Swim Ch. 06

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They were long past being shy around the house. Suzie walked around in her panties occasionally going braless. Tom wore his Speedo or briefs. Tom’s briefs were cotton. The kind that basketball star advertised.

Suzie told Tom they had to do something about those ugly cotton briefs. Getting on the computer they signed on to Amazon. Tom said he didn’t like boxers. They let his balls hang loose. And when his balls were dangling they chafed.

Looking through the selection of briefs they decided on low-rise briefs made of “micro-modal” material. They would be soft and comfortable with a contoured pouch to hold his cock and balls in place. And they ordered some bikini briefs made of nylon and lycra so Tom could show off his cock while walking around the house. They also ordered a thong for him. He didn’t think he would be wearing it out and about, but it would be great around the pool.

Tom stayed at the computer a bit longer to order a couple more things. For grins he got one of those novelty briefs that has a cock sheath sticking out the front.

And he went searching for a new vibrator for his mother. Her egg vibrator was good for her vagina and the regular vibrator was good for all sorts of things, but he wanted something a little different.

He found the perfect vibrator. It was a “We-Vibe”. It was in the shape of a “C” or more like a lobster claw with one end that went in the vagina and the other end resting on the clitoris. Best of all it could be controlled with a smart phone.

In a couple days the package arrived while Suzie was out shopping. Tom opened it dug out the novelty briefs. Putting bahis firmaları them on he could tell it would be nearly impossible to put them on if he was already hard. He had just pulled them on and slid his cock into the sheath when his mother came in with the groceries.

His mother looked at Tom’s cock in its new sheath. It looked funny to her but that didn’t stop her from grabbing his cock and helping it fill out the sheath. The harder Tom got the tighter the sheath was. The tip of his penis was straining to break out the end. It felt tighter than a condom.

Suzie had dinner plans with her sister but she decided she had time for a fuck. She found the massage oil and poured some on her son’s erection and rubbed it in making sure it was good and oily. She didn’t want the hard sheath being stuffed up her pussy while it was still dry.

Taking her shorts and panties off she leaned over the kitchen table with her ass facing Tom. Tom didn’t need to be told anything. He put his hard cock up to his mother’s pussy from behind and slid it in. Just a little bit at first to let her get used to the sheath material covering his dick. It didn’t take long before he was jamming his entire cock into her.

As Suzie was cumming her hips started bucking again and her ass slammed back into Tom as he was ramming his cock forward. It only made her orgasm more intense. Tom shoved his dick in one more time and then held it there while he unloaded his cum deep into his mother’s pussy.

Suzie felt like she was in seventh heaven. That was one of the best fucks she had ever experienced. She would have to make her son wear that funny bikini kaçak iddaa brief again.

Looking at the clock Suzie realized she had to hurry if she was going to meet her sister on time. She jumped in the shower for a quick wash. As she was getting dressed she decided to use her vibrator egg. She pushed the egg up her vagina and pulled up her panties.

Deciding to go braless she put on a nice satin blouse that highlighted her nipples. She had set the egg vibrator to low but made sure the remote was in her purse. As good as it felt she didn’t want a repeat of the last time when she had left the remote at home.

Suzie and Ellen had fun at dinner. She had handed Ellen the remote and Ellen had spent the evening turning the intensity up and down sometimes at the most inconvenient times for her sister. There were a few times when Suzie thought she would pass out.

As they were leaving Ellen asked her sister if she could borrow the egg vibrator. Standing there in the parking lot Suzie lifted her skirt up, pulled her panties down and putting her fingers in her pussy she pulled the egg out.

Taking the egg from her sister, Ellen dropped her slacks to her knees, pulled her thong to the side and pushed the vibrating egg into her pussy. She still had the remote in her pocket. Pulling her pants up Ellen grabbed the remote from her pocket and turned it on low.

With a warm buzz in her pussy Ellen told her sister she would return the egg that weekend. She got in her car and turned the vibrator up a little. She was excited to get home and show her daughter, Jane.

Suzie watched her sister drive off. Her vagina kaçak bahis had been vibrating all night and she needed a good fuck. In fact she needed her son to give her a good fuck. She climbed into her car with one thing in mind – fucking Tom.

Tom was playing video games when she got home. Stripping down to her panties she asked Tom if he wanted to go for a late night swim.

He didn’t need a second invitation. Getting up from the couch he took his clothes off. When he dropped his shorts his mother saw he was wearing the thong they had ordered the other day. He looked good in it and she could tell he was was rapidly filling it out as she stood there with nothing on but her panties.

They ran out to the pool and jumped in. Tom in his thong and Suzie in her panties. Tom didn’t waste any time. He yanked his thong off and swam up to his mother and pulled her panties down. His dick felt like a heat seeking missile heading straight for her pussy.

Suzie didn’t need any encouragement. She grabbed Tom and wrapping her legs around his hips she impaled herself on his massive cock. Slowly she began moving her hips up and down sliding his cock in and out of her pussy.

Tom started meeting her downward thrusts with upward thrusts of his own. He could tell his mother was reaching climax when her hips started slamming into him forcing his cock further and further up her cunt.

Just as she gave a final jerk and ground her pussy into him Tom felt his climax reach its peak and unloaded all his cum into his mother’s vagina. Suzie hung on not wanting to let Tom’s cock go.

But Tom lifted her up, off his cock, and sat her on the side of the pool. Her pussy was gorgeous sitting there in front of him. He was in deep enough water that he didn’t even have to bend over. He spread her legs and dove head first into his mother’s pussy.

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