Tabootopia – A Nation of Incest Ch. 08

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Copyright © 2012, Surt, ALL Rights Reserved.

Knowledge of prior Tabootopia chapters is not essential for this story but it is recommended. Anyone involved in anything sexual is at least eighteen-years-old. Feedback is always appreciated and replied to. Thanks for reading and enjoy! 🙂 The Celebrity Templates are:

Amanda Bynes is Regina Cestin

Erin Sanders is Kelly Vanderbosch

Alexa Nikolas is ‘Rocket’ Pocket Polly

Natalie J Robb is Carla Woroalman



“Eeee, eeee, harder, Uncle Pete, harder!”

With his knees on the bed and his hands placed firmly on his little niece’s tiny butt cheeks, he pushed his member deeper inside the sweet girl’s behind. Her body twitched as her uncle’s hot sweat poured down to her back, her body trembling from the hard injection of pleasure.

“Ah! Ah! I’m cumming, baby, I’m cumming…Uhhh!” he released his throbbing beast and let the ejaculate flow down his niece’s back. The clear white stream rolled down to her neck, making her softly shiver.

“Hmmm,” she rubbed her red cheek against her soft pillow, satisfied, and very, very tired. She turned around and looked into her uncle’s eyes.

“That was fun,” she said with a bright smile.

“You know it was for me,” he stood up and placed her pink bedcovers back over her body. “Pucker up now.”

She closed her eyes and put out her lips. Mwah. His stubble and rough skin touched her soft skin and fresh pink lips.

“Stay good now,” he said as he put on his grey trousers, “be a good girl, study for those pre-med classes, okay?”

“Okay, okay, you don’t need to nag me, ugh, how else would I get your big dick in my butt? None of the boys at campus have the size you do, Uncle Pete.”

He grinned as he buttoned up his shirt. “Don’t let them know that, it’ll make them not try as hard.”

She giggled. “Okay, okay. Bye, call me.” She turned and rested her head on the pillow.

Pete closed the door ever-so-gently. He fixed up his shirt while going down the stairs.

Downstairs, in the living room, a woman asked Pete, “Was she good?”

Pete ducked into the room, bent down, and kissed the woman on her cheek. “Just as tight as you were at that age, Sis.”

She giggled. “Hey, I still got it, I’m not ancient…Hey, you got time to check out my tightness tonight?”

He looked at his watch. “Argh, you know I’d love a long night with you, but tonight, can’t, got to be at work in a few. My boss will have my head if I’m late again, and ‘made passionate hours-long love to my little sister’ is not gonna be a good enough excuse. Hell, if I use that line, I might as well kiss goodbye to that promotion.”

“Okay, I’ll let you off the hook for tonight, but ya gonna do that thing, you know, with the tongue and the hot sauce.”

Pete smiled as he went for the exit. “Put some chilly all over, that’ll be great, just like when we were kids! Bye babe, say bye to Konnie for me!”


He shut the door and walked to his car with a little added zest, that ‘just-cummed’ hop in his step, feeling good, refreshed, taking in that cold cool air. Ah! That cool, chilly autumn air. He took in that smell of fallen leafs, reached for his pocket, got his car keys, opened the door and entered inside the vehicle.

He muttered to himself as he started the engine, recalling the tune he heard in his little niece’s room. “~Backstreet’s back, all right~, urr, all right? Like you’re some tough guys? Heh.”

Whilst rummaging around, he caught a glimpse in his rear-view mirror. ‘Huh? Did I see something?’ he thought. ‘Maybe I left something in the seat.’

Pete turned his face…and found himself looking into the eyes of a balding middle-aged man.

“Hello Peter,” the man said in a smooth, low tempo voice.

Going into full animal mode, Pete jumped back, pulled his fist, ready to strike the strange invader.

“Whoa, hold it, hold it!” The man held his hands up. “Please, I come in peace!”

Pete spoke in a crackling, nervous tone. “You some, uhh, who the fuck? Get the fuck out!”

The man shook his head. He looked down at the ground and mumbled to himself, “Why did I think this was a good idea?” The Invader looked back at Pete. This strange man’s face was now illuminated: he was a suntanned man with receding brown hair, with the first crop of wrinkles around his eyes. He looked a little dangerous, but yet, no malice could be sensed, just this odd sereneness.

Pete calmed down, slightly. “You some crazy person? Were you just sleeping? Okay, out, now, I won’t call the cops.”

Again, the man shook his head. “I apologize for startling you. My time out on the field has been, umm, limited, and I was informed that this, this right here, was the best method for… my line of work. You see, what I do is…well, gosh, I can’t even fully explain it.”

“…I have a gun.”

That jumpstarted the man’s mind. “Okay, hold on, let’s not get rash here. I’ll get right to my point: I know, I know that you just made love to your niece, Konnie, and bostancı escort you’ve also been having relations with your sister, Kassie, for quite a while.”

Pete felt his chest tighten. “Oh Jesus, how? How did you know? Who are you? The cops? Fuck, I knew this would happen.” He took in a huge breath. “I swear, I swear to you, me and Konnie, it only started when she turned eighteen, and me and my sister, I swear, all of it is fully consensual, I swear it, but it’s still a crime, right? Oh fuck!”

“No, no, I’m not the police or here to punish you; I’m here to…reward you, in fact. This meeting, you and I, I’m here to make everything better..I promise.”

“What? Really?” As crazy as it sounded, Pete was calmed by the man’s words and soft tone, actually finding himself trusting this man.

“Who are you?” asked Pete.

“I’m…call me a headhunter. My name is Ned,” he extended his hand. “Pleased to meet you.”

Pete shook his hand. “Hi, I’m –“

“Peter Bishop, a building inspector, just what we’ve been looking for. Peter, I’m here to offer you a job, a job with excellent benefits, a job which has housing fully provided.”

“Huh? How do you know so much about me!? How –“

“Let, let me finish: We want you, your niece and your sister to come with us. This job will require you and them to move to a far, far away place…and, trust me, you’ll never want to leave this place. It’s a place where your…unique lifestyle will be appreciated.”

“That’s bullshit!” shouted Pete. “A place like that? No way! Incest is worse than murder.”

“Not here, not here. Trust me, and yes, I know that’s hard to do, but have faith Peter, have faith in what I’m telling you. Believe in this because it’s very, very real.

Pete was baffled, stunned…and highly intrigued. “Where is this place?”


“But…we’re in California.”

Ned gave a huge broad smile. “This is a different California.” He reached into his coat pocket and handed Pete a packet. “This has the plane tickets you and your family need. A week from now, go to LAX . Call the number for more details.”

Pete took the packet. “Uhh, thank you?”

“I really should be going now,” Ned opened the door. He put one foot out before he paused. “Oh, I almost forgot: you got four tickets; we also want you to bring your friend along, Manny, he’ll be a good hand to have around, fits our requirements, loves the Taboo movies.”

Ned exited the car, adjusted his grey workcoat and looked to his left and right.

“Wait, Ned, I have more questions.”

Ned raised his hand. “I’d love to sit and chat, but I can’t, I’m on the clock. I’ll see you on the plane.”

Ned walked north, down the street, but then he paused, stood still, as stiff as a board. What made him stop in his tracks? Answer: a frizzy-haired, petite Latina girl in jean shorts and a tank top.

“Hold it,” Ned’s voice changed from serene peace…to dark chaos. “Where do you think you’re going?”

“Huh?” this girl was pissed. “What? You? You asking me where I’m going? What!? Who the fuck are you? Who the fuck are you? Talking to me like that? To me? To me!? Pssh, go fuck yourself, old man!”

Ned clenched his fists and spoke with a growling intensity. “Bitch, the only time you’ll use language like that again is when I tell you to. When I TELL you to. Cunt, I’ll make this very easy on you: walk in front of me, go in my car, go to my hotel room, get naked, and there, there I’ll fuck you so deep that you’ll be swimming in the core!”

The girl was biting her lips, shaking, trembling — and none of it out of fear. She was deeply aroused by Ned’s extreme dominance. She clutched her pussy and spoke with a whimpery voice, “Fuck, I am so fucking wet! Fuck.”

Ned pointed ahead. “Bitch, walk. Now.”

She nodded. “Yes, Sir.”

Pete was in slacked-jawed amazement; why wouldn’t he be? He’d just seen Ned make Ally Mendoza his personal bitch. After Ned and Ally were out of sight, Pete shut his car off, took a deep breath, held the packet in his hands…and smiled. He got out of his car and rushed back into the house. Fuck work: on that night, he was kissing his sister’s ass — literally.


Present day…

Frowny, husky-voiced, well-chested Regina Cestin was seated inside the moving RV. She was banging her hands against the small tray table, getting very worked up as she rounded off the tale of her encounter with Neighbour Ned.

“And he said the answers I need are out there, out there!”

“Wow!” said wheelman Daniel. “No way! So he’s a recruiter!? Your recruiter!? What else he say? — “

“Daniel! Focus on driving!” Kelly interrupted.

“Oh sorry,” Daniel Nova looked back at the road, back at the winding concrete path.

This group of teenagers were making a journey across the breadth of Tabootopia. They’d just left their hometown, Our Haven, the suburbs of Tabootopia, and were on route to their first stop: South Gaudium, the farmlands.

“Hey, Björn, wasn’t what Regina said amazing?” said ümraniye escort bayan Daniel.

Seated across from Regina, laid out on the couch, was short, slim Swede Björn. He was less than impressed with what he’d heard. “Ehh, not really. Maybe a little…nope, hmm.” He was holding his laptop and scrolling through his favourite websites. “Ahh, new bikini pictures of Maria Lucia with her son,” he stretched himself out, ready to do his business.

“How far are we from this farm?” pearly soft-skinned Kelly asked her plain mocha boyfriend Daniel. “These people nice? They’re not, you know, sex people?”

Daniel chuckled. “Of course they’re sex people! How can you not expect that? You’ve been here much longer than me.”

“I was protected,” she snapped back. “My mom knew someone as cute as me would be man-bait as soon as I was legal. It’s only when people found out I was eighteen that I learned about this whole sex…thing! Hey! How did I meet you? Remember? You were riding my mom! My mom! And how did I first meet your best friend? He was touching –” she pointed at Björn, slowly turning her head, “himself– oh!” she covered her eyes. “Daniel! He’s doing it again!”

“That’s his zone, he’s in charge of clean up,” replied Daniel.

“That’s still, uhh. Regina, he’s doing it right in front of you!”

She shrugged. “It’s normal to me. Björn, what you looking at?”

“Umm, ahhh, new bikini pictures of a, umm, hot mom, with her son right next to her.” He nudged over. “Come have a look-see.”

“Okay,” Regina sat next to Björn. “Oh she is hot, what a great ass, nice, nice.” She rubbed herself through her jeans. “Nice, nice…oh go back to that one, the one where she is bending over, oh, wow, nice, nice, great ass, great ass.”

“Oh damn I want to see,” said Daniel. “Is the son looking at her?”

“He’s, umm, rubbing oil on her butt!” replied Björn.

“Oh man! Save it for me, tell me the website.”

“Oh my God,” Kelly slunk into her chair and looked out the window. “…Hey, Regina, what kind of thong is this mom wearing?”

“String, mellow green, high-rising.”

“Oh I wanna see.” Kelly got up and stood near Regina. Kelly used her hand to cover Björn’s misdeeds, and then looked at the screen. Kelly was impressed.

“That thong looks so good on her! It just fits so well, such a great shape, such a snug fit. Only a shapely Brazilian woman can pull that ensemble off, yeah, that looks so good on her. Hey, is that boy her son? Are those Speedos he’s wearing? Those are hideous! Honestly, a boy that small might as well be naked on the beach; his shape and frame would look so much better if it was au naturel.”

As Kelly continued giving her beach fashion critiques, the bedroom door opened and out of it came the fifth member of the gang: Tammie Kwon.

She walked straight forward, pausing to speak to the three on the couch.

“Hey everyone, looking at something interesting?”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” they all said as they stayed transfixed on the screen.

“Hey Tammie,” said Regina. “Oh, Björn, Björn, go back to that picture, the one where she puts the lotion on him, yeah that’s the one! That’s making me wet, yeah…”

Tammie walked past them and went into Daniel’s driver zone, standing to his right.

“How much longer we got, Nova?” she asked.

“Umm, with no traffic, maybe around –,” he turned his head and then immediately felt all the moisture in his mouth just vanish. Long-legged, athletic, 6’1, Tammie Kwon was wearing a grey tank top and a black thong, her honey-glazed skin dripping with post-workout sweat. Her pheromones were thick in the air, these strong aromas seeping out of her v-shaped thong, this scent leaving Daniel feeling very, very red. After basking in this rubbery wonderland, Daniel raised his head up, taking in a tour of Tammie’s finer points: her peach-like breasts, erect nipples, up to her gorgeous brown eyes. Yet, despite her startling beauty, it was also very clear to see that this was a very serious woman: her stoic expression unchanging, her sultry dark hair in a tight ponytail, not a strand out of place, not a single part of her flinching from her dominant position, all while looking down at him with a fiery tigress gaze, awaiting a response to a question he’d long forgotten.


Kelly looked over and saw the toned buttocks of Tamara Kwon within touching distance of her boyfriend.

“Daniel!” she shouted.

“Oh,” he snapped out of his trance. “Umm.”

“Well?” Tammie said with a slight grin, knowing the effect she had.

“Uhhh…Twenty minutes.”

“Hmm…That’s enough time.” Tammie strode over to her main girl. “Regina, bedroom, let’s go.”

This demand for submissive sex made Regina leap to her feet. She stood bare toes-to-toes with Tammie.

“Hmm, I know how you’re feeling right now,” said Regina. “You need me, I can smell it.”

Tammie grabbed Regina’s arm. “Bedroom…now!”

In response, Regina clutched her girlfriend’s exposed butt cheeks, leaned in, and said with a hushed kartal escort whisper:

“Say please~,” she flicked her tongue in Tammie’s face.

Tammie grinned. “Bitch, bedroom: now!”

Regina shrugged. “Okay, you talked me into it.”

The girls sauntered into the bedroom, slamming the door shut. Seconds later, those in the front heard a succession of wild primal roars: two wildebeests fighting over the final kill, clawing, screeching, scratching, screaming, tossing each other around, slamming and slapping their respective orifices with loud violent blows. Their fiery bedroom exchanges were accompanied by a continuous wooden creak; they were breaking the bed beams apart, piece by piece.

Kelly sat back in her seat. She frowned at her red-faced boyfriend.

“Daniel…you know girls like Tammie and Regina would only use you in a certain way.”

“Of course,” he replied. “That’s why I only like doing it with you, that, and, of course, our love.”

Björn threw his laptop across the couch. “Yuck! You ruined it for me!”

Kelly smiled and reached over to hold her man’s hand. “I know…plus, I know you like being ‘the guy’ in the bedroom. Those two won’t allow you to do that.”


By early next morning, the group had reached the first stop of their journey: The Woroalman family farm.

“Ohh that took longer than expected,” said Daniel as he exited the RV.

“You got lost a couple times,” replied Kelly (wearing tight jeans, a purple shirt and her ubiquitous bangles). “And there was, like, nothing to see, no view, just trees, pavement, and truckers asking to see my tits!”

“To be fair, you do have cute tits,” said Daniel.

“Aw thanks — hey!”

Björn came out next. “Ah, umm, fresh air, ahh, fields, grass…my Wi-Fi is not working! Damn it all!”

Next was Tammie. She wore black leggings which highlighted the tight roundness of her rear, along with a grey t-shirt which showcased the firmness of her breasts. Following her was a still-sleepy Regina, she in a boobs-loving tank top and tight jeans.

“I went too hard with the fingering, didn’t I?” asked a fresh-faced Tammie.

Regina nodded. “Yeah, a little tender down there today, but it was worth it for the squirt. Speaking of squirting, the farmer’s daughter here, Sally, is awesome at it.”

Under the clear blue sky, with their feet on the fresh green grass, they walked towards the farm, taking in the clean livin’ countryside atmosphere. Though it was early morning, South Gaudium was very much awake: chickens roaming around, horses bucking in their stables, cows mooing. The ranches and farms were wide apart, so the people sightings were few and far between. The only person that walked by the teens was an elderly man in overalls, hauling his wheelbarrow full of chicken feed.

“Mornin’,” he said with a big smile.

They replied with polite nods. Regina as ambassador said, “Good morning.”

They saw the farmhand walk by them. Then he took a sharp right, walked into a cornfield and approached a petite Thai woman. He patted the woman’s butt, took his overalls off and led the grinning woman to the ground. The swaying of the field illustrated their actions.

Tammie approved. “Nice, nice, foot on shoulder, putting some powerthrust into it.”

Kelly looked away from the casual sex. “Umm, ahh, oh, look: A cow!”

The cow mooed.

The gang walked on, Daniel, Björn and Regina in the lead, familiar with the area after having been on a class fieldtrip to the Woroalman farm.”

Björn reminisced with Daniel. “Hmm Sally, ahh, so pert and cute. Ahh, but, but I like moms most, so I get boner from Carla. Her boobies can feed a village, aha-ha-ha. I’d like to, umm, grill Teddy about home life with them, more about him and his, ahh, mother.”

Daniel nodded. He was a fair distance away from Kelly, which allowed him to speak freely: “Hey, I heard, from Vivi, that Teddy has a reward-based sex system with his mother. She cuts up the rewards into a typical package: handjobs, blowjobs, kisses, touching boob, kissing boob, licking nipple, with, of course, the big caveat being full vaginal sex. I hear she classes kissing as a really high reward because her son just loves kissing her on the lips. I can see why: lucky, lucky son, eh?”

Björn rubbed his hands and did a loving imitation of Teddy: “Oh, oh, Mother, I got me an A in my homework. Mama, can-can I please get a hug?” He wrapped his arms around himself. “Hmm soft, oh, so soft. Mother, may I please, if it’s oh-okay with you, can I please get a…ahh, a kiss? On the lips?” he made soft kissing sounds with himself. “Oh yes, ahh, yes, wet me Mama, wet me.”

Daniel stepped to the side. “Ah…okay.”

Eventually the gang got to the front door of the Woroalman house. Regina knocked.

“Coming!” said a familiar Scottish female voice. They saw her rushing down the stairs, clad in a white long-shirt, flinging open the door and greeting them with a smile.

“Hello there, kids!” she said with a huge grin. “Nice to see you all.” This was Carla Woroalman, a curly-haired Scottish mother in her late 30s, blessed with a curvaceous body; big tits and a great arse, as she would put it.

“Hi Miss Woroalman,” Regina said while leaning in for a hug, their boobs sliding and rubbing against each other’s.

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