Suresh’s Poonal Ceremony

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Suresh both loved and hated the women in his life. His mother, his 3years-older sister Varsha and his 5years-older cousin Anushka. He loved them all and they all loved him. But, he could not repress his negative feelings about their bullying. Both Varsha and Anushka were complete bullies. They were very strong, excelled in most sports and were trained karate fighters. Suresh was more inclined towards academics, quite lean and could just could not stand up to them. They both learned this very early and bullied him from when he was 10 years old frequently making him do sit-ups, do all their errands and ragging him all the time. For as long as he could remember, Anushka was always pulling his trousers down. He would run and hide whenever he saw her but she would always find a way to sneak up on him and pull. Everyone around would laugh and clap. He would then beg Anushka for his shorts back which she would give only after he ran some errands or completed a punishment for her. Now that he was 18, he was wearing pants with buckles so he hardly faced that anymore.

Both his family and Anushka’s family lived in the same house which had two floors. His family residing in the upper floor. His father and her father were brothers. His parents and her parents all knew about the bullying but did nothing to put a stop to it. Their theory was that he had to help himself and boy rely on elders. Either fight them or obey them. They cannot protect him all the time. While Suresh could see the logic in it, it nevertheless hurt when they would not help him but just laugh while he was pushed around by his sisters. Mom and aunt not only turned a blind eye but also actively encouraged it since it gave them another helping hand around the house. They themselves were quite dominant with their respective husbands which was a small comfort to Suresh. Whenever he saw them put down his dad or uncle, it gave him a small encouragement that he was not alone in being bullied by women.

When his dad and uncle passed away in an accident a week after Suresh turned 18, there were some decisions that had to be taken. Economic decisions. For some reason, there was apparently only enough money to continue only one of their education and the moms came up with the decision of who would continue in all of ten seconds. Varsha and Anushka dropped out and took a job at a local garments shop and bakery respectively. The moms started a tailoring business. This meant that only Suresh had some free time before and after school which meant that only he could do the household chores. Anushka steeled herself to be his supervisor and it was not pretty for Suresh. She beat him up for the slightest mistakes. He had to wake up, wash dishes, sweep and clean the house, wash all the clothes, go to school and then come back and retrieve the clothes in addition to making coffee for the moms in the evening. His extra curricular life dropped dead completely. Not that he had much anyway. He preferred playing Chess online to playing cricket or Tennis after school and this worked for him. Anushka would come back in the evening and he would instantly make her Coffee. She would then point to her legs. The uncovered legs and feet since she and Varsha never wore anything below their knees. He would then start massaging her feet until she felt better.

Varsha would come back sometime later. Suresh had to give a foot massage to her as well. He was slowly getting really good at it. Very soon, the moms started insisting on it too. And, it became a ritual that every evening, Suresh would spend one hour, 15 minutes each giving foot massages to each of the four superior women in his life. Three days into this, they told him to kiss the feet first before starting to massage. He felt no shame or humiliation in this. The four women were working out of their skins to provide him with basic needs and a quality education. If that meant he had to repay them by being their slave, so be it. What hurt, however, was the lack of even a small appreciation? A simple thank you Suresh or good work, Suresh. Was that really so hard? Sometimes, especially during the weekends, he would then be ordered to do sit-ups or jumping jacks after the foot massages as an entertainment for the women. The four women laughed while humiliating him this way. Suresh silently grit his teeth and obeyed every demand. He knew that they wanted to make him cry and beg them to stop. He never game them that satisfaction. Until the day of his poonal ceremony.

The poonal was a sacred thread that all brahmin men wore. It consisted of four strings interwoven into each other with a large knot at the centre. It took a great ceremony with a lot of rituals and yagas and it went on for two-three hours. The time to do it could be as early as when the boy was 7 years or quite later into his teens. He knew of an uncle who had the ceremony only after he turned 35. He never understood how they decided when it should happen. But, whatever logic and reasons, it was to take place for him now when he was 6 months shy of becoming 19 years. canlı bahis He hated all the rituals but silently accepted it. The big thing was that he had to wear a Dhoti. It was a long garment worn in India. You wove it around yourself and folded it around your waist in different places tightening it. The dhoti was great in that it never hugged your body very tightly which was important in a hot country like India. This caused far lesser sweating. However, it was not convenient. And, most importantly, at least for Suresh and Anushka, was that all you had to was grab hold of it and pull hard and it would easily come off since there were no buckles are clips to hold it in place. And that was what Anushka intended to do.

She informed him that it would be a throwback to their childhood. When she would frequently pull his trousers down. She told him that once all the activities were completed, he was to present himself to her. She would then pull his Dhoti off in front of the audience and he was expected to stay in his underwear and walk in it from the mantap to back home. While this seemed humiliating, it was anyway something he had already experienced. When he started doing house chores, he was quite clumsy. Since Anushka and Varsha could not hit him without seriously hurting him, they frequently made him stand outside in his underwear or walk to the nearby stores to get something in his underwear. The mantap, however, was at least ten blocks away but that was what he was going to do. Walk ten blocks in the evening in his underwear. Suresh accepted it. He knew his superiors wanted him to beg. He was not going to give them that satisfaction. He would walk with pride. However, all this changed, for something much worse when the priest came to their house to discuss the events.

The priest was a family friend. They discussed the event and his payment and slowly went on to talk about other things. Anushka told the priest what she planned to do.

“Don’t worry, little boy. No one will say anything.”

“I know, mama. I am really not that worried. Anushka has already forced me to walk around in my underwear so many times.”

“Oh, really? The poor boy. Very bad, Anushka.” The priest admonished her but with a smile. “Didn’t you get into any trouble?”

“Well, there was a group of boys on motorcycles who tried to tease me. They stopped me and told me that the only way I was going home with my underwear on was if I cleaned their shoes. After Anushka and Varsha were done with them, they could not sit on their bikes for at least a week.”

“So, even though they bully you, they also protect you.”

“Not really. Two days later, some girls made a similar demand. They did not touch them” Suresh replied grudgingly.

“I have already answered that, baby brother. Women are superior to you. They can do whatever they want. Don’t like it, fight it.”

“Yes, Anushka.” Suresh replied meekly.

“Well, ” the priest continued. “I guess you are lucky. You are performing the ceremony in your dhoti. When I was your age, I did the same wearing only my komanam.” Komanam was the Tamil word for the loincloth. In India, it was a common sight in villages. It consisted of a cord around their waist and there a was square white veil that hung from both front and back. And, that was all that many men wore in villages while they worked on the farms.

When the priest said this, Suresh laughed for a second. And then, he looked at his sisters and his laughter died. The look on their faces told him everything. Varsha had an evil glint in her eyes and Anushka was looking at him as though she was a Dog that had been starved for days and finally found a Rabbit. Suresh was horrified. This was way below the line.

“New plan, baby brother.” Anushka announced.

“No, no. I am not doing this.”

“Yes, you are.”

“NO, Anushka. Please. No.” Suresh begged.

“No way, baby brother. You are doing this, and we are going to enjoy it.”

Suresh was down on his knees. He begged and pleaded with his sisters while the priest watched, smiling. He could see it was the women who wore the pants in the family. Metaphorically, of course, since the two women were wearing shorts and Suresh was wearing pants. Still, Suresh was down on his knees completely subjugated while the women were watching him beg and plead but without any pity. He knew they were not letting him off the hook. As a priest, he lived on the extra dakshina – the extra tens, fifties and hundreds as tips – that he received from the families he served. If the women were the one with the power, it logically meant that they controlled the purse and hence, it would be them he would please. For the first time in a very long time, Suresh was crying. Actual tears. Anushka ignored and spoke to the priest.

“Do you have a stock of these komanas?”

“I do. They are in different sizes.” The priest replied.

“Good. We will monitor Suresh’s behaviour. Firstly, he was supposed to obey everything we say. Since he is disobeying us, the top two bahis siteleri sizes are out.” Suresh groaned again. Anushka ignored him and continued. “The day before the ceremony, I will call you and tell what size is needed. And, baby brother, if you are not well-behaved, if you put so much as a toenail out of line, we will ask him to get the smallest size. In the next week, we will ask you many times what you want to wear. Each and every time, you will reply that you are wearing only the komanan and you will reply that immediately. If you say Dhoti or if you delay saying Komanam even once, you are wearing the smallest size.”

“Yes, Anushka” replied Suresh, in between his sobs.

When the moms came to know about the plan later, their first instinct was to put a stop to it. However, they acted as though they would think about it in front of Suresh. Suresh could not believe it. What was there to think about? He was their son too. How could they even consider this? However, the moms wanted Suresh to get scared. They had an agenda behind this. The reason behind stopping the education for Varsha and Anushka was their irresponsible dads. They both had gambled away heavy amounts without their wives’ knowledge and it had cost the education of the two girls. The moms hated their late husbands for this and their only outlet was Suresh. Suresh was their only hope to lead a good life later on. They both had thyroid issues and knew that five years down the line, they would have heavy medical bills and Suresh was their only hope to get decent care. That meant that Suresh had to be under their thumb – actually, preferably under their feet – to ensure he would not stray off like the two dads. If that meant breaking his spirit and keeping him bullied by his sisters was the only way, so be it. Suresh was extra-obedient to the women over the next two days. In addition to doing everything they demanded, he was actually following them around like a puppy, frequently asking them if they needed anything. Ironically, this only worked against him. The moms could see that the threat was making an already submissive Suresh get even further beneath them. The moms eventually stated that he would be wearing the loincloth for his ceremony.

Suresh went berserk and once again started begging. Anushka settled things with a final threat.

“You are wearing the komanam in the ceremony, baby brother. Whether or not I remove it completely is now upto you.”

And so, Suresh went into overdrive the next four days. Wake up. Ensure the geyser was turned on, clean the kitchen and start the coffee, bring coffee to all the women, drink Coffee sitting on the floor while the women gave him the list of additional chores, if any. Get milk and any additional items, clean the Coffee cups, wait for them to take bath and finally go to bath himself. While he was taking bath, the women would complete the cooking. He would then serve them and eat along with them. Only now, emboldened by his new fear, Anushka instructed him that he would be sitting on the floor from here on. He no longer had the right to sit on any furniture. Suresh did not raise any objection and sat on the floor. After breakfast, he washed all the clothes and went to the terrace to hang them. He came back and went to school while the women went to work. Once he returned from school, he thoroughly swept and mopped the house while the moms were on their sewing machines. He now got into the habit of actually going to his moms and asking them if they wanted anything. The moms generally asked for more coffee or that he massage their feet or neck and he agreed to it. He was nervous and terrified out of his wits. He knew that, if his service was not satisfactory in any way, Anushka would have no hesitation in removing his komanam and his moms would not help him in any way. Finally, the D-day had come.

The moms and sisters had already cancelled the photographer. In addition, they had told each and every one of the visitors while inviting them itself that they had to drop the phones in a bag on the way in. This directly weeded out every teen. No teen was going inside without their phones and many of them decided not to come. That resulted in the entire audience being adults, and, Suresh noted with growing gloom, mostly women. Being in a city, they had never seen a man in a komanam before and wanted to, today. In addition to all his relatives, there was a Cherry on top by the name of Akhila.

Akhila was THE crush of his life. She was actually two years older than him. They were neighbours and went to the same primary school. At home, Anushka always bullied him but ensured that the neighbouring boys would lay off him. At school, this was Akhila’s job. She took his lunch more often than not. Then, she frequently made him do silly things like jumping jacks, make him stand on the toilet, pretend he was her Dog, etc and generally humiliate him. However, if another boy so much as laughed, Suresh would be replaced by them. Akhila would frequently ask him what he, Suresh, wanted to do to them. bahis şirketleri However, Suresh, who was at heart a victim would not partake. He told her categorically that she could do what she wanted with them. He would not get involved. Akhila terrorised the entire school and ensured only people who were loyal to her would bully Suresh. Suresh had mixed feelings towards the others. With Akhila, however, he always knew he had a crush on her. While she tormented him, she also protected him. However, she never saw him as a romantic partner or even as her equal. He was a puppy to her. For Suresh, however, this mimicked his home life and actually made him like her even more. He knew this was pathetic. But, he could not help it. The heart wanted what it wanted. Until, it didn’t.

When the dads died, Akhila’s parents had helped Suresh’s mom and aunt financially. They repaid them the only way they could. By offering up Suresh. Akhila was overjoyed at the prospect of abusing him further. Her instructions clearly showed it. He was supposed to strip down to his underwear and kneel in front of her door. In full view of the entire neighbourhood. He would then have to wait until she came and opened the door herself. If he even knocked once, there would be punishment. He would then do all her chores in his underwear. She would allow him to wear his clothes back if he did his work satisfactorily. If not, she would parade him around the neighbourhood once in his underwear before sending him home. None of this changed his feelings toward her. When he saw Akhila kissing someone else, however, all feelings went out of him. He finally saw her for what she was. A bully. From then on, while he still served her, she could see that he was no longer friendly with her. She did not care. He was her lapdog, plain and simple. If he did not like it, it was not her problem. However, she would not let him affect his service to her. She still punished him viciously if he made a mistake. Slowly, they got over their respective angers and once again became good friends. Suresh saw that she changed 4 boyfriends and then remained single for a long time until now. He frequently asked her about it but she never told him why.

Akhila was fully aware of the plan and smiled evilly at Suresh in the mantap. Dutifully, Suresh kissed her feet and served her Coffee. Finally, the death knell came in the form of the priest for Suresh. He was wearing only his underwear as instructed by Anushka and prostrated himself to the priest. The priest blessed him “Dheergayushman bhava” which meant live long and prosper. The priest handed a package to Anushka and Anushka snapped her fingers. Following another of her earlier instructions, Suresh followed her with his arms crossed. Watching the man follow a woman like that – like a medieval servant would follow his Zamindar – caused a ripple of laughter among the audience and Suresh continued in abject shame. Anushka took him to a private room, sat on the bed, crossed her legs and threw the komanam at him.

Suresh could not help himself. He fell at her feet. He had told himself he would not do it but could not help himself.

“Please, Anushka. PLease” he was already sobbing. “Please don’t make me do this.” While doing so, it crossed his mind that he had disobeyed her and given her the excuse to carry out her threat of pulling the komonam off. He howled with fear and sadness and begged her again. She let him plead for some time until he lost his steam.

“Suresh, listen to me. We are not normal cousins. That is there for everyone to see. But, it does not mean that I don’t love you. There are all kinds of love. Now, there is absolutely no way you are leaving this room until you are wearing this. Yes, I am bullying. Yes, I am going to enjoy watching you squirm and squirm with shame and sadness. However, remember this. I will always love you and you will always love me. Maybe it makes me a sadist. And, yes, they are all going to make fun of you. But, remember this. None of us here can hold a candle to you. You are better in academics than all of us could ever hope in 50 lifetimes. One day, you will understand why I am doing this. So, hurry up. The sooner you are done, the sooner we can go home and you can put on some actual clothes. And, I will give you this one promise. I will absolutely not take it off under any circumstance. Today.”

The way she said “today” made him raise his head. He recognised her generosity in saying she would not remove his komanam today. However, she was not going to let him off without it. And, slowly, he resigned to his fate. He kissed her feet and stood up. He hooked his thumbs into his underwear, pushed it down and stepped out of it. It was the first time Anushka was seeing him naked in fifteen years. Suresh’s humiliation had rendered him flaccid. That did not surprise Anushka. What surprised her, however, was that size! She had had sex with two different men and her BABY BROTHER was bigger than them already. Suresh was bigger flaccid than either of them fully erect. Anushka whistled. He was not a BABY brother anymore. Suresh waited for her permission to pull the loin cloth on. She nodded and he pulled it up. He tightened the cord well. Anushka told him to stand up with his hands by his sides.

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