Take A Chance

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Max carefully bent a low hanging branch up, making sure not to break it as Kelly ducked through. She glanced around curiously, looking for whatever it was he was looking for. “Are you sure we’re going the right way?”

“Pretty sure.” Max idly brushed a leaf out of his short brown hair. “The rest of the group should be somewhere up ahead here.”

“I hope so. It’s starting to get dark.” She wished not for the first time that she’d brought something heavier than a t-shirt and jeans on this hike.

“And it smells like it’s gonna rain soon…” He quickly corrected himself, trying not to worry her. “But we’ve got the stuff to make a temporary camp if we need to anyway.” He put on his best fake smile to hide his own concern, both about being stuck out in the wilderness alone and being stuck out in the wilderness alone with her.

She returned the faux smile, knowing it was just to cheer her up. A night far from civilization didn’t bother her much, though she was slightly apprehensive of spending it alone with him. She knew him to be a gentleman and that she didn’t need to be afraid of him but still…

It was then that quiet rain slowly edged into their unspoken conversation, encouraging them to pick up the pace. They moved quickly through the forest as the rain picked up. “Watch out for loose rocks and pits,” he cautioned as he led her to where he was fairly certain the group was waiting for them. Now and then she took hold of his arm for support as they crossed a slippery part, distracting him slightly from the task at hand. She nearly pulled him off his feet with her when she slipped on a rain-slicked rock and fell with a squeal. Half-catching her, he managed to keep her from falling all the way down and hitting her head on the rock. She smiled her thanks as he started to help her to her feet.

Just then a gleaming bolt of lighting shot out of the sky and struck a nearby tree, sending a small branch falling towards them with frightening speed. With no time to pull her to her feet and out of the way, he instead opted to put himself between Kelly and the branch. He grunted as it landed, scraping a rough gash into his shoulder before it bounced away off down the hillside.

“Are you ok?” she asked with genuine concern, moving to help him up.

Max got to his feet, ignoring the sting of his shoulder as best he could. “I’ll be fine. Are you ok?”

She smiled a bit at that, thinking it odd since she wasn’t the one who just got hit by a falling branch. “You should let me take a look at that. Is there somewhere we can set up camp?”

Max pondered, momentarily distracted. She was standing rather closely against him, one hand on his uninjured shoulder and the other on his arm. The warmth of her touch felt good in contrast to the cold rain, especially when her firm breast brushed against his arm, though he silently scolded himself for getting distracted by it when there were more serious things to consider. He kicked himself back on track, hoping she hadn’t noticed his lag. “Yeah, I think we can use that open spot over there.”

They hustled over to the spot and Max shucked the backpack off quickly, ignoring the protest of his shoulder and anxious to get shelter from the increasing rain. “Uh oh.”

“What uh oh?”

A long gash ran down the side of the backpack, on the same side as his injured shoulder. “Some of our gear is gone… it must have fallen down that hill with the branch.”

Kelly considered the options. “It’d be unhealthy to stay out in the cold rain much longer. What do we have left?”

“Let’s see…” Max rifled through the surviving gear. “Food’s still here… and water… two sleeping bags… and… one tent.” Max and Kelly realized simultaneously that this hike was getting more awkward by the moment. “I’ll go find the other tent.”

“Don’t be silly,” Kelly scolded. “It’s a pretty big tent, we’ll just share. And I need to check on that shoulder anyway.” She managed keep the apprehension from creeping into her voice, just barely.

Seeing he wasn’t going to be able to dissuade her (and glad he didn’t have to climb down and back up a slippery soggy hillside in search of a second tent), he unpacked the remaining tent and the two of them quickly put it together and climbed inside. They kicked their soggy shoes to the corners of the tent and settled down, Max sitting cross-legged opposite Kelly, who sat with her legs pulled up and her fingers laced around her knees.

They sat quietly, catching their breath and listening to the pattering rain on the outside of the tent, just barely able to see by the moonlight glowing in through a translucent part on the top of the tent. A thousand odd things ran through his head and he dismissed them one by one, his conscience urging him to behave himself. He had yet to get lucky with a woman so far in his life, and as much as he wanted her he knew he wasn’t going to get his wish by accosting her in the wilderness. It took him a moment to realize that it was the voice of the real Kelly, and not his overactive imagination, that broke the silence.

“Well, let’s get that shirt escort kartal off.”


She repeated herself, hoping he wasn’t going to get the wrong idea about what was to come. “I need to get your shirt off if I’m gonna tend to that gash.”

“I think I’ll be fine…” He fought to keep a blush from entering his cheeks. She was just looking out for his well-being and would never…

“C’mon.” She shifted to her knees, sitting on the tops of her feet. He tried not to pay too close attention to how her wet t-shirt clung to her athletic body, the cold just barely making her nipples stand out through the material. “At least let me clean it up.”

“That’s alright, I… um… hey!” His protest was cut short as she pounced at him, tugging at his shirt. “Hey cut it out!” he said, half chuckling from the silliness of it.

She grinned and giggled, “you had your chance, now the shirt’s coming off!”

“Quit it!” he laughed as they playfully wrestled back and forth. The giggling silliness turned into an awkward silence when Max accidentally let Kelly roll him onto his back, straddling his waist with her hands on his chest and his on her hips.

They both chuckled nervously at the development. “Well then…” said Kelly, looking for anything to break the silence. She cleared her head and got to work. Max’s heart was beating quickly under her hand, almost as fast as her own. Back to work, back to work…

Max resigned himself to his fate, trying desperately not to think about what he was most readily thinking about as he watched her warm soft hands move down his chest and pull the hem of his shirt out.

Kelly found that the rain had made his shirt just as clingy as hers, so she let her hands glide along his toned abs as she slowly peeled the shirt up. He found himself breathing faster as she moved up his body, hoping that she wouldn’t notice he was enjoying this way too much. Given where she was sitting, she would notice pretty quickly.

She slowly continued to slide his shirt up, secretly enjoying his gentle hands on her hips and taking maybe a little more time than needed feeling up his chest. He obligingly lifted his arms so she could pull the shirt completely off. Squeezing her thighs slightly to keep her balance, she leaned low over him as she finished removing his shirt.

Max fought to keep his composure. Here he was in the middle of nowhere with the girl of his dreams wrapped around him, the gentle swell of her breasts pressed against him through her shirt and her face next to his as she examined his shoulder, allowing him to catch a whiff of her sweet perfume. As his shirt was removed he almost placed his hands back on her hips, hovering indecisively, then lowered his hands to lie on the floor. It was all he could do not to lay her back and take her right there.

Kelly just barely managed to focus on the matter at hand, trying her hardest not to be distracted by the pleasant sensations from her stiff nipples rubbing along his muscular chest. She leaned in close to examine his shoulder, feeling goose bumps forming from his warm breath on her neck. She thought she felt his lips brush against her neck once or twice, but dismissed it as her imagination; he knew she had a boyfriend and he was too much of a gentleman to try that.

No matter how badly they wanted each other to try something.

Taking a handkerchief from her nearby backpack, she gently wiped the wound clean, her other hand casually resting on his other shoulder. “What’s the prognosis doc, am I gonna live?” he quipped jokingly.

She smiled back. Now that it was cleaned off and the bleeding had stopped it barely looked like anything more than a simple scrape. “I think you might just pull through. It just looks worse than it is.” She leaned close again her body pressed tightly against him for an endless moment, and playfully kissed his shoulder. “All better.”

Max felt his fingers lace around her hips as if with a mind of their own just as her small hands gently rested on his shoulders, gazing into each others’ eyes, their lips barely an inch apart, their hearts pounding in their chests, time seeming to grind to a halt around them.

Her subconscious reminded her of how often her boyfriend was rude and annoying, and how gentle and kind Max always was around her, and how he would probably never find out about this little incident and how this might not happen again ever… no no no focus… She felt him start to get aroused under her, and she could hardly blame him; she was feeling the same way.

He felt the conflict between id and ego, duking it out as they always did, one voice telling him that she was off-limits until she broke up with her boyfriend no matter what, the other challenging him to take a chance and show her what she could have with him. His fingers begged to touch her soft skin… But the gentleman in him won out, as it always did it seemed. “We should… um… figure out sleeping arrangements,” he stammered out, mentally kicking himself. Hard.

They got the sleeping bags out of the backpack and laid them out. They stole maltepe escort occasional glances at each other, her admiring the look of his slightly wet torso and him sneaking a few peeks at her skintight wet t-shirt. “You should take that off,” he blurted out.

“Excuse me?” she replied, completely taken by surprise.

“I mean erm… cause you’re wet. It’s wet. The shirt.” He fumbled frantically for the right words. “With the cold and the wet clothes you might catch a cold or something.”

She let out a nervous chuckle. He was always being silly like that. “I suppose I should change then.” She turned her back to him and dug into her pack, relieved that the rain hadn’t claimed her spare change of clothes. “No peeking,” she added jokingly.

He smiled and quickly turned to his own pack, both to find a dry pair of pants for himself and to hide his growing blushing. As he quickly slipped out of the soggy jeans and into a pair of sweatpants, his signal mirror caught his eye. It always seemed an odd thing to bring, since there was rarely anyone to signal, but the obvious new use immediately sprang to mind. No, that wouldn’t be right, she’s showing a great deal of trust already just by undressing right there behind him. But as luck would have it, the mirror was pointing at a good angle and he couldn’t tear his eyes away if he wanted to…

She sat on her knees facing away from him, sitting on the tops of her feet again, and began to peel her shirt up with agonizing slowness. She arched her back slightly as she finished pulling it off and set it aside, offhandedly wondering what his reaction might be if he was watching her. She dismissed the thought and felt at the material of her bra and found that to be soaked as well, so she reached back and deftly unhooked it. Her small but nicely rounded breasts bounced slightly as she stretched a bit, smiling to herself at the freedom and oblivious to the show she was putting on for Max.

Max, meanwhile, was doing his best to not look suspicious as he checked his backpack for nothing in particular. Transfixed as if in a dream, he watched Kelly lean forward to unbutton her jeans and carefully slide them off her shapely hips. She shivered slightly as she set her jeans aside, now clad only in her white thong panties, and hastily pulled on a t-shirt from her backpack. The little V-neck midriff number wasn’t much, but it would serve her purposes. Too many clothes in a sleeping bag would just make her sweat and get colder anyway. “You can look now,” she said as she slipped inside her sleeping bag.

Max realized he had been holding his breath and exhaled, climbing into his sleeping bag carefully so as not to reveal his prominent erection. He leaned up on his uninjured shoulder and tried to sleep, feeling Kelly quietly shimmy up against him back to back. Just for the warmth of course. Still, he felt her shivering slightly and wished he could do something to help her out. His internal monologue was broken by her quiet voice floating out of the near-darkness. “Do we have any extra blankets?”

“Out on that hill somewhere I think.”

Another way to keep warm occurred to her, which she suggested before she had time to think better of it. “We could get warm quicker if we shared sleeping bags.” She held her breath waiting for his response.

“Good idea,” he replied tentatively. “I’ll put my sleeping bag over yours for extra insulation too.” They wriggled out of their sleeping bags and slipped one inside the other. It looked like a bit less room than planned, but it didn’t look uncomfortably cramped. They agreed that it would be easier for Max to get in first and for Kelly to wriggle in second.

And wriggle she did. As he did his best not to take up too much of the sleeping bag, she slipped in behind him and carefully avoided his shoulder as she placed her hands here and there, climbing down his back. She felt him tense slightly as her breasts pressed against him, quietly enjoying the friction before turning around to lie back to back again.

“Goodnight Max.”

“Goodnight Kelly.”

He closed his eyes and tried to ignore the beautiful half naked woman pressed against his back, but his mind continued to race. Did she know he had been watching during that little striptease? Had she been asking him to make a move with the kiss on his shoulder? Yes and no clashed and struggled for what seemed like eternity, but one of them finally won.

She pressed herself closely against his strong back, pondering things that might be. A tiny paranoid voice wondered if he might take advantage of her in her sleep, but she knew that wouldn’t happen. She did wonder, though, what might happen while she was awake. She found her body aching for his touch, if nothing else to help stave off the biting cold that made her shiver a little even now.

As if in answer, she felt Max shift behind her. Her heart leapt into her throat as his hand cautiously appeared on her hip and gently slid around to her bare midriff. He waited anxiously for her response, worrying more with each passing second that he pendik escort bayan had made the wrong move. Finally he relaxed as she scooted back against him, her body contouring to his like it was always meant to be there. She was glad he couldn’t see her blushing as she felt his arousal pressing against her. All that because of her? Her breathing quickened with apprehension as she gently placed her hand on top of his reassuringly.

He savored the moment for a while, smiling as he gazed at her peaceful face framed in the soft moonlight. He tentatively circled her belly button with his fingertip, enjoying the way she squirmed quietly up against him and smiled softly.

She continued to pretend to be asleep, concealing how nice his gentle touches felt. She was unable to stifle a squeal of surprise, however, when his lips gently brushed against her neck. He mumbled an apology and started to retreat his hand from her midriff, but she held his hand against her hip. “No… don’t stop…”

He could barely believe that he was being given this opportunity, especially with the woman he had wanted for so long, and he wasn’t about to waste it. He tenderly pressed his lips to her soft neck again, eliciting a quiet sigh from her lips. Goose bumps formed on her neck where his lips touched and she squirmed against him a little each time they touched, gently tapping up and down. She smiled and leaned her head back on his shoulder, melting against him as he gently nibbled her earlobe. She took her hand in his and guided it up her body to her breast and he felt it gently, the nipple hardening quickly under his palm through her shirt. He squeezed it gently, feeling the firmness. She grinned at his hidden talents as his fingers gently fondled her nipple, rolling and pinching. She off-handedly wondered if he wasn’t really a virgin or was just naturally gifted. Anxious to feel his hands on her skin again she quickly slipped her shirt off and tossed it aside, not caring where it landed. “Yesss…” she hissed as his gentle fingers quickly found her breasts again, along with his tongue flicking lightly just behind her ear.

Unable to contain herself, she wriggled around in his arms to face him and kissed him hungrily, intertwining her slender legs with his and wrapping one arm around his shoulders to pull herself against him while her other hand felt down his muscular body. He noticed subconsciously that his shoulder didn’t seem to hurt anymore, but he wouldn’t have stopped if it did. His hand shifted to the small of her back to hold her gently but firmly against him, feeling her hard nipples rubbing lightly against his chest. While his hand smoothly slid down her side to caress her thigh, hers reached the waistband of his pants. She grinned at him and slowly traced her fingertips down his shaft, feeling it twitch slightly at her touch, then very lightly raked her nails back up its length. Her delicate fingers then slowly slipped inside his pants, drawing an approving growl from him. She traced her tongue along his lips, calling to his, and gently sucked on his tongue as it came to meet hers. Their tongues danced together, expertly flicking and swirling.

Her hand tentatively found its way down inside his pants to touch his nice hard shaft. She squeaked and smiled when he followed her lead, his fingers walking up her inner thigh and brushing along the edge of her panties. Their eyes met and he paused, his fingers resting lightly just below her slit, anxiously awaiting her consent. Lacing her fingers around his shaft, she purred seductively at him to encourage him to continue. He didn’t disappoint, slowly tracing his fingertip up and down the front of her panties while he kissed her collarbone. Her head fell back and she smiled, moaning softly and running her fingers through his hair and slowly stroking his erection with her other hand. He moaned quietly, loving her touch on his shaft, and flicked his tongue here and there as he maneuvered down and flicked his tongue at her nipple. She inhaled sharply at the sensation, and sighed incoherent encouragements as he closed his lips around one nipple to suck on it gently while he twiddled the other between his fingers.

Carefully he slipped his hand inside her panties, tenderly stroking the moist petals of her flower with his finger. She closed her eyes and nuzzled his neck as he pleasured her, her tongue darting out at his neck. “Oh… that feels so good…” Her ex-boyfriend never did that for her. Kelly carefully pulled his shaft free of his pants and stroked it fondly, teasing the head with her thumb and sending shockwaves of pleasure through him like an electrical current. She shuddered and cried out in ecstasy as his finger, coated with her own juices, ever so gently circled her clit. Their hands and tongues roamed, exploring each other’s bodies. She stroked his hard shaft slowly, casually running her fingers over the head and enjoying the way she made him jump and growl while her other hand wandered across his abs, occasionally sliding around to his back to hold him close and gently dig her nails into his back when he caressed a particularly sensitive spot. His fingertips lightly teased her, tracing gentle circles around a nipple while his fingers down below slid up and down, very slowly moving deeper inside her, and his warm tongue lapped affectionately at her other nipple.

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