Summer Switch Ch. 03

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Alex Bishop

This series was extremely hard to categorize. As a whole, it fits under many categories: Masturbation, Exhibition/Voyeur, Group Sex, Gay Male, and BDSM. Each Chapter is categorized according to it’s most prominent theme.

I’ve tried to make each chapter work as standalone stories, but it certainly does work best if you read it in order. Here are a few “catch up” details in case you haven’t read previous chapters.

Basic plot:

A group of 4 best friends head up to a cottage for the week to celebrate their high school graduations and kick off the summer. They confess their fantasies which leads to a whole ton of exploration and re-evaluation of sexual orientations!

Chapter 1 – Jake and Cole masturbate together thinking about the fantasy Cam has confessed.

Chapter 2 – The masturbation session is repeated as a foursome with a little bit of touching. Cam encourages the guys to give her a tiny sample of the guy-on-guy action she craves seeing.

A few physical details:

Cam (18) – 5″8″; white (pale); red hair, slightly wavy, with shaved sides and dyed pink on one side; dark blue eyes; tattoos, piercings, and stretched ears; curvy and fit body; D-cup breasts; soft belly; generous hips.

Cole (18) – 6’2″; mixed race (white dark brown, neck-length, tightly curled hair; bright blue-green eyes; huge and solid muscular frame; very hairy.

Jake (18) – about 6″; mixed race (white long dark hair, often braided; chocolate brown eyes; lean swimmer’s body; long musician’s fingers.

Nolan (19) – 5’10”; white; blond hair; blue eyes; Greek God/”pretty” looks; impressive physique; smooth skin.

* Any character in any type of sexual situation is AT LEAST 18.

* Story characters don’t get STDs or unwanted pregnancies. In real life, use protection.

* In Canada, pot is legal and the legal age for purchasing alcohol is much lower (18 or 19) than in the US.

Chapter 3

At the next day’s late brunch, the four friends gathered around the small table in the kitchen of the cottage. They had definitely needed a sleep-in after the insanely hot session the four of them had shared the night before.

The guys felt so happy to have experienced the chance to touch Cam’s beautiful body. Jake and Cole had memorized her amazing curves from running their hands all over her breasts and softly curved belly. Nolan had been thrilled to get to make out with her on the couch and get her off with her dildo; he wished he’d had a chance to explore her pussy more fully instead of just barely getting to touch her clit to push her that last little bit over the edge.

Cam had been incredibly turned on by Jake and Cole’s demonstration of how they’d masturbated together the night before last. And she was beyond pleased with how naturally perfect Nolan was at pretending to be a slutty gay bottom; she hoped someday he would try out the role for real. She was excited to be giving her best friends little tastes of the thrill of queer sex, while heading in the opposite direction herself. This was the summer she had decided she wanted to start exploring, for the first time, her interest in dicks.

Her head was filled with these sexy thoughts – remembering back to the night before, thinking ahead to future plans. Having been up the earliest, she was flipping pancakes for breakfast. Once the guys stumbled into the kitchen, she was ready to joke away any awkwardness that could’ve returned now that they were all together again in the light of day. “Oh! I’d forgotten what you guys looked like with clothes on! I think my brain has replayed so many images of you naked that it replaced all other previous memories.” She stuck out her tongue at them.

“I’m shocked my brain isn’t still on a repeat loop of that image of you on the bed coming so crazy hard, wiggling around on that blanket covered in all of our combined jism” Jake joked back and Cam grinned at him, please that they’d been successful in setting the tone for a non-awkward discussion about the events of the night before.

“And believe it or not, Jake stayed there to sleep, although he did ditch the blanket.” Cole eagerly reported, casually throwing one of his huge muscular arms around Jake.

“Really?” Cam asked. “You didn’t go back to your bed on the other side of the room?”

Jack shook his head with a grin, flashing his beautiful teeth her way. “I think we’re waaay past any previous shyness.” He elbowed Cole but didn’t bother to wiggle out from the arm around him.

“Love it!” she replied, her eyes as happy as her grin.

“Damn, kinda wish I’d stayed in Jake’s old bed then… Actually, nah, that guest bed is pretty damn comfy. ” Nolan teased, trying to make the guys stuck in the big communal `kids’ bedroom jealous. “So much room to spread out…” He stretched his arms out to the side.

Cam came up behind him and pushed his arms down by reaching around him to hold them to his side in a backwards bear hug. “Don’t gloat escort bostancı or your turn could end early! Just keep your mouth shut and enjoy your extra space.”

“I’m sure you’ll need it for getting off on Cam’s dildo!” Cole fired right back, but with a jovial tone, teasing Nolan for his confession of being pegged by an ex-girlfriend (and liking it).

“Shit, that would be so hot to see.” Cam commented, her eyes glazing over as she pictured it. Her hands started slowly rubbing down Nolan’s chest from behind him. She shook herself from her distraction with a delighted hum, and gathered a few more items to complete the table set up.

“So uh, Cam, now that you’ve had your gay fantasy satisfied a little bit, have you figured out how to go about setting up your other fantasy? The um, what did you call it, sex doll domination fantasy?” Jake asked. The three men shot each other `be cool’ looks behind her back. Cam turned and set down the finishing touches on their pancake breakfast before sitting down and starting to pass the food around.

“Well, as hot as that all was, I definitely want more. After all, you guys hardly touched each other. Wouldn’t call that anywhere close to guy-on-guy action. A hand on an ass cheek doesn’t equal gay in my books.” Jake and Nolan gave each other a quick guilty glance over their plates, both remembering Jake’s left hand on Nolan’s ass while his right was busy bringing himself to orgasm. Most of their movements had been directed by Cam, posing as lovers to satisfy a tiny bit of her fantasy while she took mental pictures for her spank bank. But Jake had reached out to touch Nolan without any prompting, right before he came all over his friend’s smooth ass and back. His mind was still reeling from all the confusing thoughts last night’s adventures had brought up.

“I dunno, I’d say having some guy’s cum on you is more intimate that having him touching you!” Cole argued, his hands gesturing to emphasize his point. The other guys tipped their heads to the side and nodded. “Ya got a point there.” Jake conceded.

“It is and it isn’t. I’d agree it’s more intimate than touching like…” She put her hand on Cole’s arm. “But it’s not nearly as intimate as even kissing, let alone oral or anal sex. And that’s what I want to see. Real live gay porn, right in front of my face.”

She waited a beat for the stunned silence she’d predicted would follow that confident statement. But she knew what she wanted and she wasn’t going to compromise. This was her summer of kinky fun and she had bet herself she could have it all.

“Maybe whoever I pick to fulfill my first fantasy will be willing to satisfy this one too.” she said quietly, pushing pieces of her pancake around in her maple syrup. The guys all looked perplexed, which was also a reaction she’d expected. She had allowed them to assume she was only looking for one guy to introduce her to hetero sex for the first time. Just like she’d allowed her entire high school, including the three BFFs she currently sat around the table with, to assume she was a lesbian (completely uninterested in sex with male people) after only dating women throughout her teen years. The lesbian part was still true but lately she’d been feeling very curious to explore body parts that most women didn’t have.

She had gently been sowing the seeds of interest for her friends, dropping little hints here and there. She knew her friends better than anyone, but she hadn’t been sure how much their investment in the “straight male” persona would interfere in any summer shenanigans. Hence the slow and careful dance of suggestions and glimpses of potential activities. She had justified the minor manipulating she’d done because she knew the guys would never be coerced into doing anything they weren’t secretly curious about. And she had been growing quite sure they were secretly curious about a lot. The events of the past couple nights were confirming her hunches, big time.

“But – how can he, Cam? Sure, you’d have that guy there to… dominate you and fulfill that fantasy. But he can’t have gay sex with himself. Or with you!” Nolan pointed out. Super smart guy that he was, he’d started to twig to what Cam’s end goal might be. Her private whispers, for his ears only, had shown an encouragement of and support for any thoughts or behaviours he’d confessed that were remotely queer. And he really couldn’t picture her trusting anyone but the three of them to fulfill her BDSM-themed fantasy. Cam was kinky as hell but she was always smart and always safety-conscious. If she planned to have anyone tie her up and use her, he couldn’t see that happening with anyone but the best friends sitting right here. Which meant she could use his help getting the other guys on board for both sets of fantasies.

“True.” Cam said, giving Nolan a brief smile. She took a deep breath before she spoke again. This was it, the moment of truth. “But a big part of my fantasy of being tossed ümraniye escort around like a sex doll was being passed around. Like between multiple guys. So… how amazing would it be if I could find guys who would be willing to try one fantasy and then the other? Happiest summer of my life!”

She sat back and waited for their response, insanely nervous on the inside and trying not to show it on the outside. If any one of her best friends completely rejected this idea, her whole plan was toast. Everything she’d been slowly leading them towards might just end right here. She’d be grateful they’d had the amazing fun times they already had, but she would also be a little disappointed if it couldn’t go any further. She wanted this and she wanted it with them. And she also wanted it for them; she knew the guys were very invested in their “straight guy” images and that they might only feel comfortable venturing outside of those roles if they could feel like someone else was holding the remote control.

“Well…” Nolan began slowly. He reached for Cam’s hand under the table and gave it a quick squeeze, telling her he was on her side. “I think like, nearly all of our classmates would kill for a chance to get in your pants. And every guy, except those who were very insecure about their own sexuality – or obviously, guys who were already 100% gay – would be willing to put themselves through a hell of a lot if it meant getting to play kinky sex games with you.”

Jake was slowly nodding. “I’ve literally heard a couple guys say they would lose a finger or like, light themselves on fire if it meant getting with you. And I seriously couldn’t tell if they were exaggerating or not!”

“Yah I don’t think you’d have any problems finding volunteers.” Cole chimed in. Unlike Nolan, he hadn’t seriously considered that Cam might be considering them for these roles. “Just please promise us you’ll be really really careful. Like we said yesterday, we’re a little worried about your safety and well-being.”

“Aww, you guys are so sweet.” Cam took a deep breath. “I guess the question is then, would any of you throw your hat in the ring?” She looked around the table. The guys suddenly found themselves too nervous to eat, their stomachs doing flip flops. Cam continued through their silence and tried to give an encouraging smile. “Did you really think I would prefer to do this with some random guys? When I’ve got three besties I trust with my life? Hot and hunky ones at that?”

They looked at each other. “Well yah… we’d hoped you would pick one of us. But we also felt that might rip us apart with jealousy from the two that don’t get to be involved.” Cole said.

“But now you know I don’t just want one guy. I’d be thrilled to have exactly three. I do think it should be all or none – that way, no one is left out feeling jealous or anything else.” Cam stood up, as if she were making the most important speech of her young life. In a way, she was; this could change everything in their core group. Which was why she had waited until now, the last summer they would have together before heading off on various post-secondary paths, no longer all in the same city and at the same school. If things got horribly awkward… well, it would suck a lot but it would suck way less than having to see each other every single day in class.

“I would love it if you guys would do this for me. If you can’t, I absolutely understand. I may or may not seek out other guys who fit the bill – for one or both scenarios. If I do, it may take years. Or it may just have to remain a couple of great fantasies. I could always try straight sex in vanilla flavour. But I can promise that it’s either all four of us or none of you three. I absolutely don’t want anything to come between you or affect our amazing group. I feel so so lucky every day to have such great BFFs.”

Cam went around the table, giving each of the guys a big hug from behind, pressing kisses to the tops of their heads. “I’ll leave you to talk about it together or think about it alone. Once you’ve decided, let me know your decisions.”

The guys barely managed to nod or mutter “OK” as she left the kitchen. A moment later they could see her walking down the little path to the dock, where she stripped off her jean shorts and tank top and dove into the lake. Today’s swimsuit was just as sexy as yesterday’s, with purple boy short bottoms and a bikini top with criss-crossing straps at the back. The guys were silent the entire time, watching her.

Nolan stood and walked to the back window, watching Cam’s strong body cut through the water. “Well I don’t know about you guys, but my mind’s already made up. I’d rather not live the rest of my life with the tortured thought of having been this close…” he said, his fingers a few centimetres apart. “…from Cam’s pussy and never tasting it.”

“You’re that sure? You’d do anything she asked you to?” Cole wondered.

Nolan shrugged and then his mouth kartal escort bayan spread into a grin. “Sure. I’m an adventurous type, I’ll try anything at least once.” He didn’t mention the plans he’d already thought about to experiment when he went off to university this fall in a brand new city with people that didn’t know a thing about him.

“Yah, I think your experiences with Tara have proven that!” Jake teased, his warm chocolate brown eyes flashing with a hint of lust as he imagined the scenes Nolan had described.

“Don’t knock it until you try it…” Nolan came back to the table and leaned forward towards his friends with an intent, this-is-confidential tone at a low volume. “Seriously, I was freaked out at first when Tara wanted to try that stuff. But as soon as her fingers rubbed over my prostate, holy shit. I was hooked. Then with her dildo? Oh my God, best feeling ever.”

Cole and Jake were listening so carefully; Nolan felt it was possible they could be convinced. “From the other side, you’ve fucked assess before so really, would it be that different? I would expect it would actually better. Just as tight, but with that prostate, he’d be begging for it! How enthusiastic were your girlfriends to get anal? ‘Cuz none of the women I’ve been with have been. It’s kinda `meh’ – take it or leave it. But trust me, when Tara was hitting that spot just right, I was so completely desperate for it.”

“Well, I gotta admit Nolan, that’s a pretty passionate argument in favour of…” Jake mused. He sat back, briefly wondering why the hell he was so hard all of a sudden and chalking it up to the sex talk.

“Would you say it’s a pretty passionate plea?” Cole joked, causing them both to laugh.

“A pretty passionate prostate plea!” Jake retorted smartly.

“A pretty passionate pegging-people’s-pummelled-prostate plea.” Cole topped it off, becoming the winner of that particular pun game. “Say that five times fast.” He stuck out his tongue. The ensuing laughter helped diffuse some of the anxiety that had built up. But after a brief pause, Cole was looking pretty solemn once more.

“Always the joker!” Jake said, as he allowed himself to think about what Nolan had said, feeling his friend’s expressive blue eyes watching him cautiously. If he was honest, there had been a lot of… feelings last night that some people might judge him for. But these weren’t just “some people”, he thought, these were his best friends.

“I think… I think I’ll probably tell Cam yes.” Jake finally said. Nolan’s answering smile hit him right between the eyes and he felt his chest constrict at the emotions that came unexpectedly bubbling up. He rubbed the centre of his chest, as if that could soothe the internal tumult. He and Nolan both turned to look at Cole, whose light blue-green eyes were still shadowed with worry. “What are you thinking, man?”

“I don’t even know…” Cole rubbed a hand over his face. He wouldn’t return their gaze. “I’m… I’m gonna go for a walk around the lake.”

“OK.” Nolan looked up, concerned, as Cole stood. “I assume that means you want to be by yourself?”

“Yep.” he confirmed, still looking anywhere but at his best friends. “I love all of you, I just don’t know if I want to love you with my dick. Even for Cam, even for this once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity, call-now-or-you’ll-miss-out!” he joked weakly with a halfhearted attempt at a smile. “I really have to think everything through, sorry.”

“No worries, let us know if you need anything. It’s a big decision.” Jake reassured him. They watched silently as Cole headed down the path, taking it around the shore instead of into the water.

“Think he’ll go for it?” Nolan wondered aloud.

“I dunno… he seems pretty torn up about it.” Jake replied. “I mean, I am too but…”

“But?” Nolan couldn’t help feeling hopeful. His eyes searched Jake’s intensely, flicking back and forth between left and right as if seeking secrets.

“Last night was pretty eye-opening.” Jake looked down sheepishly, nibbling his lower lip slightly.

“Seriously! I felt a lot of things I’d never felt before.” Nolan confessed.

“For real? Me too!” Jake’s head snapped back up and their gazes connected – chocolate brown to bright blue. Nolan felt a rush of heat, a pressure in his chest. He was nervous, but also kind of aroused at the same time. He wondered if Jake’s thoughts were anywhere close to what his own had been like.

“Can I – can we talk about that…?” Nolan’s hope bloomed even more at Jake’s accepting expression and the presence of his usual charming grin.

“Of course. We’d better get very comfy talking about all this stuff anyways considering the road we may be headed down!”

* * * *

By the time Cam returned from her swim, Nolan and Jake had brought their reactions out into daylight for analysis and were feeling much better about where their thought processes were at. Each felt less guilty about their own homoerotic thoughts now that the other had confessed similar urges. But they were still worried about Cole, who hadn’t yet returned. They explained where things stood to Cam, both in terms of their own ponderings on their sexuality and Cole’s reluctance to commit to participating.

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