Sweet Sister Ch. 05

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The weekend couldn’t come fast enough for Alan and I. We’d spend the entire week fucking ourselves stupid with each other and Auntie Jean and Uncle John but on Friday we were told to rest and prepare ourselves for the Saturday.

Auntie took me shopping on Friday afternoon and bought me a short summer dress which was basically see through with light floral pattern to aid modesty.

Saturday came soon enough and a team of caterers arrived by mid afternoon to set up the barbecue and buffet table. There something a bit odd about the caters which were one of Uncle’s contacts. The chef, who appeared to be in charge was a big black guy, muscular and beefy with a shaved head. He was very handsome but his most endearing feature was the fact that he was wearing those multicoloured chef trousers, which are really thin, and the outline of the biggest cock I’ve ever seen (bearing in mind I’d seen three) swung free underneath them.

The girls all wore short French maid outfits, so short it was clear to see that none of them wore any underwear either. One of them caught me looking at her and smiled sweetly back. I blushed. She came over to where I was standing and held my hand. She kept smiling and looking into my eyes as she took my hand and guided it under her skirt letting my fingers explore her newly shaven pussy. I slid my finger up and down it opening the lips and gently flicking her clit.

When I retrieved my hand my fingers were slick with her juices. Still smiling she led my fingers up to my mouth and had me lick them dry. “Later.” Was all she said as she drifted away to others.

At four people started arriving. Auntie Jean was with a young couple in the kitchen pouring them some drinks. I was introduced to them. The girl, Anna, was petite and slim with a pair of firm rounded breasts struggling under a thin summer dress similar to mine. Dave her young husband was tall and slightly built wearing a floral shirt and light slacks.

The formalities over Auntie asked if I would show them into the outhouse to retrieve some beers from the cooler. As we walked out Anna slipped her hand around my waist and started light conversation while Dave followed up behind.

When we got inside the outhouse I went directly to the lower level drawer of the cooler and started unpacking the beers. Anna joined me to help. We were both bent over and I was only vaguely aware of Dave behind us when a felt a hand caress my bottom from under my skirt. I shot a glance at Anna who was still smiling and appeared to be swaying slightly.

She looked at me and said “Ever been to one of Jean and John’s parties before?”

I shook my head and she smiled again. “You’ll love it.” Then leant over and gently brushed her lips against mine before pressing more firmly and snaking her tongue into my mouth, exploring me.

The hand behind me had now started to slide up and down my slit through my cotton panties and I was beginning to get worked up. I could feel my pussy start to moisten and knew it wouldn’t be long before I was soaking them through. I knew Dave was doing the same to Anna because her kissing was getting more urgent, her tongue more lustful.

Anna broke away and groaned. Dave’s fingers had now pushed aside our panties and was slipping in and out of our tight wet pussy holes. We both thrust back against the invading fingers gasping our pleasure and clinging onto each other. My hands roamed her body and found her large firm breasts and I started to fondle them and gently pull at her nipples.

Our tongues met again just as Dave slipped a second finger into our dripping cunts, pumping in and out now with fury as he took us both close to orgasm.

Anna came first with me a close second. When we had calmed down a bit Anna turned around and knelt in front of her husband and started undoing his trousers to release the very bahis firmaları obvious stiff cock underneath. I followed suit and soon we were both raining kisses and licks upon his straining rod.

We curled our tongues around the base and moved in unison up to the head, flicking our tongues against it and each other’s until we moved back down the shaft again. He started to moan and thrust his cock forward so Anna and I took it in turns to take it deep into our mouths.

Anna spoke to her husband. “Darling, I want to see that hard cock of yours deep inside Sam’s young hot cunt. I want to watch you fuck her, darling and pump your cum into her sweet hole.”

Dave groaned again and almost lost his load down my throat but managed to fight it back. Anna stood me up and kissed me again working her hand under my short dress and slipping down my panties. “Will you do that for Dave, Sam. Will you let him fuck your darling little hole.”

As she asked she slipped two of her slender fingers deep into my sopping cunt. I gasped and said “Oh yes, but only if you promise to lick your husband’s cum out of my pussy afterwards.”

“I’ll do one better that than, sweetie.” She said and helped me up on top of the cooler. She gently spread my legs apart and cooed, “Oh Dave, its smoother and lovelier that I’d hoped for you my darling. Let me get her ready for you”. And with that she dipped her head down to my aching slit and ran her tongue from my anus to my clit in one slow delicious movement. Her tongue then parted my wet lips and dipped into my honey pot licking out and tasting my flowing cunt juice.

I immediately started to moan, still sensitive from my earlier fingering. I thrust my hips up to meet her rapidly moving tongue as it delved deeper inside my hole. I was so close but she kept me just below boiling point with her expert flicks and swirls. Then just as I was about to give up hope of her ever letting me cum she flicked her tongue up hard against my swollen clit then sucked on it viciously.

I came instantly putting my little hands around the back of her head to try and force her all into me. Her tongue mashed against my tortured clit and I came and came only slowing down when she eventually managed to pull her head away.

As she moved up my body to kiss me and let me taste myself off her face and tongue shining with my own cum I felt Dave push between my legs. As I sucked on Anna’s tongue I felt his cock, slippery from our licking of him, push into my tunnel.

“Oh Dave, fuck me. I want your rigid cock to fill me up. Oh yes, Dave, I want it all.” I hissed breaking away from Anna’s mouth and Dave thrust his eager member deep into my tight slick cunt.

Dave could fuck for England. His long powerful strokes had me cumming from start to finish. I had to lay back on the cooler as I could no longer sit upright to watch the fantastic sight of Dave’s rod powering into my young twat. I looked round for Anna who had been gently squeezing my small young breasts and pinching at my nipples.

She had collapsed against the wall, her panties around her ankles, her left hand mashing one of her large breasts through the flimsy material of her dress whilst the other pumped two fingers in and out of her shaven slit.

I motioned for her to come over to me. “Anna, I want to taste you and lick you while your husband fucks me. Please, Anna, lower that wet cunt onto my mouth and tongue.”

She moved quickly tying her dress up at the waistband and climbing onto the cooler above me. The sight of her lovely shaven cunt lowering onto my face had me flicking my tongue out way before it arrived. I buried my tongue deep into her soaking hole and swallowed down the river of cum which was released. I worked my mouth against her and started to tongue her clit which made her squirm and press herself against my mouth even harder.

The kaçak iddaa sight of this little girl licking his wife’s pussy must have driven Dave insane, His cock pumped into me with renewed vigour causing me to arch my back and thrust harder against him. I felt Anna’s finger rub against my clit which made me suck hers deeper into my mouth and against my tongue. I felt Dave’s cock start to twitch then explode deep within me emptying his full load of cum into my spasming cunt as yet another huge orgasm burst through my body. At the same time Anna shrieked and nearly drowned me with a gallon of her slippery sex oil.

Shortly after I felt Dave’s cock slip from my hole and felt Anna lead forward followed by some sucking and licking noises as she sucked her husband’s cock clean. Next I felt her tongue on my pussy licking at my leaking slit. I managed to find the strength to roll round so that I was on top so that Dave’s jism would be aided by gravity and it found its way into Anna’s mouth. I continued to suck and lick at her open cunt until we both shuddered and writhed to another orgasm each.

After a short rest we put ourselves together again and Dave gathered up the beers to return to the house. Anna and I both agreed it was probably pointless putting our panties back on and went off into the garden to seek some more fun.

We rounded the corner to the gazebo in time to see Alan wearing only a pair of shorts sitting on the bench talking to a couple of females. The woman looked about about the same age as Auntie Jean and the girl probably a little older than me. I guessed they were mother and daughter.

As we approach the two girls saw us giggled and hurriedly left. “Spoilsports.” Moaned Alan. “You know how I’ve fantasised about having both mother and daughter to play with. Now you’ve scared them off.”

“I’m sure we can think of something to make up for it.” Said Anna and immediately started working on the buttons of Alan’s shorts.

“Hussy.” I teased. “Is your fantasy brother and sister then, Anna?”

“Oh god, sorry Sam. I didn’t realise.” Blushed Anna.

“It’s ok,” I said. “We’re very close.” With which I pulled Alan’s stiffening cock from his shorts and took it deeply into my mouth, sucking noisely.

Anna giggled. “Oh, that close huh? Let me have some of that, you greedy little whore.”

I moved back to let Anna get her mouth around Alan’s stiff shaft. I slid my hand down her back and started to finger her still wet pussy.

As we continued to pet each other another two men turned up already naked and ready for action. I recognised one from the store where we got my dress whom I took to be gay. From his expression at the sight of Anna’s open pussy with my fingers deep inside and the growing cock springing up in front of him I guess I was wrong.

I motioned for them to come over and held a free finger to my lips to tell them to be quite. I then used both hands to pull apart Anna’s bum cheeks and her slippery wet cunt lips. The store guy took the message and rubbed his cock to full stiffness before approaching and sliding it, with one movement, up to the hilt in Anna’s hot cunt.

Anna bucked in shock and nearly swallowed the whole of Alan’s cock before freeing it completely and moaning “Oh yes, fuck me, whoever you are.”

The other guy came in now and banged his stiff cock against my lips. I gladly took it into my mouth and ran my tongue around the underside. He moaned his satisfaction at this arrangement and held his hand around my head as he started to fuck my mouth. The store guy was now thrusting his hard prick deep inside Anna’s juicy cunt and the slurping noise it made had me hungry for some cock of my own.

Still with the new guy in my mouth I backed up towards Alan who was by now moaning at Anna’s expert sucking. Despite the hard fucking she was getting kaçak bahis from the store guy she could see what I was up to and removed her mouth from Alan’s throbbing prick and held it steady for me. I released the cock from my mouth and straddled Alan’s long stiff prick slowly impaling myself on it until I was sitting in his lap with the full length of his big hard dick in my wet pussy. The guy I was sucking off got up on the bench so I could get my mouth around his cock again as Alan started fucking me from below.

The clothes man fucking Anna had gone into overdrive and was powering his stiff prick in and out of Anna’s sopping cunt. She was moaning loudly, thrusting back against him until inevitably she starting twisting and shrieking as an orgasm broke through her petite frame.

The two strangers changed places allowing me the honour of licking Anna’s delicious pussy juices from the clothes man’s throbbing cock. I took him down as far as I dared licking every drop from his cock as it went down. I felt his body stiffen and let him shoot a long stream of cum into the back of my throat. I swallowed as much as I could but some leaked out of the corner of my mouth and down my chin onto my new summer dress. “Little girl,” said the clothes man, “come to my shop on Monday and I’ll change that out for you. That was a great fuck and a first class sucking.” He climbed down from the bench and sat opposite in a chair to watch the show.

Anna got the other man to sit on the bench next to me and then straddled his stiff cock facing him. I reached down and held his cock in place and Anna sank down letting the full length of his prick enter her pussy. Both started to moan as Anna started working herself up and down on his cock.

Alan’s stabbing prick was starting to have its affect on me and I could feel my own orgasm approaching. Anna reached over and started to kiss me deeply, her expert tongue working around my mouth. Her hand reached down and started to play with my hard little clit.

“Cum for me, Sam. Cum on your brother’s stiff prick. Flood your brother’s prick and balls with your lovely juicy cunt milk.”

That did it for me. I started to cum shuddering and moaning loudly as Alan pounded his cock deep inside me. Anna’s fingers moved down and she slipped two inside my pussy alongside Alan’s cock. Alan bucked faster at the feel of her fingers tightening my already tight pussy still further and shot his hot cum hard into my sucking cunt.

“Fill your little sister, fill her young cunt up with your hot man juice. Go on, pump it into her.” Anna shouted as she twisted and wriggled on the prick pumping into her own pussy entering her own second orgasm.

In my highly charged state I reached around her and roughly stroked her arse cheeks. Slipping my fingers down the crack I probed her tight anus causing her to scream and buck more. In the final throes of her orgasm I pushed my finger up her arse as far as it would go and felt her push down on it and the prick pounding inside her. I could feel the man’s prick with my finger and squeeze it hard. I felt it twitch then pulse twice as he started to pump his cum into Anna’s willing pussy. What a great feeling touching a mans cock as it cums in nice hot pussy.

The men shuffled off and Alan went off to look for his mother and daughter leaving Anna and I to rest for a while. We took off each other’s dresses and stroked each other’s firm bodies. There was a little trickle of cum seeping out of Anna’s pussy so I wickedly slipped my finger inside her and scooped it up. I held my finger up to her mouth and she hungrily licked it all off.

“My turn.” She whispered in my ear and pushed two fingers deep inside my hot wet cunt. I gasped with delight and let her finger me for a while before pulling her fingers out and feeding them to me.

“There,” she said, “drink down your brother’s cum.”

“Share and share alike.” I countered and we both licked her fingers clean.

She suggested we showered before our next adventure and we headed back to the house.

To Be Continued…

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