to help me get my cushion dry.” As I turned to go inside, from behind me I heard, “Why would I want to do that? Not going to do it unless I get to see you naked again.”

I stopped to ask, “What do you mean again?”

She lowered her head and said, “I saw you come out of the bathroom when I was coming in to get some water.” Then she lifted her head and smiled. “It was just lying there and it bahis firmaları looked bigger than my boyfriend’s.”

I continued to my room and transferred in to my bed to get out of the wet clothes, telling her to get some towels, dry shorts and underwear for me. When she came in with the towels she tossed me one and started to pat dry my cushion so I wouldn’t be setting in wet all day. I started to pull off my shorts and then my boxer briefs before I thought about her being in the room. It was too late. My cock was out. I just went with it like she wasn’t there, pulling them all the way off and dropping them at the foot of the bed.

I looked at her and her mouth was open with amazement. “What?” I said.

“Damn, it is bigger than my boyfriend’s and you’re not even hard. How big does it get?” Em asked.

“I don’t know, never measured it. About to here.” I said, holding my hand about how far away from my body the tip of my cock is when I get hard. “What size are your boobs?” I asked as I started to stare at them again.

“They are 34 DD,” she stated. “If it gets hard can I measure how big your dick is?”

“Only if you lose the bottoms and run…” Before I could finish she grabbed the strings and untied them, letting the blue bottoms hit the floor. Staring at the clean shaven pubic mound I noticed a drop hanging on to the pussy lips where they came together. “… around naked for the rest of the day,” I finished.

“I can do that.” Em paused, getting a good look at my limp dick. “So what does it take to get you hard? Here I am standing naked and it is not even twitching.”

“My dick doesn’t work like that,” I started to explain. “It needs to be touched and rubbed to get hard. I can look at naked girls all day and it won’t get hard but if I pull on it a few times it will. Go grab what ever you want to measure with and I’ll lie down and get ready for you.”

“Okay. Where do you keep the tape measure?” Em asked.

“It should be in the junk drawer under the microwave,” I told her as I kaçak iddaa started to lie down to get comfortable. As she turned to leave the room I got a good view of her tight firm ass as it bounced out of the room. Her ass is nice and round and sticks out from her body even when it’s bare. Her tits are big and round, sticking out and almost no sag to them. They almost look fake, but I know they’re not. Her areolas are about the same color as the rest of the fleshy mounds but just a shade or two darker.

“Got it,” Em said as she came back in to the room.

“Okay, grab hold of it and start stroking it.”

“Hold on. I want to see what it is right now. Then when it’s hard we’ll see how much it grows,” Em said as she pulled the tape out. She placed it at the base of my dick then lifted up my shaft. “Six inches limp,” she stated. “How long do you think you are when you’re hard?”

“I don’t know. Nine, maybe.”

“I say eight and a half.”

“Who ever is closest with out going over wins,” I giggled.

“What do we win?” Em asked

“If I win I get to put my dick in whatever hole I want. If you win you get to pick what you want.”

“I want this in my pussy as deep as it can go, ” Em said as she gave my dick a few strokes.

“Well then, stroke it and get it hard. You can suck on it too. That will help get it hard,” I said as I put my hand on her lower back to guide her to sit on the bed with me. When she sat down I reached up with my right hand to play with her boobs. She turned and shot me a glare. “It’s only fair, you’re playing with me,” I said with a grin, then ran my hand down to her pussy to rub it. I was trying to pay attention to what I was doing. While she was stroking me she shifted her position so she could spit on the shaft. I grabbed her pussy from underneath her. She had a knee on the bed and one foot on the floor so I could finger her pussy better.

When I looked down I saw I was hard so I asked, “What’s it at now?”

She grabbed the tape and put it in the same spot. kaçak bahis “Ten and a quarter inches! Holy shit, that is big.”

“Woo! I win,” I said with a giggle

“How long has it been since you had pussy on this dick?”

“Too long,” I said. “Now quit stalling and sit on it.” With that being said she turned around to face me so she could sit down on it. I held it straight up as she lowered herself to the head of my cock, rubbing the head around the opening then sliding down the shaft slowly.

When I was mostly in her she said, “You hit bottom. You can’t get any more in.”

“Oh, well, just ride me. If that’s all that fits for now, we can screw till you stretch out and can take it all.” With that she started to move up and down the shaft with a slow pace. I placed my hands on her hips so if my eyes closed I could still tell what she was doing, every now and then guiding her hips to make different motions so I could watch her squirm even more with her orgasms. Then all of a sudden I had an intense pleasure run through my body and a flush of warmth following it. As I looked at her face it seemed to be stuck in the “o face” When I looked down to where we were joined together I could see her fluids running down my shaft as she was pulling up, then a gush when I fell out of her. She moved forward and sat on my stomach.

“Sorry you never got off, but I can’t take it any more,” Em said.

“I think I did get off.”

“I didn’t feel you blow it in me.”

“Well, suck my dick and see if you get some cum out. If you do I got off. If you don’t, suck it until you do.”

She got up and turned around, sticking her ass to my face so she could suck me off. I moved her over so I could stick my tongue in her pussy. I was loving her taste as I drove my tongue into her, then pulled it out to flick her clit, then sucked it in to my mouth and held it with my lips and flicked it faster and faster until she came again on my face.

“My god, that was great!” Em said. “You did cum. I got a mouth full as I sucked it up.”

“Well, maybe we can do this every time you come over to clean. It was fun for me,” I said with a smile.

“If we don’t I’ll just rape you when you are sleeping,” Em said with an evil grin.

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