Sunday Mornings

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He could hear her rhythmic breathing as he lay there staring up at the ceiling. His fingers were linked together, hands behind his head as he pondering last night’s events. What a treat she had been, dressed in the little get-up he’d bought for her while out running errands. She never failed to amaze him with the things she would do. Here he’d thought he had it all under control. Little did he know, she’d get him back real good; much sooner then he’d ever expected too. A smile crept across his face at the thought of it all and he felt the stirring of something deep within his stomach.

Rolling onto his side he stared at her. She was lying on her tummy, her leg pulled up slightly. Her magenta curls lay across the back of her neck as he slipped his fingers into them, moving the tendrils away from her face. She was beautiful, had been since the first day his smoky blue eyes locked with her brilliant green ones. He had no idea she’d pull him in so deep, deeper then he thought he’d ever go, with anyone.

His eyes wandered to the swell of her breast and the pink tip that peaked beneath it. How he wanted to touch it, to roll it between his fingers and feel it harden to a tight bud against his touch. For him to take it between his lips, sucking it into his warm mouth where he’d run his tongue over it till she moaned and arched against him. He’d spend time ravishing one before moving his mouth to the other, giving it the exact same attention.

“Fuckin’ hell man!”

His voice caused her to stir and he took the oportunity to move in closer, to place his hand across the small of her back.

“Sarah, you awake?”

“No, not really.”

His head was resting in his hand, as his fingers meandered to the edge of her panties. She was wearing his favorite ones again, the creamy satin bikini ones that were held together with what looked like a piece of string. He loved them! They were sexy as hell, but covered just enough to leave escort bostancı a bit to the imagination. He slipped his fingers inside, running them along the edge. The fabric felt so smooth to touch. He didn’t know which felt better against his fingertips, the coolness of the satin or the heat that radiated from her.

“Can I take these off?”


That sounded like a yes to him!

Getting to his knees, he looped his fingers into the sides of her panties, pulling them over the roundness of her bottom and down her long lean legs. His fingers brushed against the smoothness of her skin as he pulled them over her feet, throwing them to the floor, forgotten. What a site she was, her creamy skin against the white sheets, the contrast of her dark hair against the pillow she clung to. It was more then he could handle.

Grabbing one leg, he bent it up slightly so he could kneel between them. His hands looked huge as he ran them down her back, his thumbs meeting in the middle to run down her spine. Sliding them up her sides, he held on, his fingertips brushing the curve of her breasts as he lowered his mouth, licking a trail across her lower back. She was moving beneath him while he sucked and nipped at that spot right where the curve of her bottom met with her waist, that spot she liked to be touched so much. He stayed there a while, his hair falling forward onto her as he savoring the feeling of her warm skin against his lips.

She was still lying face down, her head resting against her hands as he eased himself closer behind her. With his weight resting on one taught arm, he grabbed himself with his free hand to slide his hardness between her legs.

“Oh Christ, you’re so……wet!”

“I know……you’ve been turning me on.”

“I’m glad you’re awake.”

“Me too.”

“I love it when you feel like this, all slippery as I rub against you.”

“I love feeling you. Don’t stop.”

His free ümraniye escort hand had wandered back over her hip and down her tummy, to slip between her legs and hold himself tight against her, spreading her folds open while he slid between them. He was slowly rocking his hips, savoring the feeling of gliding between her wetness and his own fingers.

“Can you feel that? Am I rubbing you in all those right places?”

“You always do.”

“I know. I know what you like.”

He could feel her juices running over his fingers.

“Oh God doll, I want inside you. I can’t wait!”

“Yes, just go slow.”

“I will. I won’t hurt you.”

“But you’re so……”

“I’ll go slow, like always. Pull you leg up a bit more.”

He angled his hips slightly as she arched her back, pulling her leg towards her chest. Slowly he eased the tip inside her, stopping after an inch or two.

“How’s that? Does it feel………”

“Oh yeah………I can feel you inside me. I love the way it feels.”

He placed the palm of his hand flat against her, his first two fingers spread across her slippery opening, holding them apart so he could feel himself sliding between his fingers and into her.

“Aahh fuck you feel good………so good baby.”

Easing himself in more, he relished in the heat that now surrounded him.

She was so close to coming with his murmurings alone that she literally felt him run over that special spot deep inside her as he pushed his full length in, so painfully slow so that she could get used to him.

“Stay still; let me feel you deep inside me.”

He obliged, pushing his hips up tight against her.

“Can you feel that………I can’t wait. Are you ready?”

“Yes, I’m already there.”

He slowly eased himself out till he felt the ridge of himself against his fingertips. He pushed in again, all the way, determined for her to feel every inch of him.

“Fuck me, you’re tight. Just like the first kartal escort bayan time.”

Her body was quivering beneath him. He loved that. He loved watching her squeeze her pillow tight in clenched fists.

“Oh God, don’t stop. I’m going to……”

His fingers slipped from around himself to rub the hard pearl of her clitoris that he felt under his fingertips. He stayed pushed high inside, barely moving his hips so that he would rub over that special spot deep within her as his fingers brushed against her. He felt that familiar tightening as she tensed up and pushed her hips against him.

“That’s it doll, come for me. Oh yeah……just like that.”

He felt the familiar warmth run into his hand as she moaned and sighed against her clenched hands. He continued to rub till he felt her relax under him. Sliding his fingers down again so they were placed on either side again, he started his rhythmic pumping, slowly and steady, just the way he always did when they did it this way. He had to consciously stop himself from pushing into her hard and fast like he really wanted to. This had to be done slowly and meticulously.

“I want to come inside you; I want you to feel it.”

“Yes, I want you to.”

His breathing increased, but he kept his slow steady pace. He held on as long as he could, relishing in the heat and the feeling of her wrapped around him. With a primal groan, he pushed into her hard, holding still as his head fell forward, his long hair brushing across her shoulders.

“Aahh fuckin’ Christ……”

She could feel him throbbing inside her, the warm liquid oozing out and spilling onto her thighs. She loved the feeling of his hair falling across her shoulders and tickling her skin, adding to the excitement of what was happening.

He finally relaxed and lowered his chest onto her back, feeling the stickiness of her skin beneath him. His hand came up, brushing the tendrils from her neck. Lowering his mouth he nipped and sucked her shoulders, savoring the salty taste he found there. His breath was hot against her skin as he licked a wet trail up to her ear, continuing to whisper to her.

“I love Sunday mornings.”

“I know you do, so do I. Always have!”

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