Sweet Sister Ch. 14

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Ch.14 – After Eights.

As the main course came to an end we were all starting to feel a bit horny again. It was Alan that came out first by asking Aunty June to pass the whipped cream. Taking it with one hand he opened her robe with the other and dropped a big dollop onto her right tit.

“Oooh Alan, what are you up to?” She questioned.

Alan was soon rubbing the thick mixture into her large firm breast and over her stiffening nipple before leaning down and licking the cream into his mouth. April, on her other side, couldn’t resist and lifted out her Aunt’s other breast and applied an equally large handful of cream and started slurping it up.

“Oooh children,” Aunty June moaned as the two started sucking on her creamy tits. “You know how sensitive my nipples are, God you’re turning me on.”

Aunt Polly on the opposite side of the table started to lick her lips as the sexy scene unfolded. She turned to her other daughter next to her. “May, darling, play with Mummy’s tits. Watching Aunty June is getting me horny.”

May pulled open her mother’s robe and cupped what she could of her large globes while leaning forward to take a nipple into her mouth and wrapping her tongue around it.

“Mmmm, darling,” moaned Aunt Polly as her daughter’s tongue lashed at her teats, “Please finger Mummy’s pussy, I’m getting so hot and wet.”

May slipped hand down between her mother’s legs and pushed two fingers deep into her hot pussy.

I suddenly had Daddy and Uncle Jim’s hands on the inside of my thighs absently pulling my legs apart as they took in the scene before them. Fair’s fair I thought as I took a hardening cock in each of my hands and started rubbing up and down. My pussy started to get wet and I felt two sets of fingers gently parting my lips and slipping around in my slit.

Aunty June had climbed onto the table and had spread her legs wide and Alan had buried his head between them lapping at her soaking slit. “April sweetie,” she moaned “come up here and let your Aunty at your darling little cunt. I want to taste those sweet juices of yours.”

“Oooh yes, Aunty, please.” Exclaimed April leaping onto the table and lowering her wet pussy down onto her Aunty’s waiting mouth. “Mmmmmh, Aunty your tongue is soooo lovely inside my pussy. I’m going to flood your mouth, ooooh yes tongue my wet hole.”

Both Aunt Polly and May had a clear view of April’s young cunt and arsehole being lapped by Aunty June. May stepped up her frigging of her mother’s pussy eliciting moans of pleasure. “Oooh mmmmmmh …ahh. May keep fucking Mummy’s cunt dear, use your thumb on my clit like I showed you. Aaaaaah .. uuuugh, oh God that’s right, fuck me, fuck me, make Mummy cum all over your fingers.”

The two pricks in my hand had started to jerk and thrust and the fingers in my pussy were pumping quite vigorously. “Ooooh Daddy, Uncle Jim, I think one of you better get one of those stiff cocks up my cunt pretty soon, I’m on fucking fire.”

“My pleasure,” replied Daddy, “I’ll lie down on the table so you can ride that cute tight cunt of yours on Daddy’s pole. Alright Jim?”

Jim didn’t have so much choice as Daddy was on the table in a flash rubbing his stiff cock and waiting for me to sit on him. I cambered up and knelt astride Daddy’s hips and slowly lowered my dripping cunt hole onto his rampant cock. “Uuuurgh yes, oh Daddy I love your stiff cock in my hot little pussy. Am I tight enough for you Daddy?” I groaned.

“Plenty tight enough sweetie. Now ride Daddy’s cock and make me cum up your hole.” Daddy responded panting.

From where I was, I was close enough to run my hand over April’s squirming bottom as she received a thorough tongue job from Aunty June. I slipped my fingers into her pussy hole alongside Aunty’s thrashing tongue. She moaned deeply at the intrusion but her eyes were fixed on Aunty June’s cunt that was now being fully filled by Alan’s rock hard cock.

May and her mother were in a different world together. May was still frigging her mother’s hot box and Aunt Polly was mashing the youngster’s firm little tits and pulling at her nipples. “Oh May darling, you’re going make Mummy cum, yes … fuck me with your ….aaaah … ahhh … fingers darling … ooooh … ahhh .. ahh” she rhythmically moaned.

May suddenly removed her fingers all together, “Just a minute Mummy, I have an idea. You’ll love this …” May reached across the table and grabbed a banana from the fruit bowl. In a trice it was pounding into her Mummy’s cunt.

“Oooooh fuuuuuck,” yelled Aunt Polly, “Ooooh fuck meeeee, …. Fuck Mummy’s cunt darlingggg …. Chriiiiissttt I’m fucking gonna …. Gonnna …… cummmmmmmmmm!”

Aunt Polly’s hips thrust forward to get as much of the banana up inside her as possible. May kept pumping it into her Mummy’s cunt hole extending the orgasm until the poor woman collapsed into the chair panting for breath.

The sight had me bouncing on Daddy’s cock faster and faster ably assisted by Uncle Jim who had his hands on my bum cheeks and was lifting ataşehir escort bayan and slamming me down as Daddy’s prick came up to meet me. Then Uncle Jim suddenly lifted me off completely “What the … Uncle Jim nooooo. I need my cunt full, pleeese put me back.” I complained desperately.

“You’ll get your cunt full, Sam.” He smirked. I couldn’t see but the next thing I felt was something being inserted into my pulsing hole. The sensation was odd at first, kinda hot, then cold, very very cold.

“Fuuuuuck, that’s an ice cube …. Ooooooh fuck that’s fucking amazing .. ooooh god I’m going to cum.”

“Not finished just yet sweetheart,” Uncle Jim laughed. With that he grabbed a handful of whipped cream and pushed it into my pussy hole, then more and more until I was bursting full and the cream was oozing from my slit. “Now lets see you fuck.”

Uncle Jim lowered me again onto Daddy’s cock at first letting the cream squirt out of me in all directions and all over Daddy’s balls and thighs. Then as Daddy got deeper his cock was pushing the ice cube deep into the recesses of my pussy. Holy fuck this was hot!

“Fuck me Daddy, fuck your cock into my cream filled cunt. Oooooooh Daddy …. I’m … I’m .. aah .. aaah …ahh … cummming … yes .. yes … yeeeeeesssssss fuuuuuuuuuck!” I exploded. Ice cold cream merging with red hot cunt juice spraying from my slit.

Uncle Jim still wasn’t finished. He loaded a finger with butter and pressed it against my puckered little anus and slowly, every so slowly worked it in. He slipped another ice cube into his mouth and started to suck off the rough edges (very thoughtful, our Uncle). Soon his finger was fucking deep into my arsehole.

“Hey Bob, I can feel your cock fucking your daughter’s hole.” He giggled.

Daddy handed Uncle Jim the butter with a knowing look and behind me Uncle Jim grinned and nodded. With his free hand he worked a large load of butter into his stiff prick coating the head especially with the slippery grease. I felt his finger leave my bum hole then the ice cube from his mouth circled around my little brown ring.

I gurgled with pleasure still slowly bouncing on Daddy’s cock as Uncle played with my arsehole. Next I felt the ice cube being slowly pushed into my well greased anus, in as far as Uncle Jim’s finger would go. The feeling was amazing, like my bowels were on fire but the best was about to come.

I felt something else against my bumhole and realised it was Uncle Jim’s cockhead. “Mmmmm yeeessss Uncle. Pleeeese fuck my arsehole Uncle, that would be soooo coool having both of you in me together. Stick it in me, push your big fat cock deep up my arse.”

I felt the slow passage of his cock as Uncle Jim pressed past my sphincter then travelled deep into my rectum. He groaned as his cock made contact with the ice cube and forced it deep inside me. He paused for a moment with his cock buried deep in my arse letting me get used to the intrusion then started to fuck me.

The feeling of both my Daddy in my cunt and Uncle Jim in my anus was tremendous; a completely stuffed full feeling. My voice growled from the depths. “Uuuuuugh, fuck yesss. Fuck me both of you, fuck both my holes ’til I cum. Cum in my pussy and arsehole, I want to feel you both cum together in me.”

The two cocks started working alternately in my holes. Not only taking me to fantastic heights of sensation but increasing the pressure on both their cocks as they rubbed against each other through the thin membrane between my pussy and arsehole.

As I brought my head back in ecstasy I saw that Aunt Polly had bent May over the table. She had taken the banana out of her cunt and was using the slick fruit to masturbate her daughter. May was able to lean forward and now had her tongue buried in her sister’s arsehole as Aunty June licked April’s cunt.

The sensation overload took April over the edge. “Oooooh fuck yes, suck both my holes .. aaaah .. aaah …aaaaah … you’re going to make to cum all over you .. fuck yes .. I’m …aaah …. gonna …. Cuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmm!” she balled.

Creamy girl juice poured into Aunty June’s mouth and over her face and May redoubled her efforts to get the whole of her tongue up her sister’s anus.

The cum in her mouth, Alan’s cock in her cunt and April’s finger on her clit brought Aunty June to climax. Her muffled scream came through “Foooking mmmmph .. oooowwwwwh” and caused April to orgasm in her mouth again.

Her legs spread more widely as her cunt began to spurt pints of juice around Alan’s cock. Alan was more or less ejected from Aunty June’s pussy by the force of the explosion. He stood and wanked his cock as it was drenched by Aunty June’s ejaculation along with his hand, balls and thighs. The experience took Alan and brought cum rushing up from his balls.

“Aaaargh .. Aunty, April … I’m going to cum. Oh fuck here it comes … yes .. uuurgh … uuurg” he groaned rubbing his slippery erection.

April dived forward opening her mouth and caught the first escort kadıköy spurt directly across her face. The second she was more successful with and swallowed hungrily. Alan swayed around wrapt in his orgasm pumping his cum on the young girl’s face and over Aunty Jeans still pulsating pussy. As he slowed April lapped at the cum on her Aunty’s cunt lips and drank down as much of her love juice with it. She moved on to take Alan’s still rampant cock into her mouth and mop it clean with her tongue.

May raised her head as her mother’s fucking action took its toll. “Mummy … oooh Mummy, fuck me harder, I’m going to cum any minute. It’s so hot watching April suck Alan’s cum covered cock .. I can’t hold on any more.” She cried.

“Oh darling, Mummy’s fucking you, Mummy’s going to make her little girl cum. Come on May, darling, cum for Mummy.” Aunt Polly whispered in her ear as she mashed the youngster’s firm breasts and pumped the banana harder and harder into her daughter’s pussy.

“Oooooh Mummmmmmmmmeeeeeeeee …. I’m cumming Mummy .. I’m fucking cummmmmiiiinnggggg!” yelled out May and bucked hard against the invading makeshift dildo.

She moaned and whimpered as her mother brought her slowly down. It was then a naughty though entered May’s pretty little head. “Alan come around here, behind April.” She moaned. “Let me help you push that stiff cock of yours into April’s arsehole. Would you like to do that for her?”

Alan looked up at May with a grin, then down at April who was looking him dead in the eye as she let his cock slip from her mouth. “Oooh Alan,” she cooed, “you know how much I’ve wanted it. Let May help you stick your cock up my virgin anus and fuck me ’til I cum again.”

In a flash Alan had mounted the table and squeezed between April’s behind and May’s face. May slipped her hand between Alan’s legs and levelled his cock at her sister’s puckered anal ring. Alan pressed forward and met resistance despite his cock dripping with April’s cummy saliva.

“This might hurt a bit, April.” He warned.

“Push it in Alan, just fucking push it in my hole.” April demanded then winced as Alan pressed forward harder stretching April’s sphincter before sliding the entire length of his iron rod deep into the girl’s bowels. “Uuuuuurgh … holy fuck …. that feels soooo neat. Now fuck me Alan, fuck my virgin arsehole and make me .. uuuurgh .. cum” she panted as Alan started long slow strokes in and out of her vice like anus.

Aunty June had a perfect view of her niece’s impalement and it was turning her on seeing the lovely small neat rosebud stretched around Alan’s large erection. She decided to help things along a bit and recommenced tonguing April’s slick cunt hole.

The whole scene was getting to me, not to mention Daddy’s hot cock thrusting into my pussy and Uncle Jim’s prick deep in my arsehole. I felt another orgasm starting to build just waiting to break through. “Ah .. ah .. Daddy .. oooh … ah .. ah . aaah Uncle Jim, fuck me, cum in my cunt and arsehole, I’m going to cum … I’m fucking going to .. aaaah … aahh … uuuurgh … cummmm … nnnnnrrrrrrrrgh.” I screamed as their joint actions sent me into multiple orgasms. One after the other each orgasm jerked and pulsed my double fucked body.

Aunt Polly’s voice cut through the fog of my senses as I slowly started to recover, “Oooh look Jim, our daughter is getting her first anal fuck. Look at Alan’s cock deep inside our daughter’s tight little bottom. It’s sooo hot.” She pointed out.

Uncle Jim looked up and watched Alan’s stiff prick pumping into his daughter’s rectum. His thrusts into my arse became more dramatic and he groaned loudly in my ear. “Fuck Sam, that brother of yours has his cock in my daughter’s arse. It’s so fucking hot … I can’t uuurgh … I’m going to cum … I’m going to fill your perfect arsehole with my spunk … ye …ye …fuck yessssss.”

His rapid movements also set Daddy off. “Oh God, Sam. I can feel Uncle Jim cumming in your arsehole … that’s it. Get ready for a pussy full of Daddy’s cum, darling.”

“Yes Daddy, pump me full of your lovely cream … oh Daddy I’m going to cum again … Daddy, Daddy cum with me Daddy …. Nnnnnnrrrrrgh.” I yelled as I squeezed by cunt muscles on Daddy’s cock.”

“Oh baby, here it comes …. Yes .. fuck, fuck ….. Sam I’m cummmmmming.” Daddy balled as his cock pulsed along with Uncle Jim’s as they filled both my holes with cum.

The whole atmosphere turned blue as April joined in the cum frenzy. “Alan .. uuuh … uuh … I’m cumming … I’m cumming with your cock in my arsehole … aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhg”

Alan hung on with his cock firmly rooted in April’s tight bumhole as her orgasm peaked and drifted away. Only then did he pull his battered cock from her anus with a loud plop.

Aunt Polly had removed the banana from May’s cunt and had licked it clean of her daughter’s cum. She leant over and whispered in her ear, “May, Alan is still hard and hasn’t cum yet. Perhaps we ought to let him cum in your sweet little virgin arsehole darling. What bostancı escort do you think?”

May, who was in the middle of sharing April’s cum out of her Aunty June’s mouth, raised her head. “Oooh Mummy, yes please. Can you make me ready down there, I want Alan’s cock to slip into me real smooth.”

Aunt Polly had already been rolling her finger in the butter dish anticipating her daughter’s agreement. On hearing her daughter assent she pressed her greasy finger against the little puckered ring and easily slipped her finger inside. “Oooh Mummy, yesss.” May groaned. “Open my arsehole with your fingers, make it ready for Alan’s cock.”

“Mmmm darling, your bumhole is lovely and tight. I wish I had a cock that I could fuck into your arse.” With that she buttered her other hand and slid it around Alan’s rock hard shaft. “I’ll just get you ready as well, Alan.” For good measure she coated his balls in the melted goo. “Ooh I can’t wait to see your lovely long cock pumping into my little daughter’s hot arsehole.”

“Mummy, oooh Mummy that’s sooo goood. Do you think I’m ready now? Your finger is fucking my hole pretty good now.” May moaned.

Alan jumped down from the table and got into position behind the young girl. Aunt Polly positioned his cock up against her daughter’s rosebud and slowly slipped her finger out. “Nice and easy now, Alan. ” She advised as she squeezed his shaft and pulled him forward and into May’s anus.

“Ooooooh uuuuurg … Mummy!” Cried May as Alan’s prick slid into the depths of her bowels. “It’s wuuuuuderful. I feel sooo … fuu uull .. ll.” As he bottomed out and let her get used to the intrusion.”

“Now fuck her Alan, fuck her until you fill her up with your hot cum.” Aunty Polly enthused.

There was a clattering of plates and cutlery as April and I rolled out of our fuck sessions and lay head to toe with me on the table. Our hands softly stroked each other’s flesh, soothing our well fucked bodies. She raised her head and gently moaned, “Sam, let me clean your pussy for you.”

Totally fucked as I was the thought of April’s expert tongue feeding on Daddy’s cum in my pussy urged me on. I rolled on top of her and lowered my aching slit onto her mouth and let Daddy’s cum seep into her willing mouth.

I heard Aunty Polly moan behind me, “Oooh Sam, Uncle Jim’s cum is seeping out of your arsehole, darling. Best we clean that up for you.” And with that I felt her tongue worm its way into my bumhole and start scooping out her husband’s cum.

Her other hand, still coated in butter, slid over Alan’s bum and I heard him gasp as she pressed a finger into Alan’s anus.

“Aunt Polly, that’s fantastic. Stick you finger right in. That’s going to make me cum so hard into May’s arsehole.” He grunted as he picked up his pace.

“Ooooh fuck Alan, you’re going to make my bumhole cum.” Yelled May slipping two fingers into her pussy.

“God yes, May. I can feel your fingers on my cock. Yess, wank me through your cunt walls … oh yes … yes.” Alan roared.

He thrust forward so hard May’s tits dropped into the bowl of whipped cream. Aunty June, who had been watching the scene with lust-filled eyes and three fingers pumping her soaking pussy, leaned forward and stuck her tongue deep into May’s panting mouth. She reached under the girl and smeared the cream into May’s firm breasts.

Breaking the kiss she urged May on. “Oh May, aah … ahh ..that’s so .. uuurg ..fucking horny.” She gasped. “Your nipples are so hard. Aaaaah … cum for me baby, let me oooh … see you have an arse cum with that lovely … aaaah fuck … cock deep up you.”

Aunty Jean, no longer satisfied with her fingers, grabbed a decorative candle from its holder on the table and rammed it into her frustrated cunt hole. “Ooooaaahhh … fuck … that’s better .. aaah … aaaah .. going to cum with you baby.” She yelled continuing with one hand to fondle May’s tits.

“Mummy, mummy.” Cried May. “I’m going to .. aaah … ahhh .. cum. I’m going to uuuurgh … aaah .. aaah cum with Alan’s lovely cock in my arsehole. Oooh Mummy make him cum up my bumhole …. Aah …aaaaah … oooooh I’m cummmmmmmmiiiiinnnng!”

Her diminutive body started to buck violently against Alan’s invading penis. Aunt Polly pressed her finger deep into Alan’s bowels and forced pressure against his prostate.

“Oooh fuck May. Aunty Polly fuck yes … you’re making me cum. May here its comes. Take my hot sperm up your arsehole …. Aaaaah .. uuurgh … nnnnnnnnnnrgh” Alan growled as his cock jerked and pulsed filling May’s tight arsehole with his pent up cream.

The whole scene sent Aunty June, April and myself into orgasms too. I delivered a mouthful of my mixed juices in April’s sucking mouth and squeezed Uncle Jim’s remaining cum onto Aunt Polly’s probing tongue. April soaked my frigging fingers as I pumped them hard in her cunt and rasped my thumb over her clit. Then Aunty June screamed and sprayed us all with another copious helping of her pussy juices.

It took us all about half an hour to calm down and we moaned and whimpered amongst the detritus of our meal. Occasionally stroking a breast here and French kissing a mouth there.

Aunt Polly broke the wordless afterglow. “Hey,” she complained. “I’m the only one here not to have had a cock in me.”

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