Sunrise Sunset Ch. 05

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Notice: Readers who have been following this story may find this final chapter to be unlike the previous four. It contains significantly less erotic material, but instead addresses the potential ramifications of the extramarital relationship that has been pursued by the main characters. My goal is to examine the sorts of things that could result from this type of involvement, and it considers the impacts, both negative and positive ramifications. If your only purpose in reading is to find explicit sexual material, you could be disappointed. If you are interested in the other side of the story, I hope you will find it worthwhile.

“April is the cruelest month, breeding lilacs out of the dead land, mixing memory and desire, stirring dull roots with spring rain.” T.S. Eliot, “The Wasteland”

It wasn’t much of a view, just a few other cars, a dumpster, and one lonely tree. If you looked at it very carefully, you could see buds starting to form. In a few weeks, there would be leaves, but right now, there was only the faintest green tinge to the dull gray-brown of seemingly dead branches. The day itself was rather cold and cloudy. That’s the thing about April. It’s the “almost spring but winter can still bite you in the ass” month. In fact, it was just barely April, April first, April Fools Day to be exact. How ironic now that I look back on it.

Jenny and I had been sitting in my car parked on the furniture store lot for the past 15 minutes waiting for my cell phone to ring. We were waiting for Paul to call after he and Kathy checked into the motel about a quarter of a mile down the road. The call would give us the number of the room where we should meet them. So why were we going to a motel with Paul and Kathy? It had been a little over a month since the first time that we all had the foursome at Jennifer’s house. In the interim, Jenny and I had resumed our e-mailing and cybersex games as well as talking on the phone several times a week. There was one time when we met for lunch, but other than that, this was the first time we had seen each other for a couple of weeks. We had been able to schedule a time together at her house a little over two weeks ago where we broke out her little box of wrist and ankle cuffs again. It had been every bit as intense as the first time, if not even a little more. It seemed to be something that aroused needs and feelings at the core of our sexuality that we had heretofore kept largely suppressed. It was almost convoluted how her complete submission seemed to allow her to express her sexual aggression, and my dominance showed me how to get in touch with some sort of protective male capturing and herding instinct. It was strange in some ways.

Ever since our first group session with Paul and Kathy they had been calling us for an encore. Jenny’s concern that Kathy would want me to see her alone had not materialized, and to the best of my knowledge Paul had not contacted Jenny about any sort of private one-on-one. I felt like they truly were simply interested in experimenting and exploring with us as way of expanding their experiences as well as enjoying a bit of variety. After all, variety was the spice of life, was it not? I couldn’t deny that I didn’t enjoy it myself. It seemed like Jenny did as well, but if I had known where it would lead, I would have walked away the night Paul first suggested it. After over a week of adjusting our work schedules and waiting to see what Keith’s travel plans would be, we all agreed that today would be a good opportunity to meet at Jenny’s house again. Unfortunately, Keith’s trip got postponed for a day and Paul wasn’t going to be able to make it tomorrow. Rather than postponing our own meeting, Paul and Kathy suggested that we go to one of the several motels that they routinely used for their own trysts. The idea of going to a motel made me nervous, but Paul assured me that he would be the one to register and do all the paperwork. He had a credit card that went to a secret mailbox so the bills never appeared at his house. Money orders worked well to settle his monthly bill so there was no real paper trail. “This is an ok place,” he said. “I used to belong to one of the big national chains, but they sold it to a local group about three years ago. It’s not some dump. It’ll be fine.”

The furniture store served as our initial rendezvous point. I had picked up Jenny at a supermarket near her house because it didn’t seem wise for her to be seen getting into and out of a car at her house. Paul and Kathy were already at furniture store when we arrived. They indicated that they would go to the motel, register, and then call us with the room number. So here we sat; Jenny’s head resting on my shoulder; my arm around her; the motor running so that I could keep the heater operating. I couldn’t stop my mind from wandering again through the maze of events that had led us here. A few months ago, I would have never contemplated how two people who cared very much for each other, yet knew that they would never be together because they cared illegal bahis even more for others in their lives, could be waiting patiently to have sex with yet two other people that they didn’t care all that much for simply for the sheer espresso-like erotic jolt of it. I had no explanation other than frustration and desperation is a powerful wave that propels us through life faster than our ability to make well-thought decisions.

We both jumped a little when my cell rang, even though we had both been expecting it. Having lapsed into a bit of reverie in the quiet of the car, the ringtone tune jolted us both back to the present. I punched the button to receive, and held it to my ear. Paul’s voice simply said, “We’re in room 211. It’s around the back so you can park where nobody can see your car from the road. We’ll be looking for you so that you won’t have to knock. See you in a few.”

The motel was one of those two-story courtyard designs of the 60’s and 70’s with all the doors opening onto an outside walkway. I could see that it was probably originally built by one of the big US chains, but sold off after they had fully depreciated it and moved on to build those four and five story hotel style places. Room 211 was on the second level just three units from the stairs. The door swung open as we approached so we never had to knock. As soon as we entered, I could see that Paul was already naked with a drink in his hand. Kathy was standing at the dresser, also sans clothing pouring some bourbon into ice-filled glasses; so much for foreplay and a silly game of strip poker. Jenny and I hardly had our coats off when Kathy was handing each of us a drink. “We figured we shouldn’t waste too much time,” Kathy remarked, “since Jenny has to get back home for the kids.”

Paul immediately took Jenny into his arms. After giving her a kiss on the mouth and the neck, he started nibbling on her ear as he pulled her sweater up from her hips. Kathy took virtually the same route with me. I was sipping my drink as she unbuttoned my shirt. I virtually chugged the remainder of the drink so that I could remove my shirt and undershirt. Kathy was already working on my belt, unhooking my pants, and pulling down my fly. I stopped her momentarily while I held her, kissed her, and ran my hands along her back, down into her ass crack, and around to find her already-wet pussy. She moaned as my fingers explored inside her. It was only moments before she dropped to her knees, pulled my pants and underwear down and immediately engulfed my hardness in her mouth. I held her head and fucked her mouth rhythmically. It was all moving so fast. I couldn’t help imagining that I had walked onto the set of a porno movie that was behind schedule. The director’s assistant striped me, fluffed me, and was throwing me into a scene with my co-star who was already lubed, and ready to go.

Standing there, I did get a chance to check out the room. It wasn’t too tacky, but it also wasn’t first class. I’d say it might have three stars in some travel guidebook somewhere. There were two double beds which offered the obvious arrangement for our parings. Although a daisy chain had been great for Jenny’s TV room carpet, it didn’t seem like a good idea here. As I continued surveying the room, I saw Jenny sitting in one of the chairs by the window. Paul was on his knees with his face in her crotch and her legs draped over his shoulders. Her eyes were closed, and she was holding Paul’s head as he made obvious use of his tongue.

I put my hands under Kathy’s arms to urge her to her feet and escorted her to the bed that was farthest from the window. As I pulled down the bedspread and blanket, she tumbled into the bed on her back with her legs spread. I don’t know if she wanted me to fuck her immediately, but I went down to sample her pussy that was destined to be my lunch for the day. She squealed, “Oh yeah, Mike. Eat that thing. Ummm.”

Despite how she seemed to be enjoying it, she maneuvered around to 69 with me. As we changed positions, I saw that Jenny was now in the other bed with Paul. She was leaning back against the headboard as he straddled her shoulders and fucked her mouth. I smiled to myself a little because I had learned how much she seemed to enjoy the submissiveness of that particular activity.

Kathy’s feverishly humped my face with her soaking crotch as she worked her mouth along my flesh-shaft in double time. I realized that if I wanted to get my cock into her cunt, I’d better do it soon or I’d be popping off in her mouth. I rolled out and put Kathy on her back, scrambled up between her legs, and penetrated her in one continuous motion. Her head was at the foot of the bed so it allowed me to look into the dresser mirror and see that Jenny was in the next bed getting a direct view of my ass pumping between Kathy’s spread-wide legs. No doubt that she could see my cock sliding in and out of Kathy’s cunt. I looked down at Kathy who was looking up at me hissing, “That’s it, fuck me Mike! Fuck Kathy’s sweet cunt hole! Fuck the shit out of illegal bahis siteleri that thing!”

I glanced up into the mirror again to see that Paul had Jenny on her hands and knees facing the foot of their own bed. Paul was also one getting the full shot of my cock pumping his girlfriend’s snatch. It seemed to be motivating him to give it to little doggy Jenny even harder. Kathy was using her fingers to work her clit, pull frantically on her labia, and sometimes let them feel my slick cock thrusting in and out of her. I looked down to see her face contorted and about to let out an orgasmic scream. I put my hand over her mouth to stifle it. I wasn’t sure about motel protocol on mid-day orgasmic screams reaching the ears of the housekeeping staff walking up and down the balcony outside the rooms. Kathy arched her back and bellowed into my hand. I removed it as she calmed down and lay there panting. I took my dick out of her and put it between her ample tits, holding them around me like an artificial cunt. My cock was super slick that is slid between her soft mounds like it was still inside her woman-hole. She looked up saying, “Yeah Mike! Fuck my tits! Cum all over them! Let it go Mike!”

I was a sucker for her dirty encouragement. Stifling my own scream with my own hand, I released my hot thick cock cream all over her chest. I looked down as she smeared it all over her tits and face. At that moment I looked over to see Paul pull his cock out of Jenny and jerk it all over her ass and into her ass crack. Jenny had her own hand working on her clit and I watched while Paul, regaining his composure, pushed his fingers into her cunt and work them like a cock. Jenny worked her fingers feverishly, humped her ass against Paul’s fingers as he thrust them into her. Finally she buried her face into the mattress and screamed out a muffled, “Oh my God! Oh shit!”

Paul collapsed onto Jenny’s back. I looked down, and saw that Kathy had been watching too. I lowered myself onto her cum-soaked body and buried my face into her neck. We all lay motionless and quiet for what seemed like a long time, but in reality was probably only five minutes. I heard stirring and then felt a hand on my back. It was Paul. “Hey” he said, “How about trading places for awhile?”

I crossed to the other bed where Jenny had moved to the top. She had gathered the blanked and sheet that had been pushed to the floor during the frantic session and crawled underneath. She held it up for me to join her. I snuggled in and we kissed warm and gently. “Looks like you had quite a time over there,” she whispered into my ear. “But I’m happy to have you back over here with me.”

“Looked to me that you weren’t having such a bad time yourself,” I responded. We kissed again and snuggled under the covers. I could hear Paul and Kathy doing the same thing. More silence as I lay there holding Jenny’s warm body next to mine. The only sounds were her breathing, whispering between Paul and Kathy, and the sound of the footsteps and rolling carts of the housecleaning staff making their rounds outside.

I think I must have dozed, but when I awoke, I could hear the unmistakable sounds of Paul and Kathy fucking in the next bed. I felt Jenny’s hand begin to fondle my cock and balls ever so gently. She whispered into my ear, “Do you think you can rally for another round. I can help you know.” I smiled and she went down under the covers. Her hand was soon replaced by her talented mouth, and it was only moments before I definitely showed her that I indeed could rally to the cause. She climbed on top of me, straddled my belly, and, still under the warm covers, guided my cock into her. She rode my manhood slowly as we kissed deeply and tenderly. My hands roamed over her back and breasts and ass cheeks as she continued to ride me. As my hands fondled her ass cheeks, it seemed only natural for me to insert my finger into her ass and work it with the same deliberate purposeful rhythm she was using to ride my cock. From the bed next to us I could hear moaning and words that I couldn’t quite understand, but I knew Kathy well enough to guess what she was saying. I glanced over and saw Paul on top of Kathy with her legs wrapped around him to give him deep access. I turned my attention back to Jenny who was looking at me. Our eyes locked. She said softly, “I’m so close Mike. Stay with me, I’m almost there.”

She was riding my cock deeply, and grinding on me with purposeful intensity. I had felt this from her this before that first time. Putting her mouth close to my ear she repeated in a soft whisper, “Oh Uncle Mike. Oh God, Uncle Mike, I’m so, so close.” I could feel my own release getting close, but I didn’t want to stop her. In a few short moments, she buried her face into my neck and moaned, “Oh Jesus. I just can’t stop it.’

That’s when I felt the gush of warm fluid flowing from her all over my cock, running down into my crotch and soaking my balls. I couldn’t stop myself and exploded my man fluid deep into her, imagining it mixing with hers like a cocktail canlı bahis siteleri of human physical pleasure. I didn’t cry out loudly, but just softly sobbed into her ear. She held me tighter and made soft, “Shhhhh” sounds. It was so quiet and sweet and intimate. Our little wet secret seemed even more special knowing that Paul and Kathy were only three feet away. It wasn’t long before I heard Kathy cry out briefly, only to stifle it quickly and then hold Paul’s face into her neck to muffle his own orgasmic moans.

Moments later, Jenny spoke up, “Hey guys, I hate to say it, but we really have to leave. I know you probably want to stay longer, but I have to get home.” We got up to go to the shower, using the blanket to cover the huge wet spot on the bed. I doubt if either Paul or Kathy would have been upset per se, but they apparently had not yet experienced Jenny’s sometime-squirting secret and they might make some jokes. When Jenny and I got out of the shower, Paul and Kathy were still cuddling under the blanket, and obviously playing a little touchie-feelie again. We got dressed and gave each of them a hug before moving to the door. “We need to do this again soon,” Kathy said giving a little thumbs-up.

“Next time, at my house though,” Jenny responded. “I think it’s a lot less inhibiting and there’s no hired help lurking around outside the door, if you get my drift,” placing one hand over her mouth and one over mine. Paul and Kathy just laughed.

The ride back to Jenny’s car was quiet. She held my hand when she could and I didn’t need it to drive. When we arrived back at the supermarket, we gave each other a quick kiss and hug. Before leaving the car, she just said, “I like seeing you happy Uncle Mike. I do love being with you. I’ll call you tomorrow.”

The next morning, as I shuffled through some routine papers at the office, I could have had no idea of the drama playing out across town. It would be a couple of hours until was to have no knowledge of the flood of horrible events that would make this day one of the worst of my life. I could not have predicted a day that would begin chain of horribly painful and emotionally intense events that would impact Jenny’s life as well as mine. While I sipped my coffee and reviewed requests for lighting projects, poor Jennifer was about to enter the gates of Hell.

Keith’s flight to Atlanta was scheduled to depart about 11:15 AM, so he decided to leave right from home rather than bothering go to work for only an hour or so. Without realizing the overall effect it would have by him turning off his alarm the night before, everybody overslept, including the kids who missed their bus. Jennifer would have to drive them to school because Keith wouldn’t have time do that and also catch his plane. He was finishing breakfast while Jenny was pushing the kids to the garage, retrieving her keys from her handbag, and searching frantically though the bottom of the bag. “Where the hell is the damned thing?” she muttered.

“What are you looking for? Your keys are already in your hand,” Keith remarked.

“My damned phone,” she said in frustration. “It has to be in here somewhere. Shit. I’ll find it later.” She gave Keith a quick kiss, wished him a safe trip, and jogged out to the car.

When she returned almost 45 minutes later, she was surprised to see Keith still sitting at the table. “Jesus, I didn’t expect to see you here. Aren’t you going to be late for your flight?”

“I postponed the trip,” he said. “I called Matt Jennings to see if he could go. He’ll work it with the travel people to get the tickets changed.”

“What happened?” Jenny asked. “Are you sick?”

“In a way,” he said. “Actually, something more important came up.”

“By the way,” he continued, “I located your cell phone.”

“Good; where was it?” she asked calmly.


As if the sheer volume of his voice wasn’t enough, the words crashed through her brain like the sound of a thousand cannons. Her knees started to buckle, and she grabbed onto the kitchen counter to support herself. Her stomach flipped, and it almost felt as though she would lose her bladder. She couldn’t believe; didn’t WANT to believe the words she heard and the impact of their meaning.

Keith spoke again, this time so softly she could hardly hear him. “A maid found it while cleaning the room this morning. She turned it in immediately. The manager scrolled through the contacts list till he found one tagged ‘home’, and dialed it. I’ve been sitting here for nearly a half hour trying to list all the possible reasons, other than the obvious one, why in the hell your phone would have been in a room at some motel.”

Jenny pulled out one of the chairs across the table from Keith. He was staring straight into her eyes, and she dropped them to avoid his gaze. “I can’t think of one either,” she said softly.

“SHIT! Jennifer!” he shouted slamming his hand on the table. “I don’t fucking believe this. You were at a motel? Were you there with some guy? Jesus, I don’t believe it. Why Jenny? Why? What’s going on, as if I had to ask? How long has this been going on? Who the hell is this guy? Do I know him? I’ll kill him! Who the fuck are you cheating with?”

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