Surprise From Calvin

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I had just had my eighteenth birthday last weekend. Today is my brother’s eighteenth birthday; his party is tomorrow, so we are all celebrating tomorrow. Alright we aren’t actually siblings, however nobody will tell us if we are half siblings. A strange thing happened, my mom and his dad had had an affair. As well as my dad and his mom had an affair. None of our parents will tell us what happened. All we know is that my mom and his dad are now married, and my dad and his mom use to live together. My mom and stepdad got married a few weeks after my brother and I had had our 2nd birthdays.

Even though we were both eighteen we were still in high school, and since it is only November we have almost the entire school year left. The good news is Thanksgiving is in just under two weeks. I am counting down, we have 13 days until Thanksgiving.

I am looking forward to Calvin’s birthday tomorrow. I have a surprise for him that he is going to love. I spent hours trying to figure out what he wanted. I did a lot of snooping, I even tried to talk to his ex-girlfriend (apparently they broke up last weekend at my birthday party, and he never told me). Calvin and I are very close. We tell each other everything. We have also been living in the same house together since we were 12. Since then we have been in the same school, in the same grade together. We even have a few of the same friends.

I met Calvin in the parking lot after school.

“I heard you talked to Stacy the other day?”

“Yeah I was trying to figure out what to do for your birthday, you didn’t tell me you guys broke up.”

“I was going to tell you this afternoon, I didn’t want it to ruin your party.”

“Are you ok?”

“I just got fed up with her demands, she was my girlfriend, not my owner.”

“If you need to talk, you know where to find me.”

“Just so you know, we need to run a couple of errands before going home.”

“No problem, I don’t have anywhere I need to be.”

With that Calvin started the car, and we left school. We first had to stop at one of Calvin’s friends to drop off some stuff Calvin had borrowed. We than went to the grocery store to pick some stuff up for my mom. While running errands we talked about his party tomorrow, and who was going to be there, we also talked about Thanksgiving break. I told him about what happened in one of my classes. It was so nice to be able to have Calvin. He is the only person that I can talk to. My mom was hard for me to talk to, she was too wrapped up in what was going on her own life. My dad I hadn’t actually talked to in over a year, sure he called on my birthday, but that whole conversation was about 2 minutes. I liked my step dad, but he was a guy, and didn’t get me like Calvin did.

We got home before anyone else. So I decided that since today ended up being tedious, I was going to swim before dinner. I went to my room and changed in to my suit, than went out back to the pool. I swam laps for about 45 minutes, when I got out my mom was cooking dinner, and Calvin was in his room. Mom said that dinner would still be another 30 minutes, so I went upstairs and took a shower. The pool and been a little on the cold side, so the hot shower felt good. I turned the hot water up as hot as I could stand it. Running down my body, the heat of the water turned me on.

I slowly ran my hands across my silky skin, I loved the softness of it. I ran my hands across my breasts, causing my nipples to harden. I ran one hand to my clit, gently rubbing it. I wanted a release, but I hate doing in the shower. It always leaves me weak. So turned off the shower, grabbed my towel, quickly wrapped it around me and ran across the hall to my room.

Once in my room I shut and locked the door. I lay down on my bed and spread my legs. Letting my hands dance across my body, taking in the feel of my skin. I once again made my way to my clit, slowly rubbing it, building the pleasure in my body. Soon I inserted a finger from one hand, and let my other hand work my clit. I started at a slow pace of pumping one finger in. I gradually increased the speed. The faster I went the more I thought of Calvin, I wondered what his cock would feel like. I wondered what he would taste like. With these thoughts and my fingers pumping at such a fast pace, I soon came. My orgasm shook my body in waves. When it finished I crashed on the bed spent.

Thankfully my mom was still downstairs so I knew she wouldn’t have heard me. However I wasn’t so sure about Calvin. His room was next to mine, we had the only two bedrooms on the top floor. The main level, had the kitchen and living room. The basement held my parents room, and the entertainment room. Calvin had his own TV, and usually watched TV & movies in his room.

I got dressed and hurried downstairs knowing that if dinner wasn’t ready yet it would be soon, and my mom would come looking for me. When I got downstairs, my mom was setting the table and asked me to go get Calvin and tell him it was time to eat. So I walked back upstairs and knocked on my brother’s door. When he didn’t answer, I figured that we was probably canlı bahis sleeping or had his headphones in and couldn’t hear me. So I walked in. To my surprise, Calvin was laying on his bed with his cock out. It was bigger than I had imagined it would be. I stood there not knowing what to do. Part of me was telling me to turn around and walk away, while part of me wanted to go to him. So I stood there and stared at him. It took Calvin a minute to realize I was standing there. Once he realized, I was knocked out of my trance. I quickly told him dinner was ready, and I rushed out of his room.

Through dinner I tried not to look at Calvin, afraid of what he might think. He didn’t seem to be bothered by what had happened though. He just talked to his dad about his party tomorrow, and what he needed to do for school the following week. Dinner seemed to take forever, as soon as I could I escaped to my room. I couldn’t believe I was hiding from Calvin. I know he had seen me watch him, but I didn’t know how he could acted as though nothing happened.

A few minutes later I heard a knock at my door. I didn’t answer in hopes that he would think I was sleeping. I knew it would be Calvin. Instead of leaving me alone though, Calvin walked in.

“They left for the night”

“I take it they won’t be back until late”

“They told me they may not get in until tomorrow morning.”


“Why are you hiding from me?”

“Who said I was hiding from you?”

“I did. You never come straight to bed after dinner”

“I didn’t mean to interrupt you earlier. I figured you had your headphones in, or you had fallen asleep.”

“Who said you interrupted? Maybe I wanted you to see me.”

I didn’t know what to say to that, I had fantasies all the time about stuff like that. Calvin was sexy, and one of the few people that understood me. I must have had funny look on my face, because Calvin than came up to me, and said that it was all right.

“How can this be alright? I am your sister!”

“Not technically, besides what did you expect when I can hear every time you masturbate?”

Blushing I looked away from him, he had heard me. Not just tonight, but apparently anytime he had been in his room when I had. I couldn’t believe it. I felt conflicted. I wanted him, and had for years. The problem was it seemed so wrong. We are siblings. True we had different parents, but we lived in the same house, we practically grew up together.

“Lori, what’s wrong?”

“I didn’t know you could hear me. I didn’t mean for you to hear. I can’t believe this is happening.”

“What can’t you believe is happening?”

“You sitting in my room telling me it is ok that I saw your cock. I am your sister.”

“You keep saying that, but you keep forgetting we have different parents.”

“For all anyone will tell us! For all we know we could be half siblings! I shouldn’t feel this way about my brother!”

“How do you feel about me?”

“You know how I feel about you! I do everything in my power to keep from acting on my feelings! Now you are telling me it’s ok! How? How can it be alright?”

“Calm down Lori, and look at me. You are the only person who really understands me. You are the only one that I can tell my secrets. I didn’t break up with Stacy just because she was too demanding, I broke up with her because I could do with her what I want to do with you.”

“Wait, you want me too?”

“Why do you think I didn’t care if you saw me? Why do you think that I waited until tonight to show you? I did it on purpose. Today’s my birthday, yet mom and dad are out, they didn’t even ask what I wanted to do tonight. Not that I would have really told them. They think I am going out with Stacy tonight.”

“What are your plans for tonight?”

“You and I are going out. I know a place that we can have fun, nobody there will know us.”

“I am not big on going out, but if it is what you want, I’ll go. What kind of clothes do I need to wear?”

“I would like you to wear the black halter dress you have.”

“How did you know I had that? I haven’t told anyone that I bought that.”

“My secret. Get dressed, I promise you will have fun. I know you don’t like to go out. So thank you for coming with me. We also aren’t done with this conversation. There are a lot of things that I want to tell you.”

With that Calvin walked out of my room. I got up and got the dress out of my closet. Feeling slightly stunned. I didn’t understand what was happening. We are brother and sister. I had fallen in love with Calvin when we were 15 and he came to my rescue. I accidentally told him that I loved him one night a little less than a year ago. I didn’t even realize what I was saying until it was out. I had been stressed, and needed someone to talk to. As usual, I let everything out on him without thinking. I thought he had forgotten, because he never said anything about it. I guess I was wrong.

I put my dress on, it was a short dress that went only half way down my thighs. It was a halter, and the way it was cut you couldn’t wear a bra with it. I bahis siteleri bought the dress with the intent of wearing it next summer once I moved out. I didn’t want my mom, or any other parent knowing about it. So I bought it, and hid it in my closet.

I put on a pair of black lace thong panties. I didn’t understand the feelings coursing through my body, but I still wanted to look sexy for Calvin. The dress was made from a soft cotton material that clung to my body. As I looked in the mirror, I noticed that my nipples had hardened. I couldn’t believe how my body betrayed me. Anytime I was even remotely turned on, my nipples would harden.

A few minutes later Calvin knocked on my door, asking if I were ready to go. I opened the door, and he was standing waiting for me. I saw the look in his eyes when I opened the door. It was a look I had not seen him give me.

“You are gorgeous.”

“I feel strange going out with you, looking like this.”

“I promise where we are going, nobody will know us.”

“Ok, I am holding you to that.”

With that he guided me down the stairs and out the door to his car. We headed for the freeway. Once one the freeway, he headed out of town. I had no idea where he was taking me, but I trusted him, so I didn’t ask. We drove for about an hour and a half. When he finally took an exit leading us to a small town in the middle of nowhere. I gave him a funny looking, wondering where he could be taking me.

“I promise, you are going to like where we are going.”

“I am trusting you, so it better not be some run down bar.”

“We are 18, they wouldn’t let us in a bar like that. I swear to you, you are going to like this place.”

“Alright, but if I don’t you will never hear the end of it.”

He drove for another 20 minutes, we had driven through the small town we had originally started in, and now we were even further out in the middle of nowhere. He finally stopped at a large barn looking building. There were several cars in front of it, and I could hear music playing. Calvin got out and opened my door. I wasn’t use to that, he was treating me like his date, and not his sister. It made my heart flutter, and my head confused.

We walked across a dirt parking lot, and into the barn. I looked at all the people dancing, watching to see if Calvin was right, that we didn’t know anybody there. I saw about a hundred people there, but nobody looked familiar to me. I grabbed Calvin’s hand needing something to hold on to that I knew. Calvin didn’t pull away, he just threaded his fingers through mine, and walked with me into the big barn.

The inside of the barn was fairly empty, there were a few things hanging on the wall. There was also a set of stairs that looked to go up to the next floor. Calvin walked me up the stairs, to the dance floor. The music that was playing was a lot different than I expected being in a barn. I expect to hear country songs blazing. Instead I heard my favorite songs playing, which was a little strange. I have a very eclectic taste in music. To hear the songs I have on my iPod, seemed very out of place. Calvin walked me out to the middle of the dance floor. From there I forgot my confusion. I let my body and heart take control. It was Calvin’s birthday, and I didn’t want to mess it up.

We danced for what felt like hours. There were slow songs, fast songs, old songs, new songs, and everything in between. I loved the music. No wonder Calvin knew I would like it here. Calvin told me he had found out about this place on the internet when he was trying to find something to do tonight. He told me he had been planning tonight for months.

“I hate to ask this question, but did you originally plan tonight for you and Stacy.”

“In the beginning I kept telling myself I was doing it for Stacy, but the places I picked all seemed better suited for you. I knew that I wanted you to be part of tonight. I just didn’t admit to myself that I wanted it to be you I was with until two weeks ago. Stacy was trying to make me promise to her that tonight she and I would have sex. I told her I couldn’t promise that. The more she pushed, the more I had to admit to myself I didn’t want Stacy. I don’t love her, I sometimes couldn’t stand her. Why would I want to have sex with her? I want you.”

“I don’t understand what happened though. When did you start feeling that way about me?”

“I am not sure. Last year when you told me you loved me, I felt things shift. I first I told myself that you just meant as a brother. I know you told me that your love for me was more than just a brother, and that is why you didn’t have a steady boyfriend. I still tried to convince myself that you were just so upset because of your dad basically walking out on you. Than a couple of months later, mom had me take something to your room. Your diary was sitting on your bed, I couldn’t help myself so I read the entry from the morning after we talked. I couldn’t believe what I was reading, you were having fantasies of the two of us together. “

“You read my diary?”

“Please don’t be mad. I needed to know that you really bahis şirketleri had meant what you said to me that night. Now I know that you had truly meant it. I started dating Stacy in hopes of getting things in my head straight, I kept telling myself that it was wrong for me to feel anything but brotherly love for you. Maybe that is why I choose Stacy. She was so different than you. She was demanding, and hard. Where you are soft, and sweet. “

“Why did you break up with her at my party?”

“I didn’t intend to break up with her at your party. She was trying to push me in to promising that we would have sex again. I told her that I was not going to promise that to her, and if she didn’t like she needed to leave, and not come back. So she left. I think she knew that I wanted someone else, she just doesn’t know who. I hid from everyone at school how I really feel about you. Some of the guys at school ask about dating you. I always wanted to yell at them to stay away from you because they aren’t good enough for you. Instead, I just tell them that you aren’t a very big on dating.”

I kissed him. In the middle of the dance floor I kissed him. I put all the feelings that I been pent up for years into that kiss. Our tongues intertwining, tasting each other. I could feel the heat between my legs. Everything around us melted away, there was only the two of us. His hands pulling me closer to him. My hands pulling him closer to me. I was getting dizzy with passion. I pulled away from him.

“I think we better leave.”


“I want you, and I want you tonight.”

“If it ok, I am going to take you somewhere than.”

“I am trusting you.”

We left, it was now completely dark. I had lost all sense of direction. Calvin walked me to the car, opened the door for me. He started driving in a different direction than the way we came. I had no idea where he could be taking me. He put his hand on my thigh, his touch was hot. We only drove a short distance before he stop at a house. He shut off the car, and then walked around and opened the door for me again. He walked up the front steps of the house. He pulled out his keys and opened the door. He let me in, he said that this use to be his grandpa house before he died. Nobody lived here anymore, and the house was his.

He shut the front door, and led me to the back of the house. He didn’t turn any lights on, but walked like he knew where he was going. We got the end of a hallway, and he opened a door. He pulled me in, and shut the door. We were in a small room, that had some of Calvin’s old stuff in it.

“Are you sure this is what you want Lori?”

“Yes, I have been dreaming about it for three years. I want it more than you could possibly understand.”

He pulled me into a kiss this time his kiss was hungry. He pushed me against the door he had just closed. He grabbed both my hands and pinned them to the door above my head. Never releasing the kiss. His hands traveled down my arms, to my breasts, than to my stomach. It was as if he wanted to feel every part of my body.

He pulled my dress over my head. I was now standing topless in front of him. His hands again went to my breast. He watched as my already hard nipples started to poke out further. He started rubbing my left nipple in between my fingers, than he did the same to my right. I was standing helpless against the door moaning. My breasts are very sensitive, and I loved how he was making the feel. He soon covered my left nipple with his mouth sucking gently on it. I let out a loud moan, and grabbed the back of his head pushing it into my breast. He sucked harder. This caused a sensation between pleasure and pain. It felt so good. I was getting close. So I pushed he him gently away.

I unbuttoned his shirt, and pushed it down his arms to the floor. I than unbuttoned his jeans, than pulled the zipper down before grabbing his waistband, and pushing his pants to the floor. I gently push him to the bed, and took his shoes off and pulled his pants the rest of the way off throwing them in a pile on the floor. Once his pants were off, I than pulled his boxers down. I was level with his cock. It was bigger than I had remembered it being.

I pulled his cock into my mouth. Gently I worked it with my mouth until it was coated with my saliva. I than took as much of it into my mouth and throat as possible. He groaned with pleasure. I slid his cock out of my throat, and started using my mouth to screw him. He grabbed my head and started to pump his cock in and out of my mouth. He was getting close I could feel it. I don’t like the taste of cum, so I wanted to pull away before he did, but it was too late. With one last push his body tensed, and he erupted in my mouth. However his cum tasted different to me, it wasn’t as bitter. It almost tasted sweet.

Once Calvin had recovered from his orgasm, he pulled me to him. He pushed me on to the bed, and spread my legs. He knelt on the floor where I had just been, and started to lick my pussy. When his tongue ran across my clit I shivered. Nobody had ever done this for me. He was very gentle at first, licking my clit, and my swollen lips. His tongue playfully dancing around the opening of my pussy. All of a sudden he started to suck on my clit. I let out a scream of pleasure. He sucked on my clit harder.

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