Summer’s End Ch. 04

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As always, I must thank you, Mused, not only for your help with this, but for your encouraging words. Your support means so much.

And to the readers, thanks for your kind and encouraging notes. I apologize for the length of time it has taken me to complete this chapter. When I started this, I hadn’t counted on a severe case of writer’s block. I hope you enjoy. ~Chargergirl


Emma sat on the top step of the stairs that led down to the stretch of beach below the cottage. Lake Michigan in all its glory spread out before her. Fifty yards out, she watched a lone figure swimming parallel to the shoreline. Brandon. Her lover.

That they had become lovers still amazed her. Six weeks already. Six wonderful, glorious weeks they had spent together up at the family cottage on Lake Michigan. One week was all they had left. Less, actually, as Brandon was leaving that weekend for Chicago to see the student-housing unit he’d been able to secure a month ago.

Emma rose from her perch and descended the flight of steps, removing her sarong as she went. She tossed it onto a lounge chair and waded into the water. In mid-July the lake had finally reached a comfortable temperature for swimming.

Brandon spotted Emma swimming out to him, so he headed towards her until he could touch the sandy bottom of the lake. Stopping in front of him, Emma tried to touch as well, but it was too deep and a wave washed over her head. Brandon grabbed her and pulled her to him as she coughed and sputtered. “Easy there, babe,” he laughed.

Emma pushed wet clumps of hair off her face and grinned up at Brandon. Her arms snaked around his neck, and her legs wrapped his waist as she clung to him. They were far enough off shore that the embrace would look innocent enough to any observer that happened to glance out, so long as they didn’t look too closely. Being mid-week, nearly every cottage was empty save the Gerhardt’s, who were good friends of Brandon and Emma’s family.

“You’re looking lovely today, Emma.” Brandon dipped his head and kissed her forehead. The black one-piece suit she wore shimmered in the mid-day sun, and droplets of water sparkled on her skin in a rainbow pattern.

“You’re just saying that because I’m your sister,” Emma laughed and swatted his shoulder.

Brandon rolled his head back with an exaggerated sigh, and then looked down at her with a stern expression. “You never learn, do you?” He bent his knees slightly and with all his strength, tossed Emma over his right shoulder. She hit the water with a splash and a squeal.

A water fight ensued, but Emma couldn’t touch bottom and soon grew tired. Brandon took her back into his arms and held her close for a long moment before kissing her deeply.

Emma broke their kiss. “Brandon, we shouldn’t. Not out here.” She looked over her shoulder and scanned the beach and the bluff above, but saw no one.

“No one’s around, Em.” Brandon reassured her and pressed his mouth against hers.

“But the Gerhardts–” Emma muttered against his lips.

“Are gone for the day, remember?”

Emma did remember, and she slid her hand up into Brandon’s wet hair and invaded his mouth with her tongue.

They clung together as the waves of Lake Michigan gently rolled in. Standing chest deep in the water, with Emma in his arms weighing almost nothing, Brandon hardened as his arousal grew. Emma felt it and a giggle burbled in her throat.

Brandon pulled away and looked at her. He smiled at the mirth he saw on his sister’s face. “What?”

Emma held onto Brandon’s shoulder with one hand and slid her hand into his swimsuit with the other. She wrapped her hand around the hard length of his cock. “What’s this? Didn’t we take care of this a few hours ago?” With a wicked grin, she began to work his shaft.

“Aw hell, Emma,” Brandon groaned as she massaged his shaft. He pulled the crotch of her swimsuit aside and slid a finger through her labia. He knew he was done in when, in spite of being in the water, he could feel her oily essence on the digit he slipped it inside. He had to have her. “I want you, baby. Now,” he growled and pressed his mouth to hers once more. With his arm under her shoulders, he supported her slight weight and thrust in another finger.

Emma’s back arched as Brandon’s fingers invaded her pussy. Half-floating in the cool lake water, she had never felt so free and so restricted at the same time. Her arms slid up around his shoulders. She held on as her brother brought her to the very edge of her climax. “Oh for God’s sake, don’t stop now!” Emma moaned as her head lolled back in the water.

Somehow, Brandon managed to free his penis from his swim trunks and maneuver Emma so she was straddling his waist. Once more, he pulled her bathing suit aside. With great care he adjusted his cock at her entrance and slowly pushed her down the shaft until he was completely buried within her. Emma’s legs and arms wrapped his body and they stood in the lake together as one.

Emma pressed her face canlı bahis into Brandon’s neck and tried to absorb every feeling, every emotion of that moment. Brandon’s strong arms holding her, his scent, the way his cock filled her completely. She tuned out the empty feeling in her gut, and tuned in to the overwhelming love she felt in her heart. The emotions threatened to overcome her when Brandon began to gently thrust his hips. “Oh my God, Brandon,” she mumbled into his skin.

Emma turned her head and gazed out over the water as Brandon made love to her there in the lake. She looked south, down a hundred miles to where she knew the city of Chicago sat on the water’s edge. She couldn’t see it of course, but she knew it was there waiting for Brandon. Waiting to take him from her.

It was suddenly too much. Too many emotions whirled about inside her, threatening to burst forth. Emma couldn’t hold her tears inside any longer and she started to cry as she clung tightly to her brother.

Brandon ceased his motion as he felt Emma shudder in his arms. At first he thought she had come, but at second glance he realized she was crying. For a horrifying moment he thought he was hurting her, then immediately realized it wasn’t physical hurt she was feeling.

“Emmie, don’t cry,” he whispered and squeezed her tight.

“I don’t want you to go.” The words tumbled out as Emma gasped for breath between sobs. She’d held her angst inside for so long and now it all rushed out at once.

“I know you don’t babe. But it’s not forever, just the weekend. I’ll be back Sunday afternoon.” He tried to soothe her fears away and started to pull out of her body.

Emma grasped his left buttock and held him still. “Don’t, please. I need to feel you. Brandon, I don’t want you to go there at all,” Emma whispered, feeling awful for saying the words. “I mean, I do want you to, but I don’t. Christmas is so far away.”

Brandon tilted Emma’s face up to his, but she tried to look away. “No, look at me.” She did. “We knew we’d only have the summer when we started this. I love you Emma, but there’s no avoiding the fact that I’ve got to go.” He bent and captured her lower lip with his teeth. He gave a gentle tug, then grinned at her. “Okay? You know that, right?”

Feeling miserable, Emma nodded. She knew. There was nothing to change the fact that Brandon did have to go. He would never give up this opportunity, and Emma knew she had no right to ask him. Thoughts of their parents weighed heavily on her mind, as well.

Thus far, throughout the summer Brandon and Emma had been very careful when their parents had been up for the weekends. The two-week vacation in mid-July when the four had all resided together had been torturous for the siblings. They’d grown used to sleeping together in Brandon’s bed, and separating for the nights when their mom and dad were around was difficult.

“And don’t worry about Mom and Dad,” he further soothed, knowing where else his little sister’s thoughts lay. It bothered him, too, yet because of his intense love of Emma he was able to push those thoughts deep. Brandon began to move within his sister’s body again, his cock having stayed hard the entire conversation. “It’ll be okay.” He partially withdrew, then sank all the way back in.

Will it? Emma wondered. Will it ever be okay, Bran? She wanted to say the words, but held back for Brandon’s sake. She wanted to be strong for him.

And then Brandon was grunting and thrusting his cock deeper into her pussy and Emma forgot everything but that moment. She threw her head back and let out a lusty moan as he reached up with one hand and gave her left nipple a hard tweak. It always sent her right over the edge. Her hands gripped his shoulders; she began to ride him hard and felt her orgasm wash over her in a tidal wave of ecstasy. “Oh God, Brandon! Oh fuck yes!” she shrieked.

Brandon’s own orgasm began to churn in his balls, and his gut clenched as he quickly pulled out of Emma. Jet after jet of his hot come spurted into the cool waters of Lake Michigan and harmlessly floated away.

A glance at the bluff above the beach slowly twisted Brandon’s stomach into a sickening knot. Someone was standing at the top of the wooden stairs. “Jesus,” he swore under his breath.

Emma heard his muttered curse and smiled up at him. She had moved away from her brother and was treading water in front of him. “What? Am I too much for you?” she asked with a playful laugh.

“What? No, Emma. I mean…shit. Someone’s up on the steps Em. Someone’s watching us.” He squinted. “Fucking hell, I think it’s Adam.” With a resigned sigh he took her hand and they slowly made their way towards the beach.

“Do you think he saw us, Bran?” Emma asked as her feet touched the hard, sandy lake bottom a moment later. She stood and walked next to her much taller older brother.

“Pretty sure of it, babe,” he sighed.

Emma looked up at him. “I thought the Gerhardt’s were gone for the day?”

Brandon snorted. “I thought bahis siteleri they were, too. Looks like one of them decided to come back to the cottage.” Adam Gerhardt was a summer friend of Brandon’s; the two went back many years. Adam had quite the reputation as a player and earlier in the summer had nearly succeeded in making Emma one of his many conquests. They had since formed an understanding of sorts, and Emma now considered Adam a friend of hers, as well.

“Maybe he couldn’t tell what we were doing.”

Brandon glanced down at his little sister and smiled at her naivety. He shook his head.

“No?” Emma asked and Brandon shook his head again. “Well, it was worth a shot. What do we say?”

“Let’s wait and see what he says.” Outwardly, Brandon was the picture of calmness, while in his chest his heart was slamming a wild beat. He cursed himself for being so careless. But his Emma was so sweet and so beautiful that he found it increasingly difficult to keep his hands off her. He knew making love to her there in the lake had been an incredibly foolish thing to do.

They reached the top of the steps a minute later and came face to face with a frowning Adam. Brandon tried to play it casual. “Hey man, what’s up? Thought you were gone for the day.”

Adam’s eyes narrowed as he looked at his longtime summer friend. They darted to Emma, then back to Brandon. “What’s up, you two?”

Brandon turned to Emma. “Go inside, Em.”

“But Brandon, I–“

He cut her off. “Now, Emma.”

The look in her brother’s eyes told Emma not to argue. Slowly, she turned away from the two young men and walked toward the front door of the cottage. Before she entered she cast a final glance over her shoulder. Adam looked like he wanted to murder Brandon. The screen door banged shut behind her as she entered, but she didn’t move away from the door. She stayed to listen, but was disappointed. She couldn’t hear much.

Brandon didn’t even see it coming; he had been too busy making sure Emma went inside. The blow connected with his left cheek and sent him stumbling back, but he didn’t fall. He glared at his friend as his face and head began to throb. “Fuck, I guess I deserved that.”

“Fuck right you do!” Adam hissed. “What the fuck were you two doing down there?”

Brandon sighed and raked a hand through his damp hair. What could he say? He could try to lie, but he knew it was pointless. Adam had seen most of everything. He nodded. “You know.”

“Jesus, man, are you nuts?” Adam’s eyes bulged. His voice grew louder with each syllable.

“Shut up!” Brandon warned. “Emma will hear you, and I don’t want her more upset than she already is.”

Warning bells went off inside Adam’s head. He eyed Brandon suspiciously. “Why is she upset? Did you force her?”

“You bastard, of course I didn’t force her! What kind of person do you think I am?” Brandon growled. He was rapidly losing his temper.

“One that fucks his sister, obviously!”

That was it for Brandon. He pulled back his arm and unceremoniously slammed his fist into Adam’s face. Blood spurted out of Adam’s nose.

“Aw fuck,” Adam groaned and bent forward while holding his nose. Blood poured over the ground.

The screen door flew open and banged against the wall of the cottage. “What the hell are you two doing, trying to kill each other?” Emma scolded. Then she caught sight of all the blood. “For God’s sake! Brandon, what did you do to him?”

“I’m okay, Emmie,” Adam reassured her. “Your brother’s got a helluva right hook. I deserved it.”

“Fuckin’ right, you did,” Brandon muttered, but felt guilty enough to add, “I guess I did, too.”

Emma saw the angry purple bruise beginning to form under Brandon’s eye. She sighed. She knew what had happened. Adam had figured it out and called Brandon on it. “Come on, you two. Let’s go get you cleaned up. Especially you,” she said to Adam as blood continued to gush.

They followed Emma into the cottage and and over to the island that separated the kitchen from the living room. “Sit,” she commanded, pointing to the stools that lined one side of the island. She handed Adam a wet dishrag for his nose and to Brandon she gave a bag of frozen peas wrapped in a towel. “Put that on your cheek,” she said softly, giving her brother a loving smile. A small hand came to rest on his thigh.

It didn’t go unnoticed by Adam. He looked from one sibling to the other, trying to understand what was going on. “Are you guys–I mean…Jesus. Are you two–“

Emma saved Adam further embarrassment by speaking up. “I love Brandon, Adam. When you asked me way back at the beginning of summer if there was someone else, and I said yes, I was talking about him.” She slid her other arm around her brother’s waist and hugged him.

Adam swallowed hard, trying to take it all in. This is sick. Yet, they were his friends and he’d known them since they were all kids. He swallowed again and turned to look out at the lake. The waves continued to break in an unyielding bahis şirketleri pattern. He was momentarily fascinated. Some things never change. An odd thought, considering the enormity of the situation. “I–I don’t know what to say, you guys.”

“Say you won’t tell,” Emma pleaded. “Please.”

“Emma,” Brandon chided, “don’t ask Adam to keep a secret like that. It’s our own fault.”

“But Brandon!” Emma gasped, terrified.

Brandon’s maturity surprised Adam. He looked at his friends, suddenly realizing how much they had all grown up over the summer, himself included. “I’m not going to say anything. But, son of a bitch you guys, what the hell happened?”

Brandon and Emma exchanged glances, asking each other with one look how to explain, how to explain something as crazy as what had happened?

“I love her. Simple,” Brandon spoke up and put his arm around Emma. But it just wasn’t that simple. Nothing that serious could be that simple; they all knew it. “Don’t ask us to explain it, Adam. It just happened. I don’t think either of us understands.”

“I take it your parents don’t know?” Adam frowned.

Brandon shook his head. “No.”

“Jesus,” Adam muttered again. “I’m not gonna say anything. But I hope like hell this doesn’t get out. You’re my friends,” he sighed, “and I don’t want either of you to get hurt.”

Emma was momentarily stunned by the depth and sincerity of Adam’s words. While Adam was known for his sweet talking ways with the girls, he wasn’t usually one to let his true feelings about anything show. “Thank you, Adam. That means so much,” she whispered. “If neither of you mind, I’m going to go take a shower.” She looked from one to the other and they both shook their heads. She gave Brandon a gentle smile, touched his hand, and disappeared into their parent’s bedroom, where the full bath and shower were located.

Once Emma was out of sight Brandon set the peas on the counter, put his face in his hands and groaned. With his sister out of the room, he could let his emotions show; he didn’t have to play the sure-footed, know-it-all, can-handle-anything big brother. “I’m worried about her, Adam,” he confessed. “She’s going to have a hell of a time with it when I leave.”

“She’s not handling the upcoming separation well?”

Brandon shook his head and looked Adam in the eye. “Take care of her for me, will you? This weekend, I mean. I’m leaving tomorrow and won’t be home until Sunday afternoon.”

“Your parents gonna be here?”

“Saturday morning. Just keep an eye on her.”

“I will, Bran, no worries. She’ll be okay.”

After Adam left, Brandon went through their parent’s bedroom and continued into the attached bathroom. Steam billowed out when he opened the door. The shower was still going full blast and the mirror above the ancient porcelain sink was fogged over.

Brandon approached the claw-foot tub with a smile playing about his lips. He jerked the shower curtain back. “Need any help?”

Emma let out a small scream, then laughed. “Damn you, Brandon, you scared me!” She threw her sopping washcloth at him. It hit his bare chest with a splat and fell to the floor. He bent and picked it up and tossed it back to her. “And no, I don’t need any help. I’m done,” she sniffed with mock hurt.

Brandon held a large cream-colored bath towel open for her. “Come on, then. Get out.”

Emma stepped out of the tub and allowed her brother to wrap her in the fluffy piece of cloth. She looked up at him with trusting eyes. “Brandon?”


“Do you think Adam will keep his word?”

“Yes, I do.” Brandon tucked a wet strand of Emma’s hair behind her ear and bent to kiss her forehead.

Emma nodded her acceptance. She’d always had complete faith in Brandon’s judgment and this time was no different. But there were a hundred if only’s running through her head at the moment. If only Adam hadn’t seen. If only Brandon weren’t leaving. If only he weren’t her brother. If only their parents would never find out. Emma thought about that one a lot. She bowed her head and rested it against Brandon’s chest.

“You gonna be okay, Em?” His arms came up and circled her shoulders.

“I’ll miss you. But yeah, I’ll be fine.”

Brandon thought she sounded unconvincing. “I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

Emma pulled away from Brandon and let the towel drop into her hands. She hung it up on the rack and then began to comb out her long dark hair, but her eyes kept returning to her brother. How they could keep their love alive and still secret, she just didn’t know.


The weekend was a long one for Emma with Brandon gone. Their parents arrived Saturday and they had an enjoyable time, though Emma missed her brother terribly. She didn’t mope, exactly. But she wasn’t her usual bubbly, happy self, either. Her mother noticed it Saturday night and questioned her.

“Emma, dear, is there anything wrong?” Margaret asked as she and Emma put away the dinner dishes.

Emma smiled, trying to look unconcerned. “Nope. I’m fine. Why?”

“Oh, I don’t know. You seem down. Are you feeling alright?”

“I’m fine, Mom. Really. I miss Brandon a little, I guess.” That’s an understatement. She nearly snorted.

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