Table for Two Ch. 02

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Big Tits

At the nightclub called Zeal, Stephanie Bailey, sitting under the fateful table, tried to soak up her juices from the carpet with a tissue. She gave up after a few seconds, instead lifting the table cloth and looking over the black leather sofa, where the girl left a puddle. She used more tissues to soak up the puddle. When she finished, she carefully brought her head up above the table and turned back to look at the club. People in groups and pairs were standing around the bar and dancing on the floor, not caring the least about Stephanie.

She noticed the rest of the girl’s drink on top of the table and realized she was quite thirsty. It’s been a while since she’s had her drink and now she was feeling a cold breeze on her sweaty hair, clinging to her forehead and cheeks. She grabbed the glass and returned back down under the table. Her stuff was still down there and she had to collect it before heading out of the club.

Back in the dim light underneath, she finished the drink in a few gulps and laid the glass down on the carpet. Luckily the lights from the dance floor were hitting the alcove with the table, so she was able to see her stuff. She collected the used tissues and packed them into a small plastic bag. She still had her wet panties on and they were starting to feel a bit cold. She sat back and quickly slipped out of the black garment, putting it into the bag with the tissues.

Then she used another tissue to wipe her pussy dry. She wasn’t entirely successful as it was still leaking. Even after orgasming, she was still horny, which was somewhat unusual for Stephanie. But now all she had to do was think of her girl and what they just experienced and she was ready again. The soft carpet on her naked bottom, along with the warm air heavy with the smell of female arousal weren’t helping. She though about just laying back and rubbing herself to heaven. She knew if she thought about their experience, it wouldn’t take long to come. But it’d be better to leave that for home. She could make herself comfortable in their room as long as her sister wasn’t back yet. Hopefully Emily had as much luck with her own date as Stephanie did.

Stuffing the bag into her purse, she took out her cell to look at the clock. It was 10:24, more than an hour since she sat under the table.

She also saw a missed call from Sam. She was probably just anxious to know how their date went. Just when she thought about slipping out to call her, she saw the girl’s boots, moving back to her sitting place and her heart skipped a beat.

‘She’s back!’ Stephanie thought, watching the boots.

The girl stopped briefly where she was sitting before, then moved a bit further and sat there. Again, she lifted the table cloth and pushed her legs under the table, spreading them. Stephanie observed the legs for a while, then smiled. The girl liked their encounter and wanted to do it again. So did Stephanie, but now the girl would have to do something for her.

Emily Bailey sat back down at their table, her arousal rising by the second. She hoped the girl would still be there and still willing to pleasure her. However, spreading her legs, she felt a little guilty. This girl did more than enough for her tonight and Emily only wanted more. Maybe she should lift the table cloth and switch places with her, repaying her for her services. But would she really be able to do that with a girl?

A touch on her left thigh tore her from these thoughts. The girl was holding an empty glass, shaking it towards the bar and waiting for Emily to take it. As she did so, she noticed the girl wore the same nail polish Emily did, at least as far as color goes. Even her fingernails were of a similar shape as Emily’s.

Emily wondered about the coincidence as she stood up with the glass.

She knew the girl meant her to bring her a drink and Emily was only happy to repay her in any way possible. She walked over to the bar and ordered two tall glasses of orange juice with ice. As she returned to the table, an idea came to her. Still standing up, she took out her lipstick and reapplied it to her lips, before leaving a very visible mark of her lips on the girl’s glass. Then she sat down and handed the glass over to the girl, hoping she wouldn’t mind Emily’s romantic gesture.

When Stephanie took the glass, she didn’t notice the mark at first. She smelled the orange juice and just as she was to take a gulp a flash of light from the dance floor illuminated the lipstick on the opposite side of the glass. She turned it around and sniffed at the girl’s cherry gloss. Then she licked it. The thought that just seconds before the girl’s lips touched this place made her warm tickle in her tummy grow stronger. Somehow this gesture meant more to Stephanie than when she was kissing the girl’s intimate area a while ago. She giggled in happiness. Even an indirect kiss might mean the start of a wonderful relationship between the two of them.

She cleaned the mark with her tongue and lips while also drinking pendik escort the juice in the glass, leaving a bit of ice at the bottom. Then she hugged the girl’s left shin, rubbing her left cheek on the outside of the stocking covered knee. The girl’s pussy was calling to her again. Hot, tantalizingly smooth, soft and so incredibly sensitive. But she would have to resist a while longer.

She moved the glass in her right hand along the girl’s left outer thigh up the girl’s body, until the girl’s hand reached for it. But just then Stephanie moved her hand back. She only wanted to show the girl her mark was gone. Stephanie felt kinky and a devious smile on her lips revealed the two lovers weren’t finished with the tall glass in her hand.

Sipping on her own cold drink, Emily felt the glass move up her body. She smiled when she saw that the girl licked up her kissing mark. She reached out to take it, but the girl moved it back under the table. Then the girl let go of her shin and spread Emily’s legs.

A few seconds later, without warning, a cold smooth surface touched her lower lips, making Emily jump. The shock made her shiver, but the coldness was also very exciting. The smooth curved surface of the glass glided easily along her pussy lips, first lubricated in the girl’s saliva, slowly being replaced by Emily’s juices. Emily relaxed her legs and put her own glass back on the table as she lied back in the pillows, her hands stretched out on the sofa along her sides. She felt as if she was floating as she enjoyed the silky cold glass sliding up and down and rotating against her sensitive wet lips.

A couple of minutes later, Emily was still laying back, breathing deeply, lost in the sexual massage. The coldness made her pussy feel numb, but deep inside, she still felt the ticklish pleasure. Just when her pussy warmed up the glass, the girl moved back and held out the glass from beneath the table. Emily carefully took the slippery, soiled glass between her fingers and held it up against the light, noticing the rest of the melted ice at the bottom and studying the milky transparent juices along it’s length. She couldn’t help touching it with her lips, then licking it and taking a deep breath through her nose. Smelling and tasting herself on it was kinky and very arousing. She realized this was what the girl felt between Emily’s legs.

Suddenly Emily felt the girl grab her bottom and dive right in. She pressed her face against the length of Emily’s excited pussy, chin to nose, her open mouth blowing, then sucking hard. Emily’s mind was still lost in her own smell and taste as the hot mouth against her cold flesh quickly warmed her sensitive pussy, causing all of her nerve endings to fire at once. Shocked by the sudden explosion of stimulation, her already aroused body reacted the only way it could.

Emily’s hands flew down to brace against the sofa, spilling the melted ice inside the warm glass and almost losing grip of it. Her body stiff, her thighs closed around the girl’s cheeks, eyes wide open, looking straight at the oblivious club patrons. The lights were so bright and everyone looked beautiful. The view made her want to take her watercolors and paint until dawn. She wanted to sing, but she wasn’t even able to make a sound. Now breathing erratically through her nose, her own smell and taste on her lips filled her senses as her pussy spasmed wildly in the girl’s mouth.

This wasn’t possible, she wasn’t ready for this. The order was wrong, there were none of the usual warning signs. Again her body and her lover betrayed her. They agreed on what would happen and Emily had no choice in the matter. Finally her mind joined her body in accepting she was having another orgasm. The first orgasm was wonderful, but it also looked like one. Now, if anyone were to look at Emily, they would only see an expression of utter surprise on her face. Nobody but the two lovers knew Emily’s body was really flooded in ecstasy.

Long moments passed by and Emily just sat there, spasming rhythmically, a bead of sweat rolling down her right temple. But in her mind, she was thanking the girl between her legs for being the wonderful person she was. Slowly, Emily’s muscles relaxed, the hard facial features softening as she melted back into the pillows behind her. She closed her eyes, swallowed and opened her mouth, taking slow deep breaths as she came down from her high. A wave of passionate feelings overcame her. Whoever this girl was, she was exceptional and Emily would consider herself lucky to be close to her.

Thinking about what just happened, Emily smiled, shaking her head in disbelief. Whether caused by her own smell and taste, the sudden heat against her pussy or even her forming feelings for this girl, coming like this had never happened before. And she had no idea she was multi-orgasmic.

When the girl gently licked up Emily’s juices and started kissing her inner thigh, Emily moved her right hand beneath the table and guided the girl’s head back to her sex, burning for escort pendik the girl’s touch. This sudden orgasm was just as beautiful as the first one, but it didn’t leave Emily as devastated and she was ready for more.

The night was young and this girl could still teach Emily a lot about her own body.

Stephanie was just as surprised at the girl’s sudden orgasm. She liked changing cold and warm things against her pussy, but this girl seemed to respond to it even better than she did. Or maybe it was really Stephanie’s mouth that made it happen. She was getting better at licking pussy and was actually proud of her achievements. The girl wasn’t as easy to please as the guys Stephanie’s been with, but it felt like their physical similarities gave the two girls a head start.

Her girl also wasn’t in a hurry to finish their session. More than an hour from starting up, the girl came twice already and now her hand directed Stephanie’s face back to her pussy. Taking it slow and also using her neck to move around, Stephanie’s mouth wasn’t really tired yet, probably also thanks to her regularly chewing gum. She never thought her liking gum would have such unexpected benefits, but now she was happy to make love to this girl for as long as she wanted her to.

Holding the girl’s bottom, she started making out with the pussy in front of her. The girl laid her thighs on Stephanie’s shoulders again as she continued slowly licking, kissing and rubbing her nose, lips and chin against the length of her pussy. She realized not only she didn’t mind, she actually really liked them doing this. The forbidden feeling was still there, but it also felt like the ultimate loving gesture and for some reason Stephanie really cared about the girl in front of her.

Was she falling in love with her?

‘It would make sense to feel love for the person you’re having sex with,’ she thought. But Stephanie still wasn’t sure she’d be able to fall for a girl romantically, aside from the details like she still didn’t really know what her girl was like outside of sex.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the girl’s bottom lifting from her seat, and her hand pressing Stephanie’s face into her pussy, seeking more penetration.

Stephanie decided it was time for them to try something new. She moved her mouth to the side, kissing the outer lips and around the girl’s pussy as she brought her right hand forward from behind the girl’s bottom. She rubbed her fingers over the pussy, then between the lips, gradually coating them in the girl’s juices. The girl was lucky Stephanie used to wear short, carefully trimmed nails, so she wouldn’t get injured.

She found the girl’s opening with her middle finger and pressed it inside. The finger entered easily all the way, wrapped in warmth. Moving it around a bit, she felt the girl push against her hand. Her friend definitely liked it, as did Stephanie. The thought that she now had a finger inside this girl made her feel more kinky than she’d expect.

The kinky mood gave Stephanie another idea. She looked down between her own legs to see wetness glistening on her pussy too. She moved her left hand from the back of her lover’s bottom down between her legs and spread her pussy with a sigh. Moments later, the fingers of her left were just as wet as her right. She pressed her middle finger inside herself, shivering from the sensation. She was used to using her right, but this way she could imagine that someone else did it to her. The girl around her right hand’s finger, preferably.

Stephanie moved both fingers in and out a few times as she continued kissing around the lips, occasionally giving the clit a flick with her tongue. She added the index finger on her left, enjoying the full stretching feeling for a second. Then she straightened the index finger of her right too, slowly pushing both fingers into the girl. There was a little resistance. Just like Stephanie’s body, her friend felt just a bit tight. Stephanie didn’t force it, but she knew the girl would be able to take it. She slowly massaged the opening, making the girl open up. More juice escaped, lubricating Stephanie’s fingers as she gently pushed them inside.

Once both sets of her fingers were tightly wrapped in hot silky flesh, Stephanie smiled, ‘Now the real fun’s going to start.’

Samantha parked in the nearby lot, looking at the clock in the car. It was 10:43. She wasn’t sure what really went on at the Zeal and started to doubt if Emily still even was there.

‘Might check it out anyway, now that I’m here,’ she thought.

She got out of the car and walked across the street towards the entrance, thinking about the conversation with Emily. Her words almost gave Samantha the impression that Emily did it with her sister. In a twisted way, she kind of wished it was true, but it definitely must be just a misunderstanding. Sam made enough mistakes for the evening and wasn’t about to make another one by thinking such a ridiculous thing. She probably meant the sisters were just pendik escort bayan ogling the boys together, or something.

She walked up to the tall, smiling doorman, “Hey Mike! So how’s it going tonight?”

“Hi Sam. Oh well, you know, can’t complain really. How about you?” Mike asked in response.

“Fine, fine.” Sam replied, unsure how she should ask about the girls.

“Wanna come in?” he asked and stood aside to let her through.

“Sure, just-” she continued, “You handed out my envelopes?”

“Yeah, I think so,” Mike said, checking his pockets, “Yeah right. I remember now. Two girls came around a while ago. Slim, light skin, dark, longish hair, really pretty. I remember cause they really looked alike, I almost thought it was the same girl at first. But they knew the passwords, so I just gave them the envelopes. I hope that was all right. What was all that about, anyway?”

“Yeah, they’re my friends,” Samantha replied. The sisters looked so alike, she didn’t wonder Mike had trouble telling them apart, “I’ll tell you about it sometime. May I go through?”

“Sure babe, you stop for a chat when you can,” he said as he let her pass.

“Sure, see you Mike,” Sam said and entered the Zeal.

Walking right through the hall into the main room, she looked around for the girls. They weren’t at the bar or the dance floor.

‘That’s right, I prepared the table,’ she remembered. Walking over to the alcove, she saw Emily sitting alone at the opposite side of the table, near the corner, slumped at the sofa, looking down at the cellphone in her hand. Her hair a little disheveled, Emily looked tired and a little sad. Samantha was sorry for her friend. She deserved a date and it was all due to Sam’s fault.

She approached the table, prompting Emily to looked up suddenly, “Sam!”

Emily was looking at her cellphone, but only thinking about the slim fingers deep inside her and the mouth against her pussy. She enjoyed the fullness, even if it wasn’t as overwhelming as having her clit kissed. Just the thought of being penetrated by female fingers made exciting shivers run down her spine. It reminded her again that what they were doing was very much against nature, but this forbidden angle only added to the excitement.

Just then her eyes caught movement in front of her and she looked up.

“Sam!” she exclaimed, unconsciously straightening in the seat and clamping her thighs around the girl’s head, her heels holding her close. She moved both her hands up to the table to make it look innocent. She wanted to push the girl away, but even if she did find the mental strength to do so, the devious girl had her fingers deep inside her now. She might not want to stop anyway. At least that’s what Emily was telling herself.

“Hi Em,” Samantha greeted her with a friendly smile.

‘Oh god, she’s going to sit down,’ Emily thought. Her eyes followed her best friend in horror as she moved to the U shaped sofa and scooted over to its corner, to the right of where Emily was sitting. The corner of the table was still between them, covering Emily’s lower torso from her view, but Samantha was so close she might bump into Emily and her lover with her legs.

“Wait!” Emily exclaimed as she stretched out her right hand towards Sam. Emily relaxed a bit when Samantha stopped across the table corner and sat down, apparently not noticing what went on under the table, just throwing Emily a questioning look.

“I mean, what’re you doing here? Weren’t you going to a party?” Emily quickly started the conversation, trying to ignore the pleasure from the fingers and mouth deep between her legs.

“I-” Samantha started, then closed her mouth.

Did she overhear Samantha’s words over the loud dance music? No, it looked as if her friend didn’t know what to say. Sam started looking around. A few seconds later she continued, “I was wondering about you and your date. Where is she by the way?”

“She-” Emily started. Then she quickly added, “I don’t know. She’s gone.”

What could she have said? She’s between my legs right now?

Unfortunately, the girl definitely didn’t mean for Emily to forget where she was, because she started pressing against Emily’s front pussy wall in a very special place. That weird numb tickle told Emily the girl somehow found her G-spot and was now massaging it directly with her two fingers. Despite looking directly into Samantha’s eyes, Emily couldn’t help but make a desperate expression in response to such deeply intimate stimulation.

Samantha must have misunderstood what Emily felt. She touched Emily’s right hand, saying, “I’m sorry Em, really I am. Did you recognize her? Do you know who she is?”

Emily looked down at their touching hands. It was more than a little weird getting off with an unknown girl, while also touching her best friend. She never felt attracted to Sam before, but she never met her in such a state before either. Emily had to admit Sam was a really pretty girl. Her eyes wandered from the blonde’s caring, gray eyes to her open lips and she couldn’t help but imagine them pressed now against her pussy. Sam had wonderful full lips, and Emily thought if they’d feel as wonderful as the unknown girl’s right now.

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