Summer Heat

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The summer’s sweltering heat was burning her alive. At least it felt that way. Callie tossed and turned, sweat dampening her pillow. She hurled the blankets from her overheated body.

It was the hottest night of the summer — a summer which in itself was a record breaker in New York City, and to make matters worse, a blackout had just taken out the entire east coast. No air conditioning was available to ease her torment, not even her dingy old fan would offer her relief tonight.

That week had already been a terrible week, between guy problems, work problems and life problems — this just made it feel more fitting. Maybe this is hell? she thought.

Groaning in frustration, she flipped onto her back, silently willing sleep to rescue her. Suddenly, a noise startled her.

“Callie?” A male voice.

Eyes fluttered open. “Whose there?”

“It’s me.” A face materialized from the shadows.

It was dark, late at night, and she was brimming with frustration. That was never good.

He approached the bed. Now was a good time to tell him to leave, she told herself. However, the words bostancı escort bayan refused to form at her lips.

Mindlessly, she led his hand down her neck, under the thin, sweat-soaked cotton sheet and along her chest, over her belly and across her thighs.

“Please,” Callie whimpered. She was so hot. His presense made her hotter.

Mercifully, He knew what she needed.

He began to undress.

Callie’s logic screamed that this was not okay, but all too soon he was naked. Logic was suddenly at a loss for words.

His body covered hers. More childish urgings escaped from her lips unchecked: “Promise me you’ll stay?”

“I won’t ever leave you, baby,” he reassured her. “I’ll stay here forever if I have to.” His hands slid over her body, across her burning limbs. “You are so hot.”

Dizzily, she lost the ability to form coherent thoughts. She wrapped her arms around him and tangled her fingers in his hair. “Mmmm…”

He growled low in his throat, directly into Callie’s ear. White-hot shivers shot down her body, lingering below. Wait… Some far away ümraniye escort voice told her this was a bad idea.

Softly, he began to kiss her–first her neck, then her cheek, her forehead, her neck again, her chin.

Callie gave in to the sensations. When she opened her eyes, they were level with his.

“Don’t stop.” The urgency in her voice surprised them both.

Suddenly, their mouths were fused in the hottest, kiss she’d ever tasted. Aching with longing, she yanked away the sheet that separated them. “Kiss me all over.”

He gazed at her body for a beat, and quickly obliged. Kissing the swell of her breasts first, he teased a hardening nipple until she squealed, licked down her belly, and stopped at her thighs. Kneeling on the floor, he waited, unsure of how far he was allowed to go.

Callie hooked her leg over his shoulder and pulled him slightly forward. There was no mistaking the invitation. He hesitated for a moment, then began to tickle her inner thighs with his soft lips, moving slowly closer to her swollen center.

She groaned, attempting to grab his escort kartal head and force his tongue on her clit.

“Ah ah ah…” he warned, continuing his maddening teasing.

The bastard’s waiting for me to beg for it! She thought with a brief return of her trademark indignance. Who the hell does he think he…

“Please!” She bucked forward. She could see her own slick wetness glistening in the moonlight. Can’t he see that I’m dying?

She saw his face break into a wide, self-satisfied smile.


Before she had to beg again, he’d dipped his head and was feasting on her hungrily. That’s more like …yes…

Soon, she was holding his head between her thighs vice-style, feeling a powerful orgasm coming on. She stopped him and tugged him upwards.

His body covered hers again, and Callie pulled him close for a kiss, tasting her juices on his lips. As they locked eyes, something strange; something other than lust came over her. But before she could figure out what it was, he thrust into her, burying his cock to the hilt. Callie cried out in surprise.

Looks of shock and pleasure dueled on his face. “So hot…so…tight…”

She breathlessly repeated one word–“Yes”–as they moved in rhythm, each thrust harder and faster than the one before it.

Overcome by intense, undulating torrents of release, she wailed his name.

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