Summer Holiday Ch. 03

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Big Dicks

The next day, I woke alone in Mom’s bed. I stumbled through the tiny house we lived in, calling out Mom as I went. I heard no response. “I wonder where she went?” I said aloud to myself.

I hopped into the shower, and got ready for the day. Tomorrow was my big party; so today I was really excited. The new boundaries of the relationship Mom and I have kept flooding my mind. I went to the kitchen to search for breakfast. The usual bowl of cereal was sufficient for me.

After breakfast, Mom still wasn’t home. I went to her room, and made the bed. Curiously, I peered under the bed. There was a small box on the other side. I leaped onto the bed, and pulled out the box. It contained one untitled video, a dildo, lube, and a vibrator. “Wow,” I said to myself. I had never really been curious as to what was in Mom’s room.

Suddenly, I felt a need to know. I opened her dresser drawers, and found just the usual clothing, panties, bras, and hosiery. But, in the last drawer, I found clothing of a more “risqué” genre. She had black lace garter belts, red baby doll tops with holes where her breasts would lay, black lace stockings to go with the garter belts, and many more items, ranging from sexy, to sizzling. I could smell her sweet smell on her clothing.

There was a small envelope, picture size, resting at the bottom of the lingerie drawer. I picked it up and opened it. The first picture was Mom, standing with her legs spread; she was wearing a red lace top that pushed her breasts up and together. I could see her tangle of dark pubic hairs in the shape of a “v”. The next one, Mom was in the same outfit. This time she was lying down, and her pussy was spread open. My dick lurched at the picture. The next one, she was in the same position, but a hand was in view and two fingers were penetrating her pussy. I flipped to the next picture. This time, a man, or better yet, a boy, who couldn’t have been much older than eighteen, had his face buried in Mom’s pussy. I noticed the date on the photograph; these had been taken two weeks ago. I then noticed the time on the photograph, 10pm.

“Could it be,” I wondered, “Mom would meet with a young lover at a hotel, while she was supposedly out with the girls?” I never would have suspected a thing. I knew she stayed out late. Sometimes she would stay the night at Debras’ house. The fact that Mom was sneaking around with a young lover made my dick hard.

I flipped to the next picture. It was a head profile shot of the young boy. I remembered him from school. I actually had a couple of classes with him; I think his name is John. It was true, he wasn’t in class everyday, now I knew where he was, fucking Mom. I flipped to the next picture. Mom had taken the picture again. Johns’ cock was deep inside her pussy. I could feel my jealousy rise in my stomach. But, I had to know more. I flipped to the next picture. Mom was bent over, showing off her sexy ass. She had a sexy smile as she looked back toward the camera. I flipped to the next picture. This time, a new boy was in the picture. His dick was sliding in and out. Mom, by the look on her face was about to cum. It then struck me. If these two were in the middle of fucking, who took the picture? My jealousy increased, I felt like I was going to throw up, but my curiosity didn’t cease. I flipped to the next one. It was a close up of Mom’s face during her orgasm. I flipped to the next one. Mom was going down on Debra.

“What have I been missing out on?” I screamed inside my head. I flipped to the next picture. Debra and Mom were doing a sixty-nine. John was pounding Mom’s pussy. I flipped to the next picture, the boy I didn’t know was fucking Mom, and Mom was eating Debras’ pussy.

I flipped to the next picture. The boy I didn’t know was fucking Debra while Mom finger fucked herself. I flipped to the next picture and John was fucking Mom while the other boy fucked Debra. I flipped to the next picture, the boy I didn’t know was fucking Mom and John, was fucking Debra. I flipped to the next picture. Sarah, Debra, and Mom were all going down on each other, The boy I didn’t know was standing next to the triangle, masturbating. I flipped to the next picture. It was bahis firmaları the first one. I angrily shoved the pictures back in the envelope, covered it with the lingerie and slammed closed the drawer.

I grabbed the untitled video and placed it into the VCR Mom had in her room. Turning on the television, I was shocked. I noticed the star of the video at once. It was Mom. It was a close up shot of her face, but her hair covered her. Slowly, the pictured started to back up. Mom was bent over. The boy I didn’t know from the pictures was slowly sliding in and out of her. Mom was moaning. “Yeah fuck her old pussy,” Someone behind the camera growled.

“It feels so good baby, fuck me hard” Mom moaned.

“Yeah you old bitch, you like this young dick,” The boy smiled as he said it.

“Oh yeah, you have such a big dick, use it baby,” Mom begged. I could hear their skin slapping together. “Oh fuck!” Mom screamed, “I’m going to cum! Harder!”

The boy was grunting as he pumped in and out of Mom. The camera moved around to her head. It slowly pointed downward. A cock came into view.

“Suck it you old bitch,” commanded the voice behind the camera. The picture moved back, and Mom’s head was working the guys’ shaft.

“Mmph, fubb ee,” Mom said with a mouth full of cock. I heard a door in the background of the tape open and close.

“You started without me?” I recognized it as Debras’. I heard the rustling of clothes. Then, Debras face appeared. She squeezed underneath Mom and started sucking on her tits. My cock was rock hard in my pants. I hit stop on the VCR and “fast forwarded” it a few minutes. I pressed play, the sex resumed. Mom was riding on the boys’ face. Debra was bouncing up and down on his cock. Debra and Mom were kissing passionately, and groping one another’s tits.

I hit stop again, and forwarded it another fifteen minutes. It was different meeting. I recognized the inside of Mom’s car. The camera was pointing down into someones’ lap.

“This is going to be great!” an unfamiliar voice rang out.

“I can’t wait to fuck you two hotties!” another voice I didn’t recognize said.

“Why wait?” Sarahs’ voice purred. The camera swung up, and to the left. Mom was driving the car. The boy I didn’t know was sitting behind Mom, so Sarah was sitting in the back behind the passenger seat. I couldn’t see Sarah very well, however, I knew that was her head bobbing up and down in the lap of the unknown boy. The camera shifted a bit, then pointed down, behind the seat at the back of Sarahs head. You could hear the slurps of her mouth as her head bobbed up and down.

“Oh fuck bitch, you’re gonna make me cum!” The boy growled. Sarah worked faster. She shoved her face all the way down. I could tell the boy just came down her throat.

“Hell yeah man!” the voice behind the camera yelled.

“Boys, don’t waste all that energy,” Mom chimed off-camera.

“Don’t worry, I got more to cum,” the boy in the back seat bragged.

“Well, I can’t wait,” Sarah, said as she peeled her jeans and panties off. I could see her blonde pubes. “Take off your pants Simon,”

The boy I didn’t know began pushing and shoving his pants down. Sarah bent down and started sucking him again. After a couple of seconds of slurping and sucking, Sarah sat back up. Simons’ cock was rock hard again. Sarah threw one of her knees over his legs, so she was straddling him. She reached behind and I could tell she was guiding his cock into her pussy.

“God damn bitch, you’re already wet!” Simon said as he thrust upwards.

“Oh god Simon, I love your young cock,” Sarah moaned as she began rocking back and forth.

Sarah grabbed onto the back of the seat, and pressed further down onto him. Simon grabbed her hips and pushed her down on him. Suddenly, the camera was at a lower position. I could tell John just laid the seat back to get a better view. All you could really see though was Sarahs’ voluptuous thighs. And her ass working back and forth on Simons cock.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, I’m cumming!” Sarah started to moan. Simon vigorously thrust upwards into her. A loud wail came from Sarahs’ lips as she climaxed all over Simon. kaçak iddaa The camera swung around to the right. Johns’ cock was exposed and Mom was jerking him off while she was driving. Suddenly the camera was being picked up, and it shot down on John and his exposed cock. Mom was really working the shaft. I could see John throbbing at her touch. John pushed his pants down further. The camera moved so it pointed down into the floorboard of the back passenger. I could hear some shuffling and grunting. And finally, after a couple of minutes the camera was right in Sarahs’ face. I could tell Simon was sitting in the seat behind Mom from the angle of the shot. Sarah was riding Johns’ cock.

“You’re such a slut,” Mom teased Sarah. Sarah didn’t say anything back.

“Lean back,” I heard Simon say behind the camera. Sarah leaned back, and I saw Johns’ cock sliding in and out of her. John grabbed her hips and started pounding Sarahs’ pussy. His cock was already covered in her cum, or maybe it was Simons’. John began grunting as he worked Sarahs’ pussy. Mom’s hand came into view and she started rubbing Sarahs’ clit as she rode John.

“Oh fuck I’m going to cum again!” Sarah screamed. Mom worked her clit feverishly, while John slammed into her pussy. “Fuck yeah! Fuck my pussy Johnny boy,” Sarah growled.

“I’m going to cum with you bitch, keep fucking me!” John commanded. Suddenly, John began to twitch and spasm. I could tell he just came inside her.

“That was fucking great!” Simon said with enthusiasm.

“So everyone gets off but me?” Mom whined.

“Well pull the car over and well both fuck the shit out of you,” John laughed. The picture went to static for a second then flipped back on. The car was now stopped. All I could see was bitch black around. But I made out a few tree trunks. The inside of the car was lit up because the passenger and driver side doors were open. John was on the driver side and Simon was on the passenger side.

“Are you ready?” Simon asked the person in the car. I assumed it was Mom. Simon leaned into the car. John was resting his head and arms on the roof moaning out a little here and there. Finally, the camera started to get closer to the car, I could see into the back window. Mom was in the front, on her hands and knees. Her mouth working on Johns cock. Simon was behind her pumping his cock into her. The person behind the camera, Sarah, was walking toward Simon, but the camera stayed on Mom. Slowly, the camera swung around to Simon. His hips were thrusting back and forth. I could now hear Mom moaning in the car, and their skin slapping together.

“Fuck, here I cum bitch, I going to cum inside your old pussy!” Simon growled. “Fuck yeah,”

“My turn,” John said as he pulled his cock out of Mom’s mouth. John walked around to the passenger side, leaned inside for a second, and then walked to the front of the car. Mom shuffled out of the car, she was completely naked. She walked up to John and kissed him. I could see Johns’ hands wrap around and squeeze Mom’s ass apart, showing off her pussy, if it hadn’t been too dark to see it. John twirled Mom around and pushed over the hood of the car. He quickly pushed his cock inside her. I watched as John bounced Mom on his cock. Her tits swayed back and forth violently, as John pounded her pussy. Sarah walked closer to John and Mom.

“Fuck Johnny, pound my pussy, you’re the best fuck I’ve ever had,” Mom purred. “Fuck me baby, fuck me,”

“Oh Michelle,” Sarah cooed. “You look so hot getting fucked like that,”

“Mmm, fuck Johnny, harder,” Mom moaned “Fuck me Johnny, you’re going to make me cum!”

I heard Mom wail as she came. I’d never heard that before, so I knew John gave her one hell of an orgasm. John slowed his rhythm. I could hear him moaning but the camera was still on Mom. She was lying on the hood of the car. The camera slowly moved down her body, and there was a close up of Johns’ cock sliding in and out of Mom’s pussy. It was covered in cum; the white fluid was collecting at the base of his cock.

“Stay on my cock, I’m about to cum, Sarah” John growled. He quickened his pace so he was fucking Mom again hard and fast. I could hear kaçak bahis Mom moaning off-camera as John pounded into her.

“Cum Johnny,” I heard Sarah say behind the camera. “Cum baby!”

“Fuck!” John screamed as he pulled out. Strings of white hot cum shot out of his cock all over Mom’s ass and back. He grunted a few more times as he pulled on his cock and shot another load of cum. It swung back down and dripped into Mom’s ass.

“Lets get the fuck outta here!” I heard Simon yell, “It’s cold out here.”

The tape went to static. I waited a few more seconds and satisfied there wasn’t anything else on the tape. I stood up and went to the bathroom. I yanked my cock furiously until I shot all over the toilet.

I kept thinking about Mom, Sarah, Debra, John, and Simon. I knew they had all done everything together. I felt so alone, so deceived, and so pissed. I knew Mom didn’t want me to know about it, thinking it would hurt me. I think it hurt even more that I wasn’t able to join in with them.

I went back into Mom’s room and put the tape back in its place, and the box under the bed. I went into my room and packed my pipe full of weed. After a few hours of steaming about the deception, I heard the main door open and Mom call out “Hello?”

I walked out of my room, “Hey Mom”

“Hey baby,” She walked over and kissed my forehead, “How’s my big man today?”

“Just fine,” I said as I grabbed her hips and pulled her into me. Mom let out a squeak as she fell into me. She sat down in my lap, and I kissed her fully on the lips. She broke away quickly, and stood up. I noticed a salty taste from her lips.

“So what have you been up to all day?” I inquired.

“Just did a little shopping with Sarah,” Mom replied.

Anger shot through my body. Before I knew it, I was in Moms face, and pressing her against the counter with my groin. My hand worked at her pants, unbuttoning them. Before Mom could stop me, I yanked her pants and panties down to her ankles. I left a long scratch from my thumbnail that went down the front of her thigh.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Mom said confused and hurt. I didn’t say anything. I flung Mom into the table. The wind was knocked out of her. I stared at her pussy; it was gaping open like it had just been thoroughly fucked. It was even still wet. I put my hand on the back of her neck to keep her down. Using my other hand, I slowly slid two of my fingers into her.

“So whenever you go shopping, you get a good fucking?” I accused her.

“What are you talking about Son?”

“I saw the video Mom, I know you and John and Simon fuck like rabbits,” I growled, my fingers now sliding in and out. “Did I fuck you as good as John, or did you have to go fuck him today after I fucked you last night?”

My mom whimpered slightly as my fingers dug into her pussy. The sound brought me out of my trance. I pulled my fingers out, they were slick with cum. “I-I’m sorry,” I stammered. I didn’t know why I had done what I did. Why had I reacted this way?

I grabbed Mom’s pants off the floor and offered them to her. She slowly stood up and turned to me. Her hand connected with the right side of my face. I felt the sting. I stood there shocked. I knew I deserved more than that, who was I to judge Mom and her sex life.

“Yes, I did see John today, and Simon, and Sarah was with us too!” Mom yelled, tears were in her eyes, and her face was beet red. “I don’t think it’s any of your business who I fuck!”

“I know,” I said quietly.

“What the fuck were you doing going through my room anyway,” Mom rarely cussed, so it made quite the impression on me.

“I-I was cur…” I was interrupted.

“You think that since we fucked that it’s our room now?” Mom’s voice was rising. She swung at me again. I was knocked to the floor. Tears were welling in my eyes, but I refused to let them out. I wiped my face on my sleeve.

I stood up. Mom could see the hurt in my eyes. I could see her hurt too. “I-I’m sorry Mom, I got jealous when I saw that tape,” I explained.

Mom froze, opened her mouth to speak but nothing came out. After a couple of moments of uncomfortable silence, she spoke. “I don’t know what to say Son, on one hand you have no right to be in my sex life, but on the other hand, since we’ve had sex, you should know, since you already know what you do, I’ll explain everything.”

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